Daniel Morgan murder, the Golden Hour at the Golden Lion.

Quite an explosive Goggzilla today, as focus is placed on the initial botched investigation into Daniel Morgan, its motives and suspects. To begin – it is no secret that the detective in charge, Douglas Campbell, not only turned up drunk, but continued to drink at the crime scene. Not only did Daniel Morgan’s Rolex watch “go missing” but also his valuable Parker pen, could Det Insp Alan Jones help here?

One can now discount the “Belmont” robbery as the motive for the Morgan murder. To this can be added some lurid theories about Morgan and his being onto a massive case of police corruption concerning New Scotland Yard. This springs from Daniel’s brother, Alastair Morgan, a drug user and ex psychiatric patient who “is a professional mourner making £30,000 a year” (Poulton debrief). * (1)

Given the number of recent hits, it is time to address the (tenuous) connection between Dan Morgan and Alan “Taffy” Holmes. It had nothing to do with a “Miami Vice” drugs deal and Nikolaus Chrastny, it was due to the fact both were Welsh rugby fans.

A dozen names have been passed to Goggzilla that are, or were, suspects in the Morgan murder. Most are Metropolitan Police, which fits in with other information given recently.

Now we come to ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie Cook. Cook is a proven perjurer with a penchant for using supergrasses (illegal) and fitting up innocent men, such as Jonathan Rees, plus the Vian Brothers (very illegal). Cook links closely to John Yates. The initial investigation of 1987 hinged on slap dash policing, Campbell held that Rees was guilty and never dug into any other avenues of inquiry.

“Operation Landmark” and “Operation Hallmark” are coming back to haunt the Met along with the aftermath of “Operation Abelard II”.

  • (1) It is at this point I return to the Poulton debrief. Was Derek G Haslam a member of the police whilst bugging “Southern Investigations”? Was he, then, merely a paid non police employee? Haslam was “obsessed with Ray Adams.” Adams had Haslam placed on desk duty, when, in 1977, Haslam took, without permission, Adams’ car and after getting drunk, killed a pedestrian. Haslam was fined £60 at Horseferry Magistrates Court.

Haslam is the sole source for the Holmes and Morgan tale of a multi million pound drugs importation. Half Jamaican and ex psychiatric patient Haslam also suggested to Jonathan Rees that Kim James ought to have drugs planted on her in an acrimonious divorce case. Haslam is described by New Scotland Yard as “very unrelaible”.

Finally, the police are happy to waste £140 million of tax payers money on a vindictive pursuit and hounding of Jonathan Rees in addition to other innocent folk, yet unwilling to pay adequate compensation.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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