Dirty half dozen – Beswick, Dalby, Hewitt, McCormack, Rai and Stangoe QC.

How dirty is Martin Hewitt, head of the NPCC? Very, along with his minions ex Det Insp Noel Beswick, Det Sgt Gary Dalby (who was involved with the Heather Stangoe Q.C shagathon) plus Det Ch Supt Fiona “Grenfell Towers” McCormack and Gurpreet Rai.

Even ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook is now turning on them, plus his former boss John Yates. The entire Metropolitan Police defence team, in the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel is tainted. Tainted, to such an extent, that it must be replaced. Dalby had an extra martial affair with Stangoe, indeed, Dalby and Beswick were lynchpins, totally central to Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery, of “Southern Investigations” and the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn, being fitted up for the Daniel Morgan murder.

Tax payers money flowed like rum at a Montego Bay booze up. New Scotland Yard ought to have settled financially in 2012 but dragged out – and are still dragging out – adequate compensation for the innocent Mr Rees, et al.

Next post, Goggzilla hopes to bring readers a full examination into half a dozen suspects in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. After that, the final half dozen plus means, motives and opportunity. It will show just how slip shod and shabby plod were in the most noted unsolved murder in recent decades.

About Ciaran Goggins

Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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2 Responses to Dirty half dozen – Beswick, Dalby, Hewitt, McCormack, Rai and Stangoe QC.

  1. molacervicis says:

    There used to be a pious Sunday School teacher at Wembley Gospel Hall, Ealing Road called Heather Stangoe (pre Covid Lockdown). Daughter of prolific multi-company director William Kenneth Stangoe, who is on the ruling council of that congregation and obviously believes that Heather Stangoe is of sufficient probity and righteousness to teach little Children about the sacred doctrines of Jesus etc. Are there two Heather Stangoes in/around London?
    Let’s hope so.

    • There are only two Heather Stangoes in the UK. Apologies to Heather Stangoe of Airdrie. Now, brother, to your observation. Is William K in the oversight? Ouch. Heather Elizabeth Stangoe, born March 1981 in Cleveland, England to a Ms Roe. Brother Douglas? Heather Elizabeth was living in Gerrards Cross, where her Daddy lived. I don’t mind her cavalier attitude to Arminian Calvinism, only her attempt to stymy Jonathan Rees from gaining adequate compensation. Rom 12.19 KJV.

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