Sarah Penfold, Gadaffi and Hart Security.

On the “Independent” there was a story that coyly alluded to a “woman of British background who cannot be identified for legal reasons”. Danie Odendaal was recruited by Sarah Penfold under the aegis of Hart Security in London. Penfold worked out of Kenya, and went to Johannesburg on 17th August 2011. The idea was to extract the Libyan dictator and set him up in a tent in the Karoo. Unsurprisingly the South African State Security folks were less than enthusiastic. One wonders what M.I.6 will have to say?

A story from November 2011 looks set to come back a decade later and bite MI6. The trial of Saif Gadaffi had many dark corners, not least of which was the involvement of the UK. Blackwater and Greg Wales, R2R, combined with South African mercenaries.

Sarah Penfold now Sarah Humble, still in Nairobi, Kenya.

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