Is Holdcroft “H”? The “Line of duty” link to the Daniel Morgan murder. Plus “Independent” crap.

What is it with New Scotland Yard and MSM lamestream lugenpresse? Not only are Vikram Dodd and David Conn of the Gruaniad taking backhanders (the Metropolitan Police and North Wales Police, respectively) but “The Times” are now banning comments that are contrary to their narrative. Today the “Indy” weighs in.

The first inquiry into the Daniel Morgan murder was hampered, not so much by corruption, but as the panel are now trying desperately to suppress, by sheer ineptitude. Det Sgt Alec Leighton, early on the scene, pointed out that Campbell (the SIO) was drunk on duty, also that Det Insp Alan Jones was a model of myopic laziness.

Five inquiries found no evidence, nor proof, that Jonathan Rees of Southern Investigations, had been culpable in the murder of his business partner, Morgan. If the “Indy” were to dig deeper they might get some juicy items on Martin Bridger of Cayman islands infamy. Even Tom Harper managed to wake up to serial fantasist Derek G Haslam.

Lizzie Dearden of the “Indy”? Same Lizzie Dearden whose partner, Samuel Partridge was accused of being a nonce by Tommy Robinson? Just checking.

Holdcroft is part of The Met’s “Department of Professional Standards”. They have an equivalent in Norfolk. Same ones who don’t check death threats from IP addresses in Kings Lynn and child abuse images in Shouldham.

I’m sure many will be watching “Line of duty” tomorrow at 9 pm on BBC1. What will David Zinzan pull from the bag this time? Squeaky bum time for ex Det Ch Supt David Cook. Oh and Fintan Creaven was the prime suspect in the Morgan murder.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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