Daniel Morgan Independent panel, the “scapegoating” of Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

Quite a lot to get through, so here goes. Jon Austin (Express) wrote this, but got many things wrong, not least of which hinge on Cook’s undoubted guilt.


As with Kevin Lennon, who was coersed and forced into lying about Jonathan Rees, Cook (now Imrie-Cook) is unreliable.

The “Golden hour” at the “Golden Lion” was lost due to Det Insp Alan Jones refusing to accept that anyone, other than the late Dan Morgan’s business partner, Mr Rees, was the prime suspect, even to exclusion of other lines of inquiry. Perhaps Jones and Campbell the SIO would include “Irish Tom of Croydon”? Or “Nutty Dave”? Both figured in the lurid testimony of Gary Eaton (alias Smith). Either Cook is lying or HHJ Gordon, HHJ Mitting, HHJ Maddison, plus others are. Cook must throw John Yates under the wheels to avoid a hefty custodial sentence.

Eaton was such a poor witness that Glenn Vian became “Scott Vines”. How on earth do New Scotland Yard evaluate “intelligence”? Unwisely as will be proven. As to motives, with a week to go until the Independent Panel publish – time to (re)examine the main ones.

Iris Morgan (Daniel’s widow) was mixed up with some West Indian females, who ran drugs, was this the cause of the killing?

Elnathan Mews – Daniel Morgan had crossed some serious characters.

Rosalind Clark, married, she was one of many women Morgan “a serial shagger” was having an affair with. Jealous husband?

Casney and “aggro”.

Teun family, any connection?

Malta, the Bonnicci drugs syndicate, Gozo.

Eddie (Edward) Roberts murder and Pudding Wisbey. Jonathan Rees was the intended target, and Wisbey was named. The origin of this is an interesting letter from 1995. Far from attacking Rees, the author, Derek G Haslam sings Jon’s praises. Haslam seems unable to recall how many commendations he has (7 then 9). Likewise, he signs as David (his white half brother, who was implicated in a Tory scandal in Orpington).

“Daniel Morgan was a Walter Mitty character” according to Haslam. (Can you hear that? Peter Jukes future, being flushed along with Flameflower ). Page 3 “Det Insp Jones had it in for Rees”. Page 4 “Landy” is Lundy and “Klonsky” is Chrastny. The drugs shipment is £1 million, then £100 million. It is the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes which draws focus. Haslam blackmailed Holmes. Haslam invited Holmes to a round of golf then tried to make Holmes turn on Commander Ray Adams. Adams had restricted Haslam to desk duty after Haslam killed a pedestrian drunk driving in Adams’ vehicle. There were NO death threats to Haslam, these were all written by himself – as was the “brakes cut” on his car. Cook knew.

Hope you enjoyed the information today, more to come, it will make Wikileaks look like a Calvinist Bible study tea party. Finally, mention of Alex Marunchak. He may or may not have been part of the Daniel Morgan myth, but he was paying Jukes pal, serial fantasist Ian Hurst.

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