Daniel Morgan murder – Byline and the Guardian.

The Guardian has gone to town, two articles on the Daniel Morgan murder.


This has a few items worth picking up on. Priti Patel at the wedding of the rich and famous? Wow, what a surprise.


There was also an article in “The Independent”.

The initial investigation was bungled, Douglas Campbell was a drunkard who failed to even cordon off the crime scene, Det Insp Alan Jones was so lazy he focused solely on Morgan’s business partner, Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” as the prime suspect.

Peter Jukes narrative – picked up by, then paid for, by the Metropolitan Police. Morgan gets a hagiography, ignoring his links to the Bonnici drugs cartel in Malta and his multiple extramarital affairs. In addition, Jukes uses as his sole source a known, paid, police perjurer (vide Poulton debrief, plus Haslam statement 1995).

This is dire.

11 mins in – Jack The Ripper is the most famous unsolved murder.

12 mins in – Police corruption, Jukes, by his own admission has only been on the Morgan case for ten years, Goggzilla for fifteen.

13 mins in – Det Sgt Sid Fillery removed himself almost immediately after the initial investigation began.

14 mins in – Kim James. The sole source for Jukes “police corruption, £100 million drugs shipment” story also suggested that Kim James have drugs planted on her.

16 mins in – Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and surveillance, due to his wife Jacqui Hames having an affair with her ex, Michael.

21 mins in – Alex Marunchak. Allegation that he “tipped off” Southern. Own goal. Marunchak was the paymaster of Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram) a Walter Mitty, who claimed to have handled “Stakeknife“.

25 mins in – Sir Ian Blair mentioned, cause for delay in the Morgan Independent panel report due to Lord Stevens trying to “dig dirt” on Ian Blair. Also the whole issue of “national embarrassment” over the botched inquiries into the Morgan murder and the role that the Metropolitan police had in covering up the part one of their own played in it.

30 mins in – Murdochgate. The “Guardian” argument is that Murdoch is behind the whole Morgan murder case. Fiona Hamilton and Michael Gillard both write for “The Times” and cover the Morgan case. Butthurt, much?

1 hr 3 mins in – mention of Derek Haslam. (Joe Poulton) who said Alastair was “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year” and also in 1995 stated that Jonathan Rees was innocent.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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