Axe murder of Daniel Morgan, the cover up, “Daily MIrror” and “Byline Times”.

Tom Pettifor is certainly better today, than yesterday.

Both David Allen Green and Peter Jukes are shills for the Metropolitan Police, the dire “Byline Times” podcast continues to muddy the water. (See below). As “Private Eye” alludes, Priti Patel is well into a strategy to occlude the role of New Scotland Yard in Morgan’s murder (it was one of their own who committed the murder)

The suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes was caused solely by his “pal” Derek G Haslam, now hiding near Shouldham, Norfolk. Haslam then wrote fake death threat notes, plus cut his brake liners in an attempt to deflect focus from his own role in forcing Holmes into being blackmailed.

“Byline” chunter on about “many witnesses” to corroborate Morgan meeting Holmes, and their uncovering a £100 million drugs landing. Thing is, the dates, places plus all other “facts” do not fit. Nikolaus M Chrastny had nothing to do with the Morgan murder, indeed, the sole drugs link was small time and to the Bonnici cartel of Gozo.

Haslam bugged “Southern Investigations”, no evidence was ever found to connect Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s partner, to the killing. The Kim James case is a canard, the audio tapes omit Haslam’s voice, why is that? Why has no arrest been made of Haslam, or his son James, who illegally accesses the PNC?

Jukes and Byline are shooting themselves in the feet by banging on about Alex Marunchak. It only highlights dubious Bolton debt collector, Ian Hurst.

Finally for today, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook is set to be the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel fall guy. Cook’s illegal use of super grass Gary Eaton, in adiition to maliciously prosecuting Jonathan Rees, are far more relevant than Haslam’s “£100 million” Miami Vice risible red herring.

Probable motive, cuckoldry, Morgan was an enthusiastic adulterer.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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