Morgan, Murdoch, Malta.

I have two ideas for forthcoming posts – “An A to Z of the Daniel Morgan murder scandal” and “Q.C’s we have known, David Allen Green”.

The Guardian is having a go at the “Daily Mirror” over phone hacking. James Waterson seems amazed that newspapers would use private detectives. Murdoch is not quaking in his slippers, he had nothing to do with the Morgan murder, he hired “Southern Investigations” to do some work, end of.

On the subject of the Grauniad we come to Alan Rusbridger spiking Michael Gillard’s story which became “The Untouchables”. Rusbridger did this at the behest order of Andy Hayman, former Chief Constable of Norfolk.

Now to Alex Andreou also of the Guardian (see a pattern? Use of a Metropolitan Police narrative.)

Catford – 20 minutes in, Morgan was looking at an overtime scam, hardly a murder motive.

Leveson 2 – the Grauniad bang on about Leveson 2 – but ignore the fact that they would be faced with the likes of Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram/Walter Mitty) already discreditted and paid by MI5/6.

E pur si muove – bizarre theory that Morgan murder motive was a “£100 million drugs deal”. This is of new provenance (see Poulton debrief). Suddenly Jukes comes out with Doris the neighbour and story. Morgan had a connection with the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo. Morgan also had one of his many affairs with the wife of a solicitor who moved to Malta, where Morgan and David Bray repossessed a land rover.

Det Sgt Sid Fillery was on the first investigation and quit almost immediately. The theory that he was central to the murder has few, if any, facts. It is a weak argument in extemis.

Crategate – Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack (of Grenfell infamy) managed to “lose” thirty crates of evidence (shades of the Cardiff Three).

A is for Alex Marunchak. A difficult one for conspiracy theorists to swallow, Marunchak hired Jonathan Rees (Morgan’s partner, fitted up by New Scotland Yard and favourite of Guardianista tin foil hat readers). Marunchak also hired Ian Hurst.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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