An A to Z of the Daniel Morgan murder scandal.

A is for Alex Marunchak. Hired “Southern Investigations” (wow, a paper editor using private detectives to find out things) also paid Ian Hurst, a serial fantasist.

B is for Bonnici. Maltese drugs cartel, Morgan had delivered a vehicle from Gozo. One of only two tenable theories for the murder (along with cuckoldry).

C is for Cook. Ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook used a fake mental illness, to exculpate himself over the inept, fifth Morgan inquiry. Odd that he was sane enough to broker a book and film deal, at the same time.

D is for Douglas Campbell. Senior investigator who bungled the initial Morgan murder investigation, drunk on duty, failed to cordon off the crime scene. Also for Gary Dalby who tried framing Jonathan Rees.

E is for Embarrassment, national embarrassment, caused a delay of years into the panel inquiry report.

F is for Fintan Creaven. The murder was committed by person or persons unknown, who were in the Metropolitan Police. As was Creaven, along with Barry Wilmott and Tony McClean.

G is for Golden Lion. Daniel Morgan often bought drugs for his ex psychiatric patient brother Alastair at the “Lion”.

H is for Holmes. Alan “Taffy” Holmes knew Morgan, slightly. Peter Jukes narrative is that Morgan and Holmes were going to uncover a £100 million drugs shipment. It dates only from the “Poulton debrief” a few years ago. Holmes was forced into suicide, by the sole person named in his final note, Derek G Haslam, who was expelled from “Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge” as a result.

I is for Irish Mick. Still digging on this one.

J is for Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s partner at “Southern”. Det Insp Alan Jones excluded all other lines of inquiry and motives, making Rees a fall guy, to deflect from New Scotland Yard’s role in the murder.

K is for Klaus Neu, who was having an affair with Morgan’s wife, Iris, at the time of the murder.

L is for Lord Stevens. Quite a few high ranking plod nervous about what, if anything, will be redacted from the inquiry report.

M is for Mike Hames, first husband of Jacqui Hames (who then became Mrs Dave Cook).

N is for Nutty Dave. Adultery was a main motive in the Morgan murder, alongside Maltese drugs connections, yet neither were accorded any weight, Old Bill concentrated exclusively on fitting up Jonathan Rees.

O is for O’Loan. Baroness Nuala O’Loan took over from Sir Stanley Burnton, who had been “got at”. Much light will focus on O’Loan, who links to bent police Wood, Woods and Mahaffey.

P is for Philip Campbell Smith. An heroic figure, he actually did undercover work in Ulster, unlike Ian Hurst, he never lied about it. Mr Campbell Smith also discovered that “Joe Poulton” was sabotaging “Southern” from within.

Q is for Bob Quick, as with Stevens, he is going to be under the spotlight.

R is for Rupert Murdoch. Sorry to disappoint, he had nothing to do with the murder.

S is for Sid Fillery. Det Sgt Fillery was on the initial inquiry for six days and left. Eventually he joined “Southern”. Porn was planted on his computer, from the voluminous stash of “Joe Poulton” who is in the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey. “Poulton’s” son works at Kings Lynn, Norfolk Police.

T is for Thurnscoe. Strictly not connected to the Morgan murder, but illegal actions there (and with animal rights activists, in Huntingdon) may shed light on how “Operation Abelard II” was infiltrated and sabotaged internally.

U is for UGLE. If I had a quid for every time some tin foil hat loon asked about “free mason cover up” I would never play Euromillions. As a conspiracy theory, it has no legs. Many of the central characters were “worshipful brothers” but only joined due to business contacts and social drinking reasons.

V is for Vian Brothers. As with Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery and others, they were framed by an increasingly desperate Metropolitan Police.

W is for White Wog. Yet another nickname for “Joe Poulton”.

X is for Xijing.

Y is for Yorkshire, God’s own county.

Z is for Zulu. Haslam hates any mention of his Dad’s African ancestry.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now putting the finishing touches to academic paper on who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987.
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