Volume One of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report.

The panel failed to address police involvement in the murder of Daniel Morgan (by this I mean that one, or more, committed the killing).

O’Loan, tainted by association with Woods and Mahaffey.

The evidence of Kevin Lennon, he was facing a custodial sentence.

Para 22, page 12. “Operation Two Bridges” Kim James and the omitted voice on the tape recording.

The role of Alex Marunchak.

“Operation Abelard II”, documents and images stolen by Derek G Haslam, Haslam signed his statement David Haslam (his white half brother).

The police are institutionally corrupt, this is akin to writing that bears defecating the the woods and the Pope is Catholic.

Para 47, page 15. Catford, the murder was not due to an overtime scam nor moonlighting. No newspaper would pay £250,000 for such a story.

Para 50. No free mason involvement.

Mention of Campbell being drunk on duty at the Golden Lion.

Para 263. (4.3.1) page 86, Daniel Morgan and extramarital affairs, line of inquiry neglected.

Debbie Armstrong, barmaid. Omission of Morgan’s lewd comments to her in front of her husband.

Theft of Rolex by one of the Metropolitan Policemen at the scene.

Irving Markson

Dr Alfred Greech

Terence Samson.

Para 770, page 208.

Para 792, page 212, no mention that Haslam hated Adams due to being fined £60 for killing a pedestrian when drunk driving in Adams vehicle and being placed on uniformed duties.

Para 796. “No substance” in Haslam’s statement.

Para 807. 15 April 2003, first mention of “£100 million cocaine shipment”.

Para 811.

Page 238 “No evidence to support” claims of Haslam.

Page 248 (9.2.1) Para 921. Haslam’s contribution to the inquiry. He is “D” (on a sliding scale from A – relaible to E – untrustworthy). A serial fantasist unable to confirm what colour his Father was, Haslam left the police in Oct 1989 (mental illness).

Page 269, Douglas Campbell and alcoholism.

Chapter Two “Inquest”.

This morning I had the unpleasant task of reading “The Guardian” and Duncan Campbell. The Grauniad are pushing Juke theory that Morgan was onto a huge corruption story. As seen above, that only dates from April 2003.

The panel looked at whether Morgan’s murder was drugs related, given that Malta was a key element, ignored to the detriment of hyping Jonathan Rees as the killer, the police ought to have prioritised drugs as a motive.

Also, the only other plausible motive was Morgan’s adultery.

Chapter Three “Hampshire”.

Page 332 and Det Ch Supt Alan Wheeler on Kevin Lennon “it is difficult to believe him”.

Page 360, 3.12. Para 232 onwards. The Rolex was stolen by one of the police at the crime scene.

Page 381. Para 324. DCS Wheeler and Det Ch Insp Paul Blaker “He also stated Haslam should be treated with caution”.

Page 401. 9.4. Policeman Z31. Used an axe, violent. Died 2003. Points to Fintan Creaven, Barry Wilmott and/or Tony McClean. Known that the murderer was in The Met (though Z31 had left prior to the killing).

Chapter Four “Operation Nigeria”.

Det Ch Supt David Wood connects to Baroness Nuala O’Loan. Role of Det Ch Supt Chris Jarratt needs to be more fully examined, as does that of Det Supt Bob Quick.

Page 435. Para 42. “McClure” (could this be McClean?)

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