Cressida Dick – Det Ch Supt Dave Cook – Square mile of murder.

I am far from sanguine that Cressida Dick will face any censure over her part in the mishandling of the Daniel Morgan murder. Sadiq Khan is her creature, the IPCC is nothing more than plod in sheep’s clothing. As to Vikram Dodd, Goggzilla is still digging into whether he is paid by Old Bill. Dick suits North Korea far more than The Met.

Looking at whom should carry the can over the debacle which cost the UK taxpayer £140 million, does Det Ch Supt Dave Cook fit the profile better? Why no arrest thus far? Or that of his minion Det Con Derek G Haslam?

Errors, Thornton Heath NOT Thornton Hall. Det Sgt Sid Fillery was NOT accompanying Rees, of “Southern Investigations”. Jonathan Rees was alone (Belmont robbery). Note to Kat and Taylor, if doing a podcast, actually focus on the topic, don’t amble. Alan “Taffy” Holmes committed suicide, after great pressure from Haslam. Kim James case, examine the tape recording and ask why Haslam’s voice is omitted. The child abuse images on Fillery’s computer were from Haslam’s voluminous stash. No shred of evidence linked Rees to the Morgan murder.

As Goggzilla is wrapping up, time to tie up loose ends. what does the future hold for MI6 payee Ian Hurst? Not too bright, according to sources in Dublin, Dundalk and Derry. Hurst is a known associate of Haslam.

Vonny Watts/Vonny Radstone. Odd that no James or Jamie Radstone is recorded in the UK. Odd that no arrest of Vonny for obtaining goods, services and monies by deception (fraud, embezzlement). Yet.

To conclude, back to Kat and Taylor. 12 minutes from the end – the national embarrassment is from my blogge, NOT the Guardian. “E is for Embarrassment”. Oh and the most investigated case is Jack The Ripper (Morgan second).

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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