Haslam gets played.

I was asked about something that appeared on the internet, it is an out of date and in parts inaccurate account of Jukes sole source. Here goes.

“Haslam was born in the Wandsworth slums in November 1947” (50% correct, it was October). “son of Dymphna Stow a half Irish traveller who worked as a prostitute and Peter Haslam, an illiterate labourer from Derby who fled south to avoid conscription”. (50% correct, Ellen J Stow may or may not have had a conviction for importuning. She was English. Haslam’s father on his birth cert is Francis Willoughby Haslam, born in London. Haslam’s biological Dad was Jamaican. Haslam, a serial fantasist, claimed that his Dad commanded a regiment at D Day. Military historians are unable to find verification of a West Indian at such a rank.

“Whilst his two half brothers shone at school Haslam left with no qualifications” (100% correct). “Haslam joined the police in 1973. Married Susan Probert in Sutton, May 1970” again, 100% correct. “After a lack lustre career in New Addington he went to Downham market” (almost 100% correct). “Haslam linked to the EDL” (to which may be added until they discovered he was half Jamaican). “He was diagnosed with de Clerambault’s syndrome in Dec 2007” (100% correct, along with BPD and other mental illnesses, Haslam had a major breakdown. Haslam quit the Metropolitan police in Oct 1989 on mental illness grounds, signed off by Doctor Thomas Farewell.

“Currently an outpatient at Q.E.H, Kings Lynn where his daughter is a cleaner” (50% correct, his daughter, Lindsay Eastwood is a fertility nurse, recently divorced, her daughter has a Mac degree from Birmingham City. Haslam bought her a house with money made from perjury.)

  • Haslam infiltrated and framed animal rights activists who were part of “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty”, also he sabotaged insurance claims from ex miners in Thurnscoe – his other connection to South Yorkshire being via “Jean Hatchet” a radical feminits embezzler known as Vonny Watts or Vonny Radstone. Haslam bugged “Southern Investigations” and passed legally privileged documents to the police.

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