True Crime all the time – Daniel Morgan. Podcast review.

This explains the rash of American flags on my counter recently.

Quite a few errors, so let us begin. Kevin Lennon’s testimony was discounted, as he had a lengthy jail sentence hanging over him. Also, question of plausibility of Jonathan Rees confiding in a dodgy book keeper that he was going to arrange Morgan’s murder.

It was not the second time only, that Morgan went to visit the “Golden Lion” (now under new management) he went several times, to buy soft drugs for his brother, Alastair.

The Rolex was on the corpse when found, but missing when it was placed in the ambulance. Z31 ex P.C Fintan Creaven had a “Rolex type watch” soon after.

The narrative of the podcast – glad that Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson woke up to the motives that now are given most credence, adultery or a link to the Bonnici drugs cartel of Malta.

The child abuse images planted on Sid Fillery’s computer were from the large stash of half West Indian ex Det Con Haslam, who also planted the bug at “Southern Investigations” during “Operation Two Bridges” (Operation Nigeria).

Gary Eaton was a drug addict with mental illness, yet ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook deemed him of use as a witness. Nobody else did.

Dean Vian – his testimony, like Lennon’s, lacks veracity.

Again we return to the motive for murder. The podcast dwells on the “Belmont” robbery, that theory has been discounted, in addition to the “massive police corruption and £100 million drugs shipment from Colombia”. Cuckoldry and Gozo, Malta, though, loom large.

58 mins in – Daniel Morgan was having half a dozen affairs at the time of his death. No serious commentator places any weight in the Margaret Harrison theory any longer.

1.01 mins in – the “Guardian” is an unsound source, it connects to the Metropolitan Police, in addition to Alastair Morgan. The cost is £140 million to the British taxpayer, not a “mere” £30 million.

Don’t bother ringing “Crimestoppers” but look to the role of ex top cop John Yates. Nothing could be found to convict Rees – what of the omitted voice (Haslam) on the tape recording used in the Kim James miscarriage of justice?

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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