So, how much was Haslam paid?

My new Best Friend Forever asked about Haslam and the relocation package. Here goes, those really interested can look at the back issues, from the top of my head, Haslam claimed that he was being railroaded over the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. In his final note the only person mentioned, and blamed, is ex Det Con Haslam. The half Jamaican Haslam was in the same lodge (Manor of Bensham 7114) as Holmes. Haslam put enormous pressure on Holmes to implicate innocent high ranking police in a fake corruption tale.

After Holmes suicide, Haslam was relocated to Norfolk, at taxpayers expense. A £6400 alarm and panic button was linked to Downham Market police station. One day a married couple he tried blackmailing arrived. Within minutes armed police had them surrounded. Haslam also claimed an enormous amount over the years for his treachery. (See his whining letter to Liz Truss and other documents I was passed).

Haslam’s voice is omitted from the Kim James tape. Haslam sabotaged ex miners compensation claims in Thurnscoe and attempted to sell the new address of Maxine Carr (who was in hiding near Southery). The bugging device at “Southern Investigations” was placed by Haslam who also went on to try and embellish things with another serial fantasist, Ian Hurst. (See Haslam – Hurst phone call, on You Tube).

Haslam’s former address in Lynn Road, Southery, became unsellable once the sordid past of the owner was made public. So a compulsory purchase order of £250,000 was issued, allowing Haslam to move a few miles away, nearer to his son, P.C James A Haslam.

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