Somebody knows more (podcast) the Daniel Morgan murder.

Podcasts on true crime are becoming a growing industry. The “Somebody knows more” one, however, is quite poor.

The old canard of Sid Fillery subverting the initial investigation. Det Sgt Fillery was on the case a total of four days before quitting. It was two years later when he joined “Southern Investigations” not “soon afterwards”.

Kevin Lennon’s testimony. The book keeper at “Southern” had a jail term hanging over his head and verballed up Jonathan Rees. No weight, can, therefore, be attributed to Lennon.

The “huge” corruption theory as a motive for Morgan’s murder – no evidence, facts or proof emerged. It all derives from a half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, who planted a bugging device at “Southern”.

On that note, mention is made of Kim James. There is a voice missing from the recording made by the Metropolitan Police, the bugger (in all senses of the word) of “Southern”.

Near the end the podcast mentions killers, plural. Again, this is lazy. The Vian brothers were not involved.

Motive – was Morgan murdered for “knowing too much”? There are two main motives, adultery and/or a link to a missing shipment from the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo.

Channel 4, silly buggers?

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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