Jackson, Dispatches and the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

Jackson appears to be akin to a monkey flinging faeces at the bars of its cage. The “Dispatches” programme scheduled for 3 June is beginning to shape up as a how not to do it.

Trying to make something big out of “Operation Russell” is not an auspicious start. Also, putting too much emphasis on the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes can backfire spectacularly. The “Daily Mail” article omits the identity of Holmes colleague, who was blackmailing him. It is none other than ex Det Con Haslam derided by no less a figure than Baroness Nuala O’Loan.


“Operation Russell” produced no evidence, facts or proof of any wrong doing by former Commander Ray Adams. If Alastair Jackson wants a story, why not examine the miscarriage of justice in the John “Reg” Elliott case and Kent Constabulary?

The connection between Cdr Adams and Kenneth Noye is tenuous at best. To wrap up on Haslam, the half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, was given a medical discharge on grounds of mental illness by Dr Thomas Farewell. Hardly a trustworthy source. Haslam killed an elderly man by drunk driving and received a £60 fine from Horseferry’s Magistrates in 1977.

Alastair Jackson may have inadvertently kicked a wasps nest, perhaps the real hot topic is the one below?


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