“Dispatches” Channel 4, “Corrupt cops, what The Met knew” and Jackson’s folly.

The first minute of Channel 4’s “Dispatches” programme at 7.30 pm tonight heralded what was to come. Alastair Jackson and Mr Barty-King along with Claire Burnett cut corners. In doing so, they damned themselves.

The voice on the tape was none other than disgraced ex Det Con Haslam, speaking to Ray Gray. Had Jackson dug deeper, he would have discovered that Gray was a drug dealer, who, by his own admission, would say anything to lessen his sentence.

“Operation Russell” has been dealt with (Goggilla, passim) and I may return to this later.

The suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes – Haslam put enormous pressure on Holmes to implicate Commander Ray Adams in illegality. When Holmes could find nothing, Haslam secretly recorded Holmes for future blackmailing, hence the suicide.

Clive Driscoll – I may return later, with more on the Stephen Lawrence murder, although strictly it is not really part of the Morgan debacle.

Cdr Ray Adams knew Kenneth Noye, but only slightly. Decent research would have evinced this.

Biddiss – if he wants to dig dirt, one suggests the Kent Police’s role in the John “Reg” Elliott miscarriage of justice.

Adams statement on Noye in court – it was prepared and written by Adams’ boss, Cdr John Lock. All Adams did was to read it aloud, to the court.

Now to why Haslam went to Channel 4, even after Jukes cut him lose. In 1977 Haslam took a car without consent belonging to a Det Ch Supt. Whilst drunk driving Haslam killed a elderly pedestrian. A few months later Haslam applied to return to the CID. Adams just happened to be the senior rank who turned the request down, solely on grounds of time (less than twelve months). Haslam subsequently blamed Adams for any mishaps, becoming obsessed (Haslam quit The Met in Oct 1989 under mental health grounds).

Joey Pyle – a noted figure in the London demi-monde. Little or no connection to anyone named by Channel 4.

Daniel Morgan – appearance by his brother Alastair, described by his “pal” Haslam as a “professional mourner on £30,000 a year” (see Poulton debrief).

Nick Timothy, new to me , must look him up.

Alastair Morgan asked why there have been no arrests? He could do worse than look at ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and his criminality.

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Defeated UK at ECHR over innocent folks DNA sample retention, spokesman in Justice for Ched Evans campaign, now researching who really murdered Daniel Morgan in 1987, also the Stephen Lawrence and Lord Lucan cold cases.
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