K.C’s we have known, Beth Grossman (again).

A very rare guest blog post, I have only done this twice in over a decade. Reason? To highlight Beth Grossman, K.C and corruption. Doughty Chambers indeed.

Grossman does not connect to the Daniel Morgan murder, but she certainly does to ex Tory Cllr and now ex Labour Wimmins Officer Jean Hatchet/Vonny Radstone/Vonny Watts, a known embezzler.

So, as they say in Hollywood, over to you, Cassy Black, who seems to be more of an expert on Grossperson’s criminality than I.


I was in at the start and I think this’ll help create some balance in relation to the Beth Grossman and Elizabeth Wiggin articles and the trial between Gavin Paul Carter and Terri Ann Davies. This is going to be a work in progress, but it’ll be factual. My words, no one else’s and under no instruction from anyone else.

I’ve had this account for years, but never really used it, but now I’ve got good reason.

Mr Richard Edward Davies is amoral. He took on a job as a developer. He is not a developer. Richard Davies and his RED3D, RED STRATEGIC CONSULTING LIMITED company attempted to design a livestreaming website called voiceboxlive.com. It cost his paying client Mrs Carter, (Yes, not Gavin, Mrs Carter a lady in her eighties, who at the time was recovering from the death of her husband from bone cancer) Anyway, the product cost her 30 000 pounds and it was useless, worthless, never functioned. No surprise, as we now find out that Richard Davies’s background is not web design at all, but mostly in agriculture. Richard Davies likes to pretend to be things that he is not, he had a period of time where he also lied about being the Non Executive director of a company in Monaco, so nothing new….

Anyway, back to the horrible financial abuse of Mrs Carter.

Richard Davies took full pay from Mrs Carter after saying by email he had completed his contract (he also threatened Mrs Carter with debt collectors, bailiffs if she wouldn’t pay the final 3,000 pounds for the completed project, frightened by this threat Mrs Carter paid RED3D and Richard Davies). Gavin, Mrs Carter’s son and those who wanted to use the website soon realized that they had been sold nothing more than a front end (Many of us tested the system and it was crap, yes it was tested extensively by me and others). Proper developers who looked over the system soon evaluated it as useless, total garbage, but with a price tag of 30 000 pounds attached to its construction.

Richard Davies refused a refund and when people complained about his treatment of Mrs Carter, he deleted his RED3D website and all social media to avoid returning what he should not have taken, Mrs Carter’s savings.

Gavin told Mr Davies that he was disgusted with him and Richard Davies then proceeded to take the domain addresses for voiceboxlive.com. Maybe a punishment for having the nerve to complain about his useless product? (Mr Davies and RED3D were hosting them for Gavin and Mrs Carter). This happened in 2017, halfway through a two year contract that began in 2016. This deliberate malicious act shut down voiceboxlive.com for seven months adding further distress to Mrs Carter, Gavin and his team and customers. Mr Carter, his friends and voiceboxlive associates at that time had a following on twitter of over 250,000 people many were eager to use the system and even paid in, when Richard Davies launched the system in 2015 on a very large paying public, the backlash of complaints against RED3D began. All were ignored by Mr Davies, who took no responsibility for its failure, his attitude was that Mrs Carter couldn’t afford the website she and her son wanted and needed to make do with what she and her son had. Despite the 30 000 pound cost, they had to make do with something that would never ever work?! What a disgrace!

Richard Davies would sell you the shell of a car for 30 000 pounds. No engine, no wheels, and that’d be a good deal?! Your customer can’t afford the car they wanted?! So that’ll have to do??? Ridiculous. Absolutely appalling.

Who wouldn’t complain about that?!

Mr Davies took to hiding and refused to respond to emails and me and many others tried to complain through his business associates, as Richard had blocked and deleted himself whenever confronted. He just classed us as trolls. Minor label considering what he’d done.

Mrs Terri Davies, Richard’s wife, who had a RED3D business email address and a public business profile with the RED3D email attached to it, (under her business name Terri Lucas) apparently had no connection to the company, despite two of her witnesses stating in court that the screenshot of Terri Lucas’s business profile taken from the internet was in fact her public business profile.

Whatever, I guess she knows all of what is written here is true? Coz it is. Many people, I’m talking hundreds know this is the truth.

Gavin Paul Carter and many others continued to complain online to anyone who would listen, but this led to a legal action against Gavin Carter for defamation and harassment and Gavin lost, as the claim was only brought by Mrs Davies and not Mr Davies, who was just a witness. (He was the one that most of the complaints were directed at, as he was the director of RED3D but he didn’t want to be a plaintiff for some reason, I wonder why?)

Mrs Carter described Richard Davies as a devious, dishonest, dirty dog, she was too polite. Mr Davies knew that he had to drop out of the claim, for the simple reason of all that is written here. Mrs Davies alone had a black and white claim for harassment and defamation, especially with the legal representation she had, but all this written here is true too.

We all loved Mrs Carter, her generosity to us at Christmas, her kindness when we met her. Paying for team members to stay in hotels when we visited, paying another for their holiday in Liverpool. She was adorable and what son wouldn’t pursue Richard Davies and RED3D a company that took advantage and ripped off an old lady?! Gavin was supported in this by me and many other people.

No one is saying that complaining to Mr and Mrs Davies business associates was right, but they both decided to block and delete whenever confronted directly about Mrs Carter’s loss of savings and the domain name ownership, that there was no other route, as Mr and Mrs Davies don’t respond to emails either.

Not the way to conduct business. Refund as soon as customers complain don’t delete your business website and disappear. Don’t take the website domain name and deliberately shutdown the worthless product that you ‘developed’ (Lol) for your customers. No, no, no!

Mr and Mrs Davies launched a joint pre action protocol against Gavin in October 2019, sending all the legal documents to Mrs Carter’s address, not Gavin who lived next door. This caused her much distress and led to further physical and mental decline. Gavin was accused of blackmail and extortion by both plaintiffs and demands were made that everyone who complained online should remove their comments and tweets. I personally never did and never will.

Both Richard and Terri Davies went away, but Mrs Davies returned alone to sue Gavin and the real suffering began for him and his family.

Mr Davies has said. Why didn’t Mrs Carter issue legal proceedings against him? It wouldn’t have cost much? C’mon. Why should Mrs Carter have had to do that? She was in her eighties, she didn’t want to go to court. The real question should be. Why didn’t Richard not simply refund her money? The only way to get it back was to sue him and RED3D? What an absolute a**hole. THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO CONDUCT BUSINESS. Refund, refund, refund Richard Davies!!!!

Mrs Carter suffered immense mental and physical health issues over the last year or two of her life due to the events described here and had several stress related falls during the legal proceedings against her son. Mrs Davies and her husband and Beth Grossman were told this, Mrs Carter’s hair was also falling out in clumps, but Mrs Davies pressed on regardless, no stopping to allow a decent elderly lady to recover. About a month before Gavin’s trial was supposed to start Mrs Carter died alone in hospital.

Gavin and his friends and family wished the trial suspended on compassionate grounds, but Mrs Davies, Beth Grossman and her husband Richard Davies insisted that it should go ahead, despite Gavin being extremely mentally unwell and letters from his doctor submitted to court saying he was unfit for trial, Gavin was grieving the death of his mother and also having to represent himself against a qualified barrister at a three day trial at the High Courts of Justice in London?!

Fortunately the Judge at the adjournment hearing was compassionate and postponed the trial, but Gavin was left with a 14 400 bill to pay for the adjourned trial.

Despite this, Terri Lucas (Terri Ann Davies) Richard Davies, Beth Grossman tried to force through the trial a few weeks later, Gavin was too mentally ill to attend the second adjournment hearing and once again it was postponed by a compassionate judge.

Surely this total lack of compassion by Mrs Davies, Mr Davies and Beth Grossman was wrong? Why couldn’t they wait and allow Gavin and his family and friends time to grieve the loss of a mother and a good friend? So disrespectful considering what Mr Davies had done to Mrs Carter and voiceboxlive.com?

Gavin looked after both his mother and father for ten years, he has now had to sell his family home and has already given much of his inheritance to Mrs Davies. Mrs Carter’s losses are more than financial obviously. Gavin’s is the loss of voiceboxlive.com, his team, his mum, family home, his mental health, his charity care work job and most of his inheritance. Horrible. So many of us are angry and upset by all of this. His mother’s money should’ve been returned as soon as Mr Davies knew that the website was not functional and it has never been functional.

Richard Davies lied in court, (sue me Mr Davies) he said he’d been sacked by Mrs Carter and Gavin. Not true. Richard Davies was paid in full and even said he’d completed his contract (That’s in an email he sent when he demanded the final invoice paid, I’ve read it) Guess that fact in court wasn’t important. Richard Davies also says that the voiceboxlive.com team launched the website not him and his RED3D company. Again, that’s a lie, he launched it with his assistant Jed Jones and it was useless and caused chaos. There’s enough email evidence that shows that. And the breach of contract. Yes, that’s true too. Two years, Mrs Carter paid for two years. 2016 to 2018. The domain names were taken and owned in 2017. That’s 100 percent true. Lies and more lies.

More to come!

This is an ongoing blog, as many people witnessed what happened and I’m going to update and share the truth as I obtain more facts. We also had colleagues present at the trial to watch all events. It was shocking to see Beth Grossman attempt to make a ruling through the Judge that would prevent Gavin from taking any legal action against anyone in future, the Judge refused to do this. We assume this was done under the instruction of Mr and Mrs Davies to prevent any future claim from him against them?

Terri Lucas now runs Moveo Associates moveossociates.com. With an email much like the one she had for RED3D. I wonder if Mr Davies is one of her associates? Who knows?

It’s too late for Mrs Carter and voiceboxlive.com, but there is no way that Mr Davies should have taken an old lady’s money for nothing but suffering and heartache. Her savings should have been returned in 2015 and the domain names should never have been taken in 2017.

Whatever the result of the trial Mr Davies behaved in a disgusting, sickening way and that must not be forgotten or brushed over because of Mrs Carter’s death and loss to her family and friends. Mrs Carter was a lovely, kind lady. There are many people who think the same as me and hundreds who have shown support on social media.

I know this is going to be the first of many articles, I’ll not be the only one that writes one that’s for sure.

The more people who know the full truth, the more support will grow.

This is a response to Elizabeth Wiggin and Beth Grossman ‘public’ articles, that brushes over much of the backstory behind the Terri Ann Davies claim. Their articles ignore the complaints made by many other people and only focus on Gavin. That was wrong.

What truly shocked and angered me and hundreds of others was the VICTORY Beth Grossman claimed in the article shared publicly on twitter. How could this be seen as some great victory? It’s not. It gross, it’s sick and a death resulted through it. Gavin was a litigant in person, could not afford legal representation and because of his mother’s death was suffering Complex PTSD. These truths were all ignored not to spoil her ‘victory’.

I hope this article creates some balance coz the full truth should be known, not just the public transcript of the trial.

I have written this for Gavin, his beautiful mother Brenda Carter and her family and for all those who lost out when voiceboxlive.com was taken and owned by Richard Davies. Censorship must never silence the truth. We all have to fight for freedom of speech.

Mrs Carter must not be forgotten in all of this, she was too good for that.

Cheers for reading and thanks for caring.

Cassy Black.


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