The erosion of civil liberties and human rights in Britain. I defeated the UK government at the ECHR (2012), my case focusing on retaining innocent people’s DNA samples. Then was a vociferous spokesman in the “Justice for Ched Evans” campaign. Anonymity for  rape trial defendants. My next case was that of Daniel Morgan and the fitting up of innocent men by the police. Dealing mainly with cases of corruption in Essex Police, Hertfordshire Police, Kent Police, Leicestershire Police, Lincolnshire Police, and Norfolk Police.

After sixteen years on the Morgan case I am now examining the Stephen Lawrence murder.

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  1. Jeremy Stocks says:

    Hi there, like your blog! If you are hunting down addresses of masonic lodges there is one in my old town of Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd – the former Peniel Chapel.

  2. goggzilla says:

    No, I was arrested in Essex, ghosted to Norfolk, then to North Wales. I might ask for political asylum in Bavaria!

  3. Jeremy Stocks says:

    haha! If you ever get the chance to move out of UK do so. I left in 1994 to live in Saudi 5 years, then came to Germany to be with my German wife in 2001. Miss UK humour like mad, and UK people but not UK life. Germany isn’t perfect but a huge amount better than Britain.

  4. Did you know Inspector Gadget has pulled his blog and all history associated with it?

    Do you know anything about it? My newspaper associates are digging as we speak.

    • goggzilla says:

      Dear Rasta Pickles, Yes quite a bit! He is “rumoured” to be a Sgt in Sussex (I will e-mail you the name later) – Gadget’s Twitter account is kaput also!

  5. jaded48 says:

    Another blog from the great Ciaran Goggins.

  6. jaded48 says:

    Ciaran Goggins,i’m sure a human rights champion like you will be glad that I won the “Raoul Moat Award” this week!

  7. Thank you for posting your piece on Simon Tomlin. It is truly enlightening and explains much of his rants about me – despite never having met or even spoken to me. Apart for all of his “intelligence” connections, he appears to have very little of it – unless of course he has now become the NSA’s new secret weapon.

    • goggzilla says:

      Ah but Simon is the SVB’s main asset so no moonlighting for Uncle Sam. His illustrious military career was six weeks before homesickness and bisexual urges forced him to quit. Now looks as if he has a sideline in regurgitating some bar room brawl he was in 25 years ago and fierce denials that he is Nottinghamshire Police’s pet. Now excuse me as I have to brush up on Danie Odendaal and the bungled rescue of Qaddafi’s son.

  8. That ought to leave a few people worried. I am sure it will be interesting reading.

  9. Paul Auger says:

    Hi. I appear in the leaked report TIB. I am trying to right what is clearly a serious wrong. The Met are not interested other than telling me to request the site remove to offending document. Please remove the Operation Tiberius report and any links that lead to the report. I look forward to any reply and direction you may have. I am currently waiting for a reply from the DPS.

  10. Paul Auger says:

    Thank you for that. I am now looking to continue my fight against the Met Police. Having served 30yrs I am disgusted and embarressed to be the subject of a corruption report based on my step sons contact with his father and working in the same geographical area as Martin Morgan. The Met are taking large backwards steps in answer to all my requests.

  11. Horizon Talk Radio says:

    Dear Readers,



    Human rights activists should not stay silent.

    You have permission to republish.

    Yours truly

    Andy Peacher


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