Very interesting – Rees, Vian, Fillery and Daniel Morgan compensation.

Still gloating over the financial loss to New Scotland Yard and the fact that their already sullied reputation is in tatters, following Justice Cheema-Grubb’s ruling. Then it struck me that more damage could be inflicted, before I walk off into the sunset in a few months.

The roles of disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (now rebranded as David Imrie-Cook) needs to be examined, as does that of Jacqui Hames and others, who white knighted for him (fraudster Mark Williams-Thomas par example). Gary Eaton was an unstable drug addict, so why was he an attractive vital witness to the venal Cook?

Paragraph 16, we arrive to a reason why Jonathan Rees did not get a larger award. There is unfinished business regarding his unsafe and unsound conviction in the Simon and Kim James case. I won’t give details away, but in a few months the Metropolitan Police face even more damaging details emerging, Rees was framed. Proof? A recording of disgraced ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now in hiding in Downham Market, where his son P.C Jamie A Haslam is a worshipful brother, same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey ACPO lead on child porn. Not only did the half Jamaican Haslam senior edit the covert recording, but Haslam, a known avid child pornography collector, placed his own stash of images on the computer of the blameless Sid Fillery.

Sarah Hamlin wisely quit before finding herself totally compromised. Homework, time to examine the James case closer, plus St Nexans, Bergerac resident Ian Hurst and an unlikely link to Yvonne Radstone of Lady Manners School, Bakewell, alias Jean Hatchet.

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Under heavy manners – CPS and DCS Dave Cook, Daniel Morgan compensation victory.

Michael Gillard is Amundsen to my Scott as he narrowly pipped me to breaking the news of Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers getting £414,000 in compensation. It can be added to the £140 million which the Daniel Morgan murder cover up has cost thus far. Pelion upon Ossa, as the CPS are now under scrutiny as to why they are not charging proven corrupt cop Dave Cook (now David Imrie-Cook) plus his co conspirators, John Yates, Chris Mahaffey, Chris Jarratt and others. Not in the public interest? It certainly is.

Odd that Vikram Dodd did not cover this for the Gruaniad, oh wait, he is under a cloud after getting paid by New Scotland Yard (called “doing a David Conn” at the Guardian).

The article is shoddy. No mention of Operation Abelard II and the sabotage caused by ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, the half Jamaican perjurer who planted bugs at “Southern Investigations”. No doubt we will hear the old canard that Daniel Morgan was “murdered after uncovering Metropolitan Police corruption”. No. He had a story on a minor overtime scam at Catford, hardly contract killing material. Ignore Peter Jukes and his side kick Haslam with their “Miami vice” spooge of millions of pounds worth of hard drugs being shipped into Norfolk (where Haslam is now hiding, his son P.C James A Haslam of King’s Lynn is equally bent).

Daniel Morgan was, alas, murdered either by a cuckolded spouse or due to his connections with a Maltese drugs syndicate.

Update. Al Morgan (who was the reason Daniel visited the “Golden Lion”, to buy drugs for) is now white knighting for disgraced ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie-Cook

Clutching at straws springs to mind.

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Tom Watson and Carl Beech.

Technically it is another case, but actually connected to Daniel Morgan. Beech received an 18 year sentence for his crimes. A known fantasist and liar, Beech accused many in the military and political world in the wake of the Savile case. The Metropolitan Police, masters at the art of lazy and slapdash investigation, stated that Beech was “credible and true”.

Beech was white knighted by Tom Watson, deputy leader of Labour (well, for the time being, anyway). Watson was a prime mover in speaking out against Jonathan Rees and the others who were wrongly accused in the Daniel Morgan murder. Watson also links to Peter “The Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes, who propagates New Scotland Yard’s line on not looking further than Rees as a main suspect.

Before I fly off I came across something which solves one mystery anyhow, so let us hear no more nonsense about “Reds” Haslam not being Jamaican.


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So, Liz Truss…

Could you assist us with our inquiries? You are utterly useless at uncovering endemic police corruption in Norfolk (especially P.C Jim Haslam, King’s Lynn, and the death in custody of Chris Higgins) also, you backed up Simon Bailey (enthusiastic collector of artistic poses of young boys) and a “worshipful brother”. Now, we know about your extra curricular activities with Kwame (?)

The thing is this – Derek G Haslam, now hiding in the Downham Market area – wrote to you about his “undercover spying”. Well, Liz. it boils down to illegal activity. It is known that you brushed him off, but we are annoyed that you brushed us off also, and we are the good guys.

To conclude, enough of Bozza and concentrate on adequate compensation for Messers Rees, Vian and Fillery. Jah.

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Real liars, Tom Watson and Mark Williams-Thomas.

It has been a bad day for the deputy leader of the Labour party, not only rumours that his “sexting” of a nubile young staffer will be leaked abroad but also that Watson white knighted for known liar Carl Beech. Watson – who is no friend to those getting to the truth in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up – was not alone in his championing of fantasist Beech. Step forward fraudster Mark Williams-Thomas, who lied about his part in the Savile case, lied about not supporting Beech and now lies about everything else.

Typical Surrey policeman.

Williams-Thomas links to a paid police perjurer who is hiding near Downham Market. Visits to the grand kids? Trips to Peterborough? Wrongly accused men had no such luxuries. Perhaps he could be repatriated to Jamaica?

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Queer events at Biggin Hill.

“A Boy’s Own adventure”. Group Captain Goggins looked out across the fields to where the spitfires were refuelling. Squadron Leader Brydges-Featherstone coughed. “I say, Sir, you seem to be looking for a rather nasty chap, Derek G Haslam”. The Group Captain nodded. “Yes he made sure some of our pilots were captured by the Boche”.

The Squadron Leader knew that the undercover agent had assistance, that it was most probably nearby. “You were looking in the wrong place all along, Sir. His half brother is not his half brother. Our boffins at Photographic Interpretation took a shufti at this” It was then that “Feathers” placed an old photo on the table. “As you can see, Sir, either Guanaboa Vale or Trelawny”. The G C pounded the table. “This means that Francis Willoughby Haslam must have entered the country with forged documents” … “or that there are two cuckoos in the nest”.

A jeep with redcaps screeched to a halt. They all headed off to Peterborough. Would that be a racist ending?

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Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Miscarriages of Justice is up and running. It needs to examine the role of paid police informers such as Haslam in the Kim James case. That also touches on the £140 million fiasco which became the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. The Vian Brothers, Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery all suffered badly at the hands of lazy and vindictive policing. Yet now New Scotland Yard quibbles over adequate compensation. Good to see the APPGMJ has the excellent Crispin Blunt who dealt with a false rape claim wonderfully. There must be more pressure put on the CCRC to take charge of elements of the Simon James affair which are deeply troubling.

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