Viewers gripped by “Murder in the car park” Channel 4?

I shall begin this summation of Episode One with minor lucunae – the crisps were Ready Salted not Prawn and Cheese with Onion. A minor consideration, but it bodes ill for Adam Wishart and Bruce Goodison, as these facts are in the public domain. (Untouchables. Untold and David Bray’s book).

Now to a more substantive issue, that of the Golden Hour. The documentary depicted Douglas Campbell having a scotch, at the bar of the “Golden Lion”. In fact, he imbibed a bottle of whisky, his daughter had discovered sex, drugs and rock n roll, after he had paid for an expensive private education. Thank God she wasn’t called Lindsey (court laughs).

The testimony of Yvonne Bartlett of Southern Investigations was at all times accurate.

On to Bryan Madagan, now resident in the Costa Del Sol. Mr Madagan was the original employer of Daniel Morgan, quite frankly Morgan’s many flights of fancy “major police corruption at Catford” which in turn was merely an overtime scam, now seem risible.

Sid Fillery played a central role in the murder inquiry. At 55 minutes into the documentary Mr Fillery alluded to adultery, as the motive for Morgan’s murder. This, along with a Maltese drugs cartel, are the two most plausible causes.

Police records prove that Jonathan Rees was making phone calls from 21.00 to 21.40 and this exculpates him from the murder. Also – as to Belmont – how could Mr Rees have shouted “not in my eyes, near my eyes” when he was attacked, if there were no witnesses?

I shall now move to the words of Alastair Morgan. He is given little screen time, he is an ex psychiatric patient, whose brother Daniel had visited in “Golden Lion” to buy drugs for him. An equally poor witness is Kevin Lennon, who had a fraud charge hanging over him.

As to forensic evidence, none was found, nor any DNA. It remains that the two motives for murder are cuckoldry and a Maltese drugs link. Apparently in Episode Two the bugging of “Southern Investigations” in addition to misuse of the PNC feature. Goggzilla‘s summation must wait however, as I must grapple with Slovak irregular verbs and a paper on Celtic genetics. One could have done without Mr Vian’s faux “Irish traveller” impersonation.

Finally, Grace Henry and Cydney Yeates, poor. Goggzilla will deal with the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes in the following blog post.


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New documentary, “Murder in the car park” Channel 4.

There are so many holes in this article I mistook it for a Swiss cheese.


Plod are getting nervous, with only four hours to go until “Murder in the car park” is transmitted on Channel 4.

Errors – Derek G Haslam was NOT in the CID.

The “Daniel Morgan was murdered as he was on to a Miami drugs arrival” is new, Peter Jukes is the only one to propagate it. The dates do not fit and Haslam, Jukes sole source was unable to identify Nikolaus Chrastny (he vaguely mentions “Clanski” in the Poulton debrief).

One must examine the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, in relation to the Morgan murder. Haslam was blamed by Holmes in his suicide note. Haslam’s mendacity and corruption are notorious.

Now to Alex Marunchak and the article omits Haslam’s link to Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram) who was laughed out of the Leveson inquiry. Hurst also illegally uses the PNC via Haslam’s son, P.C James A Haslam of Norfolk Constabulary.

Malcolm Davidson was the colleague John Ross invited into the investigations room. As to Operation Abelard II, the article never mentions Haslam signing documents in two different names, nor his theft of photographs and other evidence. Haslam also sabotaged ex miners compensation (Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire) plus other criminal activities.

Finally, Kim James. The conviction of Jonathan Rees on an unrelated matter, the court heard a covert recording, but not Haslam’s voice, nor what was said. The conviction is unsafe. DCS David Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) feigned mental illness, yet was able to try and strike a book deal, hence the surveillance.

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Il cornuto “Murder in the car park” Channel 4.

Top Scottish actress Shian Devonan plays Iris Morgan in next Monday’s drama documentary. Thing is – will “Indefinite films” after four years of legal wrangles, portray what actually happened? Klaus Neu, a German, was having an affair with Iris, her marriage to Daniel Morgan was on the rocks at the time of his murder.

As alluded to in David Bray’s book, Daniel Morgan had a penchant for adultery. The “Poulton debrief” mentions the Peabody Estate and teenage girls, plus what Morgan got up to, when he left the “Southern Investigations” office. Indeed, it was a contentious issue, with his business partner, Jonathan Rees, who was wrongfully accused and arrested several times.

New Scotland Yard’s investigation was a shambles. Campbell was drunk on duty, all evidence pointing to cuckoldry was not followed up. Inept Metropolitan Police myopic leadership led to golden opportunities being lost. In later years, ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie-Cook, latterly of Fife, followed a vindictive path, framing Rees and the Vian Brothers, and anyone else – such as Jonathan Rees associate Sid Fillery – who was on his radar screen.

Wait and see if left handed axe owner “Aussie Paul” makes an appearance. Or the Gozo drugs syndicate.



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Murder in the car park, Channel 4.

Well, the first error spotted, the Daniel Morgan murder debacle cost £140 million, not £30 million.

Jim Nally connects to Kevin Fulton (Peter Keeley) it’s a small world.

Can we clarify an important matter? Morgan was not about to uncover a massive police corruption story. Bryan Madagan has stated that Morgan was always coming out with bizarre claims. An overtime scam at Catford police station was one idea, hardly worth the huge sum Morgan touted. Morgan had no connection to Nikolaus M Chrastny, that is a recent Peter Jukes fantasy.

As to “Private Eye” which arrived today in Dundalk, page 15 has “Stunt trouble”, same Stunt who took out a superinjunction?

Moving swiftly on to page 40, “Privacy on parade” and the ZXC case. Worth digging into. Tom Watson is dead in the water – an old naval analogy.

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Psychiatric illness, Jacqui Imrie-Cook and the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco.

The Metanoia Institute has a member, Jacqui Imrie-Cook. You may know her better as Jacqui Hames, or the former Mrs Det Ch Supt David Cook. Much was made of Cook “doing a Derek” and feigning mental illness whilst in charge of one of the latter inquiries (fittings up) in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle.

It appears that Cook (or Imrie-Cook as he is now known) was well enough to try and get a book deal. Contact me for pointers, Dave.

Finally for today, an Irish legal issue (therefore mired in corruption and nepotism before we even begin). What right does a juvenile have to anonymity after attempting to stab a 17 year old in the back?

On a related issue, where is the compensation for Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and others who suffered at Cook and his underlings grubby hands?

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Operation Tiberius and endemic Essex police corruption.

Jon Austen is at it again, stirring up a wasp’s nest. Thing is, he did not cite Goggzilla as the source of the unredacted “Operation Tiberius”. However, it is more important that the story gets out, than that correct kudos are assigned.

Essex Police are vying for the premier position of corrupt plod in England, and given the Metropolitan Police and Norfolk Constabulary, there is hefty competition. The cover up over the murder of Lee Balkwell leads on to the parole of Jack Whomes and Michael Steele who have a growing support base regarding their innocence.

With Jeremy Bamber’s plight reignited, miscarriages of justice, such as innocent men wrongly accused and jailed (Jonathan Rees – the Vian Brothers – plus others) and the Daniel Morgan murder debacle all point to a perfect storm in terms of Old Bill facing their Gotterdammerung.



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Justice for Daniel Morgan?

Five judges found no evidence to convict Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, or, indeed, anyone else accused of Daniel Morgan’s murder. Inept policing in the golden hour, at the “Golden Lion” in Sydenham, led to Jon Rees becoming the prime suspect. Campbell (drunk on duty) neglected the two most plausible causes, adultery or drug deals via Malta.

The “Indefinite Films” production of the Daniel Morgan murder has been floating around for years (Goggzilla 30 April 2017).  Early indications are that it won’t win Oscars. Reliance on Alastair Morgan (ex psychiatric patient, who was the reason his brother Daniel had been buying drugs for at the pub) and an over reliance on Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes, mortgage fraudster who was owned by Dennis Rice, bode ill. Indeed, Alastair was quoted in the “Poulton debrief” as “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year”.

Jukes is a shill for the Metropolitan Police. Ex Det Ch Supt David Cook is now totally discreditted. One wonders if allowing Jim Nally to make the film would have been a good idea? Rumour is that the transmission date will be made public next week.

It only remains for me to wish G. Vian a Happy Birthday and ask why New Scotland Yard are not admitting their errors and paying adequate compensation? Three of Diamonds beats Two of Spades.

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Jim Gamble, Madeleine McCann (and Daniel Morgan).

Jim Gamble has taken up much TV time lately, yet is curiously quiet about his time with the RUC/PSNI. “Operation Ballast” was a white wash, with our old acquaintance, Baroness Nuala O’Loan, close associate of Wood, Woods, Jarratt and other corrupt police, in the Daniel Morgan murder involved. One wonders when the “Independent” panel will finally publish?

Trying to dig up Gamble’s link to “Frank Matthews” and some dodgy goings on. Also, what part did Gamble play in the Eddie Fullerton murder? On the topic of murder, Lee Balkwell came up, as did Kincora and Mi5.

Gamble and Tom Watson (Operation Midland infamy and now totally disgraced) have edged into the Daniel Morgan murder narrative, I do not think Gerry and Kate McCann murdered Madeleine, their case gets darker with fraudsters such as Gamble and Mark Williams-Thomas on the bandwagon.

Finally on the subject of sex crimes, child abuse and police, odd that Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk has done nothing about Derek G Haslam of Downham Market planting images on Sid Fillery’s computer. The images came from Haslam’s own stash. Haslam and Bailey are “worshipful brothers” at the same affinity lodge. Nonce central.

On a joyous note I am no longer stacking second hand clothes, writing contract signed.

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Gaughran v UK

Paul Fitzsimons of Fitzsimons Mallon in Newry did a good job exposing Billy, Davy, Sammy and Robby of the RUC/PSNI over their arrest of Mr Gaughran. Retention of innocent folks DNA (Goggins v UK) is a hallmark of a de facto police state, such as Britain, indeed only Ireland and North Macedonia have no limits on how long Biometric data can be held.

The Biometric Commissioner in the UK, one notes, does not check that plod has deleted anything. He was appointed as he was an old golfing buddy of Mr McGregor, the former commissioner, who had no expertise in DNA legislation. Given the proven mendacity of the police in Britain, their word on deletion of samples is meaningless.


Miscarriages of justice are plentiful in the UK. The ECHR is a toothless tiger. Decades after S & Marper v South Yorkshire Police little progress has been made. Three quick questions to finish – why is it that Det Con Reed of East Midlands Counter “Terrorism” Unit did nothing when Alison Chabloz received a death threat?

Why are New Scotland Yard dragging their feet over compensation for Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers in the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco?

Isn’t it odd that Det Insp Danny Lawrence of Hertfordshire Police has a lucrative post with British Telecom? Il ha’am du’l il eh.

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“Operation Caryatid” and PNC illegality.

Peter Jukes has been mentioned to me. In the early days he was polite and seemed genuinely interested in finding the murderer of Daniel Morgan. Jukes then was gulled by Derek G Haslam. Indeed, New Scotland Yard sent Haslam in to the Morgan family to sabotage and infiltrate. More recently, Jukes has shilled for The Met. In my reply to C(redacted) I was going to agree that the demi monde of private investigation is oft times murky. However, that is no cause for plod to attempt, more than once, to fit up Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” plus others.

Goggzilla read up on John Boyall, coming across a risible “Independent” article. As to Glenn Mulcaire, 23 SAS recruit only in Scotland and “14th Duke of York” as a regiment does not exist. Perhaps some confusion over 21 SAS and Duke of York Barracks in London? Boyall, Withers and others may have illegally accessed the Police National Computer. Ian Hurst does the same, paying Norfolk Police (P.C Jamie A Haslam, of Kings Lynn/Downham Market) to do the same.

Finally a H/T to Cathy Fox, who write an excellent blog on child abuse. Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk is the ACPO lead, odd no arrests on his manor. “Worshipful brother”. As is Haslam, same duo who went to sell Maxine Carr’s details to the main stream media.

Click to access Exhibit-JMY3A-14.pdf


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