Imrie-Cook, Garbutt, Guardian and Rupert Murdoch.

“Private Eye” emerged here, today, in Bandit country. Page 12 had an article on the Gruaniad. Apparently, the sport section will be hit badly. One wonders if David Conn will be let go? Mr Cont was paid by North Wales Police, just as Vikram Dodd was paid by the Metropolitan Police. Poor David Cunn.

Now to page 13. Murdoch and some BBC programme. Mosley and Tom Watson both mentioned. No allusion to Watson’s texting a nubile young staffer eh? As for page 41 and the CCRC. I had a 100% record with Ched Evans and now Garbutt is being framed. Don’t do it. Jonathan Rees had a less than successful run with the CCRC and ought to have been exonerated.

Good news comes in threes – Livejournal and my other account (which has nothing to do with the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco and the cunctatory attempts of New Scotland Yard to delay or obviate compensation to Jonathan Rees and others. “Shanghai 7” and another blogge “Ron Broxted” are BOTH in the top 35! This has never happened before with any other blawgs!

Finally, I hope either David Cook or Jacqui Hames are tuning in. Here is the deal. Haslam’s scalp, non negotiable. How is dear Annie keeping?

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H is for Ian Hurst, Jacqui Hames and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

L, of course, is for Leveson and a risible testimony from Jacqui Hames, who had a minor role in the Daniel Morgan murder and subsequent framing of Jonathan Rees.

Skip the first dozen pages. Page 13, para 32. Operation Abelard II didn’t have enough evidence on Jon Rees to go to trial. Op Abelard II had been sabotaged from within (more later). Moreover, para 35, there were substantial rumours of Mrs David Imrie-Cook having an affair with a senior policeman. You’ll need more than Muay Thai to get out of that Mum.

I passed over Max Mosley’s statement, and that of uber corrupt erstwhile Chief Constable of Norfolk, Andy Hayman. But I did look at Ian Hurst.

Paragraph 6 omits that “fleeing to France” Ian Hurst was committing mortgage fraud, but his pals, the rats of the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, covered up for him with the Bank of Ireland. Or MI5 paid them off, whatever. Hurst is a Lidl’s version of Walter Mitty, as has been proven. Paragraph 13  and X is Philip Campbell Smith, why the reticence Hurst? Could it be to do with Operation Abelard II, the planting of a bug at “Southern Investigations” and a certain fat old nonce?

This brings us to Peter Jukes latest flight of fancy, that Morgan was murdered as he was involved with Alan “Taffy” Holmes in an expose. The “evidence” is not supported by any other source. Jukes must place anything he has to back this bizarre claim up in the public domain, else he becomes an even greater object of ridicule. It must be added that Holmes named Haslam in his suicide note. This led to Haslam being ordered to leave “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge and leaving the Metropolitan Police due to mental illness (as per Dave Cook). New Scotland Yard must pay Rees and others compensation.

Watching episode two of #MurderInTheCarPark – much much better as it gets to the media corruption swiftly. But ONE MASSIVE OVERSIGHT in the bugging of Southern Investigations – the vital role of undercover officer Derek Haslam’ 1/2
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Peter Jukes

Replying to

Haslam’s key evidence, supported by other witnesses on

is that Daniel had a massive story of police corruption he was selling to Fleet St with another officer DC Alan Holmes, who also died violently in the summer of 1987. Neither cops or doc makers touch this so far

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Touting, Operation Kenova and Ian Hurst.

It is a busy time for Bolton debt collector Ian Hurst. He is about to be outed as a police informer. Doubtless his properties in St Nexans, France and Castellferro, Costa Del Chav, will beckon. He may or may not sell out Kevin Fulton (Peter Keeley). Also, Hurst (Martin Ingrams) links to Israel are under considerable attention. How is Sooty?



hmp wandsworth xmas menu

Poulton debrief

haslam letter to mp

Big boy’s games.

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Simon Bailey, Norfolk Police and Goggzilla.

Those nice folks at WordPress sent me a message, I’d just returned from a cheeky quarter marathon. Apparently “at 16.48, 16.49 and 16.51 there was an attempted hack”. I.P address Kings Lynn Police. P.C James “Jungle Jim” Haslam. Whom else would bother? Perhaps radical feminazi and embezzling cancer fraudster Yvonne Radstone (alias Vonny Watts, Jean Hatchet). However, the Daniel Morgan murder cover up rings clear, New Scotland Yard are afraid of the Metropolitan Police role in fitting up Jonathan Rees the Vian Brothers and others, being made public.

Recent activity over Twitter’s legal boss and the Givot Olam oil scam are another matter.

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QAnon, Twitter, Philip Merrills-Dearn and Givot Olam.

I am trying to get hold of the court transcripts, but it looks bad for Twitter UK’s legal boss, Philip Ian Merrills-Dearn.

Merrills-Dearn has some dubious links to Old Bill (Gordon MacMillan his second in command is a reserve officer with 77th Brigade an adjunct of GCHQ) and his associate Sinead McSweeney is a former RUC/PSNI spokeswoman who went on to the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara rats. However, it is the Israeli oil scam, with Givot Olam , which is interesting.


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Operation Kenova and Boutcher’s Gotterdammerung.

It isn’t easy being Jon Boutcher. Not only must he hush up the murder of Leon Briggs by Bedfordshi*e C*nstabulary, but also juggle Ulster dirty war misdoings. Freddie Scappaticci was promoted sideways in January 1990 by PIRA. Martin McGuinness knew that “Stakeknife” could not be trusted. What has this to do with the Daniel Morgan murder? Scappaticci went to noted journalist Sylvia Jones. She left the “Murder in the car park” Channel 4 programme over its treatment of Jonathan Rees, who was falsely accused of the Morgan murder. The other link is dodgy Bolton debt collector and Lidl’s version of Walter Mitty, Ian Hurst. Hurst needed money for his daughter Enya’s wedding to Josh Ainscough and fabricated stories surrounding “Stakeknife“. Hurst is close to Peter “the Armenian Ass” Jukes and Derek “the Norfolk Negro” Haslam. Haslam framed SHAC activisists. Hurst’s mendacity means that there will be no Leveson 2, much to Jukes chagrin.

Boutcher cannot emerge clean from “Operation Kenova”. It appears that damage limitation is his main goal now. H/T to our Angolan correspondent.

In other news, radical feminazi Yvonne Radstone (ex Tory Cllr Vonny Watts, Jean Hatchet) is trying to extract herself from embezzlement charges.

Hasn’t Sasha Wass Q.C been a busy girl? The Johnny Depp trial, on top of fitting up innocent men by withholding evidence in the Ibori case?

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Geoff Sheppard and the Kim James fitting up.

Matt Rayner’s real name is one hot topic, another is the role of undercover policing in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle. Mitting did not give core status to Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” as the undercover spy and bug planter, who entrapped him, had left the Metropolitan Police (mental illness) in Oct 1989. This did not, however, stop him from being a CCTV operator with Cambridgeshi*e C*nstabulary.

Geoff Sheppard was framed, as was Jonathan Rees. Throughout the 1990’s animal rights activists were “encouraged” to use illegal and violent tactics by agents planted in their ranks. SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) were a focal point. Using his job as a “security guard” ex Det Con Derek G Haslam (who drove Alan Taffy Holmes to suicide) persuaded activists to target those who worked at Huntingdon Life Sciences. Years later Haslam did the same with Jon Rees in the Kim James case. (Rees was jailed for conspiracy, however the tapes connected to Simon James and his ex wife were tampered with. It is Haslam who encourages drugs to be planted in Kim James car).

Haslam moved to Downham Market, Norfolk, where his son is a P.C. Worshipful Brother Derek was seen recently near Cambridge.


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Byline Investigates, inaccuracy, police corruption and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Prompted, no doubt, the by Rupert Murdoch programme on later tonight (BBC 2 at 9 pm) Peter “the Armenian Ass” Jukes has regurgitated some errors.

Daniel Morgan was murdered by person or persons unknown in the Metropolitan Police. In order to cover up, New Scotland Yard began by fitting up Jonathan Rees alongside others. Jacqui Hames and David Cook were under surveillance as they were bent cops. Alistair Morgan, a recovering drug addict, was described by his pal as “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year”. Leveson 2 was cancelled as it was only going to be a platform for figures such as Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst.

Errors – Sid Fillery was not “first on the case” that was Campbell, who was drunk on duty. Campbell’s failure to even cordon off the murder scene led to vital clues being missed. The cost of the fiasco thus far is £140 million not £30 million with more to be added as Jonathan Rees, the Vian family and those wrongfully jailed get compensation. Jukes sole source is a half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient who killed a man by drunk driving. He is current on animal rights activists radar for framing SHAC supporters.

Not too much to add today except that my entry visa for North Korea has been refused.

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UGLE rumours, Alan “Taffy” Holmes (& Eddie Fullerton assassination).

I wish I had a quid for every “free mason” conspiracy theory connected to the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. Given the amount of death threats from the police to Goggzilla I seem to have touched a raw nerve. There was no connection between the suicide of Det Con Holmes to the murder of Daniel Morgan by the Metropolitan police.

Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes offers no evidence, only the testimony of a proven police paid perjurer, the ex psychiatric patient now in hiding in the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk region*. Known facts – Jonathan Rees was in Blackheath 1320 lodge and a minor figure in the masons. He used it as a drinking club, also to assist in his business “Southern Investigations” (which is what 99% of masons do). Sid Fillery only had a slight role with the worshipful brothers.

  • What Jukes omits is that Derek G Haslam was sworn in to Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge, then expelled after the Holmes suicide. Indeed, the only person to be named in the Holmes suicide note was half Jamaican Haslam, who was subsequently dubbed “Judas Rat” by even the lowest and most corrupt of New Scotland Yard. Haslam now claims a degree from Jesus, Cambridge “in classics”. He failed his Sergeants exam a record number of times.

One thing is certain – plod don’t want anyone looking into the Holmes suicide. Haslam (plus his son James) is now in the same lodge  as Chief Constable Simon Bailey.

Finally, to other matters – the ever excellent “Hush hush” in the “Phoenix” magazine (Irish equivalent to “Private Eye”). What links the late Willie Frazer with Drew Harris? Not so much “Ulster Resistance” as the UFF and the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara. Local assistance (for which, read Donegal collusion by the Garda – known to be totally bent) in the assassination of Eddie Fullerton.

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Daniel Morgan murder – DCS Dave Cook and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

If you want bad writing, with poor research, look no further than Peter “The Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes and his latest exculpation of a bent detective.

The Daniel Morgan Murder: Lead Detective Became a Scapegoat for Scotland Yard

Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s “mental illness” didn’t stop him trying to broker a book deal. Of course, the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel are moving at a snail’s pace, it is in New Scotland Yard’s vested interest to derail any progress into whom in the Metropolitan Police murdered Morgan. The “Byline” post alludes to Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack “mislaying” thirty crates of evidence. Non disclosure of evidence bedevilled this, plus other miscarriages of justice, but exonerated Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery along with the Vian Brothers. The use of drug addict Gary Eaton and the propping up of the whole mess by John Yates is now under focus.

As it is the final episode tonight (Channel 4, 9 pm, Murder in the car park) one ought to draw together the strands making up the killing.

Where? Sydenham.

When? 9 pm to 9.40 pm.

How? Axe to head.

Who? Person or persons as yet unknown, in the Metropolitan Police.

Why? Bizarre theories abound. It was not an overtime scam at Catford, it was not the “£400,000 story” concerning drugs from Miami. It could be connected to Malta or a jealous lover – cherchez l’argent. Red herrings galore.

Goggzilla is asked about free masonry and it only had a tenuous connection. However, the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes resonates, and needs examination.

Finally, a plethora of hits and for once they centre on Bakewell English teacher and embezzler, Yvonne L Radstone, Vonny Watts “Jean Hatchet”. Whose pal forced Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit suicide. That’s another story.


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