Court of appeal, Rees and others.

Next week sees the denouement in a lengthy legal battle as Jonathan Rees along with the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn, hear the ruling in their verdict. How long can Cressida Dick hold on after the Metropolitan Police are fatally compromised? “Sybil Fawlty” asked whether any charges against plod would accrue.

DCS Dave Cook is going to play “the mental card” (known at New Scotland Yard as doing a Derek Haslam).

John Yates is abroad. There are a variety of high and low ranking police who perjured, perverted the course of justice and committed many other illegal acts.

If Derek Haslam, currently hiding out in Downham Market, Norfolk, is not arrested there will be awkward questions as to why not.

Non disclosure of evidence has been a leitmotif of New Scotland Yard. Use of dubious witnesses (Eton, Ward), an affair between the prosecution (Heather Stangoe QC) and Det Sgt Dalby plus what can only be termed a vendetta against Messers Rees and Vian by Old Bill will all play a part in Lord Justice McCombe, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Coulson’s final verdict. Will the full £3.9 million be paid? On top of the £140 million already squandered one hopes so.

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Bulmer’s art heist, middleman and Harvey Keitel.

Even seasoned ex police are rounding on Avon & Somers*t incompetence. Charles Hill may have been misquoted (Mr White in Reservoir Dogs and Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction are the same actor though). The role of Jonathan Rees in this trial is merely that of a middleman.

Thus far, and after an exhaustive trip to the west of Ireland recently, I can find no connection between travellers, PIRA and/or a missing Francesco Mola.

Due to Avon & Somers*t plod’s brain dead “investigation” Mr Rees, who was subject to numerous attempts at being framed and fitted up by Old Bill, now finds himself at the sharp end of a dirty stick, as a fall guy for a constabulary mired in corruption. Plus ca change indeed.


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Who is “Nick” the fantasist in Operation Midland?

The identity of an NHS manager currently in Gloucestershire, aged in his 40’s is known. It is legal to publish it outside Britain. However, it raises the important matter of anonymity for rape trial accused (remember Ched Evans? Paddy Jackson? Harvey Proctor?)

We’re witnessing a cult of victimhood, indeed, the Ched Evans false rape accuser is still referred to as “victim” and not complainant which is the legally correct term. The CPS will decide in July whether to charge “Nick” over offences relating to child porn images. Sooty is rattled.

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Bulmer’s art theft and McLaughlingate

Avon and Somers*t Police are the object of scorn and derision following the dire investigation of the Bulmer’s art theft.

Worse is to come for the Metropolitan Police shortly with the ruling on Rees and the Vian Brothers, and complicity in the perverting the course of justice and many other offences connected to the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Here in Northern Ireland the collapse of the Damien McLaughlin trial highlighted the Irish police (Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara) incompetence. A (very) unsafe statement of a key witness is focusing on criminality with the Irish police. More to be revealed.

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“Nick” Operation Midland, Operation Pallial and ACC Drew Harris.

The CPS (Clown Prosecution Service) has a month to decide whether to bring charges against “Nick” (an NHS manager in his 40’s living in Gloucestershire) concerning perverting the course of justice in “Operation Midland” according to “In the back” (blesses self, genuflects) on “Private Eye” page 36.

The Metropolitan Police already paid £100,000 damages to Lord Bramall over “Nick’s” mendacity. Originally broken by Exaro (connects to Byline and the Armenian Shakespeare, Peter Jukes) “Nick” (whose real name is now, indeed, across the internet and available in all nations, except Britain) accused Ted Heath, the head of MI5, the head of MI6, Lord Janner and Lord Brittan plus General Hugh Beach and one other, of sundry illegal acts.

The main focal point appears to be ex Tory M.P Harvey Proctor who is suing plod for £1 million. The whole issue concerning anonymity of rape trial defendants is raised, and addressed by Lord Dale Campbell-Savours, plus Lord Keen of Elie.

Now to Operation Pallial, North Wales Police eventually arrested Gordon Anglesea, and are trying to bury all connections to Chief Constable of Norfolk and ACPO lead on nonces, Simon Bailey. Bailey is a “worshipful brother” in the lodge of two Old Bill in Downham Market.

Finally, Northern Ireland. The Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara are deeply mired in corruption and graft, following Rossport and Jobstown. Drew Harris of the RUC/PSNI is touted as the new head of the police in Ireland. Thing is, what connects him to the assassination of Eddie Fullerton? Ought we to tell our Angolan correspondent “Hush Hush” (page six) in “The Phoenix”?

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HM Advocate v Ronald, Buccleuch Madonna.

As we are (still) awaiting the (no doubt damaging to New Scotland Yard) ruling in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan police, let’s continue with the art theme. An appeal was heard in 2009 regarding the loss and recovery of a reputed Leonardo Da Vinci work “The Madonna of the yarnwinder”.

What, legally, is the role of entrapment? Dodgy policemen John Craig, David Restor at the behest of Det Sgt Colin Burnie, had posed as loss adjusters. In doing so, when arresting Marshall Ronald and others, they ensured that Articles 6 and 8 of the ECHR were abrogated. Ronald had no right to a fair trial and the fine line between incitement and undercover work became blurred.

Ronald legitimately could act in the role of an honest broker, expecting a reward for recovery of loss property, “Stolen stuff reunited” indeed. The role of the intermediary in such delicate matters is crucial in comprehending art theft, art recovery and the demi monde operating in the shadows. Something which Lord MacKay failed to grasp.


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Bulmer’s art heist, the role of Dick Ellis.

As we await the ruling in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan Police, let us afford this opportunity to move away from the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, to the rarified atmosphere of fine art. Many high end items were stolen from the Bulmer’s mansion and COPAT (Council for the prevention of art theft) would have been notified. This link raises eyebrows.

Note the 2012 comment alluding to the Gardner art heist in America. Ireland is mentioned and one wonders at the endemic corruption of Irish police, the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, who regularly supplement their income in border counties by taking bribes from drug dealers.

Meanwhile, Avon and Somers**t police have a leaky case with more holes than a Gruyere.


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