Sid Fillery and Justice Mitting.

Finishing my daily quarter marathon in a hail storm along the Northern Irish border today I mulled over why Sid Fillery was smiled favourably on by worshipful brother
Justice Mitting. A divide a conquer approach by the judiciary regarding Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers (who, also, are not ex police).

Derek Haslam placed child pornography on Fillery’s laptop, whilst infiltrating and sabotaging the Daniel Morgan murder inquiries. As mentioned previously, Haslam was dismissed from The Met in October 1989 on mental illness grounds. The half Jamaican Haslam also links to Bolton debt collector Ian Hurst.

Paddy French did an interesting if confused article on “Rebecca Television” about yesterday’s launch of the “Untold murder” podcast by Peter Jukes. Paddy French is blaming the lack of attention by the media on Daniel Morgan’s Welsh heritage. Is this accurate?

Derek Haslam certainly hates the Welsh, it is time to look at his links to Alan “Taffy” Holmes, who blamed Haslam for circumstances which would eventually lead to Holmes tragic suicide. Holmes was a high ranking free mason, in “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge. The lodge subsequently took the rare step of asking (demanding) Haslam leave.

Fillery and Rees also had masonic links, but unlike Haslam, these were minor. Today, Haslam is connected to the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk, (ACPO lead on child pornography) along with one of Haslam’s sons, P.C James (or Jamie) Haslam who is another “worshipful brother).

Finally, to Alex Marunchak – Jukes bizarre theory that Morgan was about to break a huge scandal. Madagan nails this – as Morgan was given to flights of fancy. Haslam used Jukes to allow him to promulgate a glamorous role for him, the reality is that Haslam was far from Serpico, merely another shabby and corrupt copper.

Things are coming together with the documentary on Channel 4, to be aired soon, on aspects of the Daniel Morgan murder, which plod would rather see left occluded. The finding of Sid Fillery innocent in the recent trial of “Vian and ors v The Metropolitan Police” raises questions. Fillery’s former colleagues give a different picture than that of known perjurer, ex psychiatric patient and Peter Jukes main source, Derek Haslam.

Haslam is currently hiding in, or near, his son’s place near Peterborough. Additionally, the fact that child pornography from Haslam’s own collection was placed on Fillery’s computer is causing much concern. Haslam was thrown out of “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge and now attends the same one as ACPO lead on kiddie porn, Chief Constable Simon Bailey. Haslam is keeping a low profile, as he does not want SHAC and other animal rights activists, known his location. He infiltrated and sabotaged SHAC, much as he did with the Morgan family campaign.

The role of the Vian brothers needs fuller examination, both blameless, both targets of a vindictive ex DCS Dave Cook, as proven at the trial, and both fitted up, they must be vindicated, cleared and compensated for what New Scotland Yard put Garry and Glenn (and their families) through.


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Untold podcast – update and Series Two.

Stephen Lawrence’s murder is alluded to, much to Jukes surprise, he figures out that some police involved in a murder in South East London (Morgan) also worked on another. Jukes then enters the realm of paranoia, living opposite the Fire Brigade HQ he noticed “a car with aerials” and was told by a “top undercover ex cop” (Derek Haslam) that he was being put under surveillance. Jukes ended the update update by whining about Leveson Two.

Series Two began with the revelation that South East London had, and still has, corrupt police. Then we heard three voices, these were –

Bryan Madagan.

Derek Haslam.

Alastair Morgan.

Jukes continued with a note on R v Clapton and Det Sgt Sid Fillery’s role in arresting Barry Duffy for a murder. Is the Boris mentioned Boris (Richard) Zdrojewski?

At 13.00 minutes in we are treated to an advert.

At 16.00 minutes Jukes mentions Daniel Morgan’s trip to Malta. What of the Bonnicci family and the narrative that Morgan was mixed up with narcotics?

Uno Plus, a wine bar, it was popular with Derek Haslam and other bent police.

At 26.00 minutes Jukes harps on about missing documents and the “Golden Lion” pub, but omits Haslam’s theft of documents and the Operation Abelard II inquiry where Haslam signed a statement, using his white half brother David’s name.

There are two narratives to the Daniel Morgan murder case, one is Jukes’, the Guardian’s and the Metropolitan Police theory, that Morgan stumbled on a corruption case (over time fiddled? drugs? It changes). The other is that Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers were framed, that they were subsequently targetted by a vindictive police force, and that the almost half dozen inquiries were infiltrated and sabotaged by Haslam, much as he did with animal rights activists and Thurnscoe compensation claims.

I will close by mentioning Felicity Lowde whose invaluable help on Twitter is deeply appreciated.



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Untold podcast – Daniel Morgan murder.

Bryan Madagan comprehensively put to sleep any wild theories about the murder of Daniel Morgan. He was not (in the words of Peter Jukes and now John Keenan in the Guardian) about to blow the lid off drugs and The Met.

Morgan was most probably murdered for cuckoldry or involvement with Maltese crime families. It is interesting that Keenan does not mention Jukes sole source, known paid police informer and ex psychiatric case Derek Haslam. Haslam is soon to be the focus of a major Channel 4 documentary on police corruption.

Alastair Morgan? His drugs habit makes him unreliable, but then again, Peter Jukes is a mortgage fraudster who took on (and lost to) Dennis Rice and others. Keenan fails to mention the fact that Rees and the Vian Brothers are appealing Judge (bent, Plebgate) Mitting’s ruling. Or that Haslam planted child pornography from his own copious collection on Fillery’s computer. (Haslam is now in the same masonic affinity lodge as ACPO lead on kiddie porn, Simon Bailey). Haslam was thrown out of “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge after his implication in the suicide of Alan Holmes.

Baroness O’Loan is tainted after her connection to DCS Dave Wood. Finally, South Yorkshire Police are dragging their feet after half Jamaican Derek Haslam was involved in sabotaging ex miner’s compensation in Thurnscoe. One also needs to examine “Abacus Security” and Asil Nadir’s framing.


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It’s a long, long way from Clare to here.

Someone in or near Ennis has reported Stephen Fry for blasphemy, under the risibly drafted “Defamation Act, 2009”. It seems that the “hate speech” lobby do not fully comprehend freedom of speech. It also appears that Mr Fry is not up to speed with theodicy, and it is a major flaw in his argument.

As I am reproducing Mr Fry’s quote ought I not to be arrested and prosecuted? If not the Garda (who colluded in Eddie Fullerton’s murder) are going to be even more butt hurt than usual. On the topic of plod looking totally asinine, Ched Evans may sue the person behind the petition to stop him signing for Oldham. Who is she? Who could she be?

Revelations in the Daniel Morgan murder case coming up shortly too.

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Channel 4, Daniel Morgan and “Indefinite films”.

Paddy French is not happy, nor it seems is Peter Jukes, or their coterie at New Scotland Yard.

Is the “Daily Mail” article to which they allude here?

“Private Eye” are scrupulously fair with regard to both sides in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Legality looms large, any accusation made against the police must be proven, as in the case of paid perjurer Derek Haslam.

Fillery’s acquittal largely blows Jukes conspiracy theory out of the water. Cook claims mental illness, that is fortuitous, as Haslam claims the same.

Michael Gillard in his magnus opus “Untouchables” p.12 “One of our sources, a former detective called Derek Haslam, has admitted that he was a paid informant…”

Ex DCS Dave Cook was investigated by “Southern Investigations” Cook was a target because he was corrupt,additionally he links to Haslam. Also, the child pornography placed on Fillery’s computer was placed there by Haslam. There will be forthcoming revelations in Goggzilla about Alastair Morgan and his veracity, or lack of it.

Andy Hayman and Derek Haslam are both free masons although Haslam was asked to leave “Manor of Bensham” lodge after his implication in the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

The “Guardian” were bought off by Hayman, and even now the paper has close links to the Metropolitan Police.

Alex Marunchak is a poor example for “Press Gang” to quote, Marunchak links to Ian Hurst, a computer hacker with dodgy business practices, close to Haslam. Jukes is ever more paranoid, having attacked Dennis Rice plus many others on social media.

Finally, Haslam fled Norfolk after his house was purchased by plod, he moved to Cambridgeshire, and then was spotted in London, asking about property in the Canary Islands.



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Nadirgate – Anthony Watkins-Burton.

Anthony Watkins-Burton was a busy bee.

When not involved with criminal activity and smuggling, he was involved in fitting up Asil Nadir, and (no surprise) links to Britain’s most corrupt ex cop (quite an accolade) half Jamaican Det Con Derek G Haslam of “Abacus Security”.

Watkins-Burton was born on 20, May, 1957 in Leek, Staffordshire. He lived at 980c Deinze, Gottem 14, Belgium. It is whilst there that he enabled a vast amount of booze from Poland to enter the UK via Felixstowe.

Watkins-Burton also figures in shady dealings in Kurdistan. More will be revealed later, folks.

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Derek Haslam, Alex Marunchak and Special Branch.

Alex Marunchak was a Special Branch interpreter and translator for twenty years. There was no way Special Branch were going to allow him to get burned in the hacking story because he knew too much. The Marunchak hacking case was simply allowed to peter out and die.

Keeley is now in an M.I.5 apartment, running a photography business.

The 2006 falling out of Hurst and Marunchak? Hurst is allowed tacitly to do his “tracing” business with government blessing.

Both Hurst and Marunchak are motivated primarily by money (as is fellow Special Branch asset/liability Derek Haslam).

The Special Branch “ran” Derek Haslam, as they did with Alex Marunchak, who was in turn running both Ian Hurst and Keeley.

Galileo was proven right.


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