Vian & ors v Commissioner of police – John Yates role.

Live evidence in the trial of the century has concluded. As Peter Jukes always says “in a WORLD EXCLUSIVE” Goggzilla can state that – Justice Mitting (Plebgate) will receive submissions up to an including Friday 10th February 2017, and then consider the verdict.

Michael Gillard managed to nail all pertinent points when he alluded to the satirical magazine “Private Eye” and how the Metropolitan Police are implicated in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. “Zelo Street” got everything wrong, with Fenton’s take on the trial (he was no less accurate concerning Rod Liddle). The evidence of DCI Noel Beswick verged on the farcical throughout the trial – noticeable that he had to take culpability, given the absence of his boss, Mr Jacqui Hames (DSC Dave Cook) who is still skulking, unarrested, in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

It will be difficult to see how Judge Mitting can exonerate plod, Asst Commissioner John Yates has a less than glorious part in using discreditted witnesses such as Gary Eaton and James Ward, or paid informers such as Derek Gordon Haslam, now in Cambridgeshire.



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DCI Noel Beswick and false evidence.

The witness statement of Gary Eaton in the trial of Jonathan Rees et al must rank as one of the greatest works of fiction in the English language. Coached by Mrs Jacqui Hames (ex DCS Dave Cook, now on the run, or retired, in Fife) and DCI Noel Beswick, Eaton was accurately called “a fantasist, a pathological liar” by Nicholas Bowen QC in Court 76, at the civil action being taken by the Vian Brothers and Mr Rees.

Beswick denies using false evidence – however, proof that he did is shown by Eaton claiming to have parked his Daimler in the one spot in the “Golden Lion” car park where Daniel Morgan’s body lay. Eaton (6 feet 5 inches and 20 stone) was not seen by anyone else in the pub, nor was his companion.


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Mark Hewitt & James Ward.

Mark Hewitt of the Economic Crime Unit (not the Central Economic Unit as reported elsewhere) did a dodgy deal with James Ward. Ward was facing 17 years in jail and a bill of 4.9 million pounds – Hewitt may have played a role in reducing this to 3 years in prison and 633,000 quid. Ward was worried about his wife’s health and ex DCS Dave Cook played on this, ensuring Ward took part in framing the Vian Brothers along with Jimmy Cook, Sid Fillery and Jonathan Rees.

Stuart Sampson of the Clown Prosecution Service is also embroiled. Look to Operation Abelard II and corrupt activities. Ward claimed a two bed flat in Battersea was his sister’s, via an inheritance from their parents. It is to Stephen Simblet we must turn our attention to in the search for truth. The next few weeks will see not only trial by Jukesy but the exoneration of men in a notorious miscarriage of justice.

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Asst Comm John Yates on DCS Dave Cook “completely unacceptable”.

More revelations today, in the trial of “Vian & ors v Commissioner of police” at the High Court.

John Yates is well known for his part in the nexus of corrupt police that formed “The Untouchables” written about by Gillard and Flynn.

Less well known, perhaps, is Yates and his role protecting DCS Dave Cook. Cook had a vendetta against ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery, who was implicated in the murder of Daniel Morgan. Cook was far from impartial, and at the behest of Al Morgan (when Al was not high on narcotics) was put under pressure to use witnesses such as James Ward (discredited) and Gary Eaton (ditto).

Yates admitted that Cook’s behaviour in trying to fit up the Vian Brothers and Jonathan Rees was “completely unacceptable”. You may remember Yates from such things as the attempted fitting up of John Leslie on a false rape allegation plus being an advising the police in Bahrain, committing human rights abuses.

Update. I came across this –


which show the depth of the illegal contact between DCS Cook and both James Ward and Gary Eaton, and how both witnesses were far from ideal. Ward was a known drugs dealer and Eaton an ex psychiatric patient who was, and is, a pathological liar (in other words a carbon copy of Derek Haslam, who has still not been arrested). One wonders why not?

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Det Ch Insp Noel Beswick

Pay per view on “Court News UK” but worth it for this gem on the ongoing case of “Vian & ors v Commissioner of police” and revelations that Noel Beswick has been acting illegally.

At a cost of fifty million quid the whole fiasco surrounding the botched investigation of Daniel Morgan’s murder has been costly. Add to that four and a half million pounds being claimed, plus what was paid to Derek Haslam as part of a bent deal, and the tax payer has a right to be irate.

DCS Dave Cook was Noel Beswick’s boss. What is known of Det Ch Insp Beswick? Well, he links to “Kevin Fulton” (Peter Keeley) and to Haslam’s pal Ian Hurst.

Therefore, bent. So, Beswick claims he did not hide eighteen crates of evidence showing what a poor witness James Ward was. As Beswick and Haslam are together (and Haslam is a proven paid perjurer) then Beswick must be treated as highly toxic.

The initial article mentions both Op Two Bridges (Haslam’s illegal bugging) and Op Abelard II (Halsam’s theft of documents plus using different names on his statement.  Might be legal in Jamaica but not in Britain).

Anyone want a Polo?


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R v Spivey and Vian & ors v Commissioner of police.

Odd that two disparate stories should collide, but it seems to have happened. Most folk will side against Chris Spivey, yet let us look at Greater Manchester Police. They threatened Lee Rigby’s family with arrest if they did not testify. They seem less aggressive with Ian Hurst, a  former intelligence officer Sergeant, who handled knew, vaguely knew Stakeknife.

Hurst is suing Alex Marunchak, his former paymaster from News International days. Hurst also engages in criminality but Peter Jukes is very quiet about this. More attention is being focused on Alan Rusbridger and links to bent ex cop Andy Hayman.

Tomorrow sees the second week of the trial of the century, and the illegal activities of undercover spy perjurer Derek Haslam. Note to Jukes – if Haslam spent seventy years lying, what makes you think he will be truthful now? He cannot even get the colour of his Dad’s Jamaican skin right.


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Twisted Chris Spivey or truth sayer?

With the trial of the century (Vian & ors v Commissioner of the police of the Metropolis) taking a break until Monday* at 11 am in Court 76 under Justice Mitting, time to look at other news.

Chris Spivey is a divisive figure, I do not agree with his theories on Lee Rigby, but, as with Alison Chabloz, he either has the freedom to promulgate them, or we enter a realm whereby dissenting views are silenced. Who is so upset by Mr Spivey’s blog?

None other than Essex Police (you may recall them from such miscarriages of justice as the Lee Balkwell murder cover up, the cases of Michael Barrymore and that of Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thurrock).

Spivey now faces a four thousand pound fine. Perhaps mortgage fraudster Peter Jukes could chip in a few grand?

*23 January, and still no sign of ex DCS Dave Cook. Police Scotland know he is in Kirkcaldy but are unable to track him down. Ought they to ask fellow bent cop Martin Bridger of Op Tempura infamy?

Or Cambridgeshire’s newest resident Derek Haslam? One hears he is trying to get off any charges on an insanity plea. He drives Asil Nadir and many others crazy.


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