Philip Campbell Smith and Stakeknife.

On my return from Belfast today, I was asked about Philip Campbell Smith and the hacking of Derek G Haslam, now in hiding near Ryston, Norfolk. “Martin Ingram” came under scrutiny over his (Ian Hurst) lies concerning Stakeknife (Hurst never handled Steak Knife). Haslam became paranoid about his computer being attacked, which is odd, as Hurst has a side line in such things (indeed, Bolton based Hurst is still on MI5’s payroll).

Hurst connects closely to Kevin Fulton/Peter Keeley now in London.

Haslam and Hurst both used each other, and now seem ready to sell out each other. Mr Campbell Smith may have worked for Alex Marunchak but it was in a totally legal sense.

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Det Supt Neil Hibberd and Ali Kololo.

Last year I wrote about Det Supt Neil Hibberd – he has previous “form” as he was involved in framing (fitting up) Sid Fillery. Now Hibberd is again in the public eye – this time regarding the “loss” of evidence which could exonerate an innocent man, Ali Kololo.

Everyone, it seems, including Mrs Tebbutt, believes Kololo innocent – except Hibberd a “compromised cop” as they say on Gab and elsewhere.

The sole other link to Africa is that Derek G Haslam’s dad was originally African, quite odd as Haslam wanted to join the EDL (H/T to T.R).

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Jacqui Hames and Leveson Two.

Pensees on the recent ruling.

Chris Jefferies was, in many ways, the author of his own demise, at the hands of the red tops. He very publicly changed his alibi, in a high profile murder case. This brought him to the attention of the police – lazy policing is highlighted in his case (find the local weirdo) as it was with other miscarriages of justice such as Barry George and Colin Stagg.

The media trawled Bristol looking for anything detrimental on Jefferies. What they did not find, they subsequently invented.

The McCann case is known globally, so I will not comment any further.

Now to Mrs Dave Cook – Jacqui Hames. Due to her spouse being a crooked cop, he was under intense scrutiny. The whole Leveson Two industry appears to be a crumbling attempt by some washed up characters to gain financial recompense and public recognition. Long time readers note that Ian Hurst alias “Martin Ingram” was considered such a liar that he did not take part. It isn’t over until the fat Coconut sings.

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Operation Two Bridges and the bugging of “Southern Investigations”.

After Ed Opperman kindly interviewed me for his podcast, it struck me that I had not fully addressed what I am going to call the “James incident”. “Operation Two Bridges” was a smokescreen to divert attention from how poorly New Scotland Yard dealt with the Daniel Morgan murder. Two Bridges shrouded in non disclosure, heavily redacted, is a poor attempt at exculpation.

It is certain that if the role of Derek Haslam became publicized then Haslam, and his handlers ex Det Ch Insp Chris Jarratt (of Worboys infamy) and Det Ch Supt Dave Wood (mentioned in The Untouchables) would all face jail for criminal activity. Haslam being an informer is now in the public domain (see Poulton debrief). Haslam also wrote a letter to Liz Truss M.P stating that Jarratt and Wood ordered him to commit criminal acts.

The bugging of “Southern” never accrued even one comment from Jonathan Rees about the murder of Morgan.

Haslam never speaks on the audio tape, why is that?

Haslam requested that Jon Rees put a tracker in Kim James car, Haslam originally attempted to get Jon Rees to break in to Mrs James’s house.

The planting of drugs idea in the Simon James/Kim James divorce and custody battle was the same modus operandi used in the case of John “Reg” Elliott.

Jarratt, on his promotion application, wrote that he had not “lost” the drugs, instead planting these in an apartment, a similar method to the James incident.

In a contemporary case Jarratt had planted drugs, then used an informer to get Kevin Garner collect the narcotics. Garner turned supergrass, which led to the miscarriage of justice known as R v Harris, Howell and May.

As to the James incident – there was no audio recording of Rees served in the miscarriage of justice which became his trial. The audio recording was not given as “Haslam would be up to his neck” in criminality.

Finally, the motive for Morgan’s murder now weighs heavily in favour of missing drugs from Malta. The net is closing in.

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Murder of Daniel Morgan – Ciaran Goggins and the Opperman report.

Greetings to the new American, German, Polish, Canadian and Chinese readers who are now on “Goggzilla“. Ed Opperman interviewed me about what is happening with the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.


A few points – the Belmont car auction robbery was 18 March 1986, almost a year before the murder on 10 March 1987, the insurance company took eleven months to sort out the claim.

Malta – the repossession was 2 February 1987, just over a month before the murder. On that note this is an interesting article.

Will plod give me the £50,000 reward now?

Finally, to clarify, the acquaintance of Jonathan Rees, who planted the bug at “Southern Investigations” is none other than Derek Gordon Haslam, now hiding in the Downham Market region, Norfolk. He was not in the Metropolitan Police after October 1989 when he quit due to psychiatric illness.

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Kerbstone, the MI5 running of Scappaticci and “Stakeknife”.

Greetings to American readers, joining from Nevada. Now to something which I have been keeping an eye on for several years, it links tangentally with the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Scappaticci was initially given the code name “Kerbstone“, as verified by Wilsey, who was in charge of the British army in Ulster. After Scappaticci was outed, a former Sergeant in the Intelligence Corps (who used the pseudonym Capt James Rennie of SAS) began to make money – and at the behest of MI5 – to promote the use of “Stakeknife” as the code name for a highly placed informer.

Scappaticci fled Belfast for Manchester (given its large Irish population an asinine choice) then Tenerife (a chav paradise, ditto) and finally his ancestral village near Monte Cassino. Liam Clarke reinvented the erstwhile Sergeant Ian Hurst as “Martin Ingram” and also gave his side kick Peter Keeley the pseudonym “Kevin Fulton”. All were and are on MI5‘s payroll, Hurst especially rakes in the money with a dodgy company which sells folks information @iTraceUK. Hurst, based in Bolton, has property in St Nexans, France and Castelferro, Spain.

Hurst connects to the “ringer” sent in to derail the Daniel Morgan inquiry and plant bugs in Southern Investigation, ex psychiatric patient and ex Det Con, Derek G Haslam now hiding out in Downham Market, Norfolk, pictured below, odd he was on TV is in witness protection.

More to come on this, but to wrap up for today, keep an eye on Newcastle Crown Court where “Nick/Carl” appears on charges dealing with his false allegations in the disastrous “Operation Midland” his identity now outed, he is truly beached. Finally I hope that there are “too many names” to keep up with, poor Vonny has trouble with this, maybe I ought to contact Beck Primary School, Sheffield?

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Scappaticci, Stakeknife and Joe Mulhern.

Refreshing to see this “Sunday Times” article as it does not allude to Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst as Stakeknife’s handler.

The cover up extends from Mulhern to others such as Fullerton.

Hurst (Martin Ingram) never handled Scappaticci (who was Kerbstone in any case) nor Stakeknife. Rumours of Mulhern being a tout led to Mulhern being interrogated. Operation Kenova is deeply mired, it is notable that nothing is being done about Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara collusion in the assassination of Eddie Fullerton in County Donegal. Meanwhile Bolton based Hurst makes a lucrative living touting for the security services, Mossad and others. Nice property portfolio, St Nexans and Castelferro. Oh well, it takes attention away from his mortgage fraud in Carrick, County Tipperary.


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