Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel and Jonathan Rees.

Why hasn’t much more emphasis been accorded to Jonathan Rees? Prime suspect on the Daniel Morgan murder (until half a dozen trials at a cost in excess of £140 million to the hapless taxpayer) acquitted him. Baroness O’Loan links to such shady coppers as Chris Mahaffey, Wood, Woods and Jarratt plus others.

We await an expensive and long overdue white wash (is that racist? Only in Norfolk). Finally for today’s flash blawg, one wonders what Irish Special Branch are up to?

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Asil Nadir and “Private Eye”.

The usually excellent “Private Eye” did a piece on page 20 “Notes from Nicosia” about Asil Nadir. When not ripping off Goggzilla over the Daniel Morgan murder, the “Eye” takes pot shots at such luminaries as Tom Watson and Max Mosley (both link to Peter Jukes). There is copious evidence that Mr Nadir was indeed fitted up by the scum of MI5 and MI6 so using the connection to Ersin Tatar is an odd thing for the “Eye” to do. The “Eye” article then makes an oblique mention of how and why Nadir would not want Cypriot reunification (he does, just not Greek led genocide, he is quite funny like that).


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Very Idiotic Perjurer and ex Insp Brian Sheeran, Wigan “Bullshire”.

Will Det Con McCormack of Special Branch be reading this? I do hope so. This blawg keeps being asked about ex Insp Brian Sheeran and “Bullshire”. It was covered twice before, Northern Irish readers will be keen to find out about Ian Hurst and his connection to Sheeran and “Bullshire”. After some digging P.C Walters of Gwent cropped up.

Downham Market’s most noted half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient is busy, also his son, P.C Jamie A Haslam of Norfolk Police.


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77th Brigade, Gordon MacMillan, Twitter and Philip Merrills-Dearn.

Interesting what one finds occluded on the internet.

Solicitor Philip Merrills-Dearn was fined pnds stl

One must ask why Twitter hired Philip Merrills-Dearn in the first place? More to come on this.

Now to his co-worker Gordon MacMillan, whose part time job is with cyber warfare unit “77th Brigade” at Denison Barracks.


Neither seem to be winning the asymettrical battle online. Let us ask why.

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Wondering about the Special Branch.

An enigmatic message here, in the border counties. I was asked to contact the Special Branch, in Ireland. Now, I am perplexed. Why, on earth, would they wish to chat to me (verbatim), quite odd?

So I looked at my back copy and I see, Max Mosley, Tom Watson, Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) and a few other stories, with a lot of hits. Kesh ambush? Perhaps not, so let us move on to other, less glamorous areas.

That leaves South Yorkshire (apparently not) or possibly Norfolk, (Negroes, doubtful) how about Northumbria, whose constabulary already have (some) of my details? I’d like it to be that, especially as I am preparing some legal action, for that corrupt part of the U.K. Enough of the cryptic clues, is it time for the “nuclear option”? If one lives in a jurisdiction then there is some hold, of course. If one goes abroad, no such restrictions apply (say, for instance a hostile nation).

Big boy’s games, big boy’s rules.

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Tom Watson resignation.

As Goggzilla wrote last month, what is going on with the Metropolitan Police shill, and Labour deputy leader (until 8 pm yesterday) Tom Watson? Resigning for “personal reasons”, the Operation Midland debacle did nothing, save torpedo his credibility. Also, what of his texts to a nubile young woman staffer, in West Bromwich?

“It isn’t me who will be hurt, only the party”. Quite an epitaph Mr Watson.

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M.I 5, Scappaticci, Operation Kenova and Caymans.

First of all, condolences to the kin of Sheila Cunningham (Mrs Scappaticci). Now to the numerous articles appearing in the MSM, concerning MI5. Yes, they did indeed permit murder and other illegal acts by their paid agents, in Northern Ireland, 1969-94.

Operation Kenova will either be a white wash, or will shine light upon murky activities. One guesses the former. What was Kevin Fulton up to? Let’s ask Peter Keeley.

From foggy Fermanagh to the sun, are Operation Tempura, Operation Cealt and Martin Bridger’s colleagues about to surface and cause an embarrassment to New Scotland Yard? You know what we want Martin, just give it to us. Then we go away.


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