Q.C’s we have known – Sasha Wass.

Questions to which the answer is “No”, Is Sasha Wass Jewish? There are two types of folks in the world those who can “tell a Jew” and those who cannot. Wass is a sept of Clan Munro (and Clan Ross) the Sasha part is via her Mum, a Serb. Wass was mixed up with Haslam (a massive anti-semite) and Ian Hurst (both highly dodgy). Only other thing I can uncover is that Bhadresh Gohil was probably correct, the James Ibori case and Wass’s links to corrupt Old Bill do not make for a clean image.

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Q.C’s we have known – Stephen John Mooney and the Bulmer’s art fiasco.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry, Stephen Mooney Q.C who prosecuted in the Bulmer’s art debacle is to be made a Judge.

Still no action regarding what is happening over ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s illegality, plus those linked to him.

However the net closes in.



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Q.C’s we have known – Kate Blackwell, and the Jill Dando murder.

Kate Blackwell became (in)famous during the Andrade false rape claim trial. She also links to the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel. Why is Goggzilla being asked about her? Likewise, Det Con Caroline Linfoot of Hounslow.

Peter Jukes last throw of the dice in terms of credibility, seems to be “Byline Times” which writes about the Jill Dando murder, citing “Southern Investigations” then states that they were not involved.


Let us examine the article. John Ford is an unreliable witness. As is Derek Haslam (face it, anyone who changes their Dad’s colour on a daily basis is odd. Jukes omits to mention that Haslam was discharged from the Metropolitan Police as mentally ill, in Oct 1989, nor that Haslam planted the bug in Southern’s office). Last but not least, Mike Stuchbery, a paid shill for plod, along with half a dozen cranks comprising the bizarrely titled “Resisting hate”.

Jacqui Hames is central the Jill Dando’s death, Hames is better known as the ex wife of ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, who was found guilty of using Gary Eaton and James Ward – both unreliable witnesses, in Rees and Others versus The Met. It is strange that Cook has not yet been arrested.

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Operation Tiberius unredacted and legal costs, Rees & Ors.

To begin with today a look at the site “What do they know?” Edward Williams has asked two question (Freedom of Information) regarding legal costs in the landmark case of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers.


When last we looked the whole Daniel Morgan murder case debacle had cost £140 million.

How much will New Scotland Yard suffer in terms of damage to their already risible reputation?

Following on, the unredacted copy of Operation Tiberius here is now on Blogspot and Livejournal. Bozhe kranye mne!

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Mazher Mahmood, DCS Dave Cook and Leveson 2. Update on Operation Tiberius.

Came across this and began laughing.


Cook is totally discreditted following the Law Lords ruling – as to Mazher Mahmood I admit not being an expert on his activities.

However, the final part deals with disgraced ex Det Con Derek G Haslam currently hiding out in Downham Market. What is not mentioned is Haslam causing death by drunk driving in Commander Ray Adam’s “borrowed” vehicle. The suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, Haslam betrayed him and as a result of unbearable pressure Holmes killed himself. 1989, no mention of Haslam leaving The Met due to mental illness.

Nor any mention that Haslam accessed the PNC (via his son, P.C James A Haslam of King’s Lynn) and offering to sell details of Maxine Carr’s new identity.

No mention of Haslam Senior infiltrating and sabotaging SHAC and animal rights groups, and ex miners compensation claims in Thurnscoe. The main reason for not calling Haslam to give evidence is that he is a notorious liar and paid perjurer. (See Durham).

News just in – https://www.essexnewsandinvestigations.com/single-post/2019/03/27/EXCLUSIVE-No-action-by-Met-Police-to-remove-confidential-Operation-Tiberius-corruption-report-that-was-leaked-online

Crime reporter maven Jon Austin writes that New Scotland Yard are taking no action against anti police corruption blogge “Goggzilla” over the unredacted Operation Tiberius report.


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McCormack’s solicitors and Derek G Haslam.

After my trip to England the noose has tightened considerably on former “undercover” police informer Derek Haslam, alias “Joe Poulton”. Thurnscoe looms large – the defrauding of ex miner’s compensation. Also, Haslam’s attempts to infiltrate and sabotage SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) and the ALF (Animal Liberation Front).

In Norfolk Haslam attempted to sell the details of Maxine Carr’s new identity, Haslam’s son, P.C James (or Jamie) A. Haslam works at King’s Lynn and illegally accessed the PNC. However recent news points to the direction of Durham, where Haslam Senior, under the guise of “Abacus Legal Services” stated that he was a “master at spoiling prosecution cases and trials”. Alas for him, he chose the wrong solicitors to deal with and threaten. It is almost time to dance the Tyburn jig.




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JY Associates (John Yates, New Scotland Yard).

Before I pop over to England tomorrow morning, I thought I’d help my diligent readers by digging into the affairs of top cop (bent cop) John Yates.

JY Associates is of course, linked to John Michael Yates, who tried to frame Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers(Garry and Glenn) plus others.



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