London City Bonds – swerving to avoid jail.

Alfred John Allington and his brother Ed were implicated together with a highly corrupt HMRC to frame and fit up many innocent folks.

An article by the wonderful Sylvia Jones touches on this –¬†

Perhaps GCHQ could pass their mortgage fraudster pal Peter Jukes a copy? One sees Series 2, Episode 9 of “Untold” held up due to internal squabbling and legal issues (i.e printing lies).

There is a link to other cases which used perjury and perverting the course of justice, the half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient (de Clerambault’s syndrome) Derek Haslam. “Trapped in a loveless and sexless marriage, Haslam spent much of his time boring his colleagues in The Met with his expertise on curry. He never once mentioned his parents, not once in sixteen years, he was so ashamed of them”. *

One of his white half brothers, Maurice, runs a puppy farm in Surrey. It will be a long weekend for some.

*Personal conversation with the Goggzilla author.

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HHJ Paul Darlow

The rumour mill is working overtime, but what scandal is about to break regarding corrupt judge Darlow?

Concerns either money or sex is all that is definitely known so far.

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Ian Hurst, Mossad and P.C James A Haslam.

Given that comments seem to have been disabled (and not from this end) plod are getting worried. They ought to be, as this blogge may disappear and return as a book. I hope to be busy soon, with another trip to England.

What was Ian Hurst up to in 1990/91? PIRA, ever short of money, eschewed hitting Israeli targets in Northern Ireland but Mossad could well link to what MI5/MI6 were engaged in. If so, they will face a major headache. After the disastrous Gibraltar mission, the ‘RA searched for a spectacular. British bases in Cyprus were one wheeze, as was whacking Salman Rushdie, who may or may not have hid out in Emmanuel College, Cambridge at that time. The boys from High Command even wanted to kidnap a Tory donor who was in old Mexico, as a fundraiser.

Hurst links to Alex Marunchak and this torpedoes Peter Jukes “theory”. Hurst also links to paid police informer (one smiles at his use of undercover spy, reality is much less glamorous) Derek Haslam, recently spotted in Wiggenhall St Germans. Haslam’s pickaninnies also crop up in Norfolk Police, indeed, Chief Constable Simon Bailey is far from happy at the illegal antics of P.C James A Haslam being put in the public domain.

Animal rights activists are eager to locate Haslam Senior, but also to make the acquaintance of his family. Perjury is dangerous.



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The Wiggenhall Waltz.

One hears that Mr Jukes latest installment of “Untold murder” is held up due to legal issues and infighting, meanwhile let us turn our attention to the usually good Skwakbox and this item.

Chief Constable accused in child-abuse scandal. No action in 9 months

First point must be to narrow down which Chief Constable. The ACPO lead on CSA is Simon Bailey of Norfolk.

Bailey is a worshipful brother at the same lodge as P.C James A Haslam and half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient, Derek G Haslam, his Dad.

Haslam planted child porn on Sid Fillery’s computer.

What would Mark Polin say about this? The Chief Constable of North Wales has been quiet recently, what with Darren Laverty and Sonia Poulton and everything. Gordon Anglesea linked to North Wales, and had an affinity lodge connection to Simon Bailey.

Did I mention Simon Bailey is ACPO lead on CSA and Chief Constable of Norfolk?

Haslam was last seen in Wiggenhall St German, the animal rights activists he jailed via perverting the course of justice, plus others, are most anxious to meet him.

Wonder why Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Hamlin resigned last year?



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Untold, Series 2.8 “Labyrinth of lies”

Laurie Flynn stayed sober long enough to be interviewed, and to mention “The Untouchables” but omitted a quote from page 12 ” …the Met spied on us during our time at the Guardian…one of our sources, a former detective called Derek Haslam, has admitted he was also a paid informant”. Haslam links to Andy Hayman, of Norfolk then the Met, Hayman ordered Rusbridger to pull Flynn and Gillard’s work. The Guardian today allows David Conn to be paid by North Wales Police and Vikram Dodd by the Met and others, enough said.

Ray Adams is mentioned in Jukes latest outing, but not the reason for Adams dislike of Haslam, the half Jamaican paid informant had killed a man, when drunk driving in Adams “borrowed” vehicle. After that, Adams wanted Haslam out.

In addition to Commander Adams others are mentioned – Sid Fillery (who had child pornography planted on his computer from Derek Haslam’s own collection) Alan “Taffy” Holmes (who was comprehensively betrayed by Haslam, which led to Haslam being expelled from the Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge), Alec Leighton (who connects to Haslam via Huntingdon Life Science and Haslam infiltrating and sabotaging animal rights activists) and Duncan Hanrahan.

15.00 minutes in and Flynn tells us of Haslam’s recruitment by Dave Wood, and that Haslam was a “troubled” individual. Jukes-speak for being an ex psychiatric patient (see earlier posts by Goggzilla¬†concerning Dr Thomas Farewell) and Flynn incorrectly said Haslam was “paid a pittance” for infiltrating “Southern Investigations”, far from it, Haslam made enough money to buy properties in Southery, Watlington, Downham Market, Goa and less exotically, King’s Lynn.

Next episode looks like being a comedy, Alex Marunchak, a Rupert Murdoch employee and Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst bogus claims on Scappaticci/Stakeknife, (in fact he was Kerbstone).

Guardian cryptic crossword, 13 down “Montenegro” a fat mulatto near Malta?

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Untold, unpaid, Peter Jukes and the Byline fine.

One hears that all is not well with mortgage fraudster Peter Jukes. After a massive fine for denigrating top journalist Dennis Rice, Jukes is refusing to pay (or cannot pay). On top of that he is rumoured to have had a falling out with Alastair Morgan. Jukes has a bad case of Johann Hari syndrome, thinking he can walk away from the damage ex psychiatric patient and half Jamaican perjurer Derek Haslam caused. Morgan and his family are waking up to the fact that Operation Abelard II was sabotaged internally.

The Untold series two rumbles on, like a trip to the Dentist, one a duty to follow it through but never looks forward to it.

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Operation Kenova and Operation (Bull) Shine.

To begin with – Chief Constable Boucher of Bedfordshi*e Police (you recall them from such deaths in custody as Leon Briggs) is looking into Ian Hurst and the far from clear circumstances of the whole Stakeknife debacle.

Hurst was the only one to use the mis-spelling Stakeknife, also, Scappaticci was “Kerbstone” so quite a few inaccuracies to begin with. Still, it is in the Guardian and we know how mendacious they are.

Hurst has zero credibility and this is leaking out, ever more quickly (despite my chat recently with Supt John Hand of Wexford Division of the Gardai – Irish police).

Death threats don’t cut it, never will.

Hurst is being paid by MI5 and Greater Manchester Police, and Goggzilla continues to look at collusion in the Eddie Fullerton murder, plus Essex Police and Lee Balkwell.

Hurst links to corrupt ex police perjurer Det Con Derek Haslam

Finally, music and I’m listening to Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, “Hold Tight”.

Art? How about Sir George Claussens and “Apple Blossom”? Would Max Mosley like this one wonders? Hope you enjoy it.

(c) Mrs Jane Smith; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation




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