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Very malicious prosecution, Jonathan Rees and Avon & Somers*t police.

Firstly, I’d like to turn this blawg’s attention to the mistreatment of Jonathan Rees in the “Bulmer’s art theft” case. From 2015 Avon and Somers*t police knew that Rees was acting as a “middle man”. Yet the failed attempt to … Continue reading

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Stephen Mooney, Judge, jury, executioner.

Stephen Mooney was the architect of a dismal farce, that of the failed prosecution of Jonathan Rees and others in the Bulmer’s art theft. Mooney’s actions resulted in £1.5 million of taxpayer’s money being squandered in an unwinnable case. Mooney … Continue reading

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Bulmer’s art theft, vindication of Jonathan Rees.

Excellent piece in “The Times” regarding Avon and Somers*t police’s mishandling of the multi million pound art theft at the mansion of the Bulmer family. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/private-eye-who-recovered-bulmer-familys-stolen-art-painted-as-a-criminal-by-police-lt27qxcq0 Nice to see that plod is facing a grim Xmas, with much worse to … Continue reading

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