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IRA double agent Stakeknife, William Ramsey and Ciaran Goggins.

I had the great honour and pleasure of doing a podcast with Californian lawyer, William Ramsey. Stakeknife was undoubtedly Scappaticci and also responsible for ensuring that assassinations directed ultimately by MI5/MI6 went ahead. Post ceasefire (1994) an industry has grown … Continue reading

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Stakeknife – Operation Kenova, Scappaticci and Fulton/Keeley.

We return to Northern Ireland for today’s blog post, with developments in the Stakeknife case. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/freddie-scappaticci-facing-up-to-20-lawsuits-court-hears-37835879.html What are the RUC/PSNI and MI5/MI6 hiding? How deep does collusion with the Garda Siochana/Free State Police go? Especially after the Gardai set up … Continue reading

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“Bullshire Strikes Back” and Insp Brian Sheeran, update.

The greatest enemy of the police, is their propensity to go online, then attack any and all critics. There is a particular site “Bullshire Strikes Back” which deliberately targets anyone who is an anti police corruption maven. What is the … Continue reading

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Ian Hurst, myth and reality.

I never had any reason to hold that Ed Moloney did not know what he was on about, the few occasions we encountered each other in cyber space he was fine. I began to hear bad copy about him, I … Continue reading

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Philip Campbell Smith and Stakeknife.

On my return from Belfast today, I was asked about Philip Campbell Smith and the hacking of Derek G Haslam, now in hiding near Ryston, Norfolk. “Martin Ingram” came under scrutiny over his (Ian Hurst) lies concerning Stakeknife (Hurst never … Continue reading

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Kerbstone, the MI5 running of Scappaticci and “Stakeknife”.

Greetings to American readers, joining from Nevada. Now to something which I have been keeping an eye on for several years, it links tangentally with the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Scappaticci was initially given the code name “Kerbstone“, as … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Elizabeth Hames

Six years ago the former Mrs Dave Cook made a statement. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20140122175637/http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Witness-Statement-of-Jacqueline-Hames.pdf Let us examine it. Only on page 13 (para 30) does it concern Morganologists. Paragraph 31 mentions ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery but omits that he immediately left … Continue reading

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