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“The Phoenix” and the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Excellent article from our correspondent in Angola. Mr Rees is not a cockney but a Yorkshire born chap of Welsh heritage. The description of Derek Haslam ought to be amended, not so much police spy, with the connotations of danger … Continue reading

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“All kinds of everything”, Ford, Harkin, Hurst and Mitting.

Dana’s brother was falsely accused of rape and half of the “Stakeknife Duo” (Greg Harkin, who works for the uber bent Fine Gael party) is having a hard time of it, trying to wriggle away. Harkin assisted Ian “Walter Mitty” … Continue reading

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Operation Kenova, Stakeknife and Scappaticci.

Where does one begin to rip apart the Grauniad account of Henry McDonald? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/apr/11/stakeknife-double-agent-in-ira-was-given-alibi-by-senior-british-officials Scappaticci was Kerbstone, not Stakeknife. Ian Hurst has been totally discreditted and now earns a living touting for plod, plus other nasty habits (dog fights, anyone?) … Continue reading

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More on Ian Hurst and Sasha Wass.

This is so poorly written it could only come from Peter Jukes. https://www.byline.com/project/76/article/1868 As stated before, Ian Hurst never held a commission in the army. Also, Alex Marunchak had a cozy, long relationship with Hurst whilst both were with the … Continue reading

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Sasha Wass QC

An article in the Daily Mail dated 9 Oct 2016 has disappeared “QC buried evidence of Metropolitan police bribery, to put innocent man in jail”. Bhadrash Gohil was named, as was the James Ibori case. Thing is though, Sasha Wass … Continue reading

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The hacker hacked, Ian Hurst.

Graham Ruddick needs to go back to school, Ian Hurst never held an army commission. Nor did he handle Freddie Scappaticci (who was Kerbstone, not Stakeknife). https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/oct/06/murdochs-news-group-admits-benefiting-from-hacking-of-army-officers-emails Philip Campbell Smith might have hacked Ian Hurst, but Hurst was busy hacking … Continue reading

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Letter to Felicity.

Dear Felicity, you mentioned Panorama, one hears that their legal department are far from happy with Ian Hurst’s veracity (in other words he is a Walter Mitty). Same goes for Spotlight, BBC Northern Ireland. Attention was drawn to Hurst’s links … Continue reading

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