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Letter to Felicity.

Dear Felicity, you mentioned Panorama, one hears that their legal department are far from happy with Ian Hurst’s veracity (in other words he is a Walter Mitty). Same goes for Spotlight, BBC Northern Ireland. Attention was drawn to Hurst’s links … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan – 30 years on.

Vikram Dodd once again shows that he is far from neutral, or accurate. In his article today, riddled with errors, he tries to character assassinate Jonathan Rees and other innocent men. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/mar/10/daniel-morgan-how-private-eyes-haunts-britains-powerful-30-years-on Dodd alludes to “murderers” plural, then repeats the … Continue reading

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Untold murder – Daniel Morgan, Episode Four.

Peter Jukes opens with dangling a future episode in front of us, just as well given the soporific nature of his most recent podcast. The suicide note of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, and the sole source. Judge for yourself the veracity … Continue reading

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