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Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel – delayed again.

Jon Austin wrote this interesting piece. https://www.essexnewsandinvestigations.com/single-post/2020/06/25/EXCLUSIVE-DANIEL-MORGAN-MURDER-Independent-Panel-Delays-Release-of-findings-after-receiving-significant-documents-from-Met-Police As with “Crategate” and Det Ch Supt Fiona MacCormack allowing thirty crates of evidence crucial to acquitting Jonathan Rees to “disappear” we now see the Metropolitan Police overusing cunctatory tactics again. Glenn Vian … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan axe murder – cover ups.

The excellent Catherine Baksi wrote an article in “The Times” concerning the £140 million debacle (not £30 million) surrounding the thus far unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan of “Southern Investigations”. Morgan’s partner Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, Garry and … Continue reading

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500th post, Stephen Wright is wrong, the Daily Fail and Daniel Morgan.

The affairs of Daniel Morgan are mentioned in the Mail article, even Peter Jukes discounted the “love triangle” theory. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8441931/Business-partner-private-detective-dead-1987-seen-strolling-victims-lover.html No mention of “Aussie Paul” the left handed cuckold who swore to get whomever was having a affair with his … Continue reading

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Jacqui Imrie-Cook (Jacqui Hames) and what Byline omit.

Even by Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes low standards, his risible article in “Byline” is poor. https://www.bylineinvestigates.com/murdoch/2020/6/19/former-tv-cop-jacqui-hames-speaks-out-about-the-daniel-morgan-murder-years-after-being-leant-on-by-rupert-murdochs-shadowy-surveillance Let us count the errors. The “Jack the Ripper” case is more famous. Daniel Morgan was not looking into police corruption when murdered. … Continue reading

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Viewers gripped by “Murder in the car park” Channel 4?

I shall begin this summation of Episode One with minor lucunae – the crisps were Ready Salted not Prawn and Cheese with Onion. A minor consideration, but it bodes ill for Adam Wishart and Bruce Goodison, as these facts are … Continue reading

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New documentary, “Murder in the car park” Channel 4.

There are so many holes in this article I mistook it for a Swiss cheese. THE DANIEL MORGAN MURDER: WHY WE NEED LEVESON PART TWO Plod are getting nervous, with only four hours to go until “Murder in the car … Continue reading

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Il cornuto “Murder in the car park” Channel 4.

Top Scottish actress Shian Devonan plays Iris Morgan in next Monday’s drama documentary. Thing is – will “Indefinite films” after four years of legal wrangles, portray what actually happened? Klaus Neu, a German, was having an affair with Iris, her … Continue reading

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Gaughran v UK

Paul Fitzsimons of Fitzsimons Mallon in Newry did a good job exposing Billy, Davy, Sammy and Robby of the RUC/PSNI over their arrest of Mr Gaughran. Retention of innocent folks DNA (Goggins v UK) is a hallmark of a de … Continue reading

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UK cabinet Biosecurity centre.

Our Angolan correspondent drew my attention to this. Arrived late, as I never bother with the Grauniad, but worth a look. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/12/former-counter-terror-official-tom-hurd-put-in-charge-new-uk-biosecurity-centre-coronavirus (redacted) source in England that former MOD staff who are registered with SB as people ‘tracers’ have been … Continue reading

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I quite like Neville Thurlbeck.

Given the remote rural location here, it is no surprise that “Private Eye” has only just arrived. Page 14 had a sad tale, knocking copy of “The Phoenix”. It may not be perfect, but they don’t rip off Goggzilla quite … Continue reading

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