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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, plus Gordon Brown and Tom Watson.

To paraphrase “The Beatles” – “It was five years ago today Sergeant Pepper got the band to play”. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mr Jacqui Hames, alias uber corrupt cop Det Ch Supt Dave (Imrie) Cook. Tom Watson … Continue reading

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African grass and the Cayman Islands.

Both Martin Bridger and Dave Wood of “Bluelight Global Security” link to the Daniel Morgan murder debacle, via Baroness O’Loan of the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel. Bridger and Wood were in PONI and covered up the Eddie Fullerton murder collusion … Continue reading

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Yates of the yard and Ch Insp Ben Hodder, Essex.

Page 41 of “Private Eye” and an article concerning abuse of process and Essex Police, regular readers will recall Essex plod involvement in the murder of Lee Balkwell. It seems an (as yet unnamed) Old Bill has been doing what … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan “Independent” panel, leak.

It had been hoped that Baroness Nuala O’Loan would be a clean sweep and draw a line under the debacle that is, and was, the Daniel Morgan murder along with subsequent cover ups. Alas, delay after delay, coupled with her … Continue reading

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H is for Ian Hurst, Jacqui Hames and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

L, of course, is for Leveson and a risible testimony from Jacqui Hames, who had a minor role in the Daniel Morgan murder and subsequent framing of Jonathan Rees. https://www.discoverleveson.com/evidence/Witness_Statement_of_Jacqueline_Hames/8705/media Skip the first dozen pages. Page 13, para 32. Operation … Continue reading

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Channel 4 – Daniel Morgan documentary.

Came across a site “Murdered by the Met Daniel Morgan” which one hoped would be promising. Alas, a sort of bizarre collection of press reports, getting no closer to uncovering which of the Metropolitan Police it was who murdered Morgan. … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel – delayed again.

Jon Austin wrote this interesting piece. https://www.essexnewsandinvestigations.com/single-post/2020/06/25/EXCLUSIVE-DANIEL-MORGAN-MURDER-Independent-Panel-Delays-Release-of-findings-after-receiving-significant-documents-from-Met-Police As with “Crategate” and Det Ch Supt Fiona MacCormack allowing thirty crates of evidence crucial to acquitting Jonathan Rees to “disappear” we now see the Metropolitan Police overusing cunctatory tactics again. Glenn Vian … Continue reading

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500th post, Stephen Wright is wrong, the Daily Fail and Daniel Morgan.

The affairs of Daniel Morgan are mentioned in the Mail article, even Peter Jukes discounted the “love triangle” theory. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8441931/Business-partner-private-detective-dead-1987-seen-strolling-victims-lover.html No mention of “Aussie Paul” the left handed cuckold who swore to get whomever was having a affair with his … Continue reading

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Jacqui Imrie-Cook (Jacqui Hames) and what Byline omit.

Even by Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes low standards, his risible article in “Byline” is poor. https://www.bylineinvestigates.com/murdoch/2020/6/19/former-tv-cop-jacqui-hames-speaks-out-about-the-daniel-morgan-murder-years-after-being-leant-on-by-rupert-murdochs-shadowy-surveillance Let us count the errors. The “Jack the Ripper” case is more famous. Daniel Morgan was not looking into police corruption when murdered. … Continue reading

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Episode 3 “Murder in the car park” More 4.

Quite a lot of emphasis on corrupt ex Det Ch Supt David Cook, yet no mention of his links to fellow Kirkcaldy resident, Gordon Brown. Brown was involved in a dodgy property deal. Odd that Dave Cook was “mentally ill” … Continue reading

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