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Norfolk nonces, Simon Bailey and Operation Midland.

Page 4 of “The Times” and an article concerning Chief Constable Simon Bailey, ACPO lead on child abuse and lessons unlearned from Operation Midland. Bailey states that all accusers are to be automatically given credence. Bailey presides over one of … Continue reading

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Operation Kenova and Boutcher’s Gotterdammerung.

It isn’t easy being Jon Boutcher. Not only must he hush up the murder of Leon Briggs by Bedfordshi*e C*nstabulary, but also juggle Ulster dirty war misdoings. Freddie Scappaticci was promoted sideways in January 1990 by PIRA. Martin McGuinness knew … Continue reading

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Geoff Sheppard and the Kim James fitting up.

Matt Rayner’s real name is one hot topic, another is the role of undercover policing in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle. Mitting did not give core status to Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” as the undercover spy and bug planter, … Continue reading

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UK cabinet Biosecurity centre.

Our Angolan correspondent drew my attention to this. Arrived late, as I never bother with the Grauniad, but worth a look. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/12/former-counter-terror-official-tom-hurd-put-in-charge-new-uk-biosecurity-centre-coronavirus (redacted) source in England that former MOD staff who are registered with SB as people ‘tracers’ have been … Continue reading

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Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, plus Andy Coles – Cyril Smith, Insp Brian Sheeran and Greater Manchester Police.

Two news stories caught my attention today, they link tangentally to the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, both evincing police corruption. Commander Ray Adams had ex Det Con Derek G Haslam blocked from a lucrative job with British Telecom, Adams … Continue reading

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Det Con Chris Reed, Det Sgt Brown, East Midland Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit.

A half Jamaican, ex psychiatric Det Con now in Downham Market has been shooting his mouth off, whilst drunk. Nothing new there, except his spilling the beans on what has been going on in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (hi Reepham!), Northamptonshire … Continue reading

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Kim James and Simon James.

Much of what is online is merely MSM lugenpresse (the Gruaniad) employers of such luminaries as Vikram Dodd (paid by New Scotland Yard) and David Conn (paid by North Wales Police). It must therefore be taken with a large pinch … Continue reading

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Interview with an honest cop, Z Division.

The Spycops story is in the news again. Infiltration and sabotage are part and parcel of how New Scotland Yard dealt with and deals with groups it decides are a threat. Take animal rights, the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty activists … Continue reading

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Alan “Taffy” Holmes and Daniel Morgan.

Laurie Flynn opens the latest addition to Peter Jukes podcast, he is joined by Alastair Morgan. I formerly disliked Mr Jukes, now I merely feel pity for him. His “new evidence” hinges on David Bray’s magnus opus which has been … Continue reading

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Mitting, bent judge and corrupt justice.

Pitchford begat Mitting and Mitting begat obfuscation. The Grauniad are trying to exculpate the old fraud. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/10/undercover-policing-inquiry-will-not-deliver-final-report-before-2023 Post Plebgate whom else could the cover up go to? Non disclosure lies at the heart of the inquiry, one wonders if the … Continue reading

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