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Operation Two Bridges and the bugging of “Southern Investigations”.

After Ed Opperman kindly interviewed me for his podcast, it struck me that I had not fully addressed what I am going to call the “James incident”. “Operation Two Bridges” was a smokescreen to divert attention from how poorly New … Continue reading

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Who is “Nick” the fantasist in Operation Midland?

The identity of an NHS manager formerly of Gloucestershire, aged in his 50’s is known. It is legal to publish it outside Britain. However, it raises the important matter of anonymity for rape trial accused (remember Ched Evans? Paddy Jackson? … Continue reading

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393rd Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy

Next week will be huge, regardless of the verdict, but the Jonathan Rees, Garry and Glenn Vian corner are looking at a win win situation. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/apr/19/corrupt-met-officers-protected-family-of-stephen-lawrence-murderer Goggzilla readers have encountered John “O.J” Davidson before, much maligned he played a central … Continue reading

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38 degrees.

Some petitions are myopic (extraditing anti police corruption mavens to Sheffield) but a worthy one is to be found here – https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/call-for-a-public-inquiry-into-the-murder-of-daniel-morgan The witnesses are Kevin Lennon (fraudster) and Andy Docherty (offered inducement of a lesser sentence). O’Loan has been … Continue reading

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Andrew Doherty

Brief blog post today on the figure of Andrew Doherty. Used by the corrupt Metropolitan Police, Doherty was an alcoholic ex psychiatric patient (indeed, he shares this with Derek Haslam, though Doherty had a white Father). Doherty was in prison … Continue reading

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Max Mosley, Gordon Anglesea and an increasingly desperate Mark Polin.

After returning from the conference, I switched on “Newsnight” to catch Max (Spanky) Mosley berating “Southern Investigations”. A person such as Derek Haslam who lies, hides the truth, but one such as Peter Jukes who deals in half lies has … Continue reading

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Operation Limonium.

Quite a good article from Tom Harper in the “Sunday Times” but it doesn’t go far enough in uncovering judicial and police corruption. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/judges-misled-over-evidence-of-met-bribery-9n96j3jbx It is known that Sasha Wass QC misled the CPS, who are reluctant to do anything … Continue reading

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