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Q.C’s we have known – Stephen John Mooney and the Bulmer’s art fiasco.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry, Stephen Mooney Q.C who prosecuted in the Bulmer’s art debacle is to be made a Judge. Still no action regarding what is happening over ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s illegality, … Continue reading

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Wrongful imprisonment, Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam.

A couple of years ago at a conference I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Vic Nealon. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/02/theres-no-presumption-of-innocence-for-the-wrongly-imprisoned/ The recent Supreme Court ruling could lead to the UK losing yet another case at Strasbourg. https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2016-0227-judgment.pdf Paragraphs 88 and 125 … Continue reading

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The imminent arrest of ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie Cook.

It is a lose-lose situation regarding New Scotland Yard protecting corrupt cop Dave Cook. Either he faces trial and is jailed along with Derek “Kunta Kinte” Haslam and others or CPS don’t prosecute and he faces a private prosecution instead … Continue reading

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More on Mitting and Spy cops.

The Establishment chose corrupt member of the judiciary, HHJ Mitting, as he was bent. Post Plebgate his credibility is non existent. The “Pitchford” inquiry plumbs new depths of tawdriness. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5698007/Victims-blast-old-fashioned-judge-leading-inquiry-undercover-police-slept-activists.html Avid readers will have encountered Mitting previously, in the ruling … Continue reading

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Book of Judges.

The next several days will witness the busiest and most important time in the six years since Goggzilla began to cover the Daniel Morgan murder cover up and the six years prior to that concerning massive police corruption. The long … Continue reading

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I do not usually quote the Grauniad (not since North Wales Police paid David Conn, anyway) but today is different. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/21/campaigners-stage-walkout-of-secretive-police-spying-inquiry Along with Holroyde and Rafferty, Mitting is totally bent. Plebgate proved as much, yet now we see the fatally … Continue reading

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Untold – Daniel Morgan murder podcast, Series 2, Episode 10 “Fearless”.

The final installment in Peter Jukes risible attempt to hit the big time arrives, as a deflated Xmas present. First quarter hour is given over to the funeral, then wake, of Isobel Hulsmann (mother of Daniel Morgan and Alastair) with … Continue reading

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