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I do not usually quote the Grauniad (not since North Wales Police paid David Conn, anyway) but today is different. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/21/campaigners-stage-walkout-of-secretive-police-spying-inquiry Along with Holroyde and Rafferty, Mitting is totally bent. Plebgate proved as much, yet now we see the fatally … Continue reading

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Untold – Daniel Morgan murder podcast, Series 2, Episode 10 “Fearless”.

The final installment in Peter Jukes risible attempt to hit the big time arrives, as a deflated Xmas present. First quarter hour is given over to the funeral, then wake, of Isobel Hulsmann (mother of Daniel Morgan and Alastair) with … Continue reading

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Operation Megan, Operation Huscote & Det Insp Richard Poynter

TheĀ  “Covert Human Intelligence Source” (paid police informer) code named Joe Poulton (Derek Haslam) is causing much alarm at New Scotland Yard, where he has gone from being an asset, to becoming a liability. Even Cressida Dick now sees that … Continue reading

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HHJ Paul Darlow

The rumour mill is working overtime, but what scandal is about to break regarding corrupt judge Darlow? Concerns either money or sex is all that is definitely known so far.

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Op Caryatid, Op Gloxinia, Kincora.

Is Ian Hurst’s non arrest connected to his dealings with Kincora? Still on an MI5 paylist Bolton’s most notorious debt collector remains tight lipped. Perhaps not for long. What of Operation Caryatid and Op Gloxinia? Someone, somewhere is going to … Continue reading

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Open letter to Judge John Woollard.

Dear John, You haven’t exactly set the judicial world alight? That need not concern us here, I am writing about Chris Spivey of Rochford. It is Mr Spivey’s misfortune to live in Essex, where the constabulary are among the most … Continue reading

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Groovy Gang and Supreme Court.

Very disappointed to hear that Kaim Todner have been stymied from obtaining justice in appealing the case of R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell. Last August Rafferty LJ ignored damaging evidence of abuse of process and paid perjury by ex … Continue reading

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