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Serious Fraud Office – Asil Nadir.

I came across this today. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/212066/seriously-flawed-office-a-look-at-sfo-s-track-record-as-barclays-fraud-trial-begins-212066.html Fine so fare as it goes…except…Asil Nadir was innocent.   Advertisements

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Alec Leighton, FMBE, Saab brothers and money laundering.

Goggzilla keeps being asked about Alec Leighton. All I can say is that he has been truthful with me and all others I am in contact with. In light of the amount of traffic from Cyprus on this blogge I … Continue reading

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Paul Gambaccini and the CPS

There are similarities between “Operation Midland” and the role of Nick/Carl and the recent news that Paul Gambaccini is to receive £10,000 as a payout for his turmoil after false allegations were made. The Metropolitan Police also tried to frame … Continue reading

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Asil Nadir and the Supreme Court.

Cyprus watchers will be eager to find out what happens when Asil Nadir goes to the Supreme Court. http://www.gazetevatan.com/asil-nadir-in-son-umudu-yuksek-mahkeme-1145190-gundem/ With non disclosure impacting on many high profile cases (such as the Rees and Vians appeal next month) attention turns to … Continue reading

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Halina Khan, Leicester

A break from the usual Daniel Morgan case and related matters today. Looking at proven false rape allegations (H.T to A.B) and a Leicestershire Police detective who was accused by “escort” Halina Khan. The three main reasons for not prosecuting … Continue reading

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Alec Leighton and FBME.

Deutsche Bank pretends to be clean but investigative maven Alec Leighton found out otherwise. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomwarren/how-deutsche-processed-millions-for-a-dirty-bank?utm_term=.fn3Nj9Lz9#.mmg3m7Zk7 FBME and D.B connect to an unsavory network laundering money. Along with Nigel Brown, Mr Leighton went to Cyprus and found that the Saab brothers, … Continue reading

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Insp Brian Sheeran and “Bullshire Strikes Back”.

With the hiatus in the trial of the century until Friday, we move from Vian & ors v Commissioner of police – and the use of highly questionable witnesses, plus Asst Commissioner John Yates attempts to exculpate himself from an … Continue reading

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