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Ian Hurst, myth and reality.

I never had any reason to hold that Ed Moloney did not know what he was on about, the few occasions we encountered each other in cyber space he was fine. I began to hear bad copy about him, I … Continue reading

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Philip Campbell Smith and Stakeknife.

On my return from Belfast today, I was asked about Philip Campbell Smith and the hacking of Derek G Haslam, now in hiding near Ryston, Norfolk. “Martin Ingram” came under scrutiny over his (Ian Hurst) lies concerning Stakeknife (Hurst never … Continue reading

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Scappaticci, Stakeknife and Joe Mulhern.

Refreshing to see this “Sunday Times” article as it does not allude to Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst as Stakeknife’s handler. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ballistic-tests-on-handgun-link-it-to-murder-of-joe-mulhern-during-troubles-88z9nx0d0?t=ie The cover up extends from Mulhern to others such as Fullerton. Hurst (Martin Ingram) never handled Scappaticci (who was … Continue reading

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Stuart Sampson, Scappaticci and swift justice.

Still no arrests of corrupt police involved in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan Police. Should plod drag their feet, a private prosecution might concentrate minds wonderfully at New Scotland Yard. Private prosecution worked well for the CAA in the … Continue reading

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“Nick” Operation Midland, Operation Pallial and ACC Drew Harris.

The CPS (Clown Prosecution Service) has a month to decide whether to bring charges against “Nick” (an NHS manager in his 40’s living in Gloucestershire) concerning perverting the course of justice in “Operation Midland” according to “In the back” (blesses … Continue reading

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The Minister who fell from grace.

What links Michael Keating (who has very close links to MI6) with bent An Garda Siochana, Geisha Yokohama, or whatever they are called, and serious fraud? https://www.irishtimes.com/news/man-on-fraud-charges-claims-former-minister-threatened-him-with-violence-1.280509 The rumours, they haven’t gone away you know. http://www.intellinews.com/ukraine-mp-s-uk-empire-raises-transparency-questions-500017636/?archive=bne#.WmUcEFz4dLE.twitter Look to the east. … Continue reading

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Sunshine squad update, Martin Bridger, Op Tempura & Dublin in the green.

Cressida Dick is busy burying more bad news. Operation Cealt was touched on by Goggzilla before. Time to look at how and why Martin Bridger and Richard Coy were allowed to walk away from the Operation Tempura fiasco. https://www.caymancompass.com/2017/11/23/police-operation-tempura-case-closed/ Other … Continue reading

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