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Rees & Ors v MPS

The dust is settling over the greatest defeat suffered by Old Bill in legal history, with more to come. Rees & Ors. v MPC (Final) 05.07.2018 (H/T to Dave Haslam alias Slatfascist. He is not related to Derek, Dave is … Continue reading

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Mitting, bent judge and corrupt justice.

Pitchford begat Mitting and Mitting begat obfuscation. The Grauniad are trying to exculpate the old fraud. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/may/10/undercover-policing-inquiry-will-not-deliver-final-report-before-2023 Post Plebgate whom else could the cover up go to? Non disclosure lies at the heart of the inquiry, one wonders if the … Continue reading

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More on Mitting and Spy cops.

The Establishment chose corrupt member of the judiciary, HHJ Mitting, as he was bent. Post Plebgate his credibility is non existent. The “Pitchford” inquiry plumbs new depths of tawdriness. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5698007/Victims-blast-old-fashioned-judge-leading-inquiry-undercover-police-slept-activists.html Avid readers will have encountered Mitting previously, in the ruling … Continue reading

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Court 63

Tomorrow sees the end of a long and drawn out legal saga. It would make a good book so that rules out Peter Jukes as an author. Lord Justice McCombe ruled against the U.K government in the notorious Mau Mau … Continue reading

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I do not usually quote the Grauniad (not since North Wales Police paid David Conn, anyway) but today is different. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/21/campaigners-stage-walkout-of-secretive-police-spying-inquiry Along with Holroyde and Rafferty, Mitting is totally bent. Plebgate proved as much, yet now we see the fatally … Continue reading

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DCS Dave Cook, Docherty and Hurst.

Much will hinge on the mental state of ex Det Ch Supt Mr Jacqui Hames Dave Cook in the forthcoming appeal in London. Should plod get it wrong, it will cost £4 million to be added to the £140 million … Continue reading

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Dial M for Mosley.

Book deal? If it comes off, one will need an index. Dr Philip Garnett has produced a page which gave me an idea. https://www.prgarnett.net/updated-daniel-morgan-network/ Adams, Ray. High ranking officer in the Metropolitan Police, it was his vehicle, stolen by a … Continue reading

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