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Cook the crook – DCS Dave Cook to be arrested?

World exclusive as Goggzilla is tipped off by one of the few remaining clean coppers that disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook could face arrest over his malicious prosecution and malfeasance in office, plus other charges, relating to attempts … Continue reading

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Irish Times – killing of Daniel Morgan.

One needs to travel far to get a worse article than the puff piece in today’s “Irish Times”. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/tv-radio-web/the-most-famous-british-murder-you-ve-never-heard-of-1.3299743 The motive for the Morgan murder was not “overtime at Catford police station” * but more probably cuckoldry, Morgan was an … Continue reading

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Untold, Series 2 episode 7 – Hotline to crime.

Entrapment is all the rage it appears, yesterday Northumbria Constabulary paid a nonce ten grand to obtain convictions, now Peter Jukes tells us the sorry tale of John Alford and his love of Bolivian Marching Powder. Jukes wishes to blame … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan – 30 years on.

Vikram Dodd once again shows that he is far from neutral, or accurate. In his article today, riddled with errors, he tries to character assassinate Jonathan Rees and other innocent men. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/mar/10/daniel-morgan-how-private-eyes-haunts-britains-powerful-30-years-on Dodd alludes to “murderers” plural, then repeats the … Continue reading

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R v Spivey and Vian & ors v Commissioner of police.

Odd that two disparate stories should collide, but it seems to have happened. Most folk will side against Chris Spivey, yet let us look at Greater Manchester Police. They threatened Lee Rigby’s family with arrest if they did not testify. … Continue reading

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Sheikhs, fake and other, Byline gets it wrong, again.

Mention of Joey Pyle leads to Dave Courtney, also Bernard O’Mahoney, and eventually Tony Tucker and his role in the murder cover up of Lee Balkwell by Essex Police. Operation Nigeria and Op Two Bridges, both hinged on Haslam gaining … Continue reading

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Perverting the course of justice – Derek Haslam and RISC.

Excellent article in the “Mail on Sunday” which a year ago broke the news that ex Det Con Haslam (alias Joe Poulton) was involved in derailing numerous high profile trials and getting a nice reward (21,000 Stg per annum) for … Continue reading

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