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Asil Nadir and the Supreme Court.

Cyprus watchers will be eager to find out what happens when Asil Nadir goes to the Supreme Court. http://www.gazetevatan.com/asil-nadir-in-son-umudu-yuksek-mahkeme-1145190-gundem/ With non disclosure impacting on many high profile cases (such as the Rees and Vians appeal next month) attention turns to … Continue reading

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Alec Leighton and FBME.

Deutsche Bank pretends to be clean but investigative maven Alec Leighton found out otherwise. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomwarren/how-deutsche-processed-millions-for-a-dirty-bank?utm_term=.fn3Nj9Lz9#.mmg3m7Zk7 FBME and D.B connect to an unsavory network laundering money. Along with Nigel Brown, Mr Leighton went to Cyprus and found that the Saab brothers, … Continue reading

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Whittingdalegate – Jukes last stand.

After a hiatus I find plenty to write about. A seemingly minor lurid tale of John Whittingdale and Olivia King is focusing attention on Peter Jukes, who is constantly mentioning me on Tw*tt*r. Usually I would be flattered, save for … Continue reading

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Saif Al Islam Gadaffi, Blackwater and R2R.

The forthcoming trial of Gaddafi’s son Saif will be of interest to many in the “intelligence community”. Sarah Penfold, a Nairobi based recruiter of mercenaries was tasked with getting a team of about two dozen ex South African mercenaries, which … Continue reading

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Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Why is the west so afraid of Islam? A socially engaged faith, it is the sole religious group that causes jitters in Whitehall and Westminster. A study of the Qu’ran is now seen as subversive with masjids in Britain divided … Continue reading

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