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Hewlett Packard, Philip Merrills-Dearn and Twitter.

Back in November 2004, the head of Twitter, Philip Merrills-Dearn, was in hot water with the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and subsequently fined £5000. Merrills-Dearn used headed HP notepaper, in a disreputable move concerning oil drilling. SOLICITOR MAKES FALSE CLAIMS ‘ … Continue reading

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Avon & Somerset Police, Bulmer’s art theft and Jonathan Rees.

I have returned from a fruitful trip to Belfast, to see that Michael Gillard has penned an article for the wonderful “Bristol Cable”. However, he has some lacunae, Jonathan Rees was, indeed, the main suspect in the Daniel Morgan murder … Continue reading

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Queer events at Biggin Hill.

“A Boy’s Own adventure”. Group Captain Goggins looked out across the fields to where the spitfires were refuelling. Squadron Leader Brydges-Featherstone coughed. “I say, Sir, you seem to be looking for a rather nasty chap, Derek G Haslam”. The Group … Continue reading

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Well, well, well, said Judge Stephen Mooney.

The Bulmer’s art theft sorry tale drags on. Unconcerned at the cost to taxpayers, Avon and Somers*t C*nstabulary are rehashing an already failed case. Jonathan Rees and the others are victims of vindictive policing and malicious prosecution. What of ex … Continue reading

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