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Operation Kenova and Boutcher’s Gotterdammerung.

It isn’t easy being Jon Boutcher. Not only must he hush up the murder of Leon Briggs by Bedfordshi*e C*nstabulary, but also juggle Ulster dirty war misdoings. Freddie Scappaticci was promoted sideways in January 1990 by PIRA. Martin McGuinness knew … Continue reading

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UGLE rumours, Alan “Taffy” Holmes (& Eddie Fullerton assassination).

I wish I had a quid for every “free mason” conspiracy theory connected to the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. Given the amount of death threats from the police to Goggzilla I seem to have touched a raw nerve. There … Continue reading

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UK cabinet Biosecurity centre.

Our Angolan correspondent drew my attention to this. Arrived late, as I never bother with the Grauniad, but worth a look. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/12/former-counter-terror-official-tom-hurd-put-in-charge-new-uk-biosecurity-centre-coronavirus (redacted) source in England that former MOD staff who are registered with SB as people ‘tracers’ have been … Continue reading

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Cressida Dick, Theresa May and the Daniel Morgan murder.

There have been many delays to the Daniel Morgan “Independent” panel, why is that? The aptly named Cressida Dick has her own reasons – one of the Vian Brothers is gravely ill, plus the other two innocent men, who were … Continue reading

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Vonny Watts (Jean Hatchet) and CCRC update.

As a former “vociferous spokesman” for the Ched Evans campaign I take a keen interest in false rape allegations, hence my recent visit to England. With this in mind, I am writing this blawgge post concentrating on miscarriages of justice, … Continue reading

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So, Liz Truss…

Could you assist us with our inquiries? You are utterly useless at uncovering endemic police corruption in Norfolk (especially P.C Jim Haslam, King’s Lynn, and the death in custody of Chris Higgins) also, you backed up Simon Bailey (enthusiastic collector … Continue reading

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Bulmer’s art theft – a bummer for Richard Ellis.

Which Russian oligarch wanted to buy one of the paintings stolen from the Bulmer’s estate? Did the recovery of the art masterpieces falter due to Richard Ellis being greedy? £58,000 and an additional £7,000 directly from the Bulmers family. https://www.itv.com/news/2018-06-26/former-detective-brands-bulmers-burglary-trial-completely-wrong/Continue reading

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Orpington Conservatives rocked by scandal.

2019 opens with revelations of infighting amongst Tories that could rock Bromley and adjoining parts of Kent. It appears that David (President for life) Haslam of Biggin Hill is accusing prominent Conservatives of bullying and sexual discrimination. Given that all … Continue reading

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“Nick” alias Carl Survivor, Operation Midland and false claims.

If you are stuck for reading material try Harvey Proctor’s “Credible and true”. I am not a fan of Mr Proctor’s political stance but do hold that we ought to be equal before the law. Currently there is a dichotomy, … Continue reading

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The legacy of DCS Dave Cook.

As the dust settles concerning the Vian Brothers and Jonathan Rees’ victory over New Scotland Yard, it is time to look to the future. The fiasco of the many police attempts to find the murderer of Daniel Morgan have cost … Continue reading

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