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“Bullshire Strikes Back” and Insp Brian Sheeran, update.

The greatest enemy of the police, is their propensity to go online, then attack any and all critics. There is a particular site “Bullshire Strikes Back” which deliberately targets anyone who is an anti police corruption maven. What is the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Rees and the vexed issue of New Scotland Yard dirty tricks.

Client confidentiality is an integral part of the legal network, but what if the Metropolitan Police are bugging, intercepting and undertaking surveillance in the upcoming private prosecution of ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and others? http://www.globallegalpost.com/big-stories/justice-gets-a-shot-in-the-arm-with-landmark-ruling-71051126/?utm_campaign=D1_06_09_18&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter_d1 Plod are stopping … Continue reading

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Two fraudsters, Mark Williams-Thomas and Peter Jukes.

The acquittal of pop star mogul Jonathan King raises disturbing issues about Surrey Police. Not least the role of Mark Williams-Thomas. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6033123/Documentary-maker-offered-sell-names-DJ-Jonathan-Kings-child-sex-abuse-victims.html Many questions surround the veracity (or lack of it) of Williams-Thomas who is very close indded to Peter … Continue reading

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Who are the two? Metropolitan Police “Standards Dept”

The “Daily Mirror” had a good article on the latest scandal swirling around New Scotland Yard. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/two-cops-being-probed-corruption-12986840 Now all one needs to do is identify them. Should be easy enough.  

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Dial D for Davies

Firstly, an apology. Mr and Mrs Davies have nothing to do with a huge case of police corruption, they merely bought a house, they are chatty and informative so I wish them the best. Now to Max Mosley (he has … Continue reading

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Ian Hurst, Mossad and P.C James A Haslam.

Given that comments seem to have been disabled (and not from this end) plod are getting worried. They ought to be, as this blogge may disappear and return as a book. I hope to be busy soon, with another trip … Continue reading

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“Golden Lion” and Peter Jukes, nutter.

About the only good thing concerning Derek Haslam is how loose lipped he is when drunk. His mention of Alastair Morgan’s suicide bid in Denmark (or was it Sweden?) plus Alastair’s drug taking lead onto an examination of the murder … Continue reading

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