Asst Comm John Yates on DCS Dave Cook “completely unacceptable”.

More revelations today, in the trial of “Vian & ors v Commissioner of police” at the High Court.

John Yates is well known for his part in the nexus of corrupt police that formed “The Untouchables” written about by Gillard and Flynn.

Less well known, perhaps, is Yates and his role protecting DCS Dave Cook. Cook had a vendetta against ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery, who was implicated in the murder of Daniel Morgan. Cook was far from impartial, and at the behest of Al Morgan (when Al was not high on narcotics) was put under pressure to use witnesses such as James Ward (discredited) and Gary Eaton (ditto).

Yates admitted that Cook’s behaviour in trying to fit up the Vian Brothers and Jonathan Rees was “completely unacceptable”. You may remember Yates from such things as the attempted fitting up of John Leslie on a false rape allegation plus being an advising the police in Bahrain, committing human rights abuses.

Update. I came across this –

Click to access 20110325.pdf


which show the depth of the illegal contact between DCS Cook and both James Ward and Gary Eaton, and how both witnesses were far from ideal. Ward was a known drugs dealer and Eaton an ex psychiatric patient who was, and is, a pathological liar (in other words a carbon copy of Derek Haslam, who has still not been arrested). One wonders why not?

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