Cyber equivalent of Rorke’s Drift.

What is the public perception of Jonathan Rees and others falsely accused such as Glenn Vian? Not positive, and this will be more fully addressed tomorrow (stop crying Cressida).

The spotlight needs to turn on proven corrupt cops, such as ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, not, as in Rees and Vians case, those who became the focal point of lazy and malicious policing. The use of paid police perjurers, such as Warner, underlines how far the Metropolitan Police were prepared to go in fitting up anyone with a connection to Daniel Morgan.

As “Erica Albright” said in “The Social Network” the internet is not written in pencil “it is written in ink”. How can one deal with this? Recall the case of Jeffries, an oddball who was arrested for a murder in Bristol (he did, to public consternation, change his alibi publicly in a high profile murder case). Other than Jeffries what of bent ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s former spouse, Jacqui Hames? Again, this will be examined tomorrow.

Final word for now with the Cardiff Three “They just thought we would fade away”. Jonathan Rees and Glenn Vian refuse to fade away, New Scotland Yard are dragging their feet over admitting a £140 million plus error and a raft of connected criminal offences.


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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, the shadow of the noose.

Is the spurious use of mental illness an excuse to not face one’s consequences? Reticence over what to do with disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) looms large for New Scotland Yard. Cook swore that he would be far from alone in the dock. The failure of the fourth Daniel Morgan murder inquiry rests fully on Cook, as does the wrongful arrests of Jonathan Rees and Glenn Vian.

Cook has opted to elude justice by what the Metropolitan Police term “doing a Derek G Haslam” or feigning mental illness. Of course, Cook could truly be mentally ill, in which case, how and why was he given a high profile unsolved murder? Cook was sufficiently well enough to try and do a book deal with Mike Sullivan. Haslam was allowed to bug “Southern Investigations” after leaving The Met, being declared mentally ill.

Cressida Dick is going to have to take the damage over this, as any further cunctatory tactics could backfire badly. Will Cook “roll over”on his minions to get a reduced sentence? A new and optimistic chapter opens for Morganologists as the police face their worst nightmare. Plod are loathe to pay what they owe (a massive compensation bill for the maliciously prosecuted).

Following on Avon and Somers*t Police’s poorly thought out actions in the Bulmer’s art theft trial the reputation of Old Bill is at it’s lowest.

Spare a thought for Cook – razors in the shower, body fluid in his food. Unless he starts singing.

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Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan.

The exculpation of John “O.J” Davidson. New Scotland Yard are getting desperate, and rattled. Much is being made of tenuous allegations that the retired policeman accessed the PNC. Same as P.C Jamie A Haslam of King’s Lynn does now? Mr Davidson is far from popular in the Haslam family, after robustly escorting Det Con Derek G Haslam from an Xmas party in the 1980’s, when Haslam Senior would not take “No” as an answer from a pretty WPC who was married.

Alec Leighton put himself on the line over money laundering and the dubious practices at FMBE.

FBME sues own investigators for whistle-blowing in Cyprus

What of Tom Watson, M.P? Same Watson who lost all credibility after supporting Carl Beech in “Operation Midland”? Same Watson who sexted a nubile young staffer at West Bromwich Labour party? (It is only the party that will suffer, so don’t complain).

Vikram Dodd wrote about Mr Davidson, it was a “nice little earner” for Vik, paid by The Met (as his pal David Conn was paid by North Wales Police). The Grauniad spiked an article on corruption and Operations Othona/Nigeria/Gloxinia/Caryatid/Two Bridges/Huscote/Russia.

The use of the media and attacks upon Jonathan Rees and Glenn Vian, a decorated ex serviceman, will be highlighted soon. Det Ch Supt Dave Cook had what the Dutch term a “gezellig” relationship with Mike Sullivan and others.

I will update later on developments in the Kim James case, odd that Haslam’s voice in a bugged (illegal) conversation is redacted. Where did the £6000 for his bugging device come from? To conclude, Haslam’s sabotaging and infiltration of SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) in addition to his activities in Thurnscoe loom large post Easter.

As do uber bent Det Insp Alison Chipperton (now HMRC, innocent whistle) Operation Bedingham and Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

Nearly forgot, Terry Jones is “The Cyprus Man”.


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Line of duty.

The BBC 1 Sunday night prime time hit has, as an adviser, David Zinzan. Cast your mind back to Operation Abelard II, which was infiltrated and sabotaged internally. Half Jamaican Derek Haslam stole documents and signed his name “David Haslam” (his white half brother, now focus of a corruption charge in Jo Johnson’s constituency).

But back to Hamish Campbell (no relation to Douglas Campbell) who was offered charge of the Daniel Morgan inquiry in 1999-2000 by uber bent cop, John Yates. Hamish refused as it was a “poisoned chalice”, Yates never spoke to him for five years after that.

Va fan culo.

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If you see Sid, tell him.

Goggzilla loves it when a plan comes together. The last post did indeed get a fact wrong, Douglas Campbell, not Hamish Campbell, was the senior investigator on the night of the Daniel Morgan murder. The rest stands though, Hamish is indeed a corrupt cop. Look at what was flushed out however, a comment from Derek G Haslam.

Using a Tor router (which came via Norfolk Police, where his equally bent son James A Haslam works) Derek Haslam used a fake e-mail address for Sid Fillery. Haslam Senior threatened to sue Goggzilla on a weekly basis. With the fate of DCS Dave Cook looming, it is time to look at Haslam, used by Cook to bug “Southern Investigations” among other illegal activities.

Haslam attempted to blackmail a couple, using the alias “Sue Shack”. In the early days of “My Telegraph” (which he never made the Beta cut for) Haslam used “Sigourd Shack” for one of his accounts (when not RIP trolling).

Haslam also planted porn on Fillery’s computer, Haslam was ordered to leave “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge over his part in Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide. The half Jamaican Haslam is now growing ever more afraid, not only do animal rights activists wish to find out where in Downham Market he is hiding but his erstwhile bosses in the Metropolitan Police are woke up to his being an expensive liability instead of an asset. A situation which Haslam brought on himself a decade ago. Plod delenda est.



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Det Ch Supt Hamish Campbell, the Jill Dando and Daniel Morgan murders.

The framing of Barry George is a huge miscarriage of justice. The MSM are awash with quotes from DSC Hamish Campbell about the events surrounding the murder of Dando. This was mentioned in Goggzilla a while ago, plus Dando’s connection to disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook via Jacqui Hames.

However, that is not the sole link with these two high profile cases. Campbell was the senior investigator on the night of the Daniel Morgan murder, he was drunk on duty (his daughter had gone off the rails, after an expensive private education, discovering sex, drugs, rock and roll, though in what order I won’t hazard a guess). Campbell’s solution was to knock back a bottle of whiskey on entering the “Golden Lion” in Sydenham. The Golden Hour was lost, and with it any chance to get the real murderer.

Compare and contrast with Dando, lazy policing led to a local oddball being fitted up for the killing. Campbell was in addition connected to the Ira Thomas case. Terry McGuinness and Roy Clark both figure – Gillard interviewed both for “The Untouchables”. Clark is now with the notoriously bent HMRC and Campbell is with the Jamaican version of the discreditted IOPC. Clark did raise the point of why the bugging of “Southern Investigations” took so long.

Barry George has not received compensation for what he endured, nor, thus far, have either Jonathan Rees or Glenn Vian. Campbell’s incompetence put innocent men in prison and his reward was a QPM. Jamaica seems a fitting venue for him. Perhaps he will be given a Knighthood?

Vae victis.


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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, an update.

Quick blog post today, stay tuned for developments regarding proven corrupt cop Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames).

Cook vowed that he would be “far from alone in the dock” when (not if) charged. It will prove costly to the Metropolitan Police, financial and in what remains of their reputation post “Operation Tiberius”  but after £140 million it is only mugs taxpayers money after all.

Squeaky bum time in Downham Market, Norfolk.




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