To Norfolk.

Not many personal posts on here but I am just off out for an interview, or meeting, the result of which will determine whether I am to go to King’s Lynn sooner rather than later.

Update, there could be a book commission in the offing.



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Quiet “Guardian” noisy “Private Eye”.

Note that Vikram Dodd has dried up and blown away like dessicated dog droppings in light of LLJ McCombe, King and Coulson’s verdict in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan Police. He could always gain extra income, like his colleague David Conn, by shilling for North Wales Police. In contrast the “Daily Mail” plus “Sunday Mail” and “The Times” are avidly following developements in the case.

Foremost is that the Supreme Court almost certainly won’t accede to any attempt by New Scotland Yard to waste more tax payers money on top of the £140 million thus far and £2 million legal costs and an equal amount compensation for Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. “Private Eye” have been especially good and accurate in covering this landmark miscarriage of justice.

Squeaky bum time for DCS Dave Cook and his minions – dragons home to roost. Avon and Somerset Police ought to take note, spite can be costly and also a wealth of bad publicity.


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Wheeler, Workers and Willoughby.

What on earth is David Wheeler of Hampshire Police playing at? One would think that with Operation Abelard II rearing it’s ugly head again,  the constabulary would wish to draw attention away from it’s endemic corruption.

News of Jonathan Rees’s victory is travelling far and wide.

Also of course in Derek Haslam’s favourite publication, the “Socialist Worker”. Given his actions in Thurnscoe and the “Groovy Gang” miscarriage of justice plus R v Harris and dozens of other court cases, time has run out for the ex psychiatric patient with the dusky Dad.

Following the crushing defeat of Old Bill at the Court of Appeal, the legal eagles are now scenting blood in Downham Market.

Haslam is now being sued.

Goggzilla will assist this in any and all ways possible.


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Who is “Frank Matthews”? Four names.

It seems that the identity of Lamplighter Cop “Frank Matthews” is about to be outed. Either he is

Dave Wood

Chris Mahaffey

Adrian Harper … or …

Martin Bridger.

He has connections to South East London and as the net closes on those who dared to try and frame Jonathan Rees, Garry Vian and Glenn Vian plus others it’s time to sing.


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Stuart Sampson, Scappaticci and swift justice.

Still no arrests of corrupt police involved in Rees and others versus the Metropolitan Police. Should plod drag their feet, a private prosecution might concentrate minds wonderfully at New Scotland Yard. Private prosecution worked well for the CAA in the Alison Chabloz trial.

Paragraph 48 of the now disgraced 2017 Mitting ruling mentions Stuart Sampson of the CPS, who played a major role in derailing the initial appeal of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. Sampson was close to DCS Dave Cook, who maliciously prosecuted Mr Rees. Cook has sworn that he “will not stand in the dock alone”, given his connections to John Yates and Lord Stevens, plus other lower ranks, the Met needs to consider damage limitation. Attention is going to focus on Operation Bedingham, a bungled effort to frame Garry and Glenn Vian, both innocent.

To Irish matters and what is going to emerge over Scappaticci? Wrongly identified as “Stakeknife” by Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst, who never handled him, Scappaticci (Kerbstone) could prove toxic for Garnerville and Harcourt Street.

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Rees & Ors v MPS

The dust is settling over the greatest defeat suffered by Old Bill in legal history, with more to come.

Rees & Ors. v MPC (Final) 05.07.2018

(H/T to Dave Haslam alias Slatfascist. He is not related to Derek, Dave is white).

The role of Mitting in last year’s farcical ruling is central, as is the (mis)use of Eaton as a witness. Det Ch Supt Dave Cook committed malfeasance in public office and has yet to be arrested.

Paragraph 27 mentions Operation Abelard II and the totally corrupt Hampshire Constabulary. Omitted is the fact that Derek Haslam signed statements in two different names and stole documents.

Paragraph 28 and Warner, the “Southern Investigations” company was bugged (again, Haslam did this and admitted such in the Poulton debrief).

Paragraph 35 Andrew Docherty.

Paragraph 37. Det Ch Insp Noel Beswick, omitted is the fact that Det Sgt Dalby was having an affair with prosecutor, Heather Stangoe Q.C.

Malicious prosecution and abuse of process played a huge role in this case, one wonders why David Conn (paid by North Wales Police) and Vikram Dodd (paid by The Met) of the Guardian haven’t covered it. Is it due to New Scotland Yard losing?

Excellent pieces by The Times and Daily Mail.

Finally the Metropolitan Police are whining about paying compensation. They must consider that this is not the end and very damaging revelations are still be be uncovered.


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Mitting, bent and DCS Dave Cook, very bent.

The scathing verdict against the Metropolitan Police is now in the public domain.

2018 07 05 – NBQC – Rees Vian Vian v Met Commissioner

Lord Justice Mitting whose mishandling of “Spycops” is cause for concern is now known on the global stage as bent.

In addition, the role of Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) is hounding three innocent men is also under the spotlight, as Michael Gillard said on Twitter why no arrest?

Cook is far from alone in his criminality, he must be arrested alongside Jarratt, Wood, Yates and smaller fry such as Det Sgt Dalby and ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who are all now known to be liars and totally devoid of worth.

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