Morganology update

Not content with adding a word (Morganology, the study of Britain’s most high profile recent unsolved killing) to the English language, David Bray now has his book pulled even before it is released for Xmas.

Amazon are no longer listing “Daniel Morgan – Southern Investigation” as being on their book list.

It cannot be out of stock, so is there a legal reason for the disappearance? As with Peter Jukes podcast “Untold murder” the Metropolitan Police grow nervous.

One for “Private Eye” if ever there was cause for an article. Bray is a close associate of Derek Haslam, quote of the day “Haslam wanted to be white, and he could not be, hence he became insane”.

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Daniel Morgan – Metropolitan Police hacked?

It has been a quiet day. The Attorney General has not arrested me, and, in a quiet Norfolk village, a Methodist practices voodoo.

Meanwhile I came across this –

Odd. If true, it heralds a darker turn in the murder cover up and the appeal next year of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. It may be a way of plod wanting to save a record four million quid settlement. Especially in light of the upcoming action against DCS Dave Cook, who was implicit in using Eaton and Ward to try and fit up Messers Rees and Vian.

Plod delenda est.

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Cook the crook – DCS Dave Cook to be arrested?

World exclusive as Goggzilla is tipped off by one of the few remaining clean coppers that disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook could face arrest over his malicious prosecution and malfeasance in office, plus other charges, relating to attempts to frame Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn.

Will Cook try and avoid it all by aping his underling Derek Haslam and feigning mental illness? Rumours abound that Cook will not go down solo, and will implicate higher ranks such as John Yates in the 140 million pound fiasco which the Daniel Morgan murder cover up has become.

With the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel tooking more tainted daily, Mrs Jacqui Hames is casting about desperately in order to avoid a twenty year stretch in a Cat A prison.

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We must thank David Bray for adding to the wealth of the English language by giving us “Morganology” a new word to describe the murder cover up of Daniel Morgan.

Bray has written a book – he was Morgan’s friend and shared a passion for younger women. However, far more damaging to Bray’s credibility, is the fact that he has been endorsed by Derek Haslam, the half Jamaican, ex psychiatric police informer, who infiltrated and sabotaged the Morgan family campaign from within.

Hint to Bray, no need to fill out the book with details such as “Tutti Fruitti was on BBC 1 at 9.30 pm when Daniel was killed”. Robbie Coltrane, nice fellow.



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Mad axemen, affairs, Miami Vice.

Daniel Morgan murder cover up in a nutshell? The initial inquiry on the night was mishandled, the senior policeman was drunk on duty.

Motives? Bonnicci Maltese drugs syndicate. The many partners of the young (sometimes very young) females which the Welsh bailiff was cuckolding.

Cranski, Kranski, PIRA and a Norfolk beach? Vivid imagination of half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient Derek Haslam. A known and proven liar, Haslam also framed Eamon Harris of The Met. In addition, Haslam concocted lurid tales together with Ian Hurst (a figure of derision and disgust on both the Falls and Shankill) then duped Peter Jukes.

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Bob Quick is a liar.

As indeed, is DCS Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames). Why is disgraced ex DCS Dave Cook being handled with kid gloves? Why aren’t the CPS prosecuting Cook? Perhaps it would interest our pals over at “Private Eye” that Cook is prepared to “sing like a canary” if lifted over misconduct in public office. What of an additional charge of “abuse of trust”? Cook committed many illegal acts in R v Rees and others “without reasonable excuse”.

Bob Quick lied over the Damien Green affair. Plod lied over “Plebgate”, Derek Haslam lied over not wishing to sell Maxine Carr’s details which he obtained from his son, P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn.

Dave Cook lied about using illegal methods to fit up Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. Innit.

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Operation Megan, Operation Huscote & Det Insp Richard Poynter

The  “Covert Human Intelligence Source” (paid police informer) code named Joe Poulton (Derek Haslam) is causing much alarm at New Scotland Yard, where he has gone from being an asset, to becoming a liability. Even Cressida Dick now sees that selling him out will be her best option.

Haslam’s role in miscarriages of justice will peak next year –  Infinite Films and Channel 4 are making a documentary, there is a major appeal, even Det Insp Richard Poynter is unhappy at the waves Haslam is creating.

Operation Megan was one nail in his coffin, Operation Huscote white washed what he did, plus the “Leather Queen” and his association with Fiona McCormack is about to capsize The Met.


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