Not in the public interest? DCS Dave Cook

Public Interest Immunity is an interesting legal concept, however, when it touches on the Metropolitan Police cover up of the Daniel Morgan murder, it takes on a far darker dimension. The CPS decided that ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (or David Imrie-Cook as he now styles himself) would not be prosecuted, as it would spare New Scotland Yard’s embarrassment. As a strategy, it backfired spectacularly.

Cook was proven to have used unreliable witnesses, in an endevour to fit up Daniel Morgan’s partner, Jonathan Rees, along with Mr Rees’ two brothers in law at the time, the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn. Inadequate compensation was awarded. An already tarnished Met reputation became decidedly shabbier.

It is quite patently in the public interest that Cook is prosecuted. Justice delayed is justice denied and saving Cressida Dick’s blushes is not a cogent legal reason for ineptitude. Cook’s future looks likely to have him dance the Tyburn jig, unless he rolls over on his minions. He was far from alone in his venality. Occluding the truth is The Met’s priority in this case. It ought to be highlighting the maliciousness of Old Bill.

Much has been made of the reason for Morgan’s murder – a recent theory is that Morgan and Alan “Taffy” Holmes were onto a police corruption case. Bryan Madagan torpedoed this, no serious commentator lends it weight. Holmes committed suicide as he had been sold out. Morgan? Most plausible – adultery, only other motive which holds water is a connection to the Bonnicci drugs cartel in Malta.

Morgan’s family deserve an answer, and putting Cook in front of a court of law, in a high profile prosecution would settle the matter finally.

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Grave offences of dishonesty – ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie-Cook.

I had trouble with the title, not only is ex DCS Dave Cook the Metropolitan Police’s most bent cop (quite an accolade for Mr Jacqui Hames) but he has changed his name (Dave Cook, Dave Imrie Cook no hyphen). The CPS declined to charge Cook – not in the public interest? Why is that? Cook has sworn to sing like a canary in the dock and has already implicated minions for a reduced sentence. Quite niggardly perhaps.

The level of collusion on the Cook case is astonishing, even Keir Starmer and Sooty would be surprised. Cook attempted to use known perjurers against Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and others. New Scotland Yard want this story to disappear. We need only to know that after cuntatory tactics by plod, the truth is leaking out, innocent men fitted up and still – Old Bill will not pay what they owe (this could change soon).

Cook is being lined up like a coconut at a fair ground stall. Private prosecutions are a wonderful thing. Goggzilla is delighted to assist in any way. Plod delenda est.



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Les trois villes – Bolton, Enniskillen, Omagh.

The always excellent “Phoenix” magazine alludes to Kevin Fulton, but what connection (tenuous) does he have to the Daniel Morgan murder cover up? Liam Clarke the far from impartial “Sunday Times” journalist gave Peter Keeley the alias “Kevin Fulton” as he did with “Martin Ingram” (Ian Hurst, a shabby debt collector, in Bolton, with a property portfolio amassed by duping the denizens of the MSM).

Fulton and Ingram (Keeley and Hurst) link to G2 and their UK masters, MI5/6. A useful idiot in the black arts of disinformation, Hurst was in Enniskillen after the bombing atrocity (the only time which an ASU was stood down). As with Omagh, messages relayed to Thiepval could have prevented the massacres but were ignored as the propaganda value of a PIRA own goal was discerned.

Hurst found a ready source connected to New Scotland Yard in Peter Jukes, and propped up shaky theories with recent allegations (unsubstantiated) of Daniel Morgan and police corruption as the reason for his murder. These emanated solely from a half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient who has been completely discreditted.


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UVF and the alphabet army, Kevin Fulton.

A fairly short blogge today, it seems that the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara are far from happy about news leaking out concerning Kevin Fulton (alias Peter Keeley). It isn’t Omagh they need to sweat about, but the Enniskillen bombing. That would, of course, have been before the assassination murder of Eddie Fullerton. Perhaps Fraser Dawbarns resident loudmouth Gary Alexander could elucidate?

“Double Agent” and “Unsung hero” are part of a tranche of literature on Northern Ireland, one wonders if Ian Hurst (Bolton, St Nexans, Castelferro) will pen his memoirs? Credibility is the cornerstone, however, Hurst with his ilk have none. Ian must be regretting selling me – how are Enya and Josh by the way? Having perused O’Callaghan’s exculpation “Informer” surely Martin Ingram could do far better?

More on Stakeknife to come.



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Turkey and the Yildrim case, ECHR.

As it has gone quiet on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up front at present, I thought that Goggzilla ought to look at Article 10 of the ECHR, namely, freedom of speech. With Julian Assange, Britain’s foremost political prisoner, in the news, it may be propitious. The background to Yildrim v Turkey is free expression, at this point I must add that I have nothing negative to say about Kemal Ataturk.

There are similarities between the use of suppression orders by the Turkish regime and D notices in the UK. Both add up to the gagging of dissenting views. Yildrim was awarded 7500 Euros (initial claim 10,000 Euros) this brings to mind the fact that one must pay what one owes. With Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers that is £3.9 million, in addition to the £414,000 already stumped up by New Scotland Yard for attempting on multiple occasions to fit up the innocent. It would be niggardly to settle for less. Plus the others tangentally involved, let’s say £10 million on top of the £140 million which the Daniel Morgan murder cover up cost thus far.

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Royal exclusive, Byline gets it wrong – again.

Usually when one is in a hole, one ought to stop digging. However, the latest installment of Peter Jukes project is cause for mirth, so badly written hat an undergraduate media studies gal could have done better.

Much of it dates back to 1999. Mention is made of “Operation Two Bridges” but not the illegality of the Metropolitan Police actions surrounding it. Nor does Jukes bother to include the fact that his sole source, Derek G Haslam, a disgraced half Jamaican * ex Det Con who knew Jonathan Rees – stole photos of the Duke of Cambridge during his time at Sandhurst and tried to flog them. Haslam also stole details of Maxine Carr, which his son, P.C Jamie A Haslam illegally garnered from the PNC. * We know not for certain whether Haslam’s Senior’s Dad was Jamaican or a black American. Haslam quit The Met in Oct 1989 with mental illness.

The reason for Daniel Morgan’s murder was nothing to do with exposing police corruption. As has been written previously, Morgan went to his ex boss Bryan Madagan with a story of overtime scams in Catford. Morgan was murdered either due to cuckoldry or links to the Bonnicci drugs cartel in Malta.

Mention is made of Kim James – the recording omits Haslam and only has Rees. Also Sid Fillery and child abuse images – these were from Haslam’s own stash. Haslam (Senior and Junior) are both in the same masonic lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey, hence no arrests thus far.

Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers are awaiting compensation of £3.9 million from New Scotland Yard over the five attempts to frame them for the Morgan murder.

Message to plod – Pay what you owe.


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Soracchi, O’Brien, O’Driscoll and Daniel Morgan.

It might be better to begin, initially, with “Private Eye” and an article on Carlo Neri (Soracchi). Page 39 regales us with the account of his going undercover. On page 38 we are treated to the murder death in custody of Leon Briggs which has brought this blawg to the attention of BCH – Bedfordshi*e, Cambridgeshi*e and Hertfordshi*e police, probably the three most corrupt c*nstabularies in the UK.

Not far behind are the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, who avidly took part in the non disclosure of evidence, in the murders disappearances of Patrick O’Driscoll and Cathal O’Brien. We will never know what Fred Flannery did, nor did not, do. This is mentioned as non disclosure of evidence is a hallmark of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. DCS David Cook – a proven corrupt policeman – used this tactic to try and frame innocent men, namely Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers.

Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes is making much today of the 33rd anniversary of the murder of Daniel Morgan. He omits to mention that Dan Morgan was in the “Golden Lion” to buy drugs for his brother, Alastair. Or that the sole source of the “police corruption” tale (very recent) is a proven paid police perjurer, who lies about what colour his Father was – amongst other things. Jukes goes on about Kim James, yet the tape alluded to only has half a conversation. What is being occluded? As to Leveson, same Leveson as dismissed Ian Hurst as a “Walter Mitty”? The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel is fatally compromised . Baroness O’Loan links to Wood, Yates, plus many other bent police.

Finally, Baroness Emma Nicolson – she made page 20 of “Private Eye” yet no mention of her part in screwing over Asil Nadir. Is that due to plod being worried over “Abacus Security”?

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