Castigation of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel, exoneration of Alec Leighton.

The most pertinent feature of the initial Daniel Morgan murder inquiry is how poorly it was handled. Campbell, the senior rank, was drunk on duty, Det Insp Alan Jones merely bungled his way through the case to the detriment of all subsequently implicated. Motives need to be examined, why was Morgan murdered? His trip to Malta looms large, the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo may, or may not, have been involved, but how much attention was devoted to the car import fraud that West Yorkshire Police (notoriously corrupt themselves) were investigating? Not much.

Was a Metropolitan Police constable hired by the Maltese to kill Morgan? Campbell and Jones lazily attempted to put Morgan’s partner at “Southern Investigations” in the frame. Jonathan Rees was unhappy with the outcome of the “Belmont” robbery insurance claim, yet as a theory, it is a very weak motive for murder.

Likewise Hampshi*e Police and Morgan having an affair (one of his many) with Margaret Harrison. No serious commentator places any weight on Det Ch Insp Blaker’s wild notions.

It is this flailing around which the “Independent” Panel are not dealing with. Instead they are looking for a scapegoat. Det Sgt Alec Leighton came under suspicion, DMIP overlooked his role in uncovering fraud at FBME, Cyprus. Hardly the profile of a bent cop. Leighton is blameless and if anything, a heroic figure.

Operation Abelard II was infiltrated and sabotaged internally. Step forward serial fantasist Derek G Haslam, who went crying to his MP, Liz Truss, over New Scotland Yard’s waking up to Haslam’s unreliability and untrustworthiness. If Haslam wishes to sue for libel, please do so, add embezzler Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts, Vonny Radstone) too. Haslam planted child abuse images on Sid Fillery, of “Southern” from Haslam’s own voluminous stash.

Haslam passed on false intelligence to plod, leading to many innocent folk being set up. Haslam also bugged “Southern” and now we come to the Kim James incident. What DMIP are keeping from the tax paying public is the Met’s manipulation of evidence, misquoting of those involved and summarizing of speeches and major issues. Small wonder Sir Stanley Burnton walked away from it, thus keeping clean.

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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook – notable occasions on the calendar of dread.

Another embargo, this time it has huge consequences for the Metropolitan Police. With disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook now facing a private prosecution, whom else can be brought to book? Whatever deal New Scotland Yard cut with half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, Derek G Haslam, who is now hiding in Shouldham, Norfolk, plod face making a grim new deal.

But it is not merely expendable minnows that must face justice, the top of the Old Bill dunghill also attracts attention. Global headlines beckon, over the mendacity of certain well known, high ranking police figures. Time to gloat, Goggzilla is winning. Oderint dum metuant.

Cook’s mishandling of the fifth Daniel Morgan murder inquiry, Cook’s illegal use of supergrasses, Cook’s malicious prosecution of Jonathan Rees (Morgan’s partner at Southern Investigations) and multiple other infractions of regulations (that would make “Line of duty” seem tame) beg the question, what else is to be exposed?

Tom Watson ought to reevaluate his closeness to Peter Jukes, ex psychiatric patient and mortgage fraudster. A very camp Liberal Democrat from Wales, pointed out that Jukes had called me “racist”. (No evidence, alas). An insult from Jukes is equivalent to a compliment from a decent source.

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Jonathan Rees and the private prosecution of disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

No sooner had I set off for Belfast, than I heard long awaited news, concerning the former lead in the most recent botched attempt to fit up “Southern Investigations” boss, Jonathan Rees. Though embargoed I sat on this. Uber corrupt Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (alias Imrie-Cook) is being sued and has few options.

Excellent article by Fiona Hamilton and Michael Gillard.

The cost exceeds £140 million (not £14 million, as reported). Mr Rees and the Vian Brothers were framed, now, Dave Cook is trying to “do a Derek Haslam” and plead mental illness. Odd that Cook was able to negotiate a book and putative film deal, whilst Jacqui Hames was having an affair with her first husband, Vice Squad maven, Michael Hames. (Hence the surveillance).

Another excellent article, it omits that the undercover operative is Derek G Haslam, now hiding in Shouldham, Norfolk.

Dave Cook faces a gloomy future – high ranking Metropolitan Police such as John Yates and John Stevens, in addition to others, wish to throw a minnow under the wheels. Fiona McCormack and “Crategate” come back to haunt New Scotland Yard as does Judge Mitting.

Cook has few options, open landing in a Cat A prison as a bent policeman or cut a deal by verballing up Haslam.

To the Det Supt who is now investigating the complaint Cook made against Martin Hewitt, the Det Supt ought to ensure his own career does not come to an ignominious end. Be a smart plod and give us Haslam.

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Zinzan, Daniel Morgan murder and “Line of duty” series 6.

David Zinzan and his wife, Sharon, made a lucrative quarter of a century from the Daniel Morgan murder industry. Interviews with Zinzan’s ex colleagues reveal a less than mediocre detective, who was lured by the TV companies, to provide accurate jargon, with limited insights. Zinzan kept a low profile, now he hopes to capitalize on the public’s interest in true crime dramas.

The unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan now gets cross referenced in “Line of duty” a popular BBC Sunday night whodunit. Perhaps Buckells is Bucknole? Morgan was murdered by person or persons unknown, who were in the Metropolitan police at the time. Most probably Fintan Creaven – though Barry Wilmot and Tony McClean make the short list. Motive? Not a billion pound police corruption story, but far more mundane, adultery or Maltese drug dealers.

New Scotland Yard fitted up innocent men, such as Morgan’s business partner at “Southern Investigations” Jonathan Rees, in addition to trying to frame the Vian Brothers for the crime. The much delayed, long awaited Independent report by Baroness Nuala O’Loan will make for uncomfortable reading – squeaky bum time for Old Bill.

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“Line of duty” Series 6 and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Controlling the narrative, something Peter Jukes and New Scotland Yard (same thing really) are trying to do, with the Daniel Morgan murder. Step forward Andy Gardner of the “Mirror” with this highly inaccurate account.

Now, “Line of duty” is popular, I shall settle down tonight and watch, but how close are they to actually getting near the truth?

“Believed to have been probing police corruption” – no evidence or proof for this, merely Jukes and his sole source Haslam, trying to get a potboiler out of the “Untold” podcast. Motive for murder? Either adultery or a connection to the Bonnici drugs cartel, Malta.

David Zinzan is mentioned, after Goggzilla outed him. Zinzan is one of the bent cabal in “The Untouchables”. Alastair Morgan, recovering drug addict and ex psychiatric patient, was dubbed by Haslam as “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year” (see Poulton debrief). However, the grim reality that his brother was murdered over a sordid affair, or because he was too close to a drugs importation that went wrong, a narrative plod find inconvenient. The more accurate narrative, alas, is that the murderer was in the Metropolitan police at the time, hence the five (deliberately) bungled and malicious investigations.

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Wales Online – the unsolved Daniel Morgan murder and “Line of duty series 6”.

There are only a few errors here, but they are quite large.

The cost thus far is in excess of £140 million.

Time to examine the narrative, these past few days saw Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes and “Untold” quoted. Mortgage fraudster Jukes hit the jackpot when he began being paid by New Scotland Yard to push the bizarre – and very recent – theory that Daniel Morgan was somehow involved in uncovering a major police corruption scandal.

In early 1987 he tried to sell a story to Fleet Street, about an minor overtime scam at Catford police station. His ex employer, Bryan Madagan, had him pegged as a fantasist. Ex psychiatric patient Jukes then conflated the Nikolaus Chrastny billion dollar drugs importation with Daniel Morgan.

The dates, places and people, though, do not fit.

Daniel Morgan was probably murdered via a connection to relatively small time Maltese drug dealers. His murderer was “person or persons unknown” who were, at the time, in the Metropolitan Police, most likely Fintan Creaven, or Barry Wilmot. Tony McClean was also a suspect. Inept policing meant that Jonathan Rees (Morgan’s partner in Southern Investigations) was fitted up for the murder, along with others.

Having read the recent reviews of “Line of duty, series 6” another canard cropped up. Alan “Taffy” Holmes knew Morgan slightly, but the more Holmes suicide is analysed, the more the spotlight shines on Jukes sole source for the “billion dollar” theory, a known paid perjurer, now in witness protection, in Shouldham, Norfolk. He was the only person named in Holmes suicide note, in addition to being subsequently expelled from “Manor of Bensham 7114” lodge.

Finally, the “Line of duty” script alluded to Jill Dando. Today one finds her colleague Jacqui Hames is focused on with questions as to why she was surveilled by the “News of the world”. Jacqui Hames was having an affair with her ex (first) husband, Michael Hames, of the Vice Squad.

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Daniel Morgan murder, Untold and “Line of duty series 6”.

At the risk of becoming a TV review blog, here goes. I missed “Line of duty” as it was dire last week, apparently many viewers are getting hot and bothered that the Daniel Morgan murder and “Untold” podcast were name checked. Here goes.

Morgan was murdered by one of the Metropolitan police. The subsequent investigations owed much to lazy policing. Innocent men, connected to “Southern Investigations” were fitted up in the name of expediency. “Untold” is nothing more than Jukes parroting New Scotland Yard spooge, using a sole source even plod dubbed “unreliable and untrustworthy”.

My guess is that Zinzan, one of the “Untouchables” was brought in by Mercurio and paid a few quid to add some flavour. The Keystone Kops section of Avon and Somers*t Old Bill even went so far as to try and frame Morgan’s business partner, Jonathan Rees, in the “Bulmer’s art heist”.

Main suspect in Morgan’s murder? Fintan Creaven. Other strong candidates – Barry Wilmot and Tony McClean.

Motives? Either cuckoldry or the Maltese drugs cartel Morgan was loosely associated with. As to Jukes and “Untold” one of his backers is Max Mosley. It’s spankingly interesting.

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Tories in Sheffield, trouble in Brighton.

As I have a busy, well starred week ahead, I will tie up loose ends here, with news on the Daniel Morgan murder about to break which augurs ill for plod.

Saw this and pondered why “Jean Hatchet” (Vonny Watts, Vonny Radstone) denies she was ever a Conservative Cllr, in Fulwood.

That is not all, apart from falsely accusing her ex husband, Richard, of rape and assault Vonny (Jean) also supported George Osbourne.

It is not Jean/Vonny’s turn of politics which bothers Goggzilla, far more the lies she spouts about everything. Will the Labour party take her back? Will Jean/Vonny continue to embezzle from charity funds? Will she try and deny linking to Twitter accounts @vonnywatts and @vonnywatts1? On the topic of Twitter and Jean/Vonny’s connection to Derbyshi*e Police and South Yorkshi*e Police, as an informant, Twitter legal boss, Philip Merrills-Dearn was involved in the Givot Olam oil scam in Nov 2004, fined £5000. Philip’s second in command is in 77th Brigade (GCHQ) and his minion Sionaid MacSweeney was a spokeswoman for the RUC/PSNI and Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara/rats in blue.

We leave radical feminazis, turning to developments in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up (alas still embargoed). Vonny’s pal Derek G Haslam, in witness protection, near Shouldham, is desperate to deflect attention. He is about to verbal up Jacqui Hames. Isn’t Brighton bracing? Thrashingly so.

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“Byline Times” get it wrong, yet again.

Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) pointed out that Sam “Not So” Bright had written an inaccurate article for “Byline” on Priti Awful’s expenses. How much are New Scotland Yard paying for their shills these days? Peter “The Armenian Ass” Jukes is the sole white knight for disgraced ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now hiding in witless witness protection near Shouldham.

Haslam got into Balliol, Oxford. He was delivering pizza. Ex psychiatric patients Jukes (and half Jamaican Haslam) are going to face some difficult situations soon. Good news, regarding those falsely accused in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. Bad news for the Metropolitan Police.

Enough gloating from me, for now. Even poor Matthew Wright has been roped in. Ye Gods.

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Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Inquiry and the Daily Mail.

Richard Pendlebury and Stephen Wright have written about the Daniel Morgan murder. They made only a dozen mistakes.

The cost of the Morgan debacle, thus far, is in excess of £140 million (not £16 million).

Publication of the long delayed inquiry was to be after Easter, it now seems certain to be mid May.

The role of John Yates was central to the tale of police corruption, mendacity and ineptitude which dogged the five major investigations.

Motives – only two hold any weight. Adultery (Morgan was a noted cuckold) and drugs. Adultery first – the love triangle of Jonathan Rees, Daniel Morgan and Margaret Harrison was explored and dismissed. Margaret had been having an affair with Daniel, it ended, she then subsequently began seeing Jonathan Rees. They never made any secret of being a couple. The police did not delve into “Aussie Paul” whose partner was in an affair with Morgan, and who also boasted of owning an axe. Now to Fintan Creaven. New Scotland Yard delays hinged on the need for a scapegoat (Jonathan Rees) and to draw flak from the police itself, Creaven was serving in the Metropolitan police, in the Sydenham area, in March 1987.

The “police corruption” Morgan was looking at was an overtime scam in Catford, hardly a murder motive.

The drugs link is firmer ground, but Peter Jukes theory of “Miami Vice” and the IRA, off the Norfolk coast, in speed boats is asinine, as is the Nikolaus Chrastny subplot. Far more likely was a range rover, repossessed in Malta, which connected to the Bonnicci cartel.

Now to the Belmont robbery – there was tension between Morgan and Rees over a robbery eleven months earlier, the problem was exacerbated by a non payout from an insurance company.

Operation Two Bridges – the bugging of “Southern Investigations” by half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now under witness protection, near Shouldham. The bugging provided absolutely no evidence of any part by Rees, or anyone else, at “Southern Investigations” in the Morgan murder. The audio tape however has one voice deleted, that of Haslam.

Operation Abelard II – documents and photographs went missing and Haslam signed his statement as “David Haslam” his white half brother, who was involved in a Tory party scandal, in Orpington.

Mention of ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) and the “News Of The World” surveillance. As reported on Goggzilla a few days ago, in a world exclusive, Dave Cook and his wife were being watched – Jacqui had begun an affair with her ex husband, Michael, chief of the vice squad.

Finally, Fillery. a stash of child abuse images, from Haslam’s own stock were planted on Sid Fillery’s computer. Chief Constable of Norfolk is Simon Bailey, ACPO lead on child abuse, also a “worshipful brother” at the same lodge as Haslam and his son, P.C James Haslam of Downham and Kings Lynn. Both Haslams illegally accessed the Police National Computer. No arrests have been made thus far. One wonders why that is?

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