“S Town” podcast.

Not a typical true crime podcast. It delineates Woodstock, a small town in Alabama. The opening chapter has an eccentric resident, John B McLemore, making an allegation of a murder cover up.

Chapter Two – there are rumours that Dylan Nichols was killed by Kabraham Burt, son of a wealthy local businessman.

Chapter Three opens with the suicide of McElmore. A troubled soul, he never fitted into his redneck community.

Chapter Four segues into Bibb County Alabama and Brian Reed’s (of Trojan Horde fame) perception of it. Suffice to say, nice Jewish girl Jacqui Hames, or half negro ex Det Con “Reds” Haslam would not have liked it. Boy.

Chapter Five – peppered with Bubbas and tattoo parlous, an unflattering examination of Woodstock. My cousin is in Mississippi so I can be as scathing about Alabama as I wish. Not that I am going to. Several Goggins served in the 14th, 29th and 42nd Infantry Regiments 1861-65. Boy.

Chapter Six – “Brokeback Mountain”, McElmore came out of the closet.

Chapter Seven – Cheryl Dodson, one of the few folks to emerge with any integrity, the ethics of podcasting, of naming someone who may be innocent, or dead and thus unable to defend themselves, as with ex P.C Fintan Creaven in the Daniel Morgan murder case, to which I will return. Interview with Kendall Burt, father of Kabraham. No confession, nor any arrests. A dead end, so far as true crime podcasts are concerned.

UPDATE – Adnan Syed was freed. Wonderful news that Sarah Koenig and all at “Serial” were able to expose a massive miscarriage of justice. Compare with the Daniel Morgan murder and the lack of alacrity in awarding Jonathan Rees and others wrongfully accused adequate compensation. Or the tardiness in arresting ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) and his minion former Det Con “Reds” Haslam. I have a busy week ahead.

Here is a totally superfluous image of Claire Danes, did you know that she supports Sutton United? (Hilarious in-joke).

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The Trojan Horse affair podcast.

No murders in this one.

Compare and contrast with the Zinoviev letter. The initial Trojan Horse letter is an obvious fake. It combined Islamophobia with the UK government wish to put in place additional counter-extremism measures.

Panorama covered the explosive aspects of supposed radical Muslims trying to plot to control several schools. The BBC has previous form in misreporting – the Daniel Morgan murder being a case in point.

Slum schools are alike, whether in Alum Rock or Peckham. Someone has to be the baddie, in 1974 it was the Irish Catholic working class community, by 2014 it was the Pakistani Muslims.

Episode Two opens with an examination of who would have written the Trojan Horse letter. Rizvanna Darr became the lead suspect. One cannot mention Darr, as Sonia Sodha of the Gruaniad will make allegations of subconscious phallocentric oppression of wimmin.

Episode Four – the role of Michael Gove, Islamophobia and the Tory party.

Episode Five – Richy Thompson and the British Humanist Society (Humanists UK) fare badly. The use of a transcript on this podcast is a positive break through.

Episode Six – the podcast and this blogge does not exculpate bad members of the Ummah, for instance Mohammed Akunjee is a bent solicitor.

Episode Seven – cherchez l’argent, the audit raises its head as a focus of resignations and forged letters of resignation. Furzana Bibi caught on CCTV/spy camera entering Adderley school with letters.

Episode Eight – the character assassination of Achmad DaCosta. What part did Mark Walters play in the entire Trojan Horse affair? The dramatis personae who support the government line are mired in mendacity. Careers and reputations were murdered if nothing else. Racism, the role of investigative journalism, oppressive profiling of a faith group. the Trojan Horse affair has it all in spades.

Tomorrow, back to murder with S Town.

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Serial podcast – the innocence or guilt of Adnan Syed.

On the whole, an excellent production from Sarah Koenig. I could have done without the one note plinking of a piano and phrases such as “Lucy Goosey” when discussing the credibility of witness evidence. “Serial” Series One focused on the highly inept investigation into the murder of Hae Min Lee, ex girlfriend of Adnan Syed. In that much, it has something in common with the Daniel Morgan murder. The “golden hour” was lost and police opted for the laziest choice, “the boyfriend did it” compare this to “the business partner did it” and the fitting up of Jonathan Rees.

The racial subtext did not exist in the Morgan case, but the prosecution tried to make out that Hae Min Lee, a South Korean female, was the target of some sort of honour killing by Syed, whose parents are from Pakistan.

The lesson of this case would appear to be – do not hire a lousy lawyer to defend you on a murder charge in Maryland.

The distinct lack of any forensic evidence would point to Syed’s innocence. As does the recent discovery of a late prolific criminal and murderer named Ronald Lee Moore. As with Koenig I am inclined to agree that the conviction is false.

As it is all quiet in the Daniel Morgan front next post might be on the “Trojan Horse” affair podcast.

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Institutional racism? Reassessing the Stephen Lawrence murder.

The MacPherson report was damning of the Metropolitan Police, but how accurate was it? John “O.J” Davidson was not stomping around in KKK robes, nor were any of his superior officers. Never conflate an inept investigation (such as the Daniel Morgan murder) with more tenebrous things such as racism, institutional or not.

This is not an exculpation, it is merely an inquiry as to why four high profile and high ranking police are being hung out to dry for expediency’s sake. The “Civitas” report and Jon Gower Davies ” Mind forg’d manacles” both point out that the Lawrence murder was not plagued by racism.

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“The teacher’s pet” podcast, Australian true crime.

Whilst I would eagerly follow “Bowraville” and the Kiwi “Black hands” podcasts, most of ” The Teacher’s pet” dragged, with a total of 24 hours, it was far too long to binge.

Episode One – Did Lyn Dawson appear in a Cornish episode of the “Antiques roadshow” decades after going missing? Joanne Curtis and her relationship with Lyn’s husband, Chris, a noted sports figure, is central to understanding what happened.

Episode Two – the 2003 inquest and “Alice”.

Episode Three – unsubstantiated gossip seems to form the basis of the podcast. Alongside regurgitated rumours there is a lack of any legal probity. This compares with Jukes material in the Daniel Morgan murder.

Episode Four – is it a missing person or murder case? Even the New South Wales police opined that Lyn was dead and had not run off to start an new life without her daughters. Missing documents bedevil the Dawson case, as with Daniel Morgan and “Operation Abelard II” plus “Crategate” and Det Ch Supt Fiona MacCormack’s (Grenfell Tower) carelessness.

Episode Five – phone bugging of Chris Dawson and his twin brother, compare and contrast to the Morgan murder and bugging of “Southern Investigations” office. The hounding by the media of the Dawson family and that of Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers deflects nicely from shoddy policing.

Episode Six – there are disparities in Chris Dawson’s account of his wife Lyn disappearing, that she “ran off”. If murdered, then where is her body?

Episode Seven – how much veracity can be ascribed to “Alice”?

Episode Eight – for one of the few functioning anglophone democracies in the world, Australia is often typified by Ocker policing. From “Bowraville” to the Lynette Daley murder, aboriginal lives do not matter. The police in the Lyn Dawson case do not cover themselves in glory. The podcast made some errors, ombudsman is Danish, not Swedish and MI5/6 ensured that the Etaples mutiny of 1917 still cannot be disseminated. The podcast touched on rank in policing, it made me reassess whether John Yates should have his reputation rehabilitated. At his rank, how much time could he realistically ascribe to informers such as Det Con “Reds” Haslam? The onus of proving Haslam’s wild allegations must fall on more junior ranks such as Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and Haslam’s other handler, Wood.

Episode Nine – the Dawson family move to Queensland. No, really, that is all in a one hour section. Cardigan dug up. No corpse found at Bayview.

Episode Ten – how much veracity can be accorded to Joanne Curtis? The theory Dawson propagated was that his missing wife Lyn ran off to a religious commune. She never evinced any prior interest in spirituality.

Episode Eleven – a pity that Mr Thomas does not know the difference between paedophile and ephebophile. Joanne Curtis was sixteen at the time. Ask either HRH the Duke of York or Peter Jukes for clarification.

Episode Twelve – tumbleweed, zzzzz.

Episode Thirteen – the cardigan reappears yet no forensic evidence ties Dawson to his disappeared/murdered wife. Bugging, used as a strategy to gain a confession. Ivan Milat added in a bizarre attempt to pad out the podcast. Joanne Curtis testimony to the first inquest, she has as little credibility as embezzler Jean Hatchet/Vonny Watts/Radstone.

Episode Fourteen – the DPP were inept in extremis. A clairvoyant is brought in to assist. Also the Vince O’Dempsey (McCulkin murders) trial and conviction. Even after more than 40 years justice was finally served, a message, if ever one was needed regarding the Morgan murder.

Episode Fifteen – still no evidence or prof but it boils down to a few scenarios. Either Lyn Dawson disappeared intentionally or was murdered A. By a total stranger (rare) or B. By her husband, Chris.

Episode Sixteen – the 2018 arrest of Chris Dawson. As with the Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence cases, shoddy policing is centre stage. Ocker policing at its most venal.

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Daily Mail, Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence.

Another interesting article from Michael Gillard, focusing on Jonathan Rees and aspects of true crime and the media. The infiltration by the Metropolitan Police of the Stephen Lawrence family campaign for justice mirrors that of Daniel Morgan. Theft of documents from “Operation Abelard II” echo the bugging of a West Indian community cafe.

The “Daily Mail” often wrote articles inimical of Rees and others wrongly accused by New Scotland Yard in the Morgan murder. The Mail also became close to serial fantasist Ian Hurst.

Gillard alludes to the Kim James case but not to the voice occluded on the tape recording, that of ex Det Con “Reds” Haslam, a half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient who was paid by The Met as an informer.

The killer in the Morgan murder was Z31, ex P.C Creaven.

An error in the usually spot on Gillard piece is that Sid Fillery joined “Southern” two years after the murder, is that soon?

The Mitting inquiry does indeed require further examination.

Max Mosley is the person hinted at in the article.

I’m also working on aspects of the Lawrence murder, see you at the South Pole, Amundsen (in joke).

Finally, is it time to re-evaluate and reassess the role of John Yates? In terms of the Morgan debacle he is made to carry the blame, but, by virtue of his rank, how much culpability can be ascribed to him? The focus must be on more junior ranks such as Wood and ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

My review of “The Teacher’s Pet” is postponed.


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Cressida Dick – resignation and aftermath.

A very few words on the recent kerfuffle on the media frenzy surrounding Dame Dick. She claims to have been “intimidated” yet led the Metropolitan Police and had 40,000 armed staff at her disposal. How much did the backwash of the Daniel Morgan murder debacle ensure that Sadiq Khan forced her to quit? Dick emerges mired in the corruption which beset an increasingly beleaguered New Scotland Yard. The Morgan murder has loomed over successive Commissioners of The Met. A combination of buck passing and attempts to fit up the innocent (Jonathan Rees and others) deflected from solving the murder – or – in Morgan’s case – guaranteeing that bent police such as ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames and pal of Peter Jukes) were able to occlude the real killer, Fintan Creaven, from the spotlight. How great a role did John Yates play in the proceedings?

Next, I will binge on “Teacher’s Pet” and the Dawson murder. More Ocker policing.

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BBC – police and journalist links in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle.

Peter Fahy (Greater Manchester Police, home of Bullshire’s Insp Sheeran) and Peter Jukes (home of Byline mendacity ) had a five minute piece on Radio 4’s Today programme. Jukes wished to rely heavily on phone hacking, it fell flat. Jukes failed to mention his own close links to Eliot Higgins (77th Brigade, GCHQ) and ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, who went on to try and have innocent men framed.

Jukes then unsuccessfully attempted to use Mazher Mahmood in his argument. The “Fake Sheikh” did little wrong except trap gullible folks with their own greed. Fahy did not get enough time, his basic line was sound, that police and journalists work together. The rot sets in at the top, such as with John Yates. Finally, Jukes fell back on his obsessions with Leveson Two and Murdoch.

Would that be a reprise of Ian Hurst, a serial fantasist, (Martin Ingram) who lied about being Stakeknife‘s handler?

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Well ripe fruit – Mazher Mahmood, Stephen Lawrence and Gazza.

As it is quiet, for the moment, on the Daniel Morgan murder front I thought that I would see what the BBC are up to with a forthcoming documentary on the “fake sheikh” Mazher Mahmood. From what I gather, his targets were duped by their own greed in large measure. Mahmood had slight links to some of the dramatis personae in the Morgan murder.

Indeed, the same could be written about the Lawrence murder. It surprises some that the south east London homicide squad would work on (gasp) two murders in nearby locations. Not an UGLE conspiracy, merely detectives engaged in two botched operations, the New Scotland Yard PR machine then cast about for scapegoats.

Dear Gary, as you can see, quite a bit has “disappeared”, now might be a good time to ensure “Reds” Haslam is questioned. Last time I looked, trying to encourage SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) activists to bomb folks was illegal. Similar tactics were used in the Kim James case. An increasing number of the public are looking at ex P.C Fintan Creaven (Z31) as the killer in the Morgan murder, the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo and a missing shipment point to a likely motive.

What is Gurpreet Rai up to these days? Gary, I don’t want you to be the fall guy for Mr Jacqui Hames, ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook. Jah.

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Under heavy manners – the Nick Ephgrave fan club.

Open letter to Det Sgt Gary Dalby. As you can see, all the past posts concerning you have gone. See what a nice guy I am? Of course, there is always a catch. All mention of you and Heather to be redacted. I will be like Cathcart in “Catch 22”. (Yes there was a Dalby in that book, too).

What I want is for both Haslams to be arrested. You will say it can be done, I will write that it can and we thrash out a deal (Max Mosley pun coming up). P.C James A Haslam, Norfolk Police, illegally accessed the PNC. It will do for starters. His Father “Reds” Haslam, well, too much to go into detail, but I suggest you opt for the child sex abuse images on (one) of his computers.

Oh and tell Det Supt Lesley Hamilton if I’d have know she was an avid reader I’d have hoovered. Blog covered in cat hairs.

No doubt you will moan about all the paperwork and the negative coverage in the media as per usual. Kick it upstairs to Nick Ephgrave my new Best Friend Forever. He is another avid reader, most welcome.

To conclude today, those photos of Max Mosley, good pal of Peter Jukes. Apparently this is “Reds” Haslam sort of thing.

Did you know that Haslam and Alan “Taffy” Holmes shared mistresses/girlfriends? You do now.

Have a spankingly good time, With Best Wishes, Goggzilla.

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