Martin Bridger – Operation Tempura heats up.

Bridger is trying to shift the focus onto the ex Governer General, but an examination of Bridger’s links to corrupt police in London is required. Especially John Yates (now in Australia) and also Martin Polaine who in the close world of dodgy plod was involved in the Steven Lawrence murder cover up and “Operation Russia”. Sans doubt our old pals John “Obnoxious Jock” Davidson and Derek “Nonce” Haslam will turn up sooner or later.

John Evans did a great job of uncovering some of the more outre practices of the Judiciary and police in The Met and the Cayman Islands.

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Cardiff Three.

“They just thought we would fade away” – quote from one of those fitted up for the murder of Lynette White yet it could pass as a slogan for anyone who was subject to a framing by the police. In this case it is South Wales Police (remember their inactivity over Ian Watkins?) With a major false rape allegation cover up being exposed about to come their way plod have much to worry about.

Perjury and perverting the course of justice are features of the Cardiff Three and other cases, soon the full spotlight of publicity will fall on Norfolk’s most notorious retired copper ex Det Con Derek G Haslam. Richard Horwood Q.C leads another enquiry, hopefully one that ensures the eight “officers” face lengthy custodial sentences. The Police Federation are wriggling on the hook, post “Plebgate” public confidence in the thick blue line has gone, and patience worn out.

One could be trite and mutter “Justice delayed is justice denied” but in the case of the Cardiff Three it is more apt to write “Don’t get mad, get even”. The game is up for the vermin in uniform, perhaps Al Qa’eda will get to South Wales Police before the mob.

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Daniel Morgan – Rebecca and the axe.

Following on from yesterday, Rebecca TV (whom I dealt with briefly touching on North Wales Police corruption, Bryn Estyn et al) are going to town on Jonathan Rees.

They did not allow me to reply via their site but that is OK, their site, their rules. There are some moot points though –

1. Naming Glenn Vian as a murderer, surely if the Metropolitan Police had enough to charge him then he would be found guilty? Likewise his brother Gary as “look out” and Mr Cook as “driver”. Or could it be that these men were subject to an attempted “fitting up”?

2. The lodge you are so coy about is Manor Of Bensham 7114, it is not an affinity lodge but it’s boss was Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

3. If P.C Peter Foley and P.C Alan Purvis are out there I am happy to help.

4. DSI Campbell was a borderline alcoholic, look there to see how the “Golden hour” was squandered.

5. Alex Marunchak, pal of Ian “James Bond” Hurst, now of Bolton “ITraceUK”, a dubious character who lied about having a commission in the Intelligence Corps, during the Northern campaign 1969-1994, plus much more besides.

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Daniel Morgan – the £4 million question.

Daniel Morgan – one way or another we are getting towards the endgame in one of the country’s most prominent unsolved murders.

Is this an attempted smear of Jonathan Rees? No mention of Britain’s best paid police perjurer and most corrupt ex cop (quite an achievement) Derek Haslam of 11 Lynn Rd, Southery PE38. The full story of the Morgan murder cover up cannot be told without Haslam’s part in it. Already a star in the world of Freedom Of Information requests no mention is made of kiddie porn found on Haslam’s computer. Nor of his death by drink driving of a pedestrian, nor of his fondness for setting up fake Disqus accounts.

Nor indeed his Twitter account @ciaranloggins, with a cryptic message “Not yet” from a known Surrey Police nark.

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Operation Ethiopia and Surrey Police.

An idiot in Lingfield may have inadvertently kicked over the biggest bucket of worms in police corruption history. Should anyone from Surrey Constabulary wish to contact me here I am. Now excuse me as I have to pop off to Derry, then Newry. Nightmare towing a caravan in this weather. Would DCI Chris Jarratt crop up again? Wait and see.

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Justice for Ched – final statement.

After a long association I am no longer with the “Justice for Ched” campaign, following an amicable split I wish the activists all the best.

I am now concentrating on wider false rape allegations and amending legislation to return anonymity to trial defendants as the current law is iniquitous. My other project focuses on police corruption in England and Wales.

Much has been made of the identification of a particular false rape accuser. With malicious allegations at 33% it must be borne in mind that although de facto police state Britain jails bloggers and tweeters, malicious claimants can be named abroad.

The above 100 word statement has gone to Jeeny Awford at the “Daily Mail”. This blog will now return to it’s remit of asking questions about police corruption in the U.K and focus on paid perjury, abuse of process and just what exactly “Joe Poulton” now retired in Southery, PE38 got up to and why he is desperate to flee abroad.

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Daniel Morgan – the independent panel.

I wrote last May on Ian Hurst and Alex Marunchak and their links to one of London’s most notorious unsolved murders. Today a site dedicated to finally uncovering what happened and who and why it was covered up is launched

Since “Goggzilla” burst onto an unsuspecting public over two years ago, there has been much ire at New Scotland Yard directed this way. The Daniel Morgan murder cover up reads like a “Who’s Who” of bent police – DCI Chris Jarratt (1), Lord Stevens (2), Andy Hayman (3), Martin Bridger (4), John Yates (5) plus of course minnow Det Con Derek G Haslam of 11 Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38, 0HU.

Operation Abelard II shows how Haslam working from within the Morgan camp derailed an entire investigation (and was well paid for perjury and abuse of process). If Baroness Nuala O’Loan wants to find out what happened in Sydenham she ought to delve into Haslam’s murky demi-monde.

Hopefully the new panel will now succeed where the previous ones failed.

1. John Worboys rape fiasco plus other irregularities.

2. “Zed” according to The Independent’s Tom Harper.

3. Chief Constable of England’s most corrupt constabulary in Norfolk before moving to The Met.

4. The Sunshine squad, Operation Tempura and dodgy deals in the Cayman Islands.

5. After teaching human rights to the Bahraini police (stop laughing) he now resides in Australia. Major corruption figure.

Queer how plod do not arrest those who publish Islamophobic race hate.

Queer how plod do not arrest those who publish Islamophobic race hate.


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