Cressida Dick and butt hurt.

The good thing about the Metropolitan Police is the need for advancement. What does one do when the top post is occupied? Why, dislodge Caesar, of course. The 38 degree petition which calls for a public inquiry to finally discover who murdered Daniel Morgan, has alarmed enthusiastic Sapphist, Ms Cressida Dick.

So one hears that her minions see this as an opportunity to elbow her out of the way. Should the world get to know how corrupt John Yates, Andy Hayman et al were, then it bodes very ill for plod.

What a terrible price Old Bill must pay for the avarice of a known paid police perjurer, now running scared.


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Open letter to Rt Hon Amber Rudd.

Dear Amber, Yesterday witnessed a move in trying to end the log jam in the continuing cover up concerning the murder of Daniel Morgan. With millions being squandered in dubious police operations, shouldn’t we now have a public inquiry?

Scapegoating of Jonathan Rees and Garry Vian along with Glenn Vian and others has not worked.

Therefore, justice would better be served by shining a light upon the real killers. The innocent and wrongly accused deserve this as a minimum. Justice delayed is justice denied I am sure you will agree.

“Many laws yet little justice”.

Greetings from Northern Ireland, Goggzilla.


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38 degrees.

Some petitions are myopic (extraditing anti police corruption mavens to Sheffield) but a worthy one is to be found here –

The witnesses are Kevin Lennon (fraudster) and Andy Docherty (offered inducement of a lesser sentence).

O’Loan has been compromised by her connection to Wood and the “ghost squad”. It is at this point I must state that not all police are bad, but using embarrassment and inconvenience to halt acquittal of innocent men such as Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers is de trop.

The wisest course of action for The Met would be an out of court settlement.



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Peter Jukes and Byline, Edinburgh twinned with Ekaterinburg.

The wonder is not why is Peter Jukes so often wrong, more, why is he so rarely right? Even the law of averages would see the Armenian Shakespeare hit the target sometimes. Latest Closeauesque mistake is the misidentifying of a Scots security guard as an FSB top spy.

Will the mysterious “Frank Matthews” assist in getting to the bottom of this? As we stand back and guffaw at yet more “Byline” errors, Jukes is not admitting to having troll accounts on Twitter. Goggzilla can be found @71croydon. One of the great unanswered questions of our time is where is the final missing episode of “Untold”? Is Putin responsible for taking it? Or a Dachshund from Dagestan perhaps? We may never find out.

Finally, to whomever is accessing past posts, it was HHJ Maddison who dismissed the trial of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, not Supt Maddison. Nuff said.

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Sir Stanley Burnton and Det Supt Fiona McCormack.

Goggzilla sees that it is four years since Sir Stanley Burnton quit (or was forced to quit) leading the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel. It is now headed by Baroness Nuala O’Loan, whose links to Wood and the “ghost squad” are cause for concern. Questions should be asked about whether Burnton left over “family matters” – or was he pushed?

Also, how nervous is Ian Hurst? Complicity in the assassination of Eddie Fullerton looms large for his erstwhile colleagues and Hurst’s avarice may cause his downfall. Likewise P.C James A Haslam of King’s Lynn, and his passing of confidential documents to his half Jamaican father, ex psychiatric patient Derek. Will the butt hurt Det Supt Fiona McCormack look into this? Probably not.

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The madness of DCS Dave Cook.

Has it struck anyone else as peculiar that DCS Dave Cook, husband of dipsoholic Jacqui Hames, was so mentally ill that he was able to lead a murder investigation witch hunt and also find the energy and time to co-author a book? Moreover, Cook was quite a senior rank and not expected to fall upon his sword for The Met, so will Det Insp Noel Beswick and Det Sgt Gary Dalby have to worry that they will, in effect, carry the can for Cook?

The key word for New Scotland Yard is “embarrassment”. They can cope with public hatred, with bad publicity and with losing money on unwinnable cases, but being made to look silly on a global stage is de trop.

A week is a long time in policing.

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Det Insp Noel Beswick & Det Sgt Gary Dalby, a shot in the dark.

The IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Coppers) is about to become butt hurt over the shady and illegal role it played in the malicious prosecution of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. Infighting has already broken out among the aptly named Cressida Dick and her underlings. Are ex Det Insp Noel Beswick and Det Sgt Gary Dalby going to shoulder the blame for the debacle? Ought we to ask Heather Stangoe?

The focus on ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqueline Elizabeth Hames) has caused lights at New Scotland Yard to burn late into the night. Does plod have any viable escape route, except to settle the largest civil case in UK history out of court? Damage limitation may even extend to Thames Valley Police, whom, you may recall, were implicated in an attempted fitting up of Ben Sullivan in a false rape case (Dollimore, Bazley and Pine please note).

One can ponder the motives in the Daniel Morgan murder, originally the main theories were that he was onto an overtime scam at Catford nick (is it plausible that he could be murdered for this?) Then John “conspiracy theories” Yates had Derek Haslam introduce the drugs theme. (Morgan linked to the Bonnicci family in Malta, however, to bolster Peter Jukes bizarre claims, Haslam introduced Miami vice and the PIRA). Therefore, this theory too, seems flawed. Morgan was an enthusiastic adulterer, like the half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient Haslam, and at least one of Daniel Morgan’s lovers partners was after him.

Gross misconduct is plaguing The Met in this matter, not only that of “officers” involved in attempting to frame Mr Rees and the Vians, but also the actions of Haslam and his son P.C Jamie A Haslam, of Norfolk Constabulary.

Old Bill have shot themselves in both feet and reloaded.


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