Nadirgate – Anthony Watkins-Burton.

Anthony Watkins-Burton was a busy bee.

When not involved with criminal activity and smuggling, he was involved in fitting up Asil Nadir, and (no surprise) links to Britain’s most corrupt ex cop (quite an accolade) half Jamaican Det Con Derek G Haslam of “Abacus Security”.

Watkins-Burton was born on 20, May, 1957 in Leek, Staffordshire. He lived at 980c Deinze, Gottem 14, Belgium. It is whilst there that he enabled a vast amount of booze from Poland to enter the UK via Felixstowe.

Watkins-Burton also figures in shady dealings in Kurdistan. More will be revealed later, folks.

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Derek Haslam, Alex Marunchak and Special Branch.

Alex Marunchak was a Special Branch interpreter and translator for twenty years. There was no way Special Branch were going to allow him to get burned in the hacking story because he knew too much. The Marunchak hacking case was simply allowed to peter out and die.

Keeley is now in an M.I.5 apartment, running a photography business.

The 2006 falling out of Hurst and Marunchak? Hurst is allowed tacitly to do his “tracing” business with government blessing.

Both Hurst and Marunchak are motivated primarily by money (as is fellow Special Branch asset/liability Derek Haslam).

The Special Branch “ran” Derek Haslam, as they did with Alex Marunchak, who was in turn running both Ian Hurst and Keeley.

Galileo was proven right.


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Costa Del Croydon.

Where is Derek G Haslam? Not at 6 Revelstoke Rd, Putney, SW18 that is for sure, but he was born there 19 October 1947.
Moving on over a decade – and by 1958 it is 19 Fishponds Rd, SW17, where Ellen J Stow’s youngest son is hiding out. She was born in Bayswater in 1915, not, as Haslam claims the daughter of a high court judge, merely the daughter of a law courts messenger.
Her father Charles had come up to London from Ipswich. He married an Alice Canniford from Broadhembury, Devon then lived at 147 Clonmore St, London SW. Self aggrandisment and mendacity are Haslam hallmarks, he always over exaggerated on the “My Telegraph” site. So, no old Harrovians.

Haslam senior was from Jamaica, slaves leave few, if any, traces in history, though “Roots” is a great TV programme.

Onto Mrs Haslam, the former Susan R Probert. She lived in Limes Avenue, Carshalton before getting married and it is to there that Derek Haslam fled when Alan “Taffy” Holmes went looking for him to try and shoot him. In fact, Haslam might be not that far from his wife’s ancestral spawning ground after having to flee Norfolk.

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Ian Hurst, “whistle blowing” and criminality.

How could I have missed this one?

The excellent “Canary” had a look at Ian Hurst and his dubious methods of making money. Apart from his Bolton address, Hurst has properties in St Nexans, France and near Granada, Spain.

Hurst links to other dodgy dealings too, none more so than the framing of Asil Nadir and Hurst’s @iTraceUK company was foolish enough to out Olivia Frank, formerly of Mossad. Her blog on “Martin Ingram” ha been mentioned (simply Google “Ian Hurst is a menace”)

Odd that Greater Manchester Police (who fund him) and M.I.5 (ditto) are not questioning Ian Hurst? Or that his sole supporter is the ever manic fellow mortgage fraudster Peter Jukes? What would Enya say?


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Ian Hurst and Stakeknife.

Last night’s Panorama dealing with Stakeknife looked at the “Cook Report” from August 1993 and included an interview with Sylvia Jones (genuflects, blesses self). We go from the Beauty to the Beast with the dishevelled figure of Ian Hurst bleating about “the greater good” (would that encompass his failed career as a computer hacker?)

The BBC describes Hurst as a “nemesis” – unless alluding to veracity one wonders why. Hurst, at best a Lidl’s version of Walter Mitty, went with the narrative of being a “Crusader for Justice”.

Smithwick did not call Hurst as he has zero credibility. The Twitterati may wish to see him @iTraceUK where even demented lesbian Beatrix Campbell is getting in on the act. How many tours of duty did she do then?

Update for Fliss – I do not think “Jim Cognito” is yet another Peter Jukes sock muppet account, but is an ally of the Armenian Shakespeare.




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BBC and Stakeknife.

The Grauniad plunges ever downward with today’s take on the upcoming “Panorama” documentary.

Given that Henry McDonald is quite the crypto loyalist he omits the fact that Ian Hurst is a mortgage defaulter, hence part of his flight from Ireland. No need to worry Sgt Hurst, the Garda are far more concerned with covering up their role in the murder of Eddie Fullerton, than your location.

McDonald almost gets it wrong with his assertion that Scappaticci may have been Stakeknife. He was “Kerbstone”. The reason the Ministry of Defence gagged Hurst is that he is, at best, a dangerous Walter Mitty figure.

McDonald states that Hurst is quoted going on about the police “turning a blind eye” to illegality. Greater Manchester Police certainly do, regarding Hurst’s current quasi criminal activity. Birds of a feather flock together and Hurst is desperate to make money for his daughter Enya’s upcoming wedding.

In that he links to Peter Jukes, desperate to flog plod’s narrative on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up – Hurst links to disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who wants us to think he is in Mallorca. True, it is his chav spiritual home, so one will not mention his son Stuart Ritchie Haslam of South Green near Peterborough and his arrest in a Pattaya whore house. Thai police are so ready to accept bribes.

Finally Haslam and Hurst link via animal rights, Haslam infiltrated and sabotaged SHAC whilst with “Verify” and Hurst is implicated in Bolton dog fight betting.

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Starry, starry night.

The counter “terrorism” chap called “Vincent” (my guess, is of Indian subcontinent origin, to break into the milieu) has been busy.

The difference between “Vincent” and Derek Haslam is that V was employed by M.I. 5 whereas the mentally ill Haslam was used (and well paid) by them. Same goes for Ian Hurst who stars in tomorrow night’s BBC 1 Panorama.

Haslam planted what the police wanted in the R v Elliott case, R v Kingston, Reynolds & O’Connell and many others.

Hurst was merely bent and greedy for fiscal reward. Fact.


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