Very Idiotic Perjurer.

To wrap up the Antony Watkins-Burton details. He was born in Leek, Staffordshire on 20 May 1957. His co-defendants were J Engels and J Raats, charges were dropped in their cases.

Both Watkins-Burton and his wife Julie have rap sheets in Belgium, but not in the UK after a sweet deal with HMRC. 

Now to more heartening news. The IPCC and MOPAC are looking at Derek Haslam’s perverting the course of justice in a dozen cases. Wonder why Jukes uses a 30 year old image of Haslam when there is a very recent one, his appearance on BBC Panorama whilst on “witness protection”.


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Watkins-Burton and Asil Nadir.

Antony Watkins-Burton is still in transport. It is his link to known paid police perjurer Derek Haslam which is now coming into focus. What part did Watkins-Burton play in the fitting up of Asil Nadir? (1)

Unipac was trusted by Arab Muslim nations and chosen by MI5/6 as a conduit for illegal arms shipments to Iraq. Nadir was not going to play ball and as a result was pleasuring Her Majesty at Belmarsh for a few years. Fast forward and “Abacus Security” of 11 Lynn Rd, Southery, are tasked with finding the elusive Watkins-Burton, who was, coincidentally, a few miles up the road. (Is there an up in Norfolk? So damned flat). Haslam is finding it difficult to sell his four bed property, illegal activity and scrutiny from investigative hacks can’t help.

Nadir is back in Northern Cyprus and “Abacus Security” appears to be in for closer examination. The framing of Nadir is also an issue the Tories could see badly burn them (2). Watkins-Burton’s criminal conviction and his links to the highly corrupt HMRC are now being scruntinized.

  1. Nevzat, B “Turquoise Conspiracy”, 1999, Noble, London.
  2. Forsyth, E “Who killed Polly Peck?” 1996, Smith, London.


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Ian Hurst and Sayanim.

Ian Hurst may have inadvertently (literally) dug his own grave with recent attention being focused on his outing of former Mossad agent Olivia Frank (who stated she was also working for MI5/6 in connection with Project Babylon.

Jancom” is no longer with us, Asil Nadir is back in Northern Cyprus and some chaps in Northern Ireland are putting two and two together.

The military intelligence ‘whistleblower’ who profits from your (lack of) privacy

Hurst was not called for Leveson as along with Derek Haslam he was deemed “not credible”. Oops.


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Peter Jukes and Op Two Bridges.

On my last trip to England, a week ago, I had a conversation about mental illness with a psychiatrist. In Africa, for example, they believe one can “catch” madness, like the flu. Poor Peter Jukes seems to be succumbing to insanity – much as his sole source in the recent Daniel Morgan podcast, ex Det Con Derek Haslam.

Some facts for Mr Jukes. I am not “Christian Braveheart”, nor is Jonathan Rees. More than one person is troubled that Haslam has thus far evaded justice.

Also factual, I do not have 300 accounts on Twitter. Peter is gullible, evinced by his association with P.C, D.C, Det Sgt, Det Insp, Supt, Chief Constable Mark Williams-Thomas Ph.D, M.Phil (Cantab), M.A, B.Sc, CSE Grade 5 Music, a convicted fraudster. Convicted criminal also is Haslam (death by drink driving plus many more).

As to racism, Jukes needs to look at Haslam and his attitude to Jamaicans, far from enlightened. It is odd that those presently closest to Jukes are in the pay of the Metropolitan Police, currently being sued by Mr Rees for a record £4 million. Good luck with that up and coming film Jukes, pity your late brother won’t see it, suicide whilst balance of his mind disturbed wasn’t it?



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Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Nine, Golden Fred.

The hagiography of DCS Dave Cook continues. As does some legally very tenuous remarks about Sid Fillery and associates. Flynn states that Fillery had “huge hands, big enough to kill someone”. Flynn has an alcohol problem, just like Derek Gordon Haslam, Jukes star turn. In 2002 a dozen images (level one, the most minor) of underage children were found on Fillery’s computer.

What Jukes is omitting is that they had been sent by Haslam, noted in The Met for his porn collection. Also not mentioned by Jukes is Haslam’s connection to “Service and Intergrity 9582 lodge” along with Chief Constable Simon Bailey (ACPO lead on child porn) and P.C James A. Haslam of Norfolk Police. Currently I am examining links between “worshipful brothers” and Bryn Estyn.

Now to another aspect of Jukes podcast, his reliance on Ian Hurst, now a debt collector in Bolton, and equally as untrustworthy as Haslam. Hurst supplements his income in many dubious ways, and is suing Alex Marunchak plus others – odd given how Marunchak was his paymaster in the “dark arts”.

Jukes continues with telling the audience that Haslam was found to be betraying his former colleagues, and had a £6400 alarm installed at his Lynn Road 4 bed house in Southery near Downham Market. Haslam is desperate to sell and flee abroad. Why is that? Haslam refused extra security in favour of a £180,000 pat out from New Scotland Yard plus other financial inducements. Jukes witters on about “forged signatures” in Op Abelard II as I mentioned previously, but does not say that it was Haslam doing the forgery.

Now we arrive at the array of “Protected Witnesses”. PW1 (redacted) PW2 (Evelyn Fleckney?) PW3 “Irish Tom” and PW4. In November 2008 Jonathan Rees was rearrested along with Sid Filley, the Vian Brothers and James Cook. Haslam was also involved in the cases of R v Clark and Drury, R v Harris and many other miscarriages of justice. As it stands The Met have a £4 million civil case to face regarding Haslam and his perjury and perverting the course of justice plus numerous other criminal offences.




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Les trois villes – Liverpool, Luton et Londres.

Has Tom Watson gone all “Rashomon” on us? Watson’s links to Ian Hurst also bring into focus dark arts exponents such as Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton). The plot to destabilise Corbyn is coming from somewhere, and the epicentre is in West Bromwich.


The thing with cyber space is that one leaves a foot print. That includes messing about with a death in custody in Marsh Farm.

How very cryptic, eh? (H/T to my Angolan connection.)


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Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Eight.

“Watching the detectives” ripped off from a post title here, on Tom Watson, as was “Serpico” (in fact the Alan Holmes suicide note did not contain any mention of Serpico). Dear Jukes, please try and get titles from sources other than here, or at least acknowledge the site, thanks.

Operation  Two Bridges was mentioned, as was Operation Abelard II though Jukes never stated that it was derailed due to his sole source, Derek Haslam, taking documents and evidence, (oddly Hampshire plod never questioned this, though Operation Russell did). Haslam signing his affadavit with two different signatures (one was his half brother David). More on Haslam’s extra curricular activities here.

Now to Sid Fillery, who Jukes pulls out of a top hat, like some jaded magic rabbit. Fillery was arrested along with Jonathan Rees, the Vian brothers and James Cook. All were acquitted. Now might be time to draw the audience’s attention to Flynn and Gillard’s book (1). Haslam was working for The Met, sabotaging all headway being made in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, hence no convictions.

Haslam was aided by one of Norfolk Police’s “finest” Andy Hayman. Along with John Stevens and DCS Dave Cook, they were a triumvirate of bent coppers. Jukes keeps regurgitating Alex Marunchak, but it does him no favours, Marunchak was the paymaster of Ian Hurst, who is now suing all and sundry with no chance of success. Marunchak and Greg Miskiw link up, both second generation Ukrainians in England. Is Neville Thurlbeck the “other journalist” Jukes states is not named for legal reasons?

Finally, Jukes adds some juicy comments from a lachrymose Jacqui Hames, worried about Jill Dando’s fate. Barry George, fitted up and framed by New Scotland Yard, as were Rees, Fillery, Vians and Cook.

(1) Flynn, L & Gillard M, Untouchables, 2012, London, Bloomsbury.



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