70 year old mulatto perjurer.

Who murdered Daniel Morgan? DCS Dave Cook wanted Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers framed, fitted up over the killing.
What of Daniel’s affair with a young woman in West Norwood? Morgan’s marriage was collapsing, and apart from West Norwood, he was carrying on with “Pauline” and an engaged woman from a local law firm. The killer was left handed, as was “Pauline’s” boyfriend. Mr Rees and the Vian Brothers are not left handed.
Forty words that end Jukes career and credibility. Verified testimony from Derek Haslam on how he really feels about Alastair Morgan.
I said that’s the best, I sometimes do think that’s the best that’s ever happened
to him. He’s life would have been enormously empty without this crusade and I said and I think he’s become addicted to the media.
Jukes is colluding with The Met.
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Untold – Daniel Morgan murder podcast Series 2, missing Episode 9.

“Public spirited” and “curiosity” are Derek Haslam’s own words to describe his reasons for becoming a paid police informer. After his arrest for death by drink driving, a wish to get revenge on Ray Adams also figures.

Ian Hurst is inaccurately described as an ex officer – Hurst was a Lance Corporal who was in effect a filing clerk, he never held a commission. This is what Hurst gets up to today, plus where he does it.


Jukes theory also falls down when Hurst’s close ties to Alex Marunchak are examined. As stated before, Hurst never handled Freddie Scappaticci. He was close to Kevin Fulton (Peter Keeley) who is in a large English city at present.

Alec Leighton crops up, as a suspect in outing Haslam, who has two computers, one “open”, the other with his stash of child pornography which Haslam forwarded to Sid Fillery. Haslam wrong blames Sylvia Jones (blesses self, genuflects) for his being outed. Haslam had a 6000 quid alarm system fitted to his former Lynn Road, Southery property, and possesses an illegally held firearm. Haslam used the panic button installed when two folks he was attempting to blackmail arrived.

Haslam refused witness protection as he preferred money instead, he used his children as an excuse. Let us examine this.

Ashley – flips burgers at Maccy Dees. He got into Trinity College, Cambridge. He was delivering pizza.

James – implicated in the death of custody of Mr Higgins, P.C James A Haslam is in the same affinity lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey.

Lindsey – works as a hospital cleaner.

Stuart – if you drink Pepsi and drop a coin into a machine in or near Peterborough, chances are Stuart filled it. On a trip to Pattaya he married a “lap dancer” and Iryna now has British citizenship.

Haslam (in his own words) joined the police to stop “dishonesty and criminality” which is odd, given his and his son Jamie’s actions.



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More on Ian Hurst and Sasha Wass.

This is so poorly written it could only come from Peter Jukes.


As stated before, Ian Hurst never held a commission in the army. Also, Alex Marunchak had a cozy, long relationship with Hurst whilst both were with the News Of The World (Irish edition). As previously mentioned, Freddie Scappaticci was not “Stakeknife” he was “Kerbstone” and Hurst had no contact with him.

It seems that Sasha Wass Q.C is far from happy. Unsurprising given her links to Metropolitan Police corruption.


Where have we heard of RISC before? Well, it could be when Alec Leighton was shafted by his “pal” Derek Haslam, who was verballing up animal rights activists.

Cliff Knuckey enters the story too. What links Knuckey, Wass and Hurst? None other than paid police informer Haslam. Update, a wise old owl in the home counties asked “Is Robert Haslam of the Met actually Derek?” Pause. “Good God no, Robert is white”.

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Sasha Wass QC

An article in the Daily Mail dated 9 Oct 2016 has disappeared “QC buried evidence of Metropolitan police bribery, to put innocent man in jail”. Bhadrash Gohil was named, as was the James Ibori case.

Thing is though, Sasha Wass was implicated in dodgy dealings, some tying in with the payment of a known police perjurer, Derek Haslam, whose son P.C James A Haslam of Norfolk, carries on the family tradition.

Greed is a motivator and Ian Hurst is angry at the far better pay off Haslam receives, hence the current feast of articles on “Southern Investigation”. One needs to ask why Derek Haslam, who is supposedly in witness protection (although in the half Jamaican ex psychiatric patients case witless protection is more apt) appears on TV?

Scappaticci used up his six counties privileges, now it seems Haslam is doing the same. What will Bolton debt collector, and St Nexans property mogul Hurst do next? Time is running out for them both.



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The hacker hacked, Ian Hurst.

Graham Ruddick needs to go back to school, Ian Hurst never held an army commission. Nor did he handle Freddie Scappaticci (who was Kerbstone, not Stakeknife).


Philip Campbell Smith might have hacked Ian Hurst, but Hurst was busy hacking for any number of his acquaintances, including his employer Alex Marunchak. Now to Tom Watson, same Tom Watson who sent compromising texts to a nubile young female staffer? I had an interesting trip to England, where I raised the miscarriage of justice surrounding Jonathan Rees plus Garry and Glenn Vian, and related cases, also getting valuable information on Norfolk Police and the debacle surrounding Tony Martin. P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn seems thick tight lipped about the incident.

Owls sitting on branch



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Lady Winterbourne’s fan.

As ex DCS David Imrie Cook descends further into feigned mental illness, as Jacqui Hames takes another fair old suck of the sauce bottle, attention turns to AMAR and funny money, bent police and Emma Nicholson.

Lady Winterbourne does the FCO’s bidding, could there be a link to Greg Wales and R2R in Libya? Is Ian Hurst about to go postal over lack of funds from MI5? “Money is his God” as ex Det Con Derek Haslam said regarding Alan “Taffy” Holmes, yet money motivates both the Bolton debt collector, plus the half Jamaican Haslam, spotted near his old address of Southery recently.

Peter Jukes marks time on “Untold”, with more stodge masquerading as new evidence. A luta continua.

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Mr David Imrie Cook – my part in his downfall.

Disgraced DCS Dave Cook has not been well recently, crouching under a hedge outside Kirkcaldy he would only answer “Wibble” when questioned. Playing the “madness card” (known as doing a Derek Haslam in The Met) is growing in popularity, indeed P.C Jamie Haslam of Kings Lynn police does it. I managed to find Cook’s CV, a few years out of date but voila.


Cook blames “Southern Investigations” for his woes, yet omits to mention that he was a legitimate target (HMRC corruption) plus Jacqui Hames fondness for the electric soup had led her to “dry out”.

Cook was also the creature of John Yates, upon whom the spotlight will soon fall, besides Ian Hurst. One must not neglect Emma Nicholson of AMAR, and that old canard of “follow the money”.

One wonders if the author will ever be arrested?

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