Come back to the 5 and dime, Jimmy Cook, Jimmy Cook.

Michael Gillard and I seem to have fractured. He is looking at Jimmy Cook, an associate of Jonathan Rees, as a suspect, I am looking at Z31.

The theory that Glenn Vian and Jonathan Rees were involved, does not hold water, in my opinion. Glenn Vian died of cancer, whilst the Metropolitan Police dragged out the Daniel Morgan case. All Glenn had to do was to write a death bed confession. As to Det Ch Supt Dave Cook I am still laughing at the “Scottish knob jockey who could not detect his own backside” jibe. Dave Imrie-Cook overestimated his skills massively.

Gillard omits that Dave Wood connects to Baroness Nuala O’Loan and is a bent cop. Sally Ann Wood? Same one who witnessed thirty gangland executions? Just checking. (From the Peter Jukes and Derek Haslam school of veracity).

Now to William Ramsey and his latest podcast.

Anthony Bennett is an expert on the Michael Barrymore case, also that of Lee Balkwell. Essex Police were involved and implicated in Lee’s murder.

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Forensic review of Daniel Morgan murder and woeful “Guardian” podcast.

Save yourselves 35 minutes. The most criminal thing about this “Guardian” podcast is how bad it is. There is a narrative emerging, the Gruaniad believes that Jonathan Rees is guilty (as does Alastair Morgan). Peter Jukes parrots a Metropolitan Police line, of a “massive drugs shipment” being the motive for the murder with the saintly Daniel Morgan uncovering it.

Beware of hagiographies. But examine motives. 10 minutes in and mention of women, of Daniel Morgan’s numerous affairs as the reason for his being killed. No mention of Malta.

Sid Fillery – yes, he was on the initial inquiry but Duncan Campbell never tells us that after six days Det Sgt Fillery voluntarily told his boss that he knew Jonathan Rees.

15 mins in – Kevin Lennon. Campbell omits that Lennon had a criminal charge hanging over him.

18 mins in – News Of The World. Sigh, Private Detectives being employed by the media to find out sleazy details about celebrities.

20 mins in – Kim James. Written about previously. The tape recordings and transcripts are suspect in exremis.

22 mins in – Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and Jacqui Hames. Under surveillance as Hames was having an affair with her first husband. She was/is a high profile presenter.

25 mins in – advert for Grace Dent, the poor man’s Caitlin Moran.

28 mins in – the murderer was in the Metropolitan Police, hence the urgent need to pin it on Jonathan Rees to keep New Scotland Yard’s reputation intact.

31 mins in – on this I agree with Alastair Morgan, the Met are institutionally corrupt.

Finally, for today, this good piece from the Torygraph.

Z31 may or may not be the murderer. He fits the bill though, in the police at the time, died in 2003.

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Daniel Morgan murder – level of police corruption.

I awoke this morning to the dulcet tones of Jonathan Rees, on Radio 4. Excellent interview by Tom Symonds.

What needs to be examined, is not so much the level of police corruption, but how it impeded a proper investigation. Morgan was murder by person or persons unknown, who were in the Metropolitan Police. Inept investigation hindered any progress, Campbell and Jones focused solely on Jonathan Rees to the detriment of other lines of inquiry (Morgan’s sordid person life) such as adultery and connections to the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo (Malta).

Now to the “Daily Mail”. Mention is made of the Kim James case. What is omitted is that the tape recording used against Rees is barely intelligible and that the transcipts are far from perfect.

Lord Blair, ex commissioner of The Met is white knighting for Cressida Dick. (Why hasn’t she resigned already?) This is due to Blair being dirty, mired in the decades long attempt to forestall the trashing of New Scotland Yard’s tarnished reputation.

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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, Peter Jukes and “Noncegate”.

When ex DCS Dave Cook thought it could not get any worse, it just did. Volume Three of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel comprehensively demolished the credibility of Cook and Jukes. Not only that, but O’Loan highlighted Cook’s criminality in trying to fit up Jonathan Rees and other innocent men. Cook and Jukes exchanged e-mails, Cook who was feigning mental illness wanted a book and film deal, Jukes wanted to resurrect his moribund career. Jukes – in April 2003 – came up with the now totally discreditted “£100 million drugs shipment” theory. No evidence was given.

Now an allegation that ex psychiatric patient Peter Jukes molested a young boy has arisen. Did Cook protect a nonce? Jukes is fond of making false allegations, all one can say, legally, is that there are two, and only two, options.

  1. Peter Jukes sexually assaulted a child.
  2. It is a false allegation.

One wise man recently described the whole Morgan case as “sordid”, dwelling as it does on shabby adultery claims, alongside small time drug dealers from Malta.

Mortgage fraudster and notorious heterosexual Jukes was close to the late Max “Spanky” Mosley. Jukes also connects to “Hacked Off”.

Prof Brian Cathcart omits that the DMIP mentioned Cook, Jukes and Eliot Higgins of “Bellingcat”. Better known as an adjunct of 77th Brigade, GCHQ and 6th Division.

“Adam” is thinking of making a police complaint. Will “Uncle” Dave Cook and “Aunt” Jacqui Hames assist?

Sordid, indeed.

Jukes wishes to “crowd fund” the estimated £250,000 appeal.

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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook – criminal charges concerning the Daniel Morgan murder cover up?

World exclusive – the high ranking policeman castigated in the “Daniel Morgan Independent Panel” report – DCS Dave Cook (alias David Imrie-Cook of Fifeshire) is set to be the fall guy for Cressida Dick et al. His sole hope is to verbal up minnows, in addition to others who were involved in fitting up Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s partner at “Southern Investigations”. Cook has gone from one of the “Untouchables” to visibly “touchable”.

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Volume Three of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report.

Chapter Nine “Post Abelard II”.

Heather Stangoe Q.C is mentioned, yet not her affair with one of the major police figures in the inquiry.

Para 271 – Operation Megan and Chris Mahaffey. Baroness Nuala O’Loan does not state that she knew Mahaffey, a corrupt former RUC/PSNI policeman who went on to the “Independent” Police Complaints Commission, renamed IOPC.

Para 446 and Peter Jukes e-mailing ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook. Water finds its own level as the Chinese proverb goes.

Para 471 – Brown Moses (Eliot Higgins) and Bellingcat, the report acknowledges the cozy relationship of Higgins with Cook. It does not mention Higgins and 77th Brigade, GCHQ and Philip Merrills-Dearn legal boss of “Twitter” UK. Merrills-Dearn was fined £5000 for dishonesty in Nov 2004 (Givot Olam oil scandal).

10.3 “Operation Tiberius”. Para 486. The unredacted police corruption inquiry was put on a non UK server. Try as they might, plod could not take it down.

Chapter Ten “Venality”.

Para 71. “Jack Baker” and “Bert Roote” were the pseudonyms which James Ward used as he was illegally coached by DCS Dave Cook in a malicious attempt to frame Jonathan Rees, an innocent man.

4.3.1 Para 108. There was no evidence that Daniel Morgan and Det Con Alan “Taffy” Holmes were about to uncover a massive police corruption case. Derek G Haslam is proven to be a man of straw, a liar and serial fantasist, with much else besides.

Haslam was white knighted since April 2003 by Peter Jukes, whose book, articles and podcast are based on mendacity. It is fitting to end here. Jukes stated that this author was a “neo Nazi”. Goggzilla is totally vindicated by the report, Jukes is only a shill for Old Bill.

New Scotland Yard delenda est.

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Volume Two of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report.

It must be noted that Dave Woods, Andy Hayman (ex Chief Constable of Norfolk) and Dave Zinzan (Line of duty adviser) play major roles in this part of the inquiry. All are corrupt.

Chapter Six. “Abelard 1”. Mention of DCI Noel Hibberd notorious for the Ali Kololo miscarriage of justice.

Det Ch Supt Shaun Sawyer – to be examined further at a later date.

7.7 “Prison visits”. Haslam obtained legally privileged documents and defence details from Jonathan Rees, then passed these to the police, illegal, why no arrest?

Para 141, Jacqui Hames. As has been noted previously, she was having an affair with her first ex husband, Michael Hames of the Vice Squad whilst still married to ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook.

Para 143 Alex Marunchak. Paymaster along with MI6 of serial fantasist Ian Hurst.

12.4. Haslam contradicts himself, Daniel Morgan and Alan “Taffy” Holmes “hardly knew each other” then “were great friends”.

Ray Gray was the amphetamine dealer arrested.

6.7. Person X8 – Andy Docherty.

6.8. Person J5 – Sally Ann Wood (who claims to have witnessed 30 gangland killings). Thus, the quality of DCS Dave Cook’s prize witness.

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Volume One of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report.

The panel failed to address police involvement in the murder of Daniel Morgan (by this I mean that one, or more, committed the killing).

O’Loan, tainted by association with Woods and Mahaffey.

The evidence of Kevin Lennon, he was facing a custodial sentence.

Para 22, page 12. “Operation Two Bridges” Kim James and the omitted voice on the tape recording.

The role of Alex Marunchak.

“Operation Abelard II”, documents and images stolen by Derek G Haslam, Haslam signed his statement David Haslam (his white half brother).

The police are institutionally corrupt, this is akin to writing that bears defecating the the woods and the Pope is Catholic.

Para 47, page 15. Catford, the murder was not due to an overtime scam nor moonlighting. No newspaper would pay £250,000 for such a story.

Para 50. No free mason involvement.

Mention of Campbell being drunk on duty at the Golden Lion.

Para 263. (4.3.1) page 86, Daniel Morgan and extramarital affairs, line of inquiry neglected.

Debbie Armstrong, barmaid. Omission of Morgan’s lewd comments to her in front of her husband.

Theft of Rolex by one of the Metropolitan Policemen at the scene.

Irving Markson

Dr Alfred Greech

Terence Samson.

Para 770, page 208.

Para 792, page 212, no mention that Haslam hated Adams due to being fined £60 for killing a pedestrian when drunk driving in Adams vehicle and being placed on uniformed duties.

Para 796. “No substance” in Haslam’s statement.

Para 807. 15 April 2003, first mention of “£100 million cocaine shipment”.

Para 811.

Page 238 “No evidence to support” claims of Haslam.

Page 248 (9.2.1) Para 921. Haslam’s contribution to the inquiry. He is “D” (on a sliding scale from A – relaible to E – untrustworthy). A serial fantasist unable to confirm what colour his Father was, Haslam left the police in Oct 1989 (mental illness).

Page 269, Douglas Campbell and alcoholism.

Chapter Two “Inquest”.

This morning I had the unpleasant task of reading “The Guardian” and Duncan Campbell. The Grauniad are pushing Juke theory that Morgan was onto a huge corruption story. As seen above, that only dates from April 2003.

The panel looked at whether Morgan’s murder was drugs related, given that Malta was a key element, ignored to the detriment of hyping Jonathan Rees as the killer, the police ought to have prioritised drugs as a motive.

Also, the only other plausible motive was Morgan’s adultery.

Chapter Three “Hampshire”.

Page 332 and Det Ch Supt Alan Wheeler on Kevin Lennon “it is difficult to believe him”.

Page 360, 3.12. Para 232 onwards. The Rolex was stolen by one of the police at the crime scene.

Page 381. Para 324. DCS Wheeler and Det Ch Insp Paul Blaker “He also stated Haslam should be treated with caution”.

Page 401. 9.4. Policeman Z31. Used an axe, violent. Died 2003. Points to Fintan Creaven, Barry Wilmott and/or Tony McClean. Known that the murderer was in The Met (though Z31 had left prior to the killing).

Chapter Four “Operation Nigeria”.

Det Ch Supt David Wood connects to Baroness Nuala O’Loan. Role of Det Ch Supt Chris Jarratt needs to be more fully examined, as does that of Det Supt Bob Quick.

Page 435. Para 42. “McClure” (could this be McClean?)

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Dick out.

On this, my 599th post, I am calling for the resignation of Cressida Dick. Also, Priti Patel. “Sordid” seems to be the byword for the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report results, I only had a few minutes to flick through the 1250 pages. My next blog pots, my 600th, will be my summation of the inquiry.

Alastair Morgan looks set to sue the Metropolitan Police, I wish him good luck. I am struck by the theory that Jonathan Rees would confide in Kevin Lennon (who had a jail term hanging over him).

Finally for now, as I nip off to read the report, a definition of a sad man. Step forward Mr David S.F Wilson, who actually checked before I could, to see if Goggzilla was mentioned. It wasn’t and I will be looking at how tainted Baroness O’Loan is.

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Jake Arnott and “Southern Investigations”.

This is woeful, even by Jake Arnott and Byline’s standards.

The opening part on “Southern Investigations” is ripped off from Gillard’s “The Untouchables”. However, on the topic of “Alan Taffy Holmes” Arnott omits that ex Det Con Derek G Haslam was also a member of “Manor of Bensham” and expelled after the suicide of Holmes. The “Judas Rat” note was written by Haslam himself as was the “brake lining being cut” incident.

There was no “£100 million” landing of drugs, Holmes barely knew Daniel Morgan. Holmes was indeed betrayed by Haslam.

Kevin Lennon was facing a jail term and “verballed up” Jonathan Rees. Mention of Alex Marunchak puts a nasty focus on Ian Hurst/Martin Ingram, (a serial fantasist linked to half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient Haslam). We await the publishing of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel inquiry this afternoon.

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