To be published in an academic work in the next few months.

Grateful thanks to my former Bristol Karate sparring partner and close pal BIG JON FROM YORKSHIRE who turned up to support me, much appreciated. It makes a change from Buddhist theology and speaking fluent Japanese.

Summat nec metuam diem, nec optem.

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Maltese connection, the Daniel Morgan murder.

Time to return to the Daniel Morgan murder and examine some claims, some far fetched, others less so.

Is Roger Cottrell close to the truth? Mention of Tom Watson leads one to think not, whilst Kincora is a national disgrace (it connects far more to Stakeknife than to Morgan) Watson was mired in his links to Jukes and by association, bent ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames). Incidentally the Duke of York is not a paedophile. He is an ephebophile.

Bryn Estyn – I covered this years ago. North Wales Police were deeply involved, not only disgraced Det Ch Supt Gordon Anglesea but also “Sine Favore” affinity lodge.

Rupert Murdoch had no role in the Morgan murder, nor any of the other conspiracy theories. He did not order Jill Dando assassinated, he is not a shape shifting giant lizard from Rigel VII.

There is likewise, no connection between the “cabal” of police who investigated Morgan’s murder and Kenneth Noye. Robert Calvi’s assassins were not part of the Morgan murder debacle. The most plausible of the theories for the Morgan murder is a drugs deal gone wrong. Morgan had been to Gozo to repossess a land rover. When it arrived in England, a consignment of drugs from the Bonnici syndicate was missing. The sole other theory that holds water is that ex P.C Fintan Creaven (Z31) murdered Morgan, after being paid to by a jealous husband.

In conclusion, Stephen Lawrence – many of the dramatis personae were the same in the Morgan and Lawrence murder investigations, the same locations, same police. To conflate this and cobbled a conspiracy together is myopic. Ray Adams was not named in the MacPherson report as no evidence, facts or proof accrued to him.

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Essex lorry deaths, Dutch and Vietnamese perspectives.

At least one of the Vietnamese migrants who died in a refrigerated lorry during the early hours of 23 October 2019 had claimed asylum in the Netherlands. The Flemish connection is due to the lorry having been loaded at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Essex Police (notorious for involvement in the Lee Balkwell murder, Michael Barrymore cover up and Jeremy Bamber miscarriage of justice plus much else besides) arrested Mo Robinson, a Northern Irish driver, in Grays, near Thurrock. Not so much a case of “six degrees of separation” as two, my pal’s Mother knew the family (it is a small province), “dodgy” and “where does his money come from?” were the two salient points, but Northern Ireland, being Northern Ireland, one never asks too closely about anyone flashing cash.

The 39 dead Vietnamese citizens went looking for a better life in the west. Many Vietnamese make it as far as Poland, others end up in nail salons in the UK. It is a true crime case where exploitation meets oft times unrealistic dreams and false promises.

Tomorrow, if time permits, a final digression from the Daniel Morgan murder debacle to Kenya. Not Ali Kololo and Neil Hibbert (who had a small role in the Morgan case) but baby stealing.

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Asil Nadir and MI6.

In 2016 I wrote two articles about Asil Nadir, 26 April and 24 October. “The Times” today states that Mr Nadir wishes to return to Britain, in August, to start a new business venture. Goggzilla wishes him the best of luck. Why was Nadir sent to jail? On the surface, embezzlement, but look more closely. MI6 wanted him to “play ball” over aspects of Project Babylon, to use his trusted transport company in an arms to Iraq deal. Nelson Ledsky wanted Northern Cyprus to be yet another province of the American Imperium. Nadir was caught in the middle.

When Nadir retuned to stand trial he thought he was part of The Establishment, a Tory donor who was “one of us” and believed in British justice. he discovered the hard way that was not the case. Erkin Guney is owed money by Asil Nadir and it would be nice if any outstanding debt could be cleared up.

I was told about a connection between Baroness Winterbourne’s “Amal Trust” and the above. Emma Nicholson is close to embezzler Jean Hatchet/Vonny Watts/Radstone, is there an element of dodgy finance going on?

Finally, the Channel 4 “Dispatches” programme last night was a damp squib. Nothing evinced to link Cdr Ray Adams with any grubby aspects of the Daniel Morgan murder, nor much else besides.

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“Dispatches” Channel 4, “Corrupt cops, what The Met knew” and Jackson’s folly.

The first minute of Channel 4’s “Dispatches” programme at 7.30 pm tonight heralded what was to come. Alastair Jackson and Mr Barty-King along with Claire Burnett cut corners. In doing so, they damned themselves.

The voice on the tape was none other than disgraced ex Det Con Haslam, speaking to Ray Gray. Had Jackson dug deeper, he would have discovered that Gray was a drug dealer, who, by his own admission, would say anything to lessen his sentence.

“Operation Russell” has been dealt with (Goggilla, passim) and I may return to this later.

The suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes – Haslam put enormous pressure on Holmes to implicate Commander Ray Adams in illegality. When Holmes could find nothing, Haslam secretly recorded Holmes for future blackmailing, hence the suicide.

Clive Driscoll – I may return later, with more on the Stephen Lawrence murder, although strictly it is not really part of the Morgan debacle.

Cdr Ray Adams knew Kenneth Noye, but only slightly. Decent research would have evinced this.

Biddiss – if he wants to dig dirt, one suggests the Kent Police’s role in the John “Reg” Elliott miscarriage of justice.

Adams statement on Noye in court – it was prepared and written by Adams’ boss, Cdr John Lock. All Adams did was to read it aloud, to the court.

Now to why Haslam went to Channel 4, even after Jukes cut him lose. In 1977 Haslam took a car without consent belonging to a Det Ch Supt. Whilst drunk driving Haslam killed a elderly pedestrian. A few months later Haslam applied to return to the CID. Adams just happened to be the senior rank who turned the request down, solely on grounds of time (less than twelve months). Haslam subsequently blamed Adams for any mishaps, becoming obsessed (Haslam quit The Met in Oct 1989 under mental health grounds).

Joey Pyle – a noted figure in the London demi-monde. Little or no connection to anyone named by Channel 4.

Daniel Morgan – appearance by his brother Alastair, described by his “pal” Haslam as a “professional mourner on £30,000 a year” (see Poulton debrief).

Nick Timothy, new to me , must look him up.

Alastair Morgan asked why there have been no arrests? He could do worse than look at ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and his criminality.

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“Corrupt cops – what The Met knew” Channel 4, Dispatches.

Page 16 of “The Times” has an article that links “Operation Russell” to the Daniel Morgan murder, though God knows why. The “Daily Mail” also apes it.

Tom Pettifor has written some good stuff, this is not part of it. Nick Biddiss milks his connection to Kenneth Noye, if Biddiss wants to do something, tell Kent Police to check out John “Reg” Elliott and a miscarriage of justice.

DCI Clive Driscoll was on the Stephen Lawrence case, it had nothing to do with the Morgan killing, save that it was infiltrated from within.

Which brings me to “who is the informer” alluded to in the “Times” and other stories?

The role of Joey Pyle – again, he had little or nothing to do with Morgan. Look to John Yates if you want a juicy story.

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London Assembly and the Daniel Morgan murder.

I could not be bothered to link here, it is on YouTube, save yourselves 40 minutes and dive in. As I suspected, not much to go on, an allusion to Dean Vian being the stepson of the late Glenn Vian. Vetting and the police recruitment process, as mentioned by O’Loan.

“Operation Drayfurn” is also named, as is the poor communications between the Morgan family and The Met during the previous 34 years. Finally I wonder why ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and his minions have no yet been arrested?

There seems to be no hurry in posting DNA results that would either implicate ex P.C Fintan Creaven in the murder or exonerate him (Z31)

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Jackson, Dispatches and the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

Jackson appears to be akin to a monkey flinging faeces at the bars of its cage. The “Dispatches” programme scheduled for 3 June is beginning to shape up as a how not to do it.

Trying to make something big out of “Operation Russell” is not an auspicious start. Also, putting too much emphasis on the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes can backfire spectacularly. The “Daily Mail” article omits the identity of Holmes colleague, who was blackmailing him. It is none other than ex Det Con Haslam derided by no less a figure than Baroness Nuala O’Loan.

“Operation Russell” produced no evidence, facts or proof of any wrong doing by former Commander Ray Adams. If Alastair Jackson wants a story, why not examine the miscarriage of justice in the John “Reg” Elliott case and Kent Constabulary?

The connection between Cdr Adams and Kenneth Noye is tenuous at best. To wrap up on Haslam, the half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, was given a medical discharge on grounds of mental illness by Dr Thomas Farewell. Hardly a trustworthy source. Haslam killed an elderly man by drunk driving and received a £60 fine from Horseferry’s Magistrates in 1977.

Alastair Jackson may have inadvertently kicked a wasps nest, perhaps the real hot topic is the one below?

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Somebody knows more (podcast) the Daniel Morgan murder.

Podcasts on true crime are becoming a growing industry. The “Somebody knows more” one, however, is quite poor.

The old canard of Sid Fillery subverting the initial investigation. Det Sgt Fillery was on the case a total of four days before quitting. It was two years later when he joined “Southern Investigations” not “soon afterwards”.

Kevin Lennon’s testimony. The book keeper at “Southern” had a jail term hanging over his head and verballed up Jonathan Rees. No weight, can, therefore, be attributed to Lennon.

The “huge” corruption theory as a motive for Morgan’s murder – no evidence, facts or proof emerged. It all derives from a half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, who planted a bugging device at “Southern”.

On that note, mention is made of Kim James. There is a voice missing from the recording made by the Metropolitan Police, the bugger (in all senses of the word) of “Southern”.

Near the end the podcast mentions killers, plural. Again, this is lazy. The Vian brothers were not involved.

Motive – was Morgan murdered for “knowing too much”? There are two main motives, adultery and/or a link to a missing shipment from the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo.

Channel 4, silly buggers?

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So, how much was Haslam paid?

My new Best Friend Forever asked about Haslam and the relocation package. Here goes, those really interested can look at the back issues, from the top of my head, Haslam claimed that he was being railroaded over the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. In his final note the only person mentioned, and blamed, is ex Det Con Haslam. The half Jamaican Haslam was in the same lodge (Manor of Bensham 7114) as Holmes. Haslam put enormous pressure on Holmes to implicate innocent high ranking police in a fake corruption tale.

After Holmes suicide, Haslam was relocated to Norfolk, at taxpayers expense. A £6400 alarm and panic button was linked to Downham Market police station. One day a married couple he tried blackmailing arrived. Within minutes armed police had them surrounded. Haslam also claimed an enormous amount over the years for his treachery. (See his whining letter to Liz Truss and other documents I was passed).

Haslam’s voice is omitted from the Kim James tape. Haslam sabotaged ex miners compensation claims in Thurnscoe and attempted to sell the new address of Maxine Carr (who was in hiding near Southery). The bugging device at “Southern Investigations” was placed by Haslam who also went on to try and embellish things with another serial fantasist, Ian Hurst. (See Haslam – Hurst phone call, on You Tube).

Haslam’s former address in Lynn Road, Southery, became unsellable once the sordid past of the owner was made public. So a compulsory purchase order of £250,000 was issued, allowing Haslam to move a few miles away, nearer to his son, P.C James A Haslam.

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