Who murdered Lee Balkwell?

To say the least the cover up by Essex Police is far reaching. Lee Balkwell’s murder raises many many questions about police corruption in Essex. One of the worst constabularies in Britain, quite an achievement.

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John Yates and redacted names regarding Stephen Lawrence.

The Grauniad are looking for two names which have been censored. A crumpled piece of paper was just handed to me. Search amongst the following

John Grieve

Rod Lemming

Dave Veness

Anton Setchwell (Anton Setechell) all connected to Bob Lambert, Colin Black, Richard Walton and our old pal John Yates. Police corruption runs deep when the Stephen Lawrence case is mentioned – odd how disgraced ex Det Con Derek G Haslam now retired (after two mental breakdowns) of Norfolk was never thus far arrested?

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T1a1 mitochondrial DNA and pre Viking settlements.

Away from police corruption and a quick look at genetics. I defeated the UK government at Strasbourg a few years ago over retention of innocent folks DNA samples and turn now to studies of the native British population thousands of years ago.

Until now the theory was that mtDNA haplotype T1 arrived with Vikings, given that no samples were discovered in Anglo-Saxon or Celtic grave sites. Is this accurate? At a date of 800AD one sees T1 “introduced” via Scandinavia but a paper on skeletal remains in South Uist points to T1 being in Scotland around 1200BC, a gap of two thousand years.

Or is it that I’m missing something?



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Asil Nadir could be freed.

Great news following the campaign by “Goggzilla” to draw attention to corruption surrounding the false imprisonment of noted Turkish Cypriot business maven Mr Asil Nadir.


Too late to see his Mother before her death at least Mr Nadir could now go back to Turkey after serving time at the notorious HMP Belmarsh.

Prime Minister David Cameron is anxious about freeing the Cypriot businessman before the 7th May election as it may cost him votes. Mr Nadir funded the Tories to the tune of £400,000 in donations. “Sabah” also carried a report on the vexed issue of allowing Asil Nadir to return to Turkey, there is only just over 12 months of his sentences remaining.

We can focus on murky questions such as

the role of “Abacus Security”* and Major Tony Watkins-Burton

the role of MI6 alongside HMRC

* run by a notoriously corrupt ex Metropolitan Police Detective Constable now retired in Norfolk and rumoured to be a child porn fan.



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Asil Nadir family in mourning.

Most saddened to hear this morning of the death of Mr Asil Nadir’s Mother, Safiye Nadir, via this Turkish Cypriot newspaper.


Undoubtedly the false imprisonment of her son did not help, placing additional strain on an old lady’s heart.

Nothing underlines the sheer vindictiveness and rottenness of the UK than to keep a man jailed when he should be released on compassionate grounds.

I have asked my local Imam to pray for her. May she rest in peace.

One hopes this will lead to Mr Nadir’s being freed sooner.

Update. The judge in Asil Nadir’s (mis)trial was Lord Justice Holroyde. What a small world as he also heard ( with Rafferty) the R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell (Groovy Gang) appeal due to Derek Haslam’s paid police perjury which now could go before the ECtHR in Strasbourg.





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Peter Nunn versus Jean Hatchet (Lisa Marie Taylor).

It is unwise for a freelance journalist, such as I, ever to become the story yet according to (one more) dreary Feminazi blog, this seems to be happening. I wrote of Peter Nunn last February. Mr Nunn was temporarily supported by Robert Ambridge (Old Holborn) a pal of the Chief Constable of Essex.

Peter was found guilty of “trolling” the Rt Hon Stella Creasy, a doe eyed ZaNuLabour M.P. We all know if she had been “Lindsey the supermarket shelf stacker” then Mr Nunn would not have served a custodial sentence. As a husband and Dad he could not go on a hunger strike to the death either.

I totally disagree with his remarks to Creasy and have written so more than once. Free speech has it’s limits as Oliver Wendell Holmes said “Nobody has the right to shout FIRE in a crowded theatre”. However, it is the coterie that surrounds Creasy which bear further scrutiny.

Caroline Criado-Moonbat wanted some woman on a £10 note. I agree with that, it is immaterial how many women are on banknotes, so long as they hold their value. Criado-Perez attracted Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent (both totally vile) and Hadley Freeman (nice enough). As a radical feminist she also drew “Jean Hatchet” of London, now known to be Lisa Marie Taylor, mother of Samuel James Glittenberg, born Leicester, Sept 1999.

Hatchet/Taylor and her clique would deny any dissenting voice a stage (such as my pal Alison Chabloz – and no – I do not agree with her on the Israel/Palestine issue) – it is odd that all of this is kicking off as I finish a seven year investigation into police corruption in London, Norfolk and south east England.

Finally, radical feminists must realise that wimmin making false rape allegations can and will be held to account.



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Asil Nadir and Project Babylon.

What exactly was the role of MI6 in framing Mr Nadir over the “Polly Peck” scandal? Were two ex SAS soldiers Ian Jack and Terry Hardy hired to assassinate Dr Gerald Bull over the Iraq “supergun”? The politics of the eastern Med is febrile at the best of times but when the regime of Saddam Hussein was in power the UK could not be seen doing business with rogue dictators, hence use of Asil Nadir’s transport system to shift illegal arms to Kurdestan, much against the wishes of Turkey and Turkish Cyprus.

Isn’t it time Nadir was released from jail?


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