Les trois villes – Liverpool, Luton et Londres.

Has Tom Watson gone all “Rashomon” on us? Watson’s links to Ian Hurst also bring into focus dark arts exponents such as Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton). The plot to destabilise Corbyn is coming from somewhere, and the epicentre is in West Bromwich.


The thing with cyber space is that one leaves a foot print. That includes messing about with a death in custody in Marsh Farm.

How very cryptic, eh? (H/T to my Angolan connection.)


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Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Eight.

“Watching the detectives” ripped off from a post title here, on Tom Watson, as was “Serpico” (in fact the Alan Holmes suicide note did not contain any mention of Serpico). Dear Jukes, please try and get titles from sources other than here, or at least acknowledge the site, thanks.

Operation  Two Bridges was mentioned, as was Operation Abelard II though Jukes never stated that it was derailed due to his sole source, Derek Haslam, taking documents and evidence, (oddly Hampshire plod never questioned this, though Operation Russell did). Haslam signing his affadavit with two different signatures (one was his half brother David). More on Haslam’s extra curricular activities here.


Now to Sid Fillery, who Jukes pulls out of a top hat, like some jaded magic rabbit. Fillery was arrested along with Jonathan Rees, the Vian brothers and James Cook. All were acquitted. Now might be time to draw the audience’s attention to Flynn and Gillard’s book (1). Haslam was working for The Met, sabotaging all headway being made in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, hence no convictions.

Haslam was aided by one of Norfolk Police’s “finest” Andy Hayman. Along with John Stevens and DCS Dave Cook, they were a triumvirate of bent coppers. Jukes keeps regurgitating Alex Marunchak, but it does him no favours, Marunchak was the paymaster of Ian Hurst, who is now suing all and sundry with no chance of success. Marunchak and Greg Miskiw link up, both second generation Ukrainians in England. Is Neville Thurlbeck the “other journalist” Jukes states is not named for legal reasons?

Finally, Jukes adds some juicy comments from a lachrymose Jacqui Hames, worried about Jill Dando’s fate. Barry George, fitted up and framed by New Scotland Yard, as were Rees, Fillery, Vians and Cook.

(1) Flynn, L & Gillard M, Untouchables, 2012, London, Bloomsbury.



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The Prisoner of Azkaban – Tom Watson.

In three weeks or so, the Metropolitan Police could find themselves in a very dark place. So too could Deputy Leader of the Labour party Tom Watson. Never mind the salacious e-mails to a young female staffer in West Bromwich, let us “follow the money”.

Max Mosley has donated a huge wedge of money to Mr Watson, and as Peter Jukes tells us in his podcast (stop giggling) Prime Ministers were involved in “Dark Arts” operations. I now draw your attention to Gordon Brown, once subject of a sting, who illegally obtained defence documents relating to the largest civil case against plod in UK legal history. These in turn hinge on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. (I am glad to see Jukes logging in here before he writes the next turgid episode of his podcast. His opus contains many glaring omissions, errors and downright falsehoods).

To conclude – how and why did five major investigations into the Morgan murder cover up fail? Derek Haslam was paid by The Met to infiltrate, befriend and betray the family of Daniel Morgan, thus far with success. Rees and others were targetted fall guys.



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Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Seven.

Entitled “Cover stories” Peter Jukes ought to have opted for “The law of diminishing returns”. To begin with, Derek Gordon Haslam, sole source for Jukes podcas,t did not leave the Metropolitan Police due to “death threats” but because of mental illness (1). Jukes omits Haslam’s role in Huntingdon Life Sciences as an agent provocateur, which led to some animal rights activists being jailed.

Jonathan Rees as a racist? This is at variance with Rees being a friend of the half Jamaican Haslam, indeed the newest photo shows that Haslam at that time was certainly visible mixed race. Jukes then moves to the dealings of “Operation Nigeria” (named after Haslam’s paternal ancestry) and “Operation Two Bridges”. Nothing new is brought to the table, merely details which are already in the public domain.

The voice over at 21.00 minutes in, the ghost of Les Dawson? Rees is a Yorkshireman, as with the Kevin Lennon script, Jukes is cutting costs, accents via Somerset, or Dublin? He ought to consider dubbing Haslam, whose cockney tones are at times impenetrable. Then again Haslam claims his late Father “was an Old Harrovian who commanded a regiment at D Day”.

Alex Marunchak appears too, Jonathan Rees had no animosity towards him. Marunchak is being sued by Jukes and Haslam’s pal Ian Hurst “Captain Rennie of SAS” and perhaps some time can be devoted to the links between Haslam, Jukes and a known fraudster such as Bolton debt collector, top spy Hurst.

Now to the central part of the podcast, the planting by Haslam of a bug in “Southern Investigations” office, Thornton Heath. Rees was totally unsuspecting that Haslam had been paid by The Met to put a listening device in the office, in fact Rees trusted Haslam. Surely in an unguarded moment over many months the supposed killer of Morgan would have let something slip? All New Scotland Yard could obtain was a shady deal involving a bitter divorce battle.

Sid Fillery is mentioned along with Jukes, stating that Fillery would be in the next soporific episode. Spoiler – the dozen indecent images on Fillery’s computer had been forwarded by Haslam, who owned a prodigious pornography collection, even by The Met’s standards. In interviews with his past colleagues, it is their abiding memory of the demi West Indian.

John Stevens rounds up the episode, the same DAC John Stevens known to be a bent copper and a “worshipful brother” of Derek’s. “They had to be dealt with” Haslam said of “Southern Investigations”. Though not it seems Haslam’s theft of a photo regarding HRH the Duke of Cambridge at RMAS, death by drunk driving, nor perjury. See the “Daily Mail”, 18 October 2015. Haslam mentioned his property in Goa, bought with money earned from diverse schemes such as sabotaging ex miner’s compensation in Thurnscoe and passing defence documents to the police (R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell, R v Elliott and many others now before the CCRC).

Jukes ends with “Can they still get away with it?” However, Jukes offers no evidence, facts or proof that Jonathan Rees killed Daniel Morgan. A very poor effort.

(1) Gillard M & Flynn L, ” Untouchables”, 2012, London, Bloomsbury. p. 139.





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Ian Hurst and Atkins Thomson.

A unique double post today, this time a look at Ian Hurst and his attempts to wrest some money from former colleagues such as Alex Marunchak. As stated before Hurst was not an officer in the Intelligence Corps, so his solicitors need to look again at his veracity, or lack of it. More important than Hurst’s Mittyesque attempt at passing for a subaltern is the fact that he never handled “Stakeknife“.

Hurst was at all times in the County Fermanagh area, and had no dealings with the FRU in Antrim. Scapaticci was “Kerbstone” not “Stakeknife” anyway. Piling error upon error, Martin Breen is now with another paper, Sunday Life. One wonders if Carter-Ruck will walk away from the slow speed car crash that Hurst’s legal action is becoming?

Some juicy bits, such as Ian Hurst having an inside track on the Irish government’s interaction with the (P)IRA. Or that Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) lived in a police station for a while. First part, wrong, second correct. Now to RIRA and Hurst stating that Scapaticci is their #1 target, Keeley (Fulton) #2. Would a debt collector in Bolton really be au fait with dissident republicans?

Does Ian Hurst think actions have no consequences?

Let us ask Enya Kim Hurst, formerly of Salesian College, Thornleigh, now reading French at Chester “University”. No doubt Ian Hurst thinks the payoff will enable him to finance Enya’s upcoming wedding to Joshua Ainsworth?

What would Jeremy Reed say?


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Daniel Morgan podcast, Episode Six.

Peter Jukes produces his most inaccurate account thus far. Derek Haslam was not a friend of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, he was his Judas. Jukes omits that Holmes introduced Haslam to Manor Of Bensham 7114 Lodge, the free masons were to play a huge part in keeping “worshipful brother” Derek Haslam from standing trial.

Also omitted by Jukes is this, from the Daily Mail 18 October 2015, proving just how untrustworthy Haslam is, more to come.


At 3.44 in the podcast we hear Haslam speak. Does he sound like the son of an “Old Harrovian who commanded a regiment at D Day?” Less prosaically Haslam Senior was an illiterate West Indian who married a plate layers daughter from Hackney in 1938.

Omissions continue, Jukes alludes to Operation Russell but not to Derek Haslam causing death by drink driving. It was that incident which led to Commander Ray Adams wanting Haslam to leave the police. (1)

It is to alcohol one now must turn when Haslam mentions Det Supt Douglas Campbell. Campbell was in charge of the “golden hour” immediately after Daniel Morgan’s murder. Campbell was like Haslam, an alcoholic who blew any chance of finding the real murderer by spending his time getting drunk on whiskey.

At 18.19 in the podcast Jukes gives a “code name”. Anyone following the murder cover up knows that “O.J” is John Davidson, who was not friend of Haslam’s. He had throttled the mixed race Det Con at an Xmas party when Haslam “would not take No for answer” from a married female colleague. Jukes then goes on to mention Haslam leaving the Metropolitan Police in October 1989 on his 42nd birthday, the minimum time required for his pension. Reason cited? Mental breakdown.

Derek Haslam was sent by Dave Wood to derail Daniel Morgan’s family’s inquiries to obtain justice and to befriend and betray Alastair Morgan. His payment for this was a £180,000 cheque from The Met, plus £2,000 to £4,000 per month.

Finally, Jukes states he will deal with Operation Nigeria and the entrapment of Jonathan Rees. Unable to get Mr Rees for a murder he had not committed the Met planted a bug via Haslam at “Southern Investigations”. Jukes mentions Derek Haslam being relocated to Norfolk. Correct. Haslam is now desperate to sell his house in Southery, Haslam’s son, James, is a P.C in King’s Lynn where he was involved in a death in custody. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Bway.

  1. Gillard M and Flynn L. “The Untouchables” London, Bloomsbury, 2012.



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Watching the detectives – Tom Watson.

Is the career of the deputy leader of Labour about to come to an ignominious end? That depends on a female politics student at the West Bromwich East constituency and whether she wishes to make (even more) public some salacious e-mails. The damage to Labour will be incalculable, Mr Watson left his ex wife not due to the “strain of the NoTW scandal” but more the strain of adultery.

The sharks are circling “Two lunches” as he finds he is unable to count on erstwhile pals. Looking forward to Episode Six of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up podcast shortly.


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