How independent is the Daniel Morgan inquiry panel?

After thirty years will we see an end to the harassment of Jonathan Rees and others by the Metropolitan Police and the Morgan family? Rees is a scapegoat for New Scotland Yard’s inability to find the murderer(s) of Daniel Morgan. A melange of ineptitude and mendacity has characterised the police inquiry from the beginning.

Is Baroness O’Loan too closely linked to bent ex cop David Wood? Wood along with Chris Jarrett and John Yates handled Derek Haslam, a proven perjurer. Haslam’s latest champion (Tom Harper woke up in time) is mortgage fraudster and soi-disant journalist Peter Jukes.

In examining the issues surrounding what must be the final attempt to ascertain what happened outside the “Golden Lion” ought the panel to take a more penetrative look at Ian Hurst? Currently suing Alex Marunchak the ex Intelligence Corps Lance-Corporal Hurst makes a lucrative living from some non legal means.

Haslam’s role was to infiltrate and sabotage the search for justice, something which he did with no small success by derailing Op Abelard II. Why is “worshipful brother” Derek so tight lipped on some aspects of his past?


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David Wood, Baroness O’Loan and conflict.

The well known maven Michael Gillard wrote an article in today’s “Times” which heralds a breakthrough.

Gillard mentions bent ex cop David Wood (who along with Chris Jarrett and John Yates handled Derek Haslam). The Baroness O’Loan’s connection is a surprise.

1998 was when Haslam was brought in to see if Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery could be fitted up over the Daniel Morgan murder. Haslam was paid 21,000 Stg to pervert the course of justice in many high profile trials. His property in Norfolk has been on the market since 2013 for prices ranging from 270,000 Stg to 225,000,  he took it off yesterday morning due to adverse publicity.

Gillard also mentions Burnton, who was “got at”. Legally all I can say now is that Chief Constable of Norfolk Simon Bailey is in the same affinity lodge as both Haslam and P.C James A Haslam of King’s Lynn, and that there links to Bryn Estyn and Gordon Anglesea.


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That is “the snail” for those of you who do not speak French. Venue, 48 Greek Street, Soho. Time? 6.30pm tomorrow, until about 9.30pm or whenever one tires of Peter Jukes waxing away about his “new evidence” (he has none) in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Flynn and Gillard are to speak and I’d like to ask how they mention Derek Haslam being a paid police informer in the first few pages of “The Untouchables” yet went on to extol him at a gala some years ago? It is all on record, boys.

Will Haslam be dumb enough to turn up? True, he is an alcoholic (death by drink driving, so also a convicted criminal) but Haslam is by nature a coward, morally and physically. (How is £6400 alarm system? Will it be sold with the house? Time to drop asking price from £253,000?)

Jukes is getting ever more paranoid, repeating stories from four years ago concerning his pet bugger (I must be careful how I write that) Ian Hurst. Will tomorrow evening’s entertainment cover the legal action Hurst is taking against Alex Marunchak? Or Hurst’s far from legal activities with electoral roll fraud?

Or Jonathan Rees suing the Met for £4 million?


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Untold Murder, untold perjury.

The world waits with bated breath to see what Peter Jukes will reveal on Wednesday 14th in a Soho cafe. If one can stifle giggles, it should be fun, but in an unintentional way. Jukes is even as we read, approaching Hollywood and Channel 4 to see if a film can be made of his libellous podcast (hint, our legal team are better than yours, so don’t try it). Anyway who would play Jonathan Rees is the film version? George Clooney is busy. Harvey Keitel might be available for Goggins though.

Could Idris Elba be persuaded to portray Derek Haslam? True, he would need to gain several stone. As to Jukes cafe appearance, will it mention the £250,000 the Metropolitan Police forwarded to Al Morgan? Or the £50,000 paid up front? No wonder he can afford tea at the Waldorf. Who said perjury does not pay?

If Haslam is unwise enough to appear will he repeat his line about Al Morgan being “a professional mourner on £36,000 a year”? Also will he comment on this photo, a family gathering of some of his father’s cousins from St Catherine’s Jamaica? “Old Harrovian and commanded a regiment at D Day” once again, Peter Jukes is torpedoed.



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Zelo Street, waar lech dat dan?

A new phrase has entered the English language “to Sarah Douglas” as in “to wipe the floor with a mad conspiracy theorist”. La Douglas took on and bested Peter Jukes who seems to hold that…

several inquiries into Daniel Morgan’s murder and subsequent cover up are not due, as with the Steven Lawrence case to police infiltration and sabotage, oh no they are the result of…

Jonathan Rees being a criminal genius on a par with Hannibal Lecter.

Tinfoil hat is the least of it. Having quite literally bet the house on the word of a known paid police perjurer trying to flee the UK…

Jukes is now podcasting away with tenuous hopes that nobody will (as Dennis Rice has) spot the fact that the testimony of a liar with Derek Haslam’s track record is suicidal for one’s credibility.






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Costello affidavit.

Costello affidavit dated 24 March 1998– Is there any truth in its contents?

The Met says No, the judge says No but the evidence says Yes

The Costello affidavit describes how three people were involved in what amounts to diversion fraud which was effectively being organised by Customs for official purposes. Customs is said to be ‘the only organisation able to operate freely in this way’ and ‘it was arranged in such a way that it could be denied if there ‘was any leak’. The document raises four crucial points:

  1. Could there be any truth in a government agency running such an illegal activity?

  2. Is there factual evidence of Bernie Small, Watkins-Burton and Maureen Dunn involved in excise fraud?

  3. Is there evidence of people being entrapped?

  4. Is there evidence of denying/concealing/lying from Customs’?

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Asst Chief Constable Sarah Hamlin and her resignation.

I shall pass over crowing about taking a high profile scalp. Sally, it was never personal. However I will let everyone know what went on behind the scenes. Worshipful Brother Chief C*n*stable Simon Bailey (Service & Integrity Lodge, n’est pas?) ACPO lead on child porn (of which more later)  is facing a tsunami of excrement concerning his harbouring of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam (currently trying to sell his property in Lynn Road, Southery) and many other serious offences, such as perverting the course of justice and perjury.

In addition, P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn connected with numerous fake social media accounts plus theft of documents. As to the child porn bit? Yes, links to “Sine Favore” Lodge and North Wales Police, add a side order of Bryn Estyn.

The Daniel Morgan murder cover up looms quite large in this too. Within a week we will have an answer, hence the departure of La Hamlin. Google “Norfolk Police corruption” and you are swiftly directed here.

Goggzilla gets results.



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