Justified – Cressida Dick inherits a mess.

Has anyone else noticed that the only person awarded money (thus far) in the latest chapter of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, is an ex policeman, Sid Fillery? Divide and conquer seems to be the Met’s message of the day. HHJ Mitting did his master’s bidding over “Plebgate” and again, by freezing out Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. One thing plod hates is bad publicity, and some revelations are on the horizon that will trouble Cressida Dick, during her first weeks of office.

Not least of these is the case of ex DCS Dave Cook, now hiding in Scotland. Has Peter Jukes put this in his book? Due out in mid May, it should provide chuckles. The long running saga of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel draws to a close, a panel so independent that Baroness O’Loan was in close contact with yet another dirty cop, Dave Wood.

“Private Eye” are covering the story well, and one asks how long The Met can withstand calls to prosecute Dave Cook for his gross failings thus far? Perhaps radical feminists can set up a petition to have him extradited from Scotland, to face charges?

The CPS are nervous, not only over the latest debacle in the Morgan murder case, but also in the role of a known paid police informer, Derek Haslam, and his part in infiltrating and subverting the inquiry from within, plus his illegal actions in Cambridgeshire and some animal rights groups.

H/T to F.L and R V-B.


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Farewell to sanity.

One must feel sorry for the late Dr Thomas Farewell, New Scotland Yard’s tame psychiatrist in house mental health chief. In October 1989 he had to find out how sane Det Con Derek G Haslam was, and came up with the professional conclusion “not very”. Will Peter Jukes be putting this in his book?

Is a sole source reliable when he has taken and driven away a Chief Superintendent’s car without consent, got drunk, then ran over and killed a man?

Moreover, “Abacus Security” late of Lynn Road, Southery, PE38, was tasked with finding one Tony Watkins-Burton and unable to do so. Watkins-Burton ¬†lived very nearby. Enough to drive one crazy.


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Rees and others v The Met.

Mitting has dug a deep hole for himself, post “Plebgate” along with Holroyde and Rafferty, he is now linked to police corruption. In his ruling he uses arcane legal cases to exculpate bent CPS maven Stuart Simpson – and fails.


Kevin Lennon made a poor witness, this, plus much more, is now in the public domain. However some further facts need to be brought to light, such as Sid Fillery’s ex colleague Derek Haslam planting child pornography on him.


Mitting mentioned DCI (now Det Supt) Neil Hibberd’s role on Fillery’s fitting up, the same Hibberd involved in putting the wrong man on Kenya’s death row. He is consistent, at least in his bungling.

Try as he might, Mitting is unable to extract Noel Beswick from the dung heap that DCS Dave Cook built up. Bent plod are never far from bent HMRC and the role of Alison Chipperton in Operation Bedingham will come under scrutiny. How many other major  miscarriages of justice are connected?

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Sid Fillery wins.

His Honour Justice Mitting (to whom I will return) ruled that Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers were not subject to malicious police actions. However, the fourth member of the group, ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery, won part of his case. The use of paid police perjurers James Ward and Gary Eaton by disgraced ex DCS Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) weighed heavily in the case. There is also a mountain of evidence against ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now trying to live off radar near the Nene Washes.

Mitting, as with Holroyde, Rafferty et al, is bent. His ruling in Plebgate re-enforces the view that Neuberger took, that the judiciary are “off limits” to any form of criticism. The trial of Vian & ors v Commissioner of police was always going to be a win-win. It would have been preferable to have had a clear judgement, but with the case over (at least for now) a huge trove of documents are waiting to be released into the public domain.


We are witnessing the burial of what was left of DCS Cook’s reputation and Peter Jukes credibility. A concluding note, Jukes “book” (or, is it as with all his work, a series of tweets linked by the rare sentence?) ought to be out at roughly the same time as a huge “Ace” held by Mr Rees et al is disclosed.. It could lead to the quickest pulping in history.




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Austin Allegros we have known.

I was just about to log off when I noticed that Peter Jukes was having another episode of mental debility. It is enough to make one run to Doctor Thomas shouting “Farewell to sanity!”.

No, Mr Jukes, Piers Morgan does not pay me. Nor is everyone who thinks your rehashed ideas on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up are merely a last attempt at stardom, before you join the “I used to be somebody” on a nearby bar stool, part of some cabal.

Thing is, you placed all your faith in a known paid police perjurer, an alcoholic who stole a Det Chief Superindentents’ Hillman Hunter and killed a pedestrian when drunk.

Derek Gordon Haslam was drummed out of “Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge” for his part in the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. Looking for a reason why Morgan was murdered? Cuckoldry, underage skirt, drugs. It is a shabby little story, but then again, it is a shabby little world.


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Porridge revisit’d.

The blog site dealing with North Wales Police corruption is usually good, but today rehashed some distinctly old rumours.


On Monday (tomorrow) Justice Mitting (Plebgate) will begin to assess the evidence on the largest civil action in British legal history against the Metropolitan Police.

Let us dissect the “Press Gang” article. Who planted the bugging device, and why? Derek G Haslam, an ex Det Con who knew (and betrayed) Alan “Taffy” Holmes, and played a role in Holmes suicide, was a pal of Jonathan Rees and Sid Fillery. It must be noted that all the time the bug was in “Southern Investigations” office neither Rees nor Fillery had anything they said used against them, in connection with the Daniel Morgan murder, which New Scotland Yard was attempting to frame them for (more than once).

Now to DCS Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) who is being white knighted by the main stream media such as Peter Jukes. Cook is so tainted, instead of clearing his name in the Vian & ors v Commissioner of police trial, he has fled to Scotland.

Much is made of Fillery possessing child porn, yet not the fact that it was Derek G Haslam who gave it to him. Haslam links to the same masonic lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey, ACPO lead on nonces.

Alex Marunchak is mentioned, though not the fact that Ian Hurst ( who falsely claimed to be the handler of “Stakeknife” plus many other Walter Mitty lies) is suing Marunchak.

Top police figures such as Sir John Stevens and John Yates are implicated in high level corruption, Mitting must bear in mind what will occur once he rules on the trail.

Finally Peter Jukes “Fall of the House of Murdoch” is quoted. Jukes is now totally discredited, a somewhat shabby mortgage fraudster.

Update. After his (convenient) mental breakdown in October 1989 Haslam began a new career with Cambridgeshire Constabulary working on spy (CCTV) cameras. This coincides with his attempts to bring down animal rights activists connected to monitoring Huntingdon Life Science, Haslam’s time with “Verify” and Oxford labs using animals and subject to protest was dealt with earlier. Ian Hurst is supposed to be making money from illegal dog fights in the Bolton area and giving the Greater Manchester Police their usual cut.





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Insp Brian Sheeran and “Bullshire Strikes Back”.

With the hiatus in the trial of the century until Friday, we move from Vian & ors v Commissioner of police – and the use of highly questionable witnesses, plus Asst Commissioner John Yates attempts to exculpate himself from an infamous fitting up, to other news.

Is recently retired (?) Greater Manchester Police cyber expert Insp Brian Sheeran behind the Facebook page “Bullshire Strikes Back”?

What links does Sheeran have to Ian Hurst, who falsely claimed to be the agent who handled “Stakeknife”?

Was Sheeran involved in desecrating a Qu’ran?

What part did Sheeran play in affording protection to the teenager who killed sixty dogs, in a fire at Harpurhey?

Legality of Bullshire?


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