“Golden Lion” and Peter Jukes, nutter.

About the only good thing concerning Derek Haslam is how loose lipped he is when drunk. His mention of Alastair Morgan’s suicide bid in Denmark (or was it Sweden?) plus Alastair’s drug taking lead onto an examination of the murder scene of Daniel Morgan at the “Golden Lion” in Sydenham.

Alastair Morgan did not tell the police during the critical golden hour of investigation after his brother’s murder that his brother bought cannabis there, meaning that drug dealers in the public bar were never questioned.

Alastair is an ex psychiatric patient as is Haslam. Haslam also disclosed Alastair’s arrest for burglary in Lilywhites of Piccadilly.

David Bray and Alastair (along with Haslam) had a penchant for “underage” girls.

What role did the German tennis player having an affair with Alastair Morgan’s ex wife have in Daniel Morgan’s death? Dan tipped off the German’s wife that her husband was having an extramartial relationship, which in turn led to threats.

A wry smile yesterday as I was asked “are you the geezer who writes about that Peter Jukes nutter?”

More damaging revelations from Haslam are to come, it might impinge on his fake sites and other illegal activities.

Should I accidentally bump into either Theresa May or Cressida Dick later this week ought I to point out that whilst Haslam’s arrest would prove embarrassing and damaging, it is far less of an awful vista than what could be leaked soon. Stay tuned.

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Peter Jukes and Byline Media fined.

Top journalist Dennis Rice has finally been vindicated against mortgage fraudster and Metropolitan Police shill Peter Jukes. Will Jukes cry racial prejudice against Armenians on this one? As for a whip round, Max Mosley might assist.


Steve Whittamore appears to have been the eye of the hurricane.


The excellent Paul Staines also covers the fall of the house of Jukes.


This is what one gets for white knighting a known paid police perjurer, worse is to come.

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Master of dark arts – Untold, series 2 episode 5.

Stephen Wright was never closely connected to “Southern Investigations”. If Peter Jukes wants to discuss stolen photographs, why not ask about his main source, Derek Haslam and his theft of one image of H.R.H Duke of Cambridge at RMA Sandhurst? Jukes quotes Andrew Doherty, as with Haslam, an alcoholic ex psychiatric patient. The essence of the latest dire podcast seems to be that private eyes were used by journalists. It is hardly earth shattering.

18 minutes in, is yet another advert, Cornerstone came quite early, then “Beer 52” why not eschew the podcast, with no new evidence, and concentrate on selling stuff?

Now to Mahmood. He punked a politician named Mellor, who had an affair. The only man to score in a Chelsea shirt that season. As for entrapment, John Alford wouldn’t have been trapped if he had not shoved half a pharmacy up his nose.

25 minutes in – the Guardian “journalist” David Conn asked me for “dirt” on Karl Massey so it is not the sole preserve of the red tops.

29 minutes in – Alex Marunchak, Jukes entire theory falls down, Marunchak was the central figure in connection with Ian Hurst, a computer hacker and Walter Mitty figure who is connected to Haslam.

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DCS David Imrie Cook and DCI Noel Beswick.

Even an idiot such as Sandra Laville at the Gruaniad could see it.


So why didn’t the Metropolitan Police? Gary John Eaton played an integral role in Operation Abelard II along with paid perjurer and fellow ex psychiatric patient Derek Haslam.

Also implicated is Det Supt Barry Phillips, this is what Phillips gets up to in addition to perverting the course of justice.


John Yates was “gold” commander in Op Abelard II, and it is now in the public domain that his protege, DCS Cook prompted Eaton illegally to implicate the Vian Brothers in the Daniel Morgan murder. Why hasn’t Cook been arrested? Ought we to ask Keima Payton?

Det Insp Clarke lied under oath. Cook was white knighting for Eaton who was convicted for animal cruelty at Sutton in 1999 (something else he shares with Haslam).

But more pertinent to the whole Jonathan Rees, Garry and Glenn Vian miscarriage of justice, is the part played by Steve Warner, who attempted to murder co-accused James (Jimmy) Cook. Is Haslam about to drag Neil Fretwell down with him?

Perhaps DCS Richard Heselden knew that answer? He dealt with the Ibori case and the Stephen Lawrence murder, both nadirs of London plod. His connection to Det Insp Bernard Greaney is enough to warrant concern.

Det Supt Roger Critchell (redacted, for now). Yates and Greaney – how close are they to Det Insp Noel Beswick? Questions, questions, questions.



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Det Supt Fiona McCormack and Crategate.

Operation Megan raised many interesting points and questions, it also appears to be a nail in the coffin of what is left of the Metropolitan Police’s “reputation”. The case earlier this year which saw ex Det Sgt Sidney A Fillery awarded damages for what he went through when fitted up by the police, is coming back to haunt New Scotland Yard. The use of Gary Eaton by the now disgraced ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie Cook (Mrs Jacqui Hames) is a new low in the Met’s attempt to frame both Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers.

One needs to look at Operation Abelard II, Sally Anne Woods and Cook lying about Glenn Vian, as was proven by Justice Maddison. Indeed, Maddison stands in stark contrast to Justice “Plebgate” Mitting, Maddison is an honest member of the judiciary, Mitting highly corrupt.

George Goodridge and the axe (redacted for now).

The role of Asst Commissioner Yates, who disappeared to Bahrain to train torturers, needs fuller examination. As do the roles of Det Con Caroline Linfoot, Det Sgt Danny Dwyer, and of course, Det Insp Noel Beswick (hi, Noel, I know you are tuning in regularly, worshipful brother).

Along with the above motley crew is Det Insp Anthony Moore. Now that the knowledge of Cook illegally prompting Eaton is in the public domain will we hear from Nick Archer? Or Commander Shaun Sawyer? Or Det Con Phillip Clare, or Det Sgt Gary Dalby?

Another stellar police name is Commander Simon Foy who looks likely to lose both his pension and liberty at this rate.

Eighteen crates of evidence ignored or missing, this occurred with the Cardiff Three so will Messer Rees and the Vians be the Croydon Three?

Fiona McCormack lied concerning DCS Cook, and suffers by association with her actions and…

“causing or permitting a covert human intelligence source* Derek Haslam (codename Joe Poulton) to access legally privileged material and failing to disclose his actions as participating informant”. *CHIS is plodspeak for a paid perjurer.

Now to Operation Makenna and Operation Longhorn (redacted for now).

End of term report – Daily Mirror and Mail On Sunday, must try harder.

It bodes ill for the Grenfell Tower survivors that Fiona McCormack is involved.

Fliss likes culture, Goggzilla likes Fliss so here is some.


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Les trois villes – Bolton, Sheffield et Thurnscoe.

Another trip to England, this one entailed a lot of digging though with fruitful results. Firstly to Bury, then Bolton, where Greater Manchester Police proved quite loose tongued about Ian Hurst. Plod are bribed easily.

Then a diversion to Stocksbridge and an enjoyable match for Blades faithful, three nil at half time, by the final whistle I felt sorry for the home team. Onward to Fulwood and some information on a menopausal mad cat lady from the local Tory and Labour parties. Can one be extradited to South Yorkshire if actually in South Yorkshire? Legally a grey area?

Finally to the former mining district of Thurnscoe and unearthing the actions of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam, who sabotaged ex miners compensation claims, plus other things. Haslam is Peter Jukes main source, Jukes failed his journalism course, and is now tub thumping about the Daniel Morgan panel and Theresa May’s links to Rupert Murdoch. He neglects those of Gordon Brown to sundry bent and highly corrupt individuals, as the Metropolitan Police grow ever more fearful of the spotlight falling on a half Jamaican ex psychiatric paid perjurer.

America has the Constitution, we have Hillsborough and a highly venal policing system.


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Via Dolorosa of Rupert Murdoch.

Missed these two Byline posts whilst I was in England, so only just getting round to them now.


Perverting the course of justice? As Jukes sole star turn Derek Haslam did with R v Elliott, R v Kingston, Thurnscoe ex miners compensation and dozens of other cases?

Andrew Docherty as a witness? An alcoholic (like Haslam) with psychiatric issues (ditto). At least Docherty could recall what colour his Father was.

As to stings, if John Alford did not do drugs he would not have been jailed.

Ray Adams – bent? He wanted Haslam out of the Metropolitan Police following the half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient’s theft of a vehicle and causing death by drunk driving.


Jukes moves on to Alex Marunchak. Marunchak is bent and links to Ian Hurst (very bent) and Bertie Ahern (bent).

Finally, Jukes mention of Lord Stevens is incongruous, Stevens was very far from clean.

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