Asst Chief Constable Sarah Hamlin and her resignation.

I shall pass over crowing about taking a high profile scalp. Sally, it was never personal. However I will let everyone know what went on behind the scenes. Worshipful Brother Chief C*n*stable Simon Bailey (Service & Integrity Lodge, n’est pas?) ACPO lead on child porn (of which more later)  is facing a tsunami of excrement concerning his harbouring of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam (currently trying to sell his property in Lynn Road, Southery) and many other serious offences, such as perverting the course of justice and perjury.

In addition, P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn connected with numerous fake social media accounts plus theft of documents. As to the child porn bit? Yes, links to “Sine Favore” Lodge and North Wales Police, add a side order of Bryn Estyn.

The Daniel Morgan murder cover up looms quite large in this too. Within a week we will have an answer, hence the departure of La Hamlin. Google “Norfolk Police corruption” and you are swiftly directed here.

Goggzilla gets results.



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Clash Royale – Dennis Rice versus Peter Jukes.

Except it is an unfair contest, Mr Rice is a noted journalist and Mr Jukes merely backed the wrong horse, what is playing out in social media is more akin to HMS York being taken on by a dinghy.

Cherche l’argent and what is Peter Jukes doing with a nice pad in Blackfriars whilst pleading poverty? Financial irregularities may  sound his career death knell far more effectively than his unprofessional use of a “worshipful brother” being investigated by both the CCRC and IPCC (new readers may wish to check the Daily Mail 18 Oct 15 or back posts).

Jukes links to Ian Hurst are worth looking at also. Hurst is suing Alex Marunchak (and Derek Haslam is suing The Met, plus trying to sell his house and flee abroad) so how trustworthy are these two? Not very.  The court cases also torpedo Jukes weak theory on the Morgan murder cover up.

Neil Wallis has been a Jukes target for some time. Jukes saw a chance to resurrect his moribund career with the Daniel Morgan story, but put all his money on a lost cause.  Fillery and Rees are leading a £4 million suit against plod at New Scotland Yard. Jukes becomes a shill.

Finally to Louise Mensch. I have a soft spot for Lulu, a bog in County Kildare. Odd she was never arrested for naming Ched Evans “victim” online. Perhaps a Freedom Of Information request to North Wales Police?

Come on Chesterfield.


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The Met’s investigation into the Costello affadavit was definitely a sham.

Instead of investigating purely the affidavit sworn in March 1998, the police lumped another affidavit that they had received by post on 14 June 2002 into the investigation.

Their conclusion was that they had disproved the content of the documents but not their authenticity as they had only located copies. The content of the affidavits differ. Almost all the content mentioned in Barry Beardall’s appeal decision comes from the second affidavit i.e

“The overall impression presented by both Affidavits is that Mrs Costello is operating as an agent of both HMCE and the Secret Service while working for an unnamed import business. As such she has attended briefings, provided intelligence and apparently acted as a confidante to “Support agents”. As a result of these activities she has gained good knowledge of covert law enforcement techniques and the import of duty payable goods and bonded warehouses.”

So the Met set about ‘tracing and taking statements from family, friends and former work colleagues of Mrs Costello’ to test the authenticity of the content of the documents.’ They said,’ These people have provided valuable lifestyle and background detail that strongly contradicts how Mrs Costello and her life are represented in the affidavits’

Of course, they contradicted what was written in the second affidavit because it was a fake. It had no solicitors signature nor stamp. Nobody in their right mind would investigate such a document. So, why did the Met use it? It is suggested – its use hid/buried scrutiny of the first affidavit which had a solicitor’s signature and stamp and signature of Jennifer Costello.

Read the first affidavit, you will find no mention of working for HMCE etc. Costello just describes gaining knowledge of illegal activities through her close friendship with Bernie Small.

Satisfied with their ‘inquiry’, the Met decided not to interview ‘a number of witnesses’ who they had identified.

Next post will look at the points Jennifer Costello made in her affidavit of March 1998, most of which the Metropolitan Police failed to examine.


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Very Idiotic Perjurer.

To wrap up the Antony Watkins-Burton details. He was born in Leek, Staffordshire on 20 May 1957. His co-defendants were J Engels and J Raats, charges were dropped in their cases.

Both Watkins-Burton and his wife Julie have rap sheets in Belgium, but not in the UK after a sweet deal with HMRC. 

Now to more heartening news. The IPCC and MOPAC are looking at Derek Haslam’s perverting the course of justice in a dozen cases. Wonder why Jukes uses a 30 year old image of Haslam when there is a very recent one, his appearance on BBC Panorama whilst on “witness protection”.


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Watkins-Burton and Asil Nadir.

Antony Watkins-Burton is still in transport. It is his link to known paid police perjurer Derek Haslam which is now coming into focus. What part did Watkins-Burton play in the fitting up of Asil Nadir? (1)

Unipac was trusted by Arab Muslim nations and chosen by MI5/6 as a conduit for illegal arms shipments to Iraq. Nadir was not going to play ball and as a result was pleasuring Her Majesty at Belmarsh for a few years. Fast forward and “Abacus Security” of 11 Lynn Rd, Southery, are tasked with finding the elusive Watkins-Burton, who was, coincidentally, a few miles up the road. (Is there an up in Norfolk? So damned flat). Haslam is finding it difficult to sell his four bed property, illegal activity and scrutiny from investigative hacks can’t help.

Nadir is back in Northern Cyprus and “Abacus Security” appears to be in for closer examination. The framing of Nadir is also an issue the Tories could see badly burn them (2). Watkins-Burton’s criminal conviction and his links to the highly corrupt HMRC are now being scruntinized.

  1. Nevzat, B “Turquoise Conspiracy”, 1999, Noble, London.
  2. Forsyth, E “Who killed Polly Peck?” 1996, Smith, London.


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Ian Hurst and Sayanim.

Ian Hurst may have inadvertently (literally) dug his own grave with recent attention being focused on his outing of former Mossad agent Olivia Frank (who stated she was also working for MI5/6 in connection with Project Babylon.

Jancom” is no longer with us, Asil Nadir is back in Northern Cyprus and some chaps in Northern Ireland are putting two and two together.

The military intelligence ‘whistleblower’ who profits from your (lack of) privacy

Hurst was not called for Leveson as along with Derek Haslam he was deemed “not credible”. Oops.


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Peter Jukes and Op Two Bridges.

On my last trip to England, a week ago, I had a conversation about mental illness with a psychiatrist. In Africa, for example, they believe one can “catch” madness, like the flu. Poor Peter Jukes seems to be succumbing to insanity – much as his sole source in the recent Daniel Morgan podcast, ex Det Con Derek Haslam.

Some facts for Mr Jukes. I am not “Christian Braveheart”, nor is Jonathan Rees. More than one person is troubled that Haslam has thus far evaded justice.

Also factual, I do not have 300 accounts on Twitter. Peter is gullible, evinced by his association with P.C, D.C, Det Sgt, Det Insp, Supt, Chief Constable Mark Williams-Thomas Ph.D, M.Phil (Cantab), M.A, B.Sc, CSE Grade 5 Music, a convicted fraudster. Convicted criminal also is Haslam (death by drink driving plus many more).

As to racism, Jukes needs to look at Haslam and his attitude to Jamaicans, far from enlightened. It is odd that those presently closest to Jukes are in the pay of the Metropolitan Police, currently being sued by Mr Rees for a record £4 million. Good luck with that up and coming film Jukes, pity your late brother won’t see it, suicide whilst balance of his mind disturbed wasn’t it?



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