Asil Nadir family in mourning.

Most saddened to hear this morning of the death of Mr Asil Nadir’s Mother, Safiye Nadir, via this Turkish Cypriot newspaper.

Undoubtedly the false imprisonment of her son did not help, placing additional strain on an old lady’s heart.

Nothing underlines the sheer vindictiveness and rottenness of the UK than to keep a man jailed when he should be released on compassionate grounds.

I have asked my local Imam to pray for her. May she rest in peace.

One hopes this will lead to Mr Nadir’s being freed sooner.

Update. The judge in Asil Nadir’s (mis)trial was Lord Justice Holroyde. What a small world as he also heard ( with Rafferty) the R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell (Groovy Gang) appeal due to Derek Haslam’s paid police perjury which now could go before the ECtHR in Strasbourg.





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Peter Nunn versus Jean Hatchet (Lisa Marie Taylor).

It is unwise for a freelance journalist, such as I, ever to become the story yet according to (one more) dreary Feminazi blog, this seems to be happening. I wrote of Peter Nunn last February. Mr Nunn was temporarily supported by Robert Ambridge (Old Holborn) a pal of the Chief Constable of Essex.

Peter was found guilty of “trolling” the Rt Hon Stella Creasy, a doe eyed ZaNuLabour M.P. We all know if she had been “Lindsey the supermarket shelf stacker” then Mr Nunn would not have served a custodial sentence. As a husband and Dad he could not go on a hunger strike to the death either.

I totally disagree with his remarks to Creasy and have written so more than once. Free speech has it’s limits as Oliver Wendell Holmes said “Nobody has the right to shout FIRE in a crowded theatre”. However, it is the coterie that surrounds Creasy which bear further scrutiny.

Caroline Criado-Moonbat wanted some woman on a £10 note. I agree with that, it is immaterial how many women are on banknotes, so long as they hold their value. Criado-Perez attracted Caitlin Moran and Grace Dent (both totally vile) and Hadley Freeman (nice enough). As a radical feminist she also drew “Jean Hatchet” of London, now known to be Lisa Marie Taylor, mother of Samuel James Glittenberg, born Leicester, Sept 1999.

Hatchet/Taylor and her clique would deny any dissenting voice a stage (such as my pal Alison Chabloz – and no – I do not agree with her on the Israel/Palestine issue) – it is odd that all of this is kicking off as I finish a seven year investigation into police corruption in London, Norfolk and south east England.

Finally, radical feminists must realise that wimmin making false rape allegations can and will be held to account.



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Asil Nadir and Project Babylon.

What exactly was the role of MI6 in framing Mr Nadir over the “Polly Peck” scandal? Were two ex SAS soldiers Ian Jack and Terry Hardy hired to assassinate Dr Gerald Bull over the Iraq “supergun”? The politics of the eastern Med is febrile at the best of times but when the regime of Saddam Hussein was in power the UK could not be seen doing business with rogue dictators, hence use of Asil Nadir’s transport system to shift illegal arms to Kurdestan, much against the wishes of Turkey and Turkish Cyprus.

Isn’t it time Nadir was released from jail?


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Saif Al Islam Gadaffi, Blackwater and R2R.

The forthcoming trial of Gaddafi’s son Saif will be of interest to many in the “intelligence community”. Sarah Penfold, a Nairobi based recruiter of mercenaries was tasked with getting a team of about two dozen ex South African mercenaries, which included Danie Odendaal plus others to extract the Libyan leader’s son.

Greg Wales outfit R2R plus Blackwater all played a part in the botched attempt to spirit Saif across the border. Also implicated was George Fivaz in South Africa.

Now to update my list of constabularies in England that are the focus of major police corruption.





Metropolitan Police


Sussex and Hampshire appear interesting too. As is the whole collusion aspect of the murders of Finucane/Fullerton/Hamill/Nelson.

Isn’t that clown Simon Tomlin due for release sometime soon?


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Groovy Gang and Supreme Court.

Very disappointed to hear that Kaim Todner have been stymied from obtaining justice in appealing the case of R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell. Last August Rafferty LJ ignored damaging evidence of abuse of process and paid perjury by ex D.C Derek G Haslam now living in Norfolk and desperate to leave the UK (why is that?)

Strong rumour are emerging that a major newspaper will shortly present significant new facts of Haslam’s numerous illegal activities which will force “The Met” to end their inaction concerning a notoriously corrupt ex cop – quite an achievement when dealing with the British police.

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Daniel Morgan – Op Abelard II.

At long last the independent panel in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up are on the move. They have released the following e-mail

in the hopes that the public can and will come forward with information. Some commentators are obsessed with the role of William Jonathan Rees in the events outside a Sydenham pub and their connection to “Southern Investigations”. The roles of Paul Goodridge and Jean Wisden need further examination. Peter Jukes erroneously states that they linked to Rees, they only did so tangentally. Jukes tacitly ignores the derailing of Op Abelard II by bent ex cop and paid police perjurer Derek G Haslam, now living in Norfolk.

What of Block’s solicitors and McCormick’s solicitors? Finally, what of Det Con Austin Warnes and sundry constabularies such as Essex Police, Kent, The Met, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Sussex and Hertfordshire Police?


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Two cities – Istanbul and London.

The more one delves into the Asil Nadir case and the other ones connected to it, the more disquieting it becomes. Threads tie together shady figures and dodgy organisations (I am hinting at MI6 here) and what better cover for illegal arms deals than a businessman being duped?

I have decided to open Pandora’s box and see what is inside. Mr Nadir believed in British justice and that was to be his downfall. Hopefully he will soon be extradited and can finish his custodial term outside the U.K. Many unanswered questions surround his trial and it’s very dubious sentence.





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