Long fella and Operation Tiberius unredacted.

Was the paid police informer alluded to by Michael Gillard in the “Sunday Times” codename “Eastwood” actually Mark Wright? Mr Gillard also hit a topical note, page 13 of “The Untouchables”, in light of the Metropolitan Police ordering us what to read, regarding Darroch. Andy Hayman of New Scotland Yard demanded Rusbridger of the Grauniad  spike a story on police corruption – whilst being double crossed by Derek G Haslam, which takes us from Operation Tiberius to Operation Abelard II.

Hampshire Police – uber corrupt – figure in today’s article, plus Operation Abelard II. Documents and photos went missing, and a statement by Derek Haslam was signed “David” Haslam, his white half brother,who is  currently mixed up in a Tory party scandal in Orpington. Plus ca change.


Finally, plod are playing silly buggers with search engines, but failing.



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Killed by what? Phil Leek, Bridlington.

A slight detour from the usual Goggzilla fare of the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, as we head north to Bridlington to ask why the secrecy surrounding the death of Philip Leek. Phil had a troubled life, but his many friends now ask, what could kill a healthy 33 year old? Humberside Police state that Phil died in his sleep, but no autopsy was performed, after his cremation there can be no method of finding out what occurred.

Conspiracy theories will abound over this, and, following the Chris Alder death in custody, Humberside plod have much to hide – sunlight is the best antiseptic, so why all the obfuscation? His family want is to know what the cause of death was.

We will see a breakthrough soon on the framing of innocent men in the Morgan murder.

Ana Kriegel – sentencing on Monday – the identities of her killers are in the public domain (Livejournal and WordPress, via Northern Ireland).

Finally, the Rt Hon Tom Tugendhat ripped off my Oliver W Holmes quote earlier today and alluded to MSM lugenpresse not publishing details in the Darroch case, rest assured, cover ups don’r remain covered for long, there is no primary jurisdiction in cyber space.


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John Donovan murder – Operation Tiberius unredacted.

Yesterday’s article in Scottish papers on the 2001 murder of John Donovan, a Londoner who was found dead in Aberdeenshire, has struck a chord. New Scotland Yard wish to hide their numerous corrupt police such as Det Ch Supt David Imrie-Cook and Det Con Derek Haslam.

The Donovan killing is on page 43, the Metropolitan Police are keen to link it to the Bowers syndicate. A Det Con Hendy of the erstwhile Grampian Police is named.


Operation Tiberius looms large as it deals with bent cops, as does the framing of Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian and Sid Fillery, who are in line for hefty compensation after much feet dragging by plod. This is the tip of a massively dirty legal iceberg.


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I accuse – Krissy Storrar of shilling.

Krissy Storrar has been writing about Goggzilla but not attributing it, New Scotland Yard are scared of the whole ramifications of the unredacted Operation Tiberius scandal.

INVESTIGATION: Secret police report said London gangster’s death on remote Aberdeenshire road was suicide – but family claim it was murder

The murder of John Donovan is drawing links which New Scotland Yard would prefer to remain hidden. Criminality such as that of disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Imrie-Cook, originally of Kirkcaldy, and Det Con Derek Haslam, originally of Tooting, via Trelawny, Jamaica now appear in the public domain. The situation for Cressida Dick grows grimmer, a £4 million settlement for innocent men such as Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian and Sid Fillery grows nearer.


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Hacienda de mordida – David Imrie-Cook

Dios mio, a few months ago David Imrie-Cook (whom regular readers will recall as disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook) was on vacation in Chile. Obviously his “mental illness” cleared up. He is quite flush after the £840,000 sale of his property in Windlesham in June 2016.

Imrie-Cook was verballed up by his erstwhile minion, Derek G Haslam, who is himself in hiding near Downham Market, his son P.C James (or Jamie) Haslam works nearby. New Scotland Yard are desperately wriggling to allow Imrie-Cook to keep his pension. Odd, considering that the Metropolitan Police plead poverty when searching for compensation for Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and Sid Fillery.

“Private Eye” please acknowledge all tip offs in future or Goggzilla will be peeved, y muy furioso.

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Goggzilla and legal issues in the Ana Kriegel murder.

Is Niall O’Connor about to become a martyr for freedom of speech? He named one of the murderers in the Ana Kriegel case – the identity and image was published in Northern Ireland recently, making the corrupt judiciary here a laughing stock, globally. The Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara/Free State Police are unable to fathom that there is no primary jurisdiction in cyber space. 15th July will see sentencing of the two murderers.


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Fleeing justice – David Imrie-Cook

Don’t run you will only die tired. Sound advice, as disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook reinvents himself as David Imrie-Cook. What do you have to hide, Davy? Could it be you are afraid of the legal repercussions of trying to frame innocent men over the Daniel Morgan murder case? By hiding in Windlesham, Surrey, attempting to elude the inevitable?

Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and Sid Fillery all deserve compensation (not the measly amount Cressida Dick wishes to settle for) however, Dave, you can knock a few years off your sentence by throwing a minion under the bus. Now we come to “Jehms Ltd“. Jacqui Hames had a company some years ago (before she went all doe eyed on us blaming Southern Investigations for all the ills of the world). Digging has commenced to see what “Jehms Ltd” got up to.

In conclusion, on a quasi related note, the murderers of Ana Kriegel have been named in Northern Ireland (imagine a reverse Paddy Jackson case). The Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara/Free State Police are impotent to do anything about this. Odd they never put much effort into finding out who murdered Eddie Fullerton? They’re mocked on a global stage.


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