6th December 1988 – Operation Abelard II, Alan “Taffy” Holmes and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Good news today (though not for plod) as light is shone upon corruption in New Scotland Yard, along with the Hampshire Constabulary. The scapegoat for the Metropolitan Police debacle surrounding the Daniel Morgan murder became Jonathan Rees, of “Southern Investigations”. Thrashing about to frame the innocent, the original team settled upon the lazy notion that, due to an argument, Jon Rees had Morgan murdered. Much has been made of the “golden hour” being lost at the “Golden Lion” pub.

I now come to the role of Det Supt Douglas Campbell. How drunk was he? A statement made by P.C* Derek Haslam on 6th December 1988 is now casting doubt on what followed. Indeed, by the time of “Operation Abelard II” Haslam was drawing adverse attention from Justice Maddison. * Haslam had killed a pedestrian when drunk driving and was demoted to uniformed duties for a year.


Page 65 and pp 66-67 also focus on Det Sgt Gary Dalby and Heather Stangoe, Q.C.

How close were Alan “Taffy” Holmes and Daniel Morgan? (Not very.) Haslam was the sole person named in Holmes suicide note.

Old Bill were anxious to connect Alex Marunchak of the “News of the World” to Mr Rees and Sid Fillery at “Southern”. Given the (thus far) £2,355,000 cost of the “independent” panel nothing proves that Rees, Fillery, the Vians or any of the “prime suspects” were guilty. 5000 names are attached to what is now the greatest embarrassment in UK policing, the numerous attempts to fit up those who are innocent. Moreover, the failure of the Metropolitan Police to pay adequate compensation to anyone who had the misfortune to be in the path of a myopic, vindictive and bent New Scotland Yard.

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Tom Watson, Operation Arbacia and R v Elliott.

Tom Watson has been busy. The disgraced ex deputy leader of Labour (Operation Midland) hired Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst (alias Martin Ingram, Captain James Rennie of SAS)  and Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) to hack into the computer of Alex Marunchak. This is exactly what Watson accused Marunchak, the erstwhile boss of the Irish edition “News of the World” paper , of doing.

Marunchak is now residing in Ramsgate. Hurst is a debt collector in Bolton.

Continuing on an Irish note, where is Dennis McFadden? “Operation Arbacia” is mentioned by the ever excellent “Hush Hush” in “The Phoenix” (Irish version of Private Eye magazine). McFadden attempted to get totally innocent Marcus Varley to verbal up Celtic supporters NIRA supporters . As with Marunchak, CNE computer network exploitation was fully used.

Now to the case of John “Reg Elliott” and Kent Police corruption. The facts in the public domain are that Mr Elliott, a publican, was caught with a large stash of drugs, which had been illegally planted by the Old Bill. It was only luck that Elliott was the one arrested, he was about to give the car keys to his daughter, who had just passed her driving test. Kent Police testimony was shot down, as they claimed to have Elliott under surveillance – but it was proven that the hotel window did not look down on the car park. Anxious to be dug out of a costly and embarrassing hole, Kent Police bought paid perjurer ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now hiding in the Shouldham area of Norfolk.

Haslam, who quit the Metropolitan Police over mental illness in October 1989, persuaded Elliott to alter his statement at the last minute, thus torpedoing any chance of an acquittal.

This blogge is brought to you by the Kent Tourism Board.

haslam letter to mp



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Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, plus Gordon Brown and Tom Watson.

To paraphrase “The Beatles” – “It was five years ago today Sergeant Pepper got the band to play”. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mr Jacqui Hames, alias uber corrupt cop Det Ch Supt Dave (Imrie) Cook. Tom Watson (of “Operation Midland” infamy) was implicated in receiving documents from the Metropolitan Police, concerning the fitting up of Jonathan Rees and others, in the Daniel Morgan murder. Also involved was Gordon Brown, who had been deep in a very dodgy property deal.

The hard drive from Cook’s computer was dug up from his garden, half a decade on Cook, in addition to New Scotland Yard are dragging their heels. Cook regarding his looming court case and plod over non payment of adequate compensation to Mr Rees and the Vian families.

In other news – Philip Merrills-Dearn, legal boss of Twitter UK – Ireland, is avoiding questions on his role in the Givot Olam oil scandal.




hmp wandsworth xmas menu


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African grass and the Cayman Islands.

Both Martin Bridger and Dave Wood of “Bluelight Global Security” link to the Daniel Morgan murder debacle, via Baroness O’Loan of the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel. Bridger and Wood were in PONI and covered up the Eddie Fullerton murder collusion links. Bridger’s past in “Operation Tempura” and “Operation Cealt” on the Cayman islands could be returning to haunt him (see Sunshine Squad, Goggzilla, passim). Both handled “Joe Poulton”.

One of my amigos has dubbed “Poulton” the “African grass”. I was going to point out that P.C James A Haslam’s Dad was half Jamaican, but he could be half Nigerian, anyhow. “Operation Tempura” corruption reaches far up the FCO ladder.  The Metropolitan Police have been spending great deals (£140 million last count) on the Morgan fiasco, yet refuses thus far, to give adequate compensation to Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers’ families.

Relocation costs for sale of a property in Southery – added. Purchase of new house in Shouldham?

haslam letter to mp


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Yates of the yard and Ch Insp Ben Hodder, Essex.

Page 41 of “Private Eye” and an article concerning abuse of process and Essex Police, regular readers will recall Essex plod involvement in the murder of Lee Balkwell. It seems an (as yet unnamed) Old Bill has been doing what Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thurrock did, namely, being a nonce. John Yates of New Scotland Yard was sheltering a child abuse images collector now in the Shouldham region of Norfolk.

Back to page 31 and an hilarious account of Caitlin Moran and her filling up of “The Times” column inches. Except, of course, she is Catherine Moran. Or Paphides. Finally page 14 and Liz Truss. Her time at the DIT may have been without major incident but she is doing a good job at ignoring why Jonathan Rees, the Vians and others in the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco have not been paid adequate compensation.





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Shouldham property prices.

Is West Norfolk seeing a growth in property values? One quick way to find out is to check the sales of houses (i.e Lynn Road, Southery, July 2019) and look for a comparable purchase in the area, say, Watlington or Shouldham. A lucrative career as a paid police perjurer would enable a buyer to make a killing. It would also ensure he was the cynosure of attention. Shouldham has a low number of ethnic minority households. Anyone who had passed defence documents (legally privileged) or illegally accessed the PNC would find that a £6400 panic button was not of any great value.

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Shouldham and should not have – SHAC and fitting up.

All it took was Jeary to shoot his mouth off. Wormegay, Littleport, the net was spread wide. “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty” were subject to infiltration and sabotage, years back. The same person who planted the bug in “Southern Investigations” and attempted to halt Jonathan Rees, the Vian family and others, from gaining compensation over the Daniel Morgan murder debacle, also verballed up SHAC activists. Illegal access of defence documents plus other criminality, such as unauthorized use of the PNC. Will Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk and Cressida Dick of New Scotland Yard safely weather the coming storm?


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Fleckney and Neil Putnam

Fiona Hamilton and Michael Gillard write an excellent piece in today’s “The Times”.


Regular readers will know that p.13 of “The Untouchables” proved that “Joe Poulton” had been giving information concerning the Daniel Morgan murder to Andy Hayman at New Scotland Yard.

Neil Stanley Putnum links to Evelyn Susan Fleckney, and their trails are inextricably connected to uber corrupt John Yates and Martin Bridger (Operation Tempura and the Sunshine Squad).

Fleckney was handled by Bridger and Yates. Jarratt and Wood “lost” £162,500 of drugs in a sting operation.

Page 441 of “The Untouchables” and Neil Putnam’s links to Chris Jarratt.

Page 446 of “The Untouchables” and Bridger’s framing of Harris, Howell and May.

John “O.J” Davidson comes in for some opprobium yet it must be borne in mind that he crossed paths with Derek G Haslam, once, at least. At an Xmas party when Haslam “would not take No for an answer” from a married WPC. Davidson escorted the half Jamaican Haslam outside. This was around the time Haslam attempted to rape a 15 year old babysitter whose Father “had a word” with him. Jacqui Buckland can confirm this.

The withholding of evidence plays a part in the Morgan murder, as it did with Ibori (see Goggzilla and Sasha Wass Q.C, passim).

Why has no adequate compensation been paid to Jonathan Rees, the Vian family and others connected to the numerous failed fitting ups by New Scotland Yard?

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Enter Ibori (and Johnny Depp).

James Ibori is in the news again. There is a link to the Daniel Morgan murder fiasco, as evidence which could have exonerated the accused was buried. In the Ibori case this was done by Sasha Wass Q.C , and in the Morgan miscarriage of justice by Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, Det Ch Supt Fiona MacCormack (Crategate) and other minions.

The “Wass note” formed part of the incrimination proof that Sasha was being directed by New Scotland Yard to fit up Ibori. One hopes that Ivan Krolik emerges with his reputation intact. The verdict in the Depp trial ought to be in soon.

Could Sasha be inveigled upon to find out why Jonathan Rees and the Vian family have not yet received adequate compensation? Will Peter “the Armenian Ass” Jukes get an article out of it? The corruption in the Morgan case (and one dares say in the Ibori case) goes to the top of the Metropolitan Police. Ask John Yates.

haslam letter to mp


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Daniel Morgan “Independent” panel, leak.

It had been hoped that Baroness Nuala O’Loan would be a clean sweep and draw a line under the debacle that is, and was, the Daniel Morgan murder along with subsequent cover ups. Alas, delay after delay, coupled with her close association to tainted figures such as Yates, Wood et al, means that we may never get closure.

It would appear that the Metropolitan Police are in large measure going to carry the can. From Campbell’s loss of the “golden hour” while drunk on duty, to Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s misuse of supergrasses (mentally ill drug addicts) such as Gary Eaton, New Scotland Yard have been mired in corruption.

Operation Abelard II was sabotaged from within, and the Morgan family campaign had a police ex Det Con relay all information back to his handlers. Financially the panel has cost much, yet plod quibble about adequate compensation for Jonathan Rees and others falsely accused. Damage limitation is the name of the game, though some heads must roll to placate wrath.

haslam letter to mp


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