Daniel Morgan and Operation Nigeria.

Blackfriar’s based Peter Jukes has a six part cure for insomnia – he manages to turn Britain’s most investigated murder, that of Daniel Morgan in Sydenham, into a rehash of “the usual suspects” Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery and a cast of dozens. Alex Marunchak has a walk on part, but Jukes omits Marunchak’s connection to Ian Hurst.

Hurst crops up in the Sound Cloud tapes interviewing Bryan Madagan in June 2011 and fruitlessly trying to get anything incriminating on Jon Rees. If Rees were guilty of murder wouldn’t the numerous attempts by bent police have borne results by now? Lord Stevens and John Yates down to Derek Haslam (Jukes sole source and as seen in the newspapers a proven perjurer) all conspired to have Rees et al jailed.

Jukes is searching for £6000 to cover his “Byline” costs and has attained the giddy heights of £175. Way to go, Peter, have you caught Harperitis? Tom Harper left the Independent, went upmarket to the Times and dropped Haslam. Then again, Tom did not want to look a laughing stock.

Operation Nigeria, Operation Abelard II and the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes – Jukes neglects and omits the role of the disgraced Haslam in all these. Alas.


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Who murdered Lee Balkwell? Role of ex Det Ch Supt Steve Reynolds.

The IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Coppers) formerly employed Steve Reynolds “a worshipful brother”. Regular readers know that I have nothing against 99% of lodges, merely “affinity” ones dealing with the police and judiciary – creating a two tier justice system and dichotomy within the law. In 2008 questions were being asked about Haslam and Op Huscote – ex Det Ch Supt Steve Reynolds white washed Haslam’s involvement in perjury and abuse of process plus other crimes – it appears that free masons in Essex Police stick together. (On an aside check out Robert Ambridge, alias “Old Holborn” and his close ties to Essex Constabulary).

The “investigation” into the murder of Lee Balkwell is farcical, on a par with recent own goals by Essex Police such as the targetting of Chris Spivey and the cover up of Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thirrock and his “artistic” collection of little boys photos (something he shares with Haslam). The Balkwell family deserve to be better served than they have been by Kavanagh’s clowns, whose hallmarks of corruption and incompetence are known beyond Essex borders. How implicit was Reynolds in covering up the Balkwell murder and Haslam’s illegal acts?



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R v Elliott, CCRC and Kent Police.

I intended to begin with good news about Derek Haslam’s involvement in perjury and abuse of process. Today I heard that the CCRC are looking at the miscarriage of justice in the trial of John Elliott. However Peter Jukes is the gift which keeps giving so a diversion.

  1. Ian Hurst (a main source for Jukes) did not know “Stakeknife”. To see what Hurst does for a living read Olivia Frank’s “Ian Hurst is a menace” on Blogspot.
  2. Derek Haslam did not pass his Det Sgt exams.
  3. The Elliott case is one of many which involved Haslam.
  4. Op Abelard II was derailed by Haslam stealing photos and using two different names on his statement. Hampshire Police colluded with this.
  5. Convicted criminal? Well Mr Jukes isn’t it odd that when someone asks about corruption in Norfolk Police they are arrested soon afterwards. Isn’t that quite a coincidence? No evidence offered by Norfolk Police about “death threats to the Chief Constable” nor anyone else. Oh, I defeated the UK government at the ECHR Strasbourg over retention of innocent folks DNA. 7 million samples deleted. You?
  6. Chris Mahaffey now of the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops) also has embarrassing things to occlude.

Jukes is steamed up over Haslam’s details being online, but no such worries if Hurst does the same or similar? As to the two extant photos, the “Mail On Sunday” used one on 17 October 2015 when Haslam’s lies began to unravel very publicly and the “passport” one has been around for years, long before the Op Kalmyk and Op Tuleta cases dissolved and Hurst was proven to be a liar.

There we have it – Jukes latest article based on not one but two proven perjurers and fantasists. One wonders why Haslam has not been arrested thus far not why his computer (used to send a level one child porn image to Fillery) is not in custody? Could it be connected to P.C James A Haslam of Kings Lynn? Jamie likes to pass restricted documents from the police station. Chip off the old block. Jah.



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Op Nigeria – Peter Jukes gets it wrong, again.

Oh dear, over on Twitter the world’s most confused person went into meltdown. Peter Jukes used as his former main source Derek Haslam, whose reputation is in shreds after the “Mail On Sunday” article. Now Jukes states that Haslam is subject of a court order by the Metropolitan Police guaranteeing his anonymity.

If a liar tells you something is it

A. True OR

B. False? The correct answer is “B”, please tell Jukes.

I will be in England very soon so if plod wish to arrest me go right ahead.


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D.C Alan Holmes and his “suicide”.

In 1987 Det Insp Simon N(redacted) and then P.C Nick P(redacted) confronted Derek Haslam over a covert recording he had made of Alan “Taffy” Holmes who had recently killed himself whilst under pressure. Haslam stated that at a “hard stop” in New Addington police had confiscated the recording. On analysis it proved nothing more than drunken bravado, urban myth and nonsense.

Following Alan “Taffy” Holmes funeral N and P spoke to Haslam about Holmes being in a vulnerable state. It was no secret that Haslam piled on the pressure, making Holmes think that Commander Ray Adams was after him, that disaster was around the corner and that the Metropolitan Police wanted a scapegoat – namely Holmes. For this Haslam was well rewarded financially, his guiding motive in most things.

After the funeral, many mourners returned to Norbury Police Station, where N and P continued questioning Haslam and his motives. At that point Haslam ran out the back door into a private park and rang Jonathan Rees (whom he would subsequently bug and try to frame for Daniel Morgan’s unsolved murder).

Jonathan Rees met Haslam who was near the “Uno Plus” restaurant and Haslam produced a six round revolver (illegally held) and threatened to “shoot any c**t who comes near my house”.

In October 1989, on his 42nd birthday, after the standard 21 year period Haslam claimed his full pension – and had one of his numerous nervous breakdowns. Apart from aspects of Holmes suicide and Haslam’s role in it, is it not time to ask Norfolk Police why a former mental patient still has an unlicenced firearm? As with his son P.C James A Haslam of King’s Lynn (who passed confidential documents to his Father) is there a dichotomy within the law in East Anglia?


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Pitchford and Haslam.

There are growing concerns as to why some aspects of undercover policing are omitted from the Pitchford Inquiry. Haslam was an employee of the Metropolitan Police, and well paid, thus he should be the focus of scrutiny. Now to Z Division.

DCI Brian L(redacted) was Haslam’s welfare connection whilst Derek was having his numerous “breakdowns” and “threatening” suicide. Brian had a pretty wife, L(redacted) a Det Con who Haslam became enamoured of. At an Xmas party in 1985 Derek kept pestering L.L which led to Det Sgt John OJ Davidson becoming a knight in shining armour, the large Scot grabbed Haslam by the throat and persuaded Derek to leave L.L alone.

After Alan “Taffy” Holmes death (in which role Haslam played no small part) the action moved to Norfolk. The L family left London, and quite accidentally ended up very near Haslam. Using high powered binoculars Derek began to stalk L.L, whilst her husband Brian was out.

The L’s have a son, Andrew who was at RMAS in 2006 (same intake as HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge). A photo Andrew took was stolen by Haslam, passed to the “News Of The World” who paid £350 for it (twice, long story). Brian now lives in King’s Lynn, near where P.C James A. Haslam works.

Why hasn’t Jonathan Rees testimony led to the arrest of Haslam? Are theft and voyeurism not crimes in Norfolk? Shall we ask Haslam’s “worshipful brother” Chief C*n*stable Simon Bailey?


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Asil Nadir – a continuing injustice.

Simon Hughes is being asked why Asil Nadir is still unjustly in prison. Turkish Cypriots are now petitioning for Mr Nadir’s release. With the “Mail On Sunday” putting some effort into looking at paid police perjury in to related cases such as that of Barry Beardall the unwholesome role of HMRC and other government branches (MI6 in R v Nadir) draws attention to that which Whitehall would rather remain occluded.

“Abacus Security” based in Southery, near Downham Market, Toni Watkins-Burton and Jacqui Buckland’s louche romantic attachment to a known police informer – are all coming out from under sundry grubby stones.



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