Daniel Morgan murder – DCS Dave Cook and Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

If you want bad writing, with poor research, look no further than Peter “The Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes and his latest exculpation of a bent detective.

The Daniel Morgan Murder: Lead Detective Became a Scapegoat for Scotland Yard

Det Ch Supt Dave Cook’s “mental illness” didn’t stop him trying to broker a book deal. Of course, the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel are moving at a snail’s pace, it is in New Scotland Yard’s vested interest to derail any progress into whom in the Metropolitan Police murdered Morgan. The “Byline” post alludes to Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack “mislaying” thirty crates of evidence. Non disclosure of evidence bedevilled this, plus other miscarriages of justice, but exonerated Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery along with the Vian Brothers. The use of drug addict Gary Eaton and the propping up of the whole mess by John Yates is now under focus.

As it is the final episode tonight (Channel 4, 9 pm, Murder in the car park) one ought to draw together the strands making up the killing.

Where? Sydenham.

When? 9 pm to 9.40 pm.

How? Axe to head.

Who? Person or persons as yet unknown, in the Metropolitan Police.

Why? Bizarre theories abound. It was not an overtime scam at Catford, it was not the “£400,000 story” concerning drugs from Miami. It could be connected to Malta or a jealous lover – cherchez l’argent. Red herrings galore.

Goggzilla is asked about free masonry and it only had a tenuous connection. However, the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes resonates, and needs examination.

Finally, a plethora of hits and for once they centre on Bakewell English teacher and embezzler, Yvonne L Radstone, Vonny Watts “Jean Hatchet”. Whose pal forced Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit suicide. That’s another story.


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Channel 4 – Daniel Morgan documentary.

Came across a site “Murdered by the Met Daniel Morgan” which one hoped would be promising. Alas, a sort of bizarre collection of press reports, getting no closer to uncovering which of the Metropolitan Police it was who murdered Morgan. On 3 Dec 2012 however, the site had an interesting post on Leveson, Marunchak and Watson. Tom Watson is a figure of derision since “Operation Midland”, Alex Marunchak connects to debt collector and MI5 grass, Ian Hurst of Bolton, the timbre of the article is that Marunchak did not know Morgan – thus torpedoing Jukes theory on Morgan being silenced over breaking a “£400,000 story” (at 1987 prices) discounted by Bryan Madagan and serious commentators.

Another site is “Barth’s notes” good on theology less so on police venality. Barth is a pal of Jukes so a large pinch of sodium chloride. How does Jim Nally come out of the Channel 4 programme? Quite well, Paddy French less so (the four year delay was recovering drug user Al Morgan throwing teddy out of the pram when top journalist Sylvia Jones was onboard). Incidentally, Campbell was drunk on duty (Poulton debrief) the night of the Daniel Morgan murder.

Baroness Nicholson is in the news. You may recall her less than clean association with the Amar trust, Asil Nadir being fitted up and MI6.

Update. Quite a lot of interest on the suicide of Det Con Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

Finally, ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (malfeasance in public office) and Swiss Toni (Fast Show) twins separated at birth? “Framing the innocent is a like making love to a beautiful woman, first, one gets a supergrass such as Gary Eaton, then ones adds fine wines and fine Belgian chocolates…”

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Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel – delayed again.

Jon Austin wrote this interesting piece.


As with “Crategate” and Det Ch Supt Fiona MacCormack allowing thirty crates of evidence crucial to acquitting Jonathan Rees to “disappear” we now see the Metropolitan Police overusing cunctatory tactics again. Glenn Vian died before he could see justice. Baroness Nuala O’Loan faces a bleak future – throw high profile plod, such as John Yates, Chris Jarratt, ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and minions, under the wheels, or else lose all public trust (she is almost there, anyway).

The Channel 4 and “Indefinite films” programme was a double edged sword, it did indeed “trigger” an avalanche of curiosity, but also ended the occlusion of who actually murdered Morgan. As said previously, the “Aussie Paul” jealous husband, in addition to the Maltese drugs syndicate theories are now abandonned – it was a murder committed by one of the Metropolitan Police themselves, then subsequently Jonathan Rees, the Vian Brothers and Sid Fillery were framed. Protecting the guilty is a New Scotland Yard hallmark, the killer of Blair Peach fled to Corfu to run a bar.

One must not be surprised that the panel are kicking the ball into the long grass, Old Bill did this with my case when I defeated the UK at the ECHR. Jon Austin is good on Essex topics (murder of Lee Balkwell) but could have acknowledged that Goggzilla put the unredacted “Operation Tiberius” in the public domain.

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Daniel Morgan axe murder – cover ups.

The excellent Catherine Baksi wrote an article in “The Times” concerning the £140 million debacle (not £30 million) surrounding the thus far unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan of “Southern Investigations”. Morgan’s partner Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn (RIP) plus Sid Fillery, with others, were fitted up by the Metropolitan Police. There was certainly a cover up. As stated in Goggzilla’s post yesterday the old plausible theories (cuckoldry or the Bonnicci drugs syndicate, Gozo) have been discarded as new information was brought to light. The 100% reliable source stated that the Metropolitan Police had “one of their own” kill Morgan. Late last night this was verified by a closely placed second account. New Scotland Yard found it easier to frame Jonathan Rees and others rather than open “an appalling vista” whereby tenebrous activities within the Old Bill would be aired. Mr Rees and all who suffered over three decades must receive punitive compensation, damages and reparation. Nothing else will suffice.

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Daniel Morgan “Murder in the car park” Channel 4 got it wrong.

A first in many respects for Goggzilla. An apology, “Aussie Paul” didn’t commit the murder of Daniel Morgan. Another apology, the Bonnicci drugs cartel of Malta didn’t commit the murder. Late last night I was contacted, the gist of it is that I was in the right direction, Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery, the Vian Brothers and others had indeed been fitted up. Who murdered Morgan and why?

Another first (use of block capitals and italics) after verifying the source is 100% reliable.





Zinzan lied about the bugging of “Southern Investigations”. A drunken Det Ch Supt Campbell botched the golden hour. Why? Scalps need to be taken, from lowly ex Det Con Derek G Haslam’s nappy haired one, to Commissioner Cressida Dick. Yates implicated, Wood, Jarratt, Zinzan, Stevens, ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook are all implicated. Murder by one of the Metropolitan Police. New Scotland Yard covering up and framing innocent men. I have spent over a decade getting to the heart of the matter and by the number of hits on the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes, I am near the truth. As with the Mounties, Goggzilla always gets their man.

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Vian for Vendetta.

Ian Gallagher’s article in the “Sunday Mail” has the usual crop of errors and omissions.


Four blows were struck. The Rolex had been seen on Daniel Morgan’s corpse, in the car park, however as Det Ch Supt Douglas Campbell was drunk on duty, the crime scene was not cordoned off. The Rolex went missing. Goggzilla has been reliably told that one of the police took it.

Most risible of all is Gallagher and the “Mail” assertion that the “dominant theory” was Morgan about to make public police corruption and drugs, Nikolaus Chrastny indeed. This theory is recent, plus the dates do not add up. Either one of Morgan’s numerous female acquaintances with a jealous partner is responsible (see “Aussie Paul” the left handed axe owner) or another drugs connection – Morgan crossed the Bonnicci syndicate of Gozo and had recently returned from Malta.

Dean Vian was accepted by the Metropolitan Police when they had to dispense with full background checks to fill their quota, hence Zinzan’s annoyance. Zinzan himself is far from clean (see “The Untouchables” by Gillard).

Episode 2 airs tomorrow at 9 pm on Channel 4 or just read the review posted a few days ago here. Also available in Cambridgeshire.

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500th post, Stephen Wright is wrong, the Daily Fail and Daniel Morgan.

The affairs of Daniel Morgan are mentioned in the Mail article, even Peter Jukes discounted the “love triangle” theory.


No mention of “Aussie Paul” the left handed cuckold who swore to get whomever was having a affair with his wife (it was Morgan, who mentioned it to David Bray). Another error in the Richard Pendlebury and Wright article is the cost – the five bungled investigations cost £140 million, not £30 million. Punitive compensation and reparation must be added to this.

One had given up hope of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel reaching a conclusion. The Northern Irish link did not elude Sharon O’Neill of UTV. Baroness O’Loan is tainted by association with bent police such as Chris McHaffey, Jim Gamble and Wood. As to the police getting letters, the list is long but Jarratt, Cook and Yates must feature along with their underlings.

Alec Leighton is featured. However not his role in uncovering dodgy goings on with FMBE.

FBME’s investigators: in contempt and under orders

Which brings us to the bugging of “Southern Investigations” in 1999. The second episode of “Murder in the car park” gives a false image, that it a group of undercover police bugging. Wrong. It was a former Det Con who had been fitting up SHAC animal rights activists and was making thousands by illegally obtaining defence documents. Ex Det Con Derek G Haslam then planted child abuse images on Sid Fillery’s computer (from Haslam’s own stash). ACPO lead on child abuse, Chief Constable Simon Bailey is a “worshipful brother” at the same lodge as Haslam (who was kicked out of Manor of Bensham over his part in Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide).

Sadly Glenn Vian, one of the wrongfully accused died after a brave battle against cancer on Tuesday, I was informed Wednesday. New Scotland Yard hold that they saved themselves £1.3 million in compensation. They did not take into account that damages in excess of that sum will wipe out any smirking they indulge in.

Some good news on the horizon regarding my next trip but enough for now.

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Jacqui Imrie-Cook (Jacqui Hames) and what Byline omit.

Even by Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes low standards, his risible article in “Byline” is poor.


Let us count the errors.

  1. The “Jack the Ripper” case is more famous.
  2. Daniel Morgan was not looking into police corruption when murdered. Bryan Madagan, plus all other figures connected to Morgan, stated that he was bragging.
  3. Alastair Morgan was dismissed in the “Poulton debrief” as “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year”.

Alex Marunchak was indeed close to Jonathan Rees and others at “Southern Investigations”. However, Marunchak was also close to Ian Hurst, who is an MI5 tout.

Goggzilla can disclose that respected journalist Sylvia Jones left the project with “Indefinite films” as she was far from happy with what rapidly became a New Scotland Yard puff piece.


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Episode 3 “Murder in the car park” More 4.

Quite a lot of emphasis on corrupt ex Det Ch Supt David Cook, yet no mention of his links to fellow Kirkcaldy resident, Gordon Brown. Brown was involved in a dodgy property deal. Odd that Dave Cook was “mentally ill” but able to try and get a book deal.

Cook used Gary Eaton, the failure to provide a “sterile corridor” meant that a junkie with a history of lying was plod’s main witness. Bryan Madagan again featured, stating that Daniel Morgan was frequently bragging about selling stories to Fleet Street. Episode 3 came up to date. 2003 – the Sid Fillery case, the images were planted by Derek G Haslam from his own stash “Haslam was acting suspiciously all day and standing next to Sid’s computer” (interview with Goggzilla by a former colleague).

I will now give my summation. There are only two plausible theories as to why Daniel Morgan, of Southern Investigations, was murdered. Drugs are one, however, nothing to do with Nikolaus Chrastny. They lead on to the repossession of a land rover, a month prior to the murder focusing attention on the Bonnicci cartel of Gozo.

The investigation failed as Campbell was drunk on duty, during the night of the murder, coupled with sloppy, inept policing. That led to Jonathan Rees being “fitted up”.

No attempt was made to discover the role of “Aussie Paul” the left handed partner of one of Morgan’s numerous lovers. “Aussie Paul” was known for owning an axe.

Finally, expect nothing from the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel. Wood (Episode 1) is close to Baroness O’Loan, along with other corrupt police such as McHaffey, Jarrett and Yates.

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Episode 2 “Murder in the car park” More 4.

Thirteen minutes in, one is regaled with David Wood. What “Indefinite films” and Channel 4 do not disclose, is that he is a corrupt cop. There is one looming hole in the episode – who planted the bug at the office of “Southern Investigations”? Derek G Haslam has become toxic, a proven liar, involved in criminal activity. The viewer is then given a clip of Tom Kingston (Groovy Gang) yet not told that Haslam illegally obtained defence documents from Mr Kingston.

Now to the part dealing with Simon James, along with his ex wife “glamour model” Kim James. The transcript has omitted Haslam’s voice, one only hears Jonathan Rees (found innocent five times) replying, plus, the transcript has no intonation. As to Jimmy Cook, he was found not guilty.

Alastair Morgan, drug addict and ex psychiatric patient (as was Haslam) is given an opportunity to speak. What you are not told is that Haslam (sent in by New Scotland Yard to sabotage the family’s quest for justice) described Al Morgan as “a professional mourner on £30,000 a year” (see “Poulton debrief”).

DCS David Zinzan (now making a crust from “advising” on “Line of duty” and other programmes) weights in against Jonathan Rees. As with Wood, Zinzan is a bent cop. There is part of the episode devoted to DCS David Cook and Jacqui Hames. Regarding surveillance, this was due to interest in an article on police corruption. I shall leave that there.

It was unwise to place emphasis on Alex Marunchak. He was close to Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram) a Bolton debt collector. Hurst is an MI5 employee who made proven false claims in connection to “Stakeknife“. A Lidl’s “Walter Mitty” Hurst is now an object of derision by serious commentators. Hurst’s sole Paladin is Peter Jukes, also a mortgage fraudster. The cost of the Morgan debacle is £140 million, not £30 million.

At 38 minutes a segment alludes to Garry and Glenn Vian “dry firing” a weapon. An exhaustive police raid failed to find anything. Where, o where, is the magical disappearing firearm? Goggzilla hopes to address the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes and the central part Haslam played in it.

Finally for today, Emmy Griffiths and Monica Greep, try and write an accurate account.

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