Untold, Series 2 episode 7 – Hotline to crime.

Entrapment is all the rage it appears, yesterday Northumbria Constabulary paid a nonce ten grand to obtain convictions, now Peter Jukes tells us the sorry tale of John Alford and his love of Bolivian Marching Powder. Jukes wishes to blame “Southern Investigations” for Mr Alford’s drugs habit, indeed the ex Grange Hill star is on Twitter complaining as @sheikhdnblagged.

Alford was set up by the News of the World, if he laments going to The Big House perhaps not engaging in criminal activity may help? Sid Fillery is name checked copiously in Jukes latest offering, a is Christine Hart.

22 minutes in and the bugging of “Southern Investigations” office is mentioned, Jukes omits that this was done by his main source, Derek Haslam, who is to feature in a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary on perverting the course of justice. The latest episode hinges on the amazing revelation that private eyes had contacts with newspapers. To conclude on a happy note – the appeal of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers is set for next year. A Win-win situation.


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Andrew Doherty

Brief blog post today on the figure of Andrew Doherty. Used by the corrupt Metropolitan Police, Doherty was an alcoholic ex psychiatric patient (indeed, he shares this with Derek Haslam, though Doherty had a white Father).

Doherty was in prison for murder when approached with a deal, time off his sentence in return for giving fabricated evidence against the wholly innocent Jonathan Rees and Vian Brothers. That plan fell apart.

No doubt The Met will try and resurrect this in the upcoming appeal, it is now in the public domain, so I am delighted to write that next year will see the long awaited appeal. Plus Channel 4 documentary.

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Asil Nadir and Andy Marsh.

All quiet on the Cyprus front, until news that wrongly convicted Asil Nadir is to appeal to the CCRC. As with the Ched Evans case, there is much disquiet surrounding these unsafe convictions. Use of Michael Francis drew attention to some underhand dealings by M.I.5, HMRC and corrupt police.

Indeed, Francis role and that of another CHIS may feature in an upcoming documentary. The part played by Derek Haslam has been noted in back issues of Goggzilla, and the midnight oil is burning at New Scotland Yard over this.

Not only the Metropolitan Police but Avon and Somerset seem likely to have an unhappy few months ahead. Andy Marsh took over following the Gargangate scandal, Marsh was previously with Hampshire Constabulary, heavily mired in controversy over their part in Operation Abelard II and the subsequent derailing of the Daniel Morgan inquiries search for justice.

Meanwhile, isn’t Lavery a good artist?


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Pitchford enquiry and Stephen Lawrence

There are some similarities between the Morgan family and the Lawrence family, bit not the ones Jukes mentions in his latest podcast. Both families had to put up with infiltration and sabotage via the Metropolitan Police, in the Lawrence case it was Peter Francis, in the Morgan one Derek Haslam. Sent in as a “ringer” to gain inside information in return for money, the half Jamaican Haslam inveigled his way into the Morgan campaign, derailed Op Abelard II then lied about it and other matters, his thoughts on Al Morgan plus others will be placed in the public domain later.

Jukes examines the tragedy of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and makes 2 + 2 = 5. Jukes quotes the “Daily Mail” in the most recent episode, odd, as he hates the paper and its journalists. Now to “O.J” John Davidson, a sergeant in The Met at the time. Goggzilla 20 March 2017 alluded to an infamous incident in south London police circles. Haslam was at a Christmas party and would not stop hassling a W.P.C. The large Scot, Davidson, “escorted” Haslam from the venue.

Neil Putnam and the whole reason for Morgan’s murder is also examined but the “scandal that Daniel was about to uncover” has been proven to be mostly hype, the murder was far more likely connected to cuckoldry. The “new evidence” is non existent and Jukes is rehashing old material – next episode focuses on the late 1990’s, and it already two decades old. Jukes never asks why a known perjurer who never told the truth would do so now, why the bug planted at “Southern Investigations” did not result in Jon Rees or anyone else being proven to be guilty of the Morgan murder and finally why Haslam, who left the police due to mental illness is to be trusted an iota.


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“Golden Lion” and Peter Jukes, nutter.

About the only good thing concerning Derek Haslam is how loose lipped he is when drunk. His mention of Alastair Morgan’s suicide bid in Denmark (or was it Sweden?) plus Alastair’s drug taking lead onto an examination of the murder scene of Daniel Morgan at the “Golden Lion” in Sydenham.

Alastair Morgan did not tell the police during the critical golden hour of investigation after his brother’s murder that his brother bought cannabis there, meaning that drug dealers in the public bar were never questioned.

Alastair is an ex psychiatric patient as is Haslam. Haslam also disclosed Alastair’s arrest for burglary in Lilywhites of Piccadilly.

David Bray and Alastair (along with Haslam) had a penchant for “underage” girls.

What role did the German tennis player having an affair with Alastair Morgan’s ex wife have in Daniel Morgan’s death? Dan tipped off the German’s wife that her husband was having an extramartial relationship, which in turn led to threats.

A wry smile yesterday as I was asked “are you the geezer who writes about that Peter Jukes nutter?”

More damaging revelations from Haslam are to come, it might impinge on his fake sites and other illegal activities.

Should I accidentally bump into either Theresa May or Cressida Dick later this week ought I to point out that whilst Haslam’s arrest would prove embarrassing and damaging, it is far less of an awful vista than what could be leaked soon. Stay tuned.

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Peter Jukes and Byline Media fined.

Top journalist Dennis Rice has finally been vindicated against mortgage fraudster and Metropolitan Police shill Peter Jukes. Will Jukes cry racial prejudice against Armenians on this one? As for a whip round, Max Mosley might assist.


Steve Whittamore appears to have been the eye of the hurricane.


The excellent Paul Staines also covers the fall of the house of Jukes.


This is what one gets for white knighting a known paid police perjurer, worse is to come.

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Master of dark arts – Untold, series 2 episode 5.

Stephen Wright was never closely connected to “Southern Investigations”. If Peter Jukes wants to discuss stolen photographs, why not ask about his main source, Derek Haslam and his theft of one image of H.R.H Duke of Cambridge at RMA Sandhurst? Jukes quotes Andrew Doherty, as with Haslam, an alcoholic ex psychiatric patient. The essence of the latest dire podcast seems to be that private eyes were used by journalists. It is hardly earth shattering.

18 minutes in, is yet another advert, Cornerstone came quite early, then “Beer 52” why not eschew the podcast, with no new evidence, and concentrate on selling stuff?

Now to Mahmood. He punked a politician named Mellor, who had an affair. The only man to score in a Chelsea shirt that season. As for entrapment, John Alford wouldn’t have been trapped if he had not shoved half a pharmacy up his nose.

25 minutes in – the Guardian “journalist” David Conn asked me for “dirt” on Karl Massey so it is not the sole preserve of the red tops.

29 minutes in – Alex Marunchak, Jukes entire theory falls down, Marunchak was the central figure in connection with Ian Hurst, a computer hacker and Walter Mitty figure who is connected to Haslam.

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