Phillip Schofield, Steve Rodhouse and the Stephen Lawrence murder.

One would think that things could not get worse for National Crime Agency boss, Steve Rodhouse.

Yet they do. Not content with supporting ex Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk’s mantra that “the accuser must always be believed” Rodhouse now faces scrutiny and disciplinary action, not only over the “Operation Midland” debacle, but how much was known about Phillip Schofield and his less than legal relationship with Matthew McGreevy.

Additional to this, the NCA is drag their feet over the outcome of four top policemen fitted up over inadequacies in the Stephen Lawrence murder, Bullock, Crampton, Ilsley and Weeden.

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Jonathan Rees, Daily Mirror and Prince Harry.

Sky News are covering the Daily Mirror and Prince Harry trial but how many factual errors are there?

Why did the trial(s) of Jonathan Rees collapse? Due to ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (a close pal of Peter Jukes) using super grass witnesses such as ex psychiatric patients Eaton and Ward.

Who bugged “Southern Investigations” the detective agency run by Rees and his late partner Daniel Morgan? Not the Metropolitan Police, but a paid employee, half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, former P.C Haslam.

As to Kim James, the voice missing on the tape is that of “Reds” Haslam, the jailing of Rees was so unsound that it went to the CCRC. *

* A gloating Cook drove Alastair Morgan behind the prison van containing Rees to the gates of the prison.

Now to theories. Who killed Daniel Morgan, and why? Jukes holds to the “£100 million Colombian drugs deal via Miami”. Thing is, Baroness Nuala O’Loan totally discreditted this in her report.

Far more likely, ex P.C Fintan Creaven (Z31) known to have used an axe in attacks, motive, either adultery (Morgan had at least half a dozen affairs) or the repossessed land rover from the Bonnici drugs cartel, Malta.

The reason Rees was fitted up was due to New Scotland Yard (John Yates) wishing to detract unwanted attention from Creaven’s role in the murder.

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Daniel Morgan murder, police corruption and “Hacked Off”.

I will stick to factual errors.

Police corruption & the murder of Daniel Morgan

As to the 1988 inquest, no record of the motive for Morgan’s killing being his about to break a £250,000 story on police corruption. It was about an overtime scam at Catford nick.

P.C Derek “Reds” Haslam, a half Jamaican, ex psychiatric patient, is the sole source of the 2003 “£100 million drugs import” mendacity and all subsequent lies. Notable that the few who call for “Leveson Two” include Haslam’s only pal, Ian Hurst, a Walter Mitty character who told porkie pies about being Stakeknife’s handler. Less prosaically Hurst was a filing clerk.

Kevin Lennon, the “Southern Investigations” book keeper – bear in mind he had a jail term hanging over him, New Scotland Yard promised a light sentence if he implicated Jonathan Rees in the Morgan murder.

Det Ch Supt Dave Cook was indeed under surveillance. Not, as Alastair Morgan, another ex psychiatric patient, stated due to Cook trying to “catch” Rees but due to Cook’s wife, Jacqui Hames, having an affair with her (first) ex husband.

In all probability, ex P.C Fintan Creaven “Z31” murdered Morgan, motive, either adultery or a lost shipment of drugs for the Bonnici syndicate, Malta.

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Alan “Taffy” Holmes, Henry “Chick” Burgess, Kenneth “Brinks” Noye and Stephen Lawrence.

Dealing with cold case murders one rarely gets a smile but I roared with laughter reading Jake Arnott’s June 2021 article.

I will come to the factual errors soon but there was no “masonic conspiracy”. Kenneth Noye of Brinks Mat fame/infamy was not a registered informant.

Now to the suicide of Alan “Taffy” Holmes. Henry “Chick” Burgess was arrested and bribed two policemen, Andrew and Symonds to drop charges. Holmes was given the task of picking up an envelope from Burgess with £500 cash as a bribe to Andrews and Symonds. They both took the money but allowed Burgess to be charged. Holmes “pal” P.C Derek “Reds” Haslam tape recorded Holmes mentioning the incident then blackmailed Holmes, who committed suicide. The O’Loan report states that there was no “£100 million drugs shipment from Colombia”. Jukes entire theory falls apart, based as it is on a serial fantasist, Haslam.

Factual errors in Arnott’s article.

Ray Adams was in 1320 Blackheath lodge and attended a grand total of one meeting.

Alan Holmes was at 7114 Manor of Bensham, As was Haslam who was ordered to leave after the suicide. Haslam subsequently went on to the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk.

Another errors, Adams lived in a two bed property. Whether one classifies that as a “mansion” is debateable.

Ray Gray, arrested by Haslam, famously quoted as “Don’t listen to me, I am off my head on drugs”.

That comprehensively torpedoes Arnott.

Now to the Stephen Lawrence murder and how long are the CPS going to keep Bulloch, Crampton, Ilsley and Weeden hanging in the wind? Justice delayed is justice denied, even for New Scotland Yard.

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Prince Harry v the Mirror.

Graham Johnson will provide most of today’s news, but regular readers will know that “Joe Poulton” alias Derek Haslam, (Walter Mitty) was in the witness witless stand.

Sky News covered it.

Andrew Green, K.C, stated that “Reds” Haslam was not called to any trial of Jonathan Rees as he had “gathered insufficient evidence” to put it mildly.

Haslam did, however, infiltrate and sabotage “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty” SHAC, then get his son P.C James Haslam, to illegally access the Police National Computer for Maxine Carr’s new identity.

The bugging of “Southern” was Operation Two Bridges, renamed Operation Nigeria. Haslam stole documents from Operation Abelard II and signed his name with that of his white half brother, David.

The half Jamaican Haslam (who claimed his Father commanded a regiment at D Day) quit The Met with mental illness in Oct 1989.

Update 1.30 pm. Nomenclature, Sky News please note, Haslam was not retired from the police, but left due to mental illness. His veracity has always been an issue, indeed, the prosecution must be clutching at straws to use him. Haslam is an “undercover operative” or CHIS as Old Bill would say. Haslam made much of the “naivety” of New Scotland Yard. Yet not on their naivety in paying and using him for providing low level and inaccurate information (basically pub gossip).

Finally, Jonathan Rees did indeed do jobs for the “Mirror” but he was highly respected and did work for many papers.

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Prince Harry, the press and Operation Kalmyk.

Much is being made of the fourth estate and hacking. I spent most of today looking into what will cause problems for the prosecution. How much veracity do certain witnesses have? Moreover, can any trust be placed in one such as John Alford? He was duped by Mazher Mahmood, Alford’s greed was his downfall.

Now to filthy lucre – Max Mosley funded “Byline” and Peter Jukes. Jukes, you will recall, was close to uber corrupt cop ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook. A tres charmant female of my acquaintance wanted to see the limited edition images of Max “Spanky” Mosley. One always obliges.

Finally to Leveson Two. Would it permit such luminaries serial fantasists as Ian Hurst? (Alias Capt Rennie of SAS and Martin Ingram). Ouch.

There are quite a few hits on the role of the Bonnici drugs syndicate in the murder of Daniel Morgan.

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Oklahoma! Stephen Lawrence murder derailed.

Happily, the veracity of the sole source of Jukes “Untold” is now under the spotlight. To CID or not to CID, that is the question. A former Metropolitan Police person whispered in my ear “You know that Haslam was uniform, right?” Well, I knew that he was disciplined, fined sixty pounds, for causing death by drink driving, in 1977 and so, therefore, he must have been plain clothes from the end of 1975.

Half Jamaican Haslam is often a stranger to the truth, his Dad did not “command a regiment at D day” both disgraced ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and John Yates handled Haslam, who has now turned from an asset into a liability.

Updated even as I write, Haslam was a Temporary Det Con, uniformed, attached to the Divisional Crime Squad, an aide to the CID. Not in it though. Does Doreen Lawrence know this? Or that Haslam failed the CID entry exam?

Ex P.C Fintan Creaven murdered Daniel Morgan, either over adultery or a missing consignment of drugs from Malta.

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Norris and misattribution in the Stephen Lawrence murder.

I usually have no time for the Grauniad but credit where it is due, this is good.

The usual names appear, Putnam, Coles, Davidson. Clifford Norris the the Father of David Norris who became notorious in the Stephen Lawrence murder. There is, however, an agenda – one that will interest Adrian Beltrami K.C, I am sure – that implicates the innocent.

If there is so much police corruption in the Lawrence murder how did William (Bill) Mellish manage to arrest Norris Senior?

It would appear that “star” witness Haslam is blowing smoke up Baroness Lawrence, as my American cousins would say.

For instance, along with Davidson (a bete noire for the half Jamaican ex psychiatric patient Haslam) Coles and Putnam, Commander Ray Adams is added. Adams did not take any payments from Norris, the “Daily Mail” or anyone else, Norris had no contact with Adams or any of the above, as Norris was in Northern Irish parlance an OTR (on the run). There is no evidence, no proof, that any of the police alluded to took bribes, kick backs or hush money from the Metropolitan Police, nor anyone in New Scotland Yard. Kenneth Noye is added by Haslam to give a nationally known villain a name check. Noye had nothing to do with the foregoing, and is a blatant red herring.

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Baroness Lawrence, lugenpresse mendacity and Christine Hart.

An excellent, if brief, YouTube piece from Christine Hart. It is not only the BBC who promote mendacity. With all the furore about Prince Harry and phone hacking, it is coming to light that Baroness Doreen Lawrence was also lied to by a serial fantasist who quit the Metropolitan Police as mentally ill in October 1989. Half Jamaican ex Det Con “Reds” Haslam bugged “Southern Investigations”, accessed and passed legally privileged documents in sensitive court cases and infiltrated and sabotaged the Daniel Morgan family campaign for justice.

Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes is his sole supporter now. The motive for the Daniel Morgan murder? Either cuckoldry or a missing delivery of the Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo. Pay attention to the land rover used by David Bray and Morgan repossessed in Malta. Police cover up due to the killer, Z31 (ex P.C Fintan Creaven) having been “asked to quit” the Met following a violent incident with an axe.

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“The News Agents” podcast on Daniel Morgan murder.

Not too much going on in court today so let us deal with the backwash from yesterday’s bombshell concerning documents being found years after the Morgan murder.

No serious commentator gives Peter Jukes air time. Morgan is not the most famous murder in UK history, that is Jack the Ripper. The theory being touted about a billion dollar drugs import derives solely from a known serial fantasist, who tries to weave in Kenneth Noye and Stephen Lawrence.

Much is being made of the 1999 conviction in the Kim James case, no light is being shone on the missing voice in the tape recording, the same man who planted the bug in “Southern Investigations” office. 1987, motive for the murder? Bonnici drugs cartel of Gozo and an imported land rover. That, or adultery. Fintan Creaven, who quit The Met over an incident with an axe is the prime suspect.

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