Jake Arnott, Bent Coppers and wrong on Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

How could I have missed this? Well, being in England didn’t help, as I was too busy to log on to a computer. The BBC (stop giggling) aired a documentary on the worthy topic of Metropolitan Police corruption. The thing is, that it is highly inaccurate. Jake Arnott begins with “Dixon of Dock Green”, then takes a decades long take on “bad apples”. The 1960’s saw a sea change, once respected, The Met became mired in corruption. 35 minutes in Arnott mentions Daniel Morgan – a quick interview with recovering drug addict Alastair Morgan glosses over the fact that “Southern Investigations” were bugged and nothing came of it (the Kim James case is now before the CCRC). Not content with errors over the Daniel Morgan murder (the whole police corruption theory is blown out of the water, Morgan had a small lead on overtime scams at Catford) the most likely murder motives were Maltese drug dealers and/or cuckoldry.


Arnott then approaches the Alan “Taffy” Holmes suicide. Holmes was under enormous strain as he was being blackmailed by his “pal” Derek G Haslam, now hiding in the Downham Market area of Norfolk. (Is the “Ray” character Haslam dubbed? Haslam bugged Southern) Morgan and Holmes knew each other and Al Morgan, plus mortgage fraudster Peter Jukes, keep flogging the old canard of their being something amiss.

Finally Operation Tiberius (Goggzilla has the most well known unredacted publicly available copy) is alluded to. Arnott woefully omits John Yates in his catalogue. You know, in all my digging and interviews last weekend I never discovered who Haslam’s Father was, Francis Willoughby is on the birth certificate, but as he was white that is a dead end. Still, much useful detail garnered. Pass the Red Stripe.

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“Bullshire Strikes Back” and Insp Brian Sheeran, update.

The greatest enemy of the police, is their propensity to go online, then attack any and all critics. There is a particular site “Bullshire Strikes Back” which deliberately targets anyone who is an anti police corruption maven. What is the role of Insp Brian Sheeran in it? Sheeran is Greater Manchester Police and rumoured to be implicated in dog fights, along with Ian Hurst. There is also the desecration of a Holy Qu’ran eh Brian?

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Nasty Det Con Caroline Linfoot, and a cast of thousands.

Goggzilla is being asked about Det Con Linfoot of Hounslow and other corrupt police. Such as Det Sgt Danny Dwyer and especially Det Insp Noel Beswick. Readers may recall Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack and Crategate, whereby evidence of the innocence of men wrongfully accused in the Daniel Morgan murder was withheld. More digging has uncovered Det Insp Noel Beswick and links to Kevin Fulton (Peter Keeley) a close associate of Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram). Goggzilla is also being asked about Rigg Approach and the use of a “CHIS” to ensure legally privileged defence documents in a high profile case were passed illegally to the prosecution. Greetings to all Hungarians.

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Marbella – Rebecca Muldoon inquest delayed.

Originally from Southend, Rebecca Muldoon died in mysterious circumstances. The inquest is being delayed – suspicious in itself. Two bones (one throat, hyoid?) and one from the chest were “missing”. How do bones go missing constable? Essex Police corruption is legendary.

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“Spycops” and definitions of who are police.

A temporary set back for the campaign to obtain justice for Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian and Sid Fillery yesterday. One did not hold out much hope that Lord “Plebgate“Mitting would observe the legal definition of core participant status for Messer Rees, Vian and Fillery.

I refer to the original Pitchford ruling, paragraphs 67 and 68 mention SHAC and the use of undercover, paid, employed spies by the Metropolitan Police. In particular, one “retired” ex Det Constable, Derek Gordon HASLAM. Haslam was well paid by New Scotland Yard, had to sign the Official Secrets Act, then passed legal documents to prosecutors – which is a criminal act.

The main focus is on the cases of Jonathan Rees (wrongly suspected in the Daniel Morgan murder) his former brother in law, Glenn Vian, and Sid Fillery who eventually worked at “Southern Investigations”. In addition to this, Haslam also sabotaged the appeal of Barry Beardall. Finally, Haslam also wrecked the cases of the “Groovy Gang” (R v Reynolds, Kingston and O’Connell).

To conclude, what was Haslam’s role? Though he had left the police (mental illness, Oct 1989) he was now back in the employ of The Met, therefore Mitting used a loophole (Haslam was not actually in the police). With his inquiry now an omnishables it is high time Mitting was replaced.

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Wrongful imprisonment, Victor Nealon and Sam Hallam.

A couple of years ago at a conference I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Vic Nealon.


The recent Supreme Court ruling could lead to the UK losing yet another case at Strasbourg.


Paragraphs 88 and 125 alluded to the Ullah case and I may return to this again at a later date.

Forensics can find one guilty but can also find one innocent, there was no forensic evidence linking Jonathan Rees and Glenn Vian to the Daniel Morgan murder. The CCRC have been lamentable in dealing with the miscarriage of justice in Rees, Vian and Fillery, thus one could point those who were wrongfully imprisoned to the ECtHR.


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Vindicated – Alec Leighton and FBME bank.

Xinhua published an interesting article and one that tangentally hits on some dark goings on at New Scotland Yard.


The Central Bank of Cyprus has been found innocent of any corruption connected to the Saab brothers FBME bank. The Lebanese siblings were big in Tanzania before top detective Alec Leighton uncovered some money laundering which led to the recent Paris decision of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Goggzilla wrote about this on 27 Dec 2018, 11 May 2018 and 1 Jan 2018. Another sunny island apart from Cyprus is Grand Cayman, the Metropolitan Police are shy when questioned concerning Martin Bridger and Operation Tempura. Mr Leighton knew Jonathan Rees, who applied along with others for core participant status at Lord Mitting’s “Spycops” inquiry. Small world.


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