Alan “Taffy” Holmes and Daniel Morgan.

Laurie Flynn opens the latest addition to Peter Jukes podcast, he is joined by Alastair Morgan. I formerly disliked Mr Jukes, now I merely feel pity for him. His “new evidence” hinges on David Bray’s magnus opus which has been reviewed (Goggzilla 26 Dec 2017).

Jukes attempts to debunk the main plausible theories on Daniel Morgan’s murder, cuckoldry and Maltese drugs connections. Poor Jukes then uses the testimony of Derek G Haslam, now hiding in Downham Market, to prop up a new idea, that Daniel Morgan was murdered due to a massive story he was going to sell to the erstwhile Fleet Street (overtime at Catford police station was mentioned in 1987, not reason enough for murder nor £40,000 from the red tops). I urge readers to look up my post on the “Poulton debrief”  27 April 2017, in which Haslam first promulgates a wild tale of PIRA, Miami and a “Mr Kranski” who wanted to land millions of pounds worth of hard drugs on the Norfolk coast. Jukes makes much of Haslam’s testimony on Morgan and Holmes. Holmes is dead, Morgan is dead, not much corroboration is there?

How reliable is Haslam? His lack of veracity is well known, a paid perjurer, who sabotaged SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) in addition to derailing ex miner’s compensation in Thurnscoe, and perjuring in the John “Reg” Elliott case, the Eamonn Harris case and many others.

8.00 in to the podcast…

No mention that Haslam and Holmes were in 7114 Manor of Bensham lodge, or that after Holmes suicide Haslam was told (ordered, asked) to leave the lodge. Haslam’s nickname was not “Serpico” but “Judas rat” (that is one of the more printable ones). Haslam put pressure on Holmes over an internal police investigation, hence the suicide. Soon after Haslam was forced to quit The Met claiming mental illness.  Haslam and his son, P.C James A Haslam are now in the same lodge as Chief Constable of Norfolk and ACPO lead on child porn, Simon Bailey. Sarah Hamlin recently left her post as Asst Ch Constable.

12.30. Ray Adams and Derek G Haslam, the reason for Haslam wanting to discredit Adams is due to Haslam taking (without consent) Adams car and whilst drunk killing a pedestrian (Poulton debrief).

Sid Fillery was fully exonerated by Mitting and Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers were both fully exonerated by the Court of Appeal (LLJ Coulson, King, McCombe). No mention is made of Daniel Morgan’s affairs, the Malta drugs connection is glossed over, and Jukes does not state that Daniel was a frequent visitor to the “Golden Lion” to buy drugs for Alastair (that is in Bray’s book).

22.30 how reliable is Bray? Not very. The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel is to report next year but Jukes again does not state that Baroness O’Loan has dodgy links to the police.

What, then, is the new evidence? That Holmes and Morgan knew each other? This is not in dispute. Jukes tries to pull Haslam out of the hat, like a magicians white rabbit. Tellingly, Haslam lies about his Father’s colour, his past, his present and his future. Can be found on Twitter as @Rochf0rd and @suzydent5.

Where is the new evidence? None can be found. Jukes is now into potboiler territory. Rake the shekels in.

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Clown Prosecution Service, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook and obfuscation.

What is happening with the CPS? Derided by Old Bill as the “Can’t Prosecute Service” the CPS are looking asinine and venal, on a global stage. Initially three days were required to reach a decision on the case of proven criminal ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook. Now it is “end of October at the earliest”. Why such cunctacious tactics?

Delays are used by plod and their associates to assist in dealing with awkward matters. Given the scandal surrounding Alison Saunders and non disclosure one would think that the CPS would quietly pay Jonathan Rees, Garry Vian and Glenn Vian plus others and jail Cook along with other criminals who were formerly employed by New Scotland Yard.

The Met lost.

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Mark Kennedy (Stone) spycops, Mitting and “Joe Poulton”.

There is a difference between what law lords are saying in public and en privee about the omnishambles which the Spycops/Mitting inquiry has become. Why wasn’t Jonathan Ress granted core participant status? Much is being occluded from the public.

Mark Stone/Kennedy is now in the news as his bosses admit they knew of his illegal activities. Compare with “Joe Poulton” infiltrating and sabotaging Operation Abelard II and the Daniel Morgan murder campaign. Either Peter Jukes knew of this, or else was too stupid.

The question of why ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook remains at large is still a cause of vexation for New Scotland Yard. Why isn’t he arrested?


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The imminent arrest of ex Det Ch Supt David Imrie Cook.

It is a lose-lose situation regarding New Scotland Yard protecting corrupt cop Dave Cook. Either he faces trial and is jailed along with Derek “Kunta Kinte” Haslam and others or CPS don’t prosecute and he faces a private prosecution instead with questions asked as to why. Globally it will look bad. I met with His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador earlier. This will be huge. Or as Vonny Watts/Jean Hatchet would write – This. Will. Be. Huge,

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Very dodgy, FBME.

How is your Bahasa Malay?

Bottom line is that there are rumblings concerning the FBME which you may recall Alec Leighton exposed as a money laundering outfit. The stats here for Cyprus have been clicking over quite nicely.

Any connection to James Ibori? The Nigerian chap who was implicated in all sorts of less than legal acts. Derek G Haslam is half Nigerian. His wife Susan laundered money via Santander in Ely. Small time.


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The legacy of DCS Dave Cook.

As the dust settles concerning the Vian Brothers and Jonathan Rees’ victory over New Scotland Yard, it is time to look to the future. The fiasco of the many police attempts to find the murderer of Daniel Morgan have cost in excess of £140 million, not including a hoped for £4 million to Garry and Glenn Vian plus Jon Rees.

The Justice Secretary is unveiling some new strategy today.

Along with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, one ought to see the Metropolitan police cough up a record pay out, for DCS Dave Cook’s malfeasance in public office, perverting the course of justice, plus other offences. Cook was not alone in his actions. Can Old Bill recover from the immense damage inflicted?

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Operation Tiberius and the death of Alan “Taffy” Holmes.

There are times when I despair of main stream media.

Trawling (literally) through “Twitter” an increasingly desperate Al Morgan and “Frank Matthews” (the net closes on his real identity) are alluding to Operation Tiberius and police corruption. They neglect such glaringly obvious questions as why ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook has still not been arrested, but pick over free mason connections to “Southern Investigations”. Jonathan Rees never had any major ties to the worshipful brothers.

What of Alan “Taffy” Holmes? He was in Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge (not really an affinity lodge) and committed suicide. The same lodge “asked” Derek Haslam to leave for bringing the craft into disrepute. Haslam then went on to bug “Southern Investigations” office in Thornton Heath for the Metropolitan Police and passed confidential defence documents to New Scotland Yard. Haslam is now in the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk. Bailey is ACPO lead on child porn. P.C James A Haslam is in Norfolk Police, and a mason.

I was asked about Gordon Anglesea and am still researching something that North Wales Police would prefer kept hidden. Is the whole Operation Tiberius story resurrected to deflect from forthcoming damaging revelations?



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