Is the past about to catch up with corrupt ex Det Con Derek G Haslam? His time in Thurnscoe with McCormacks solicitors was noted for his sabotaging of ex miner’s compensation claims.

As South Yorkshire Police are loathed to examine their own role in the Ian Watkins cover up this may be something new for them to do.

Quite radical.


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Great News, Great Brexit & Great Repeal Bill.

Will the Civil Contingencies Act 2006 still be able to stand post Brexit? It is great news that Britain will no longer be a dumping ground for East European criminals, but what of the wider implications?

Will the Great Repeal Bill alter legislation regarding the retention of innocent folks DNA samples?

Will a certain notorious, paid police informer, who fled Norfolk for Cambridgeshire finally face justice?

Or will plod bottle it?


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Corrupt Police UK.

Dismayed to discover that one of the best pages on social media was taken down earlier. The very funny “Corrupt Police UK Trash talker” has gone also. When you live in a place where corrupt police can ban any comments which are negative you enter a very dangerous arena.

Indeed, what would Andy Woodward say?


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Labour and Tom Watson.

Things are looking tenebrous for the Deputy Labour leader. Given his role as cheerleader for the Jukes wing of the Daniel Morgan affair this link may be of help.

They won’t pin this one on “Southern Investigations”. Ian Hurst?


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Ian Hurst – my part in his downfall.

I had hoped to get through today without mention of Martin McGuinness, on the two occasions I met him he failed to impress me. However – Ian Hurst “an intelligence officer” (actually Enya’s Dad was an NCO) is going to milk Martin’s death for all it is worth, so let us clear up some lacunae.

“Half of the IRA worked for UK intelligence”. No, very few did, but those who did caused great damage.

“Scappaticci worked for UK intelligence” perhaps, but Hurst never dealt with him. It can be confirmed that Garda were, and are in the pay of MI5/6.

Mossad – Hurst was a player. Correct, and radical Islam now know where the porcine Ian lives in Bolton (and Bergerac, and Granada).

Peter Keeley – Kevin Fulton – links to Ian Hurst via a court case, Hurst is trying to sue Alex Marunchak (see wife beater Derek Haslam for more).

To conclude – Mairia Cahill – “raped” yet returned for more. Tell Grandfather Joe to pay his taxi fare please.



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Susan Haslam and domestic violence.

It seems that the strain is getting to ex Det Con Derek Haslam with Cambridgeshire Constabulary trying not to get involved in a domestic incident recently. Haslam’s wife, Susan, may have gained a black eye by “walking into a door”. A generational thing, Haslam pere (a Jamaican) chastised his Mother.

Det Sgt John “O.J” Davidson was detested by Haslam. Davidson, a large Scot, was quite forceful when a drunken (comme d’habitude) Haslam kept pestering a married WPC at a Christmas dinner. Davidson ejected Haslam from the premises, none too gently.

Finally, marital pugilist Haslam (I cannot say wife beater for legal reasons) has other things in common with Peter Jukes. Innocent whistle. It will become plainer in a short while.


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Paul Dacre and Byline Media.

Hoots of derision as legal threats fly across cyberspace from the moribund “Byline” to the “Daily Mail” who at least had the perspicacity to know that Peter Jukes (mortgage fraudster) sole source is a paid police informer. Haslam can be found on Twitter with these accounts @interestedhack2, @rochf0rd and @JackHal26502446 plus over a dozen others. Since fleeing Norfolk for neighbouring Cambridgeshire he has to keep busy.

Jukes took on and lost to Dennis Rice, so, all in all, not a good year for the Armenian Shakespeare, who is now in perilous waters with a book (hopefully more than a series of tweets as was his last literary venture) which has “new” evidence on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up. This consists of Derek Haslam – a known perjurer – inventing cocaine importations. Morgan’s murder was more mundane, in all probability a cuckold caught by a jealous husband.

Byline are no friend to innocent men such as Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, cleared of Morgan’s murder, yet the target of a vindictive and myopic New Scotland Yard. High level corruption in The Met was occluded by the Guardian, who are firmly in plod’s camp.

Byline are being warned over three articles.

Jukes in addition has to worry about an upcoming television programme which will leave plod with two choices – arrest Haslam or have the world ask why not?

All that remains is to wish Felicity a Happy St Patrick’s Day, then to agree fully with Rebecca, Haslam is indeed a joker, a deeply unfunny one, as many found out too late.



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