I do not agree with most of what Mr Spivey writes (wrote, he is now on the banned list), however his sentencing at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on 27th August will be interesting.

Nunn and Nimmo both received jail sentences and Bonehill-Paine awaits his fate. Chris Spivey joins a growing group. It contains Bahrain, Cuba, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iran, South Korea and Uzbekistan along with Britain, all imprisoning bloggers and tweeters.

An interesting feature of Spivey’s writing was the highlighting of child sex abuse and members of “The Establishment”. Of course, that would have nothing to do with Essex Police (pals of Robert Ambridge alias Old Holborn) arresting and taking Spivey’s stuff.

Finally, if Spivey is serious about drawing attention to his case, one suggests a hunger strike (to the death if needs be) in jail. Nobody remembers Barry Horne but everyone remembers Bobby Sands.

Beir bua.


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Ben Fellows acquitted.

The acquittal of Mr Fellows in the Alan Clarke case does not bode well for “The Establishment”. The Metropolitan Police “consider the case closed” however Fellow’s acquittal does lead to a sticky question – If he did not lie then what about Clarke’s version of events?


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Asil Nadir to be freed.

A good start to the week with news from both “Haberal” and “Gundem Kibris” that Asil Nadir should be released from HMP High Point in September.

The arrest and trial of Mr Nadir raised serious concerns over perjury by an ex Metropolitan Police Det Con now retired in Norfolk and anxious to leave the UK, and the shady operations of the HMRC and MI6, both of whom had good reason to frame Asil Nadir as a high profile scapegoat.


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Ken Clarke and Ben Fellows.

In November 2012 the drums started beating with news of Ken Clarke (champion of secret courts, that hallmark of a democracy) and Ben Fellows.

Today Ben is retracting his claim which means one of two things. Either he lied about Clarke (to obtain money by deception from the red tops) or he is telling the truth and is being “got at”.

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NUJ censorship and Ben Sullivan.

Open letter to the National Union of Journalists “Dear Colleagues, you are now imposing bans on anyone mentioning the Ben Sullivan false rape claims made in Oxford. Why is that? Can you give a list of topics which are forbidden? Love, Goggzilla”

Isn’t it odd that an organisation which espouses free speech and equality is so reticent to allow men’s rights activists any right to reply?

Taurus – new moon soon.



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Who killed Eddie Fullerton?

Rarely I write about Northern Ireland but today is one of those rare occasions. Some awkward questions crop up.

1. Who murdered Eddie Fullerton?

2. What is the truth behind Freddie Scappaticci and Stakeknife?

3. What happened immediately before the Enniskillen Poppy Day bombing?

One could add other items such as…

4. What role did MI5 play in Kincora?

Answer to 1 is that there must have been collusion between police in the Republic and their RUC/PSNI colleagues in the north. The loyalists could not have carried out the Eddie Fullerton assassination alone.

2. Whatever the answer is it has nothing to do with the meanderings of Ian Hurst (alias Capt Rennie of SAS) one hears that nobody is returning his calls now.

3. The Fermanagh Battalion of PIRA did indeed plant the bomb. The sole Battalion to have been “stood down” they were responsible for the carnage. However an hour before it exploded the device was found. A Lance Jack of Signals took the call at Thiepval, and HQ decided that the bad publicity would be a Godsend.

4. The role of MI5 in Kincora is (redacted).



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Gordon Anglesea – Bryn Estyn and Op Pallial.

Good news today with ex Det Ch Supt Anglesea of North Wales Police (and Custodes Pacis  affinity lodge, who will have even awkwarder questions to answer) he has finally been charged with child sex offences. The St Asaph mafia tried all they could to keep Gordon Anglesea safe but alas it did not work.

I refer learned counsel to my blog post of January 2014. The Op Pallial cover up reaches as far as Norfolk (bailiwick of Chief Constable Simon Bailey another funny handshake merchant who is the ACPO lead on kiddie porn). Time to ask about Bryn Estyn and police collusion in some terrible crimes.

Or doesn’t it matter if you are “one of the worshipful brothers”? I am not knocking free masons, most are splendid, but affinity lodges are a sign of a dichotomy in justice.

The law in it’s majesty allows both rich and poor alike to starve.



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