Rees & Ors v The Met, the Det Sgt Dalby shaggathon

Not legal language I know but the actions of Det Sgt Gary Dalby and Heather Stangoe Q.C are  a major factor in the Court of Appeal today. Yesterday, Johnston, the prosecutor, did poorly, as opposed to Mr Bowen who did well, representing Jonathan Rees, falsely accused of the Daniel Morgan murder. Also well represented were the Vian brothers. What of Richard Christie you ask? What, indeed.

H/T to Clan Guthrie.

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Rees and Ors v The Met

All quiet on the appeals front. Tomorrow may be more fruitful. Queer that Garry and Glenn Vian plus Jonathan Rees did not get any meejah coverage.

In Northern Ireland, Judge Gillen will acquiese in giving anonymity to rape trial defendants, it is an ineluctable course, akin to Scots independence.

Sooty. What about Joshua S Trevino?


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Court 63

Tomorrow sees the end of a long and drawn out legal saga. It would make a good book so that rules out Peter Jukes as an author.

Lord Justice McCombe ruled against the U.K government in the notorious Mau Mau torture case.

Lady Justice King recently ruled on the Alfie Evans case, which led to the child’s parents going to the ECHR.

Lord Justice Coulson rescinded anonymity in the Ann Maguire, Will Cornick trial though this may have been due to a blog abroad publishing full details.

A2/2017/0874 (A) focuses on further evidence, I won’t prejudice proceeedings but it looks grim for the Metropolitan Police. Will Cressida Dick sacrifice a minnow to allow bigger fish to escape?

A2/2017/0874 (B) is an “unagreed bundle” sounds interesting. Ex DCS Dave Cook may not be quite so happy with the contents in light of recent non disclosure of evidence. We are most optimistic.

To conclude – a joke. A man goes to the Dentist, as the Dentist begins to drill the man grabs him between the legs and says “We aren’t going to hurt each other now, are we?”



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Book of Judges.

The next several days will witness the busiest and most important time in the six years since Goggzilla began to cover the Daniel Morgan murder cover up and the six years prior to that concerning massive police corruption. The long awaited appeal of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers is to be heard. Non disclosure of evidence forms part of it, as does perjury, perverting the course of justice (take a bow, DCS Dave Cook) and malfeasance in public office.

Thus far, £140 million has been squandered from the tax payer, in attempts by New Scotland Yard to fit up Garry and Glenn Vian and Jonathan Rees. I have heard optimistic and pessimistic assessments of what will occur in London shortly, The Met would be wise to pay up and walk away, with some damage limitation. Carrot has never been their favourite method, only stick, a “worse case scenario” will see much dirty laundry aired.

This article from the Grauniad popped up, it may be relevant at some stage.

It will in interesting to see who is going to give the verdict in Rees and Vians v The Metropolitan Police.

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393rd Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy

Next week will be huge, regardless of the verdict, but the Jonathan Rees, Garry and Glenn Vian corner are looking at a win win situation.

Goggzilla readers have encountered John “O.J” Davidson before, much maligned he played a central part in the Daniel Morgan murder case. It seems the Gruaniad have already made their mind up on important issues, however, not before fouling the ball.

Number of days until Derek Haslam is in Belmarsh?

“Bockscar” upon delivery to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, in 1961. The nose art was added sometime after the raid against Nagasaki. (U.S. Air Force photo)


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All Stretton to Islay.

This blogge focuses almost exclusively on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, and the appeal, in just over a week, which must exonerate Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, Garry and Glenn. With Sid Fillery being found innocent, and a target of DCS Dave Cook’s personal animosity, one wonders what damage limitation New Scotland Yard are putting in place?

Today’s post focuses on half a dozen cranks who are affiliated to “Resisting Hate”. One, Nick Raybould of All Stretton, issued a death threat to Tommy Robinson’s family, in association with a school teacher in Islay. Raybould and his pals are paid by West Mercia Police, as informants, just like Derek Haslam and The Met.

Ordinarily I keep non Morgan items elsewhere but Raybould recently became close to Haslam. Raybould watchers might be interested in the following –

Haslam made a failed attempt to join the EDL in Norfolk. The reason for his rejection was his vehement hatred of West Indians whilst being half Jamaican, and being an ex psychiatric patient.

Research uncovered that Haslam’s Dad may not be his biological Father, his Mother Ellen J Stow offered “services” to American negro troops in and after 1945, his two half brothers are white.




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Smack the PONI.

Much wailing from Belfast as I approached the Police Ombudsman Northern Ireland to find out about Dave Wood (bent), Chris Jarratt (corrupt) Martin Bridger of Operation Tempura, Cayman Islands Sunshine squad, John Yates (really bent) and Lord Stevens (rattled).

Number of days to Belmarsh – ten.


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