Daniel Morgan, 2 June date.

The long awaited podcast (it will keep libel solicitors busy one hears) concerning the murder cover up of Daniel Morgan is set for release on 2 June. It is a serious topic but when Peter Jukes uses a known paid police perjurer as his main source along with Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst one is left with more comedy than levity.

A question to be posed is – “If ex Det Con Derek Haslam is in witness protection, then why is he appearing on BBC Panorama?”

Also, why is he so desperate to sell 11, Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38 and flee the UK?



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Ched Evans and Mad Cat Lady.

Spent most of yesterday at the Four Courts in Dublin, Peter Jukosian the Armenian has a nasty surprise coming. During a lull in the proceedings I caught up on the welcome news that Ched Evans retrial is scheduled for Friday, 27 May at Mold Crown Court. Hopefully “Judge” Merfyn Thomas replacement will not be quite so bent.

On a related topic, the Mad Cat Lady of Fulwood descends further into the abyss. The reasons “Jean Hatchet” petition (which garnered only a few hundred signatures) was pulled is that it had no evidence, no facts and no proof. Indeed, it did not help that (before she blanked them out) signatories were seen such as “Mrs Overall” and half a dozen Derek Haslams.

“Jean” alienated well known liars such as TERF hate speech writer Catherine Brennan. This is the first time I have written about “Jean”, however one sees over half a dozen posts on her blog, focusing unhealthily on me. She typifies the “Look at me!” character and assisted David Conn when he was asked (ordered) by plod to do a “hatchet job” on the Ched Evans campaign. Conn wanted “dirt on Karl Massey” from me, I refused.

Finally, “Jean” insists on clinging to her fake identity. She is an ex Tory councillor, now Labour, in Sheffield.


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Operation Gestalt and Watkins-Burton.

In connection with examining the role of police corruption and the imprisonment of Asil Nadir, I came across Major Antony William Watkins-Burton (born plain old Tony Burton in May 1957), who was the subject of a fruitless £2500 search by “Abacus Security”.
Watkins-Burton now lives in Norwich (near to Abacus Security “HQ” in Lynn Road, Southery, up for sale at a reduced price). Ian Hurst, ex DCI Chris Jarratt and his disgraced colleague Derek Haslam all come together when attention is focused on “Op Gestalt” and the wrongful arrest of Barry Beardall.
Some more digging is required on this very occluded topic.


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Asil Nadir – freed at last.

Turkish Cypriot businessman Asil Nadir has at last been released by a vindictive UK judiciary, one wishes he enjoys his upcoming birthday and that he begins to ask how and why he was fitted up. The “Jancom” site has most of the pertinent documents, and hopefully the HMRC and corrupt police who colluded in imprisoning Mr Nadir will be the focus of awkward questions. Project Babylon will loom large in any report on what happened.

As will the role of bent judge Lord Justice Holroyde. That name rang a bell as HHJ Holroyde was part of the crew who glossed over abuse of process and perverting the course of justice in the appeal of R v Kingston, Reynolds and O’Connell (the Groovy Gang). Central to that and another miscarriage of justice (R v Harris) was the role played by erstwhile “Abacus Security” boss Derek Haslam, of Southery. Indeed, Haslam dropped the sale price of his house from £259,995 to £253,000 very recently and is desperate to move, why is that?

What links Major Antony Watkins-Burton and Ian Hurst of “iTraceUK” in Bolton? Andrew Rosthorn has done some splendid work on the convoluted world of bent cops and dodgy deals. More needs doing.


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Whittingdalegate – Jukes last stand.

After a hiatus I find plenty to write about. A seemingly minor lurid tale of John Whittingdale and Olivia King is focusing attention on Peter Jukes, who is constantly mentioning me on Tw*tt*r. Usually I would be flattered, save for the company Jukes keeps. When not preaching about anti-semitism, Jukes is pals with Max Mosley. I have seen the photographs which “Mr Whippy” wants deleted from Google, quite outre. Also in the Jukes camp are Tom Watson and half Jamaican Derek Haslam, whom Jukes holds up as a paragon of veracity, yet is unable to tell the truth about his paternal skin colour.

Ian Hurst also tags along on the Daniel Morgan murder cover up bandwagon, Hurst you may recall was found to be an untruthful witness, shunned by Leveson and now touts his tales of derring do bullshit around Byline. More digging by Goggzilla is leading to some interesting links between a police affinity lodge and DCS Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) an acquaintance of the desperate Haslam, now trying to flee the UK – Haslam it must be noted has not (yet) been arrested for the numerous cases of perverting the course of justice and perjury which paid for his Southery home.

Finally, I am going to see if I can do anything further to highlight yet another miscarriage of justice beside that of Daniel Morgan, – the grossly unfair continued jailing of Asil Nadir. Framed by the HMRC amongst others, he should be freed. His continued imprisonment is unwarranted.





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Subverting justice.

The latest episode in Mr Jukes series of podcasts has little new material, indeed, he pads it out with repeated quotes from episodes one and two. The role of John Ross was not secret, he was well known in the demi-monde of Sarf Lunnen. Again however, Jukes shoots himself in both feet, then reloads and shoots again.

Alex Marunchak was connected to “Southern Investigations”, he was also linked to Jukes’ “amazing new source” Ian Hurst of “iTraceUK” a close pal (of of the few) of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam. Hurst is not a “private eye” as Jukes insists but a former black ops Lance Corporal in Northern Ireland. Lately Hurst has been caught breaking the law, more here.


Now we come to the dubious testimony of Haslam.


Haslam asks us to accept that he was involved in observing bent cops in a Miami cocaine importation deal that led to Daniel Morgan’s murder. Haslam’s veracity is not overwhelming, he told readers on the “My Telegraph” site that his “Father was at Harrow and commanded a regiment at D Day”. Haslam Senior was a Jamaican who lived in Clapham.

The podcast mentions Holmes (Alan “Taffy” Holmes). Holmes introduced Haslam into Manor Of Bensham lodge 7114, Haslam’s eventual betrayal of Holmes contributed to the suicide of “Taffy”. More light needs to shine on Haslam, he is desperate to sell his house in Lynn Road, Southery, PE38 and flee Britain. Odd too that a man in “witness protection” would appear on BBC’s Panorama programme.

One can however briefly sum up Haslam’s role since his leaving the Metropolitan police in October 1989 (recurring mental illness). He infiltrated the Daniel Morgan family and justice campaign, then subverted Op Abelard II, plus many other inquiries.

To conclude, Jukes makes much of the imagined implication of Jonathan Rees and others in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Jonathan Rees – acquitted almost half a dozen times. Either innocent, or the greatest criminal mastermind in U.K history.

Likewise Gary and Glen Vian.

Ditto, Sid Fillery.

Plus several others.

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Tom Watson and Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton remix).

My Angolan connection was most interested in my recent blogge post on Tom Watson (deputy of the Labour party, but for how long?) Watson was/is not just over stepping the boundaries regarding the law (which one, the law for the rich or for the poor?) Tom was/is engaged in all sorts of illegal dealings with Peter Keeley (Kevin Fulton) an known and admitted murderer.

Rewind, to Ian “Walter Mitty” Hurst who was not a “Captain in SAS” but a Lance Corporal with the Intelligence Corps.  One thing Hurst told the truth about was his dealings with Keeley (and by extension Alex Marunchak, which as my American cousins say “kinda demolishes Jukes” argument). Ian Hurst (now on Twitter as @iTraceUK and illegally making a living by harvesting the electoral roll) would give a target’s address to Peter Keeley/Kevin Fulton. Tom is inextricably connected with serial liar, eavesdropper and “tracer” Ian Hurst, who is then inextricably linked to Peter Keely (Kevin Fulton) another low life self confessed murderer.

A speciality of Hurst and Fulton was photos, and planting bugs. On the subject of bugs wasn’t that what convicted criminal Derek Haslam did? Disgraced ex Det Con Haslam (Jukes sole source) likes photos. Here is one of me – in sunny Belgium!

06190004 (2)



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