The Minister who fell from grace.

What links Michael Keating (who has very close links to MI6) with bent An Garda Siochana, Geisha Yokohama, or whatever they are called, and serious fraud?

The rumours, they haven’t gone away you know.

Look to the east.

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Dios mio, Rebecca Muldoon, Marbella

There seems to be a dichotomy between anglophone media covering this story and Spanish language press.

Was Paul Muldoon (alias Paul Goldstein) at liberty when the killing happened? Why didn’t Surrey Police extradite him?

In other news, which scandal could engulf Michael Keating, former T.D (M.P) and dodgy geezer?

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Irish Mick and Det Ch Supt Jarratt and DCS Bridger

Paul Condon had announced to the world that there were 250 corrupt officers in the Met, so CIB3 (the Ghost Squad/ the Untouchables) were created to confirm his PR story. Tower Bridge Flying Squad were huge rivals of Rigg Approach Flying Squad. CIB3 were drawn from Tower Bridge to get convictions from  Rigg Approach.Rigg Approach had been successful in getting a conviction for notorious armed robber Hector Harvey. So CIB3 contacted Harvey to see if he would make allegations against any Rigg Approach officers in return for a reduced sentence.

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Rebecca Muldoon, Marbella

A brief post today about, what at surface value, looks like a tragedy on the Costa del Crime.

What if Paul Muldoon didn’t murder his wife, Rebecca?

Given the notorious reputation of corruption in Essex Police ought we to be looking closer to home?

Lee Balkwell’s murder still “unsolved”.

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Halina Khan, Leicester

A break from the usual Daniel Morgan case and related matters today. Looking at proven false rape allegations (H.T to A.B) and a Leicestershire Police detective who was accused by “escort” Halina Khan.

The three main reasons for not prosecuting are – not proven, no further action and not pursued. The Freedom of Information Act sheds light on many attempted framings.

The focus now turns on Hertfordshire Police, notoriously highly corrupt. If my old pal Ian W is looking in, Hiya.

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Stop, thief, “The Sun” and “Daily Mail” rip off Goggzilla.

Seems like a straightforward case of theft, the “Sun” and “Daily Mail” both ripped off the articles on John Worboys and ex Det Ch Supt Chris Jarratt from Goggzilla (passim).

One wonders if Byline and Jukes’s crowd would help? They are supposedly into press freedom are they not?

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Very dirty things – Det Ch Supt Jarratt and Worboys.

One would think that leading a major inquiry into, perhaps, two hundred alleged rapes, might take up some time. Not for Chris Jarratt, whom, whilst the “Black taxi cab” rapes were supposedly being dealt with, had time to not only brow beat and bully staff, but also to defraud Bramshill. Jarratt had vowed to “wipe them out, drown them in the gutter”, the them alluded to are Jonathan Rees and ex Det Sgt Sid Fillery of “Southern Investigations”.

Deputy Asst Commissioner Steven House was brought into examine claims that Jarratt was abusing his power, using force and abusing his authority.

Commander Andre Baker was also alerted to Jarratt ripping off Bramshill with false expense claims.

Det Insp Kevin Clingham is quoted in “Untouchables” on Jarratt’s attitude to female staff and use of “reliable informers” (paid perjurers).

Does Chris Jarratt link to the Rachel Nickell and Colin Stagg miscarriage of justice?


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