Operation Kenova, Ian Hurst update.

How better to dispel the gloom of a Bolton winter than some French sunshine, at least that is what Ian Hurst (alias Martin Ingram and “Capt James Rennie of SAS”) opted for. Hurst made out like a bandit, by flogging fibs, to all and sundry. Alas, he chose to confide in Derek G Haslam, currently hiding out in Downham Market.

Haslam ratted out his “pal” Det Con Alan “Taffy” Holmes, forcing him to commit suicide. What on earth made Hurst think that a drunken and loud mouthed Haslam would not do the same to him? Looks like Hurst is facing legal action in Blighty and erroneously thinks that a quick change of scenery, to St Nexans, near Bergerac, will suffice. MI6 cash buys quite a bit of property, eh, Ian? Paid for Enya’s wedding to Josh too?

MSM dislike being made fools out of, the lugenpresse are unhappy with Lance Corporal Hurst. The looming difficulties facing revelations about to break concerning Scappaticci, Operation Kenova and Whitehall mendacity are going to roost somewhere. Ever thought of a time-share in Goa, Ian?


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Miami showband massacre and Nairac.

A very Irish blogge post today, as it appears that new evidence is emerging (or – at least – is not longer hidden) concerning Robert Nairac, G.C and the Miami showband massacre. One wonders if Bolton resident, Ian Hurst, will claim that he knew about this all along? But who listens to the totally discreditted “Martin Ingram” these days?

Nairac was executed after being myopic enough to enter a South Armagh hostelry, then start singing “Danny Boy”. Mr McErlean, indeed. 14th Int was a front for SAS just as 4th Field Troop, Royal Engineers was.

Some folks tell Irish jokes, playing on supposed stupidity (usually half Jamaican ex Det Cons in Downham Market). Thing is, today, the Irish used carrot instead of stick. My letter of clearance arrived, here at my “caravan” so now I can venture further afield than the European Union.

Squeaky bum time in New Scotland Yard, n’est pas?

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Det Con Chris Reed, Det Sgt Brown, East Midland Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit.

A half Jamaican, ex psychiatric Det Con now in Downham Market has been shooting his mouth off, whilst drunk. Nothing new there, except his spilling the beans on what has been going on in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (hi Reepham!), Northamptonshire (they tried to arrest Basil Brush for racism) and Nottinghamshire.

Come on down Det Con Chris Reed (your mobile number is now in the public domain, shall we chat?) Plus his boss the hygiene challenged 0276 Det Sgt Brown (hint -have a wash). On that note, folk may think you are in the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara. It is puzzling that a Superintendent here is holding up my exit to outside the European Union. Why is that? Double edged sword, plod don’t want me to stay, nor to leave it would appear.


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Unredacted Operation Tiberius, William Ramsey – Anthony Bennett and the Lee Balkwell murder.

An interesting podcast from William Ramsey, this time on Essex Police corruption. From Stuart Lubbock, to Lee Balkwell, plus cases such as Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thurrock (Goggzilla 18 Nov 2015) light is being shed into dark corners. Anthony Bennett makes an error, “Operation Tiberius” unredacted, has been available online for ages, right here.

Dave McKelvey is also mentioned. The noose is tightening, from Essex to Norfolk and elsewhere. Three of diamonds beats two of spades. An error 55 minutes in – the IPCC has been renamed as the IOPC. Still ineffectual. There’s a final point about informers (cf Haslam) and libel. The last section deals with free masons, it has certainly been overblown regarding the Daniel Morgan murder- Alan “Taffy” Holmes was in “Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge” as was Derek G Haslam, who forced Holmes into committing suicide. However there was no “UGLE“plot. Interestingly Chief Constable Simon Bailey is a worshipful brother, same lodge as P.C Jamie Haslam.

Excellent point at one hour in – my podcast and the £140 million cost of the Morgan murder, with Tom Watson and Al Morgan opting to have a go at masons. Remember, there is a dichotomy between affinity lodges (Sine Favore and Manor of St James) and ordinary lodges.


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“Operation Cealt”, the Caymans and “Operation Tempura”.

Operation Cealt, Operation Tempura and bent cop Martin Bridger may be in the news again soon. Bridger handled half Jamaican ex Det Con Derek G Haslam, now hiding out in Downham Market, Norfolk. Less than legal methods were used by “Joe Poulton” in addition to the “Sunshine squad”. The Cayman Islands legal system could be in for intensive scrutiny, as a money trail leads back to the UK. Hard pressed British taxpayers will be far from happy. Pass the rum.

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The IOPC and Operation Embley.

2020 isn’t looking too good for Det Ch Supt Fiona McCormack. Indeed, Goggzilla 22 July 2018 cited her role in “Crategate” and the withholding of evidence in the largest case of police corruption in UK legal history. Fiona is far from alone in facing a grim pensionless future – Det Ch Supt Dave Cook (Mr Jacqui Hames) was unable to get much assistance from the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara Special Branch.

His minion, subject to investigation also, will find “Operation Huscote” resurfacing. The IOPC are an unfunny joke, and “Operation Embley” a symptom of endemic police corruption. Are the names of the police who are the subject of “Operation Embley” to be made public abroad?

On that note, is it time for Goggzilla to find a new home in a more convivial climate? Much has been going on in the background since New Year’s Eve, not least of all Ireland’s first (unreported in MSM) “race riot” in the “Red Cow” district of dirty old Dublin.


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Review of the decade.

The first two years, 2010-12 saw a long drawn out case at the ECtHR in Strasbourg end with a victory over the UK government, the Tories were forced to bring in the so called Freedom Bill, which led to seven million innocent folks illegally held DNA samples being deleted, due to Hertfordshire Constabulary and Sussex Police corruption.

2012 witnessed the “Ched Evans war”, and the greatest ever cyber defeat inflicted on North Wales Police.

It was after this, that I began to look at the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, and Metropolitan Police mendacity and criminality which reaches as far as Norfolk Police. As we greet a new decade, the curtain will fall on some high profile careers – from John Yates down to lowly minions, New Scotland Yard will be unable to recover from the damage to an already tattered reputation. The day after Brexit there will be much score settling, on both sides.

Time to focus on Essex.

Happy New Year.

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