Who murdered Daniel Morgan, and why? Barry Wilmot.

Concentrating on what is known of the murderer of Daniel Morgan – that the murderer was in the Metropolitan Police. As to motives? Either adultery or a tenuous link to a drugs cartel in Malta (Morgan and Bray repossessed a range rover from Gozo about a month before the killing).

Barry Wilmot appears as a suspect, yet digging has stalled on this one. Fintan Creaven fits the “scary police” profile, Tony MacClean is too nebulous, which leaves Barry Wilmot. As with the Lee Balkwell murder, plod are anxious to avoid too much attention on the perpetrators.

Why haven’t Jonathan Rees (Morgan’s partner in Southern Investigations) and the Vian families (who were additionally fitted up by a corrupt and venal New Scotland Yard) received adequate, record compensation?

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Who murdered Daniel Morgan, and why? Tony McClean.

How unsolvable is the Daniel Morgan murder case? Poor policing at the time (loss of the Golden Hour at the Golden Lion) led to Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” being fitted up by the Metropolitan Police. Campbell was unable to lead the murder hunt with any competency at all.

One needs to focus on the revelation that the murderer was not Morgan’s business partner but someone in The Met. Fintan Creaven cropped up, yet, though a prime suspect, was not the only one fancied as the killer. I was informed that the murderer could have had a Scottish name, MacClean, MacLean, possibly MacLaine.

It has proven difficult to track any Metropolitan policeman with the name “Tony MacClean” (or MacLean, or MacLaine). As to motive, previous theories boiled down to two main ones, adultery and/or drugs. Morgan was an enthusiatic cuckold.

Drugs – not a “billion dollar shipment” from Miami, which ex psychiatric patient Peter Jukes touts, but far more credibly a Maltese consignment.

Mr Rees still has not received adequate (punitive) damages. Why is this? New Scotland Yard obstinacy is astounding. Perhaps tomorrow Goggzilla will identify another candidate, this time BWI.

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Mad Max Mosley – Jukes – Cook.

The excellent “Private Eye” arrived late here in Bandit country, as per usual. Today, page 13 had a wonderful article, on Max Mosley losing a quasi libel action. In the early 1960’s Moss Side by election, he wrote some lurid prose against the West Indian community. There were recent claims of “malicious prosecution” – odd in extremis, as that is exactly what Det Ch Supt Dave Cook did, to Jonathan Rees and others, in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Mr Rees (erstwhile of Southern Investigations) et al, have yet to receive adequate compensation.

In 2008 there was a spat with the “News of the World”. Now, ordinarily I would not deign to bother with such grubby shenanigans. However as Mosley is white knighting for Peter “the Armenian Ass” Jukes, who eschews the far right. (This is double odd, as Joe Poulton, his bway, was denied membership of the English Defence League, when it was found out that his Dad was Jamaican. Or black American, even Ellen J Stow didn’t know which).

As to the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, more is coming to light. Martin Hewitt, centre stage in the corruption stakes. Dear Max, I know you are reading this, all we want are some scalps, Shouldham, in Norfolk, will suffice as a sigh of good faith.

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Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart versus “the Untouchables”.

I was reading about war hero, Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart (who certainly never had to lie about uncles in the navy or a white Harrovian Dad commanding a regiment at D day) and it struck me as odd, that Britain could produce warriors such as Sir Adrian and such a plethora of corrupt police as “the Untouchables” (Yates, Cook, Jarratt, Hayman, Baker, Wood). When time allows, I shall delve into the Kim James affair as some of you requested.

After getting back from my eight mile jog (I really am too old for such things now) the Daniel Morgan murder and motivation, along with means struck me. Drugs (Malta, not Miami) and adultery (was Fintan Creaven cuckolded?)

There were others in the short list, so it may be time to identify these. Some good news today, if it pans out, then Cressida Dick may lose her lucrative pension. A certain subscriber to “Ladyboys” in Shouldham is facing justice.

Why haven’t Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations” in addition to others, received adequate (hefty) compensation regarding their fitting up in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up?

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John Stevens, the Daniel Morgan murder and Andre Baker.

Virtually every sentence in this “Byline” article is incorrect, Peter Jukes begins with an error, Derek Haslam was never in the CID (indeed, he holds the record for most failed attempts).

Andre Frank Baker’s dinner of 9 January 2003 is coming back to haunt him. When not being head of security at the Shard, Baker is busy covering up. Alex Marunchak was editor of the Irish edition of the News of the World. Marunchak also connected to Ian Hurst (a proven fantasist) who falsely claimed to have handled “Stakeknife“. The surveillance of Jacqui Hames and ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook was due to “Southern Investigations” being tasked to dig into police corruption. Cook, of course, was central to the framing of Jonathan Rees, of “Southern” in the Daniel Morgan murder. Rees still awaits adequate compensation, along with others.

There was no “£250,000” Miami drugs importation, nor even a £40,000 one. Jukes was duped by Haslam (as Tom Harper, in addition to others, were previously). Operation Abelard II was sabotaged internally. This leads us to who did actually murder Morgan? Dave Johnston thought Fintan Creaven the prime suspect. Whomever it was, they were at the time in the Metropolitan Police.

Johnston and Baker were both close to John Stevens and John Yates. The corruption reaches to the top echelons of New Scotland Yard.

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John Stevens and the Daniel Morgan murder cover up.

Greetings to readers from Northumbria Constabulary, I was puzzled as to your I.P address appearing, until I sussed out that John Stevens had links to you. The thing is, how deeply must one dig to uncover Stevens trying to frame Jonathan Rees, plus others, who were fitted up for the Daniel Morgan murder?

Morgan was killed by “person or persons unknown” (alright, perhaps Fintan Creaven) a serving member of the Metroplitan Police in 1987. I have been asked if Stevens is a “worshipful brother” and connects to Manor of St James lodge? Stevens certainly links to Gordon Brown, who was at the centre of a dodgy property deal.

Paid Metropolitan Police shill, Peter Jukes, could have to work overtime, as Stevens minion, John Yates, becomes the focal point of unwanted attention.

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Fintan Creaven and the Daniel Morgan murder.

The role played by ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook in attempting to frame Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers in the murder of Daniel Morgan (Rees partner in Southern Investigations) is fully documented. Less so, the concerns of Cdr Dave Johnston, of the Metropolitan Police, in Cook’s fitting up of Rees. Johnston had grave misgivings over the use of Gary Eaton as a supergrass.

Johnston also believed that the prime suspect in the Morgan murder was not Jonathan Rees, but instead a member of The Met, FCR, now identified as Fintan Creaven. There are others within the police who will be named, as the murderer is now known to be an ex policeman (police at the time, 1987). This excludes Rees.

How much damage can New Scotland Yard take? Certainly, it is parsimonious in balking at paying Rees, in addition to others, adequate compensation, and in not arresting a known half Jamaican, paid perjurer, now in Shouldham, Norfolk. He links to Ian Hurst. How is Enya Ainscough of Wigan? Money is a funny thing, I went for a cheeky five mile jog earlier, finding ten quid in the snow. Gave it to a miscarriages of justice charity. Plod delenda est.

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Daniel Morgan – Malta, the Bonnici drugs cartel and “FCR”.

Daniel Morgan was murdered by one of the Metropolitan Police, who then covered up the killing by accusing Morgan’s business partner, Jonathan Rees of “Southern Investigations”. Front runner in the identity stakes of the murderer is “FCR” – now as to the motive. The sole importance of David Bray’s book, is the chapter devoted to a trip to Malta, that Morgan and Bray made a month before the killing.

A repossessed range rover was driven from Gozo, the length of Italy and France, back to England. Did a drugs shipment “go missing”? This is far more plausible than Peter Jukes non runner, a cobbled together fantasy, involving Nikolaus Chrastny and “Miami Vice”. The dates and places do not fit. Unsurprising, as his only source is fellow ex psychiatric patient “Joe Poulton” whom even New Scotland Yard dubbed as “unreliable and untrustworthy”.

Did the Maltese arrange for FCR to murder Daniel Morgan?

Why haven’t the Metropolitan Police given Rees and the Vian brothers, in addition to others, adequate compensation?

Jukes also throws in a red herring, Alan “Taffy” Holmes was not “onto a multi million pound drugs import” (the Chrastny hypothesis). Holmes knew Morgan vaguely (see Bray) but was far more worried about the pressure he was placed under by “Poulton”, which eventually led to Holmes suicide and Poulton/Haslam being kicked out of Manor of Bensham 7114 lodge (see Poulton debrief).

Poulton/Halsam is now hiding in the Shouldham area of Norfolk, and is presently in the same lodge as Chief Constable Simon Bailey, ACPO lead on child abuse.

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£140 million and the Daniel Morgan “Independent” Panel.

An excellent article from the “Times” and Sean O’Neill.


The cost of New Scotland Yard’s ineptitude is £140 million, yet they continue to quibble over £3.9 million compensation to Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers, who were falsely accused over the Daniel Morgan murder. Only punitive damages and adequate compensation can rectify this miscarriage of justice, Gurpreet Rai please note.

The report is due out in March, after almost a decade of delay. This was not helped by the initial chair, Sir Stanley Burnton resigning, after he had been “got at” by Old Bill. Baroness O’Loan replaced him, and her links to bent ex police, such as Wood, Mahaffey, Jarratt and Cook, bode ill.

The Metropolitan police are increasingly desperate to shine attention away from the actual killer of Morgan. FCR was, at the time of the murder, in the police.

The Morgan family’s quest for justice was infiltrated and sabotaged by “Joe Poulton” who also ensured that ex miners compensation in Thurnscoe was ruined (see Poulton debrief). “Joe Poulton” links to Ian Hurst, whose daughter and son in law are in the Wigan area. Hurst (as Martin Ingram) implausibly stated that he dealt with “Stakeknife“.

To conclude for today, also on an Irish note, Twitter are deleting comments concerning the murder of George Nkencho. Twitter UK and Ireland’s legal boss is Philip Merrills-Dearn, fined £5000 in November 2004 for dishonesty in the Givot Olam oil scam. His second in command is Sinead McSweeney, former spokeswoman for the RUC/PSNI and police in Ireland.

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George Nkencho, murdered by police.

Earlier today, in Clonee, County Meath, a man in his late twenties, carrying a penknife, was shot dead by several armed police. Video evidence shows that George Okwudili Nkencho, who had links to Glasgow, posed no viable serious threat. As is the case in Ireland the “GSOC” (who are in essence police themselves) will “investigate”.

Is George Nkencho going to become Ireland’s George Floyd?

Will we witness an equivalent to the “Black Lives Matter” campaign emerge here?

An Garda Siochana have gotten away with murder previously (Eddie Fullerton, Seamus Ludlow) is it now high time to pay what they owe?

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