Matal v Tam

A Supreme Court ruling in Washington, but what are the ramifications for free speech? Can one expect to see a Jamaican reggae band called “The Mulattoes”? It could be enough to drive some folk mad, legal guidelines are needed.



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Tale of two Rays (the wider web).

One wonders at the delay in Jukes podcast, but episode 2.3 opens with a puzzle. Why steal a valuable Rolex watch merely to bury it? No new evidence is brought forward concerning the suicide of Det Con Alan “Taffy” Holmes, written about here in detail previously. It is stated that Holmes was an alcoholic, but so is Haslam. Haslam went into a longeur over the lack of latent prints on a shotgun, it is odder that police could find no DNA trace of any suspect.

On to the arrest of Ray Gray. Jukes holds that this is central to the story, in fact it was a minor drugs bust. One needs to look at another Ray, Commander Ray Adams and what occurred when Derek Haslam killed a pedestrian drunk driving in a stolen vehicle. Adams was furious and ordered Haslam transferred to uniform desk duties.

The betrayal of Holmes looms large as does the role of Alex Marunchak, the former employer of Jukes close source, computer hacker and debt collector Ian Hurst. Haslam is far from Serpico, he sold out Holmes for his own venal reasons. 19 October 1989 and Dr Thomas Farewell declared Haslam mentally ill and that ends an inglorious career which began on 6 August 1973.

Haslam was then sent by the Metropolitan Police to infiltrate and sabotage the Daniel Morgan murder inquiries. By the end of the podcast Jukes names Dave Wood, but omits that he was a bent copper. Haslam was no “undercover spy” but a shabby con man who was a paid informer and known perjurer.

Haslam quotes that Morgan and Holmes were “both Welsh”. So what? Haslam is half Jamaican. Jukes also omits that Haslam was thrown out of “Manor Of Bensham 7114” lodge after Holmes suicide. Curious if he was innocent. Today Haslam links to “Service and Integrity” same lodge as his son, P.C James A Haslam, and Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk.

To end,  Haslam and Jukes draw inferences from coincidences, Joey Pyle was a London gangland figure. P.C James A Haslam’s wife is a member of the Pyle family. Pass the jellied eels Del boy.

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Mitting versus Pitchford, Anatomy of a cover up.

To begin with, Peter Jukes dire podcast. Morgan 1 was examined in podcast one yet is regurgitated again. Mr Jukes wants questions, fine, then, “Operation Nigeria and the bugging of Southern Investigations, why did it produce no evidence?”

Podcast one had the murder weapon as “a samurai sword, some sort of eastern martial arts blade” according to Jonathan Rees initial statement, now Jukes and Al Morgan alter it to “battered, bludgened”.

At this point ought I to emulate Jukes with a free advert for “Cornerstone” razors? I will however drop a bombshell, Det Supt Campbell was a mess on the night of the murder, drinking heavily. That was due to his teenage daughter going off the rails (gangsta boyfriend, it worried Campbell, who had paid a fortune to have her educated privately). More bombshells, Jukes places great emphasis on Alex Marunchak and his connection to Jonathan Rees, yet omits a major connection to Ian Hurst.

27.00 minutes into podcast 2.2 , we hear of Sylvia Jones. She is on Jukes naughty step for uncovering huge swathes of information about Derek Haslam’s corruption. Indeed, much attention needs to be devoted to Haslam forcing Alan “Taffy” Holmes to commit suicide.

Now to other news, bent Judge Pitchford is being replaced by bent Judge Mitting (he of Plebgate and Rees and others versus Police). Plod are playing very dirty.

H/T to Ruth, Amber Rudd and “City Vintners” does it have shades of Operation Tempura and the Cayman Islands?

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Professional mourners.

For legal reasons, until after the appeal in the case of “Rees & Vian versus the police” I am keeping redacted Derek Haslam’s own words on Alastair Morgan. Once released they would put an end to Peter Jukes “career” as an “author” and prove that the Morgan family were sabotaged from within.

In light of the upcoming Channel 4 documentary, it’s easier for researchers if I introduce some housekeeping notes. I am dividing up Haslam tags into five time frames.

1947-73 (Guanaboa and Croydon)

1973-89 (police corruption)

1989-96 (mental illness and work for Life Science, Cambridge).

1996-2006 (infiltrates Southern Investigations, sabotages Morgan family)

2006-2017 (the MyT years and eventual disgrace).

The Asil Nadir and related posts are now tagged as “Zypern”. Ian Hurst ones as “Ian Hurst”.

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Peter Keeley/Kevin Fulton in London.

Following yesterday’s foray into book reviewing it might be appropriate to continue the literary theme.

In doing so, one may examine the links and roles of Peter Jukes, Ian Hurst, Alex Marunchak and the notorious MI5/PSNI shill Peter Keeley (alias Kevin Fulton, now in a heavily protected London flat).

This quote from Ian Hurst (page 13)

"I first met Fulton at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin in 1999. I was
asked along by Liam Clarke, the Sunday Times Northern Ireland editor.
Clarke had asked me to meet with Fulton to see if I could help him gain
compensation from the Ministry of Defence for the work he'd carried out
as a double agent. I had my own motivation for meeting Fulton. I was
desperate to hear more and learn more about the IRA's security
department. I was able to corroborate his claims with key sources within
British intelligence, within Northern Ireland security services and
within the Provisional IRA. 

It quickly became clear that Fulton is telling the truth. 

Initially, I have to admit to feeling sceptical about meeting this
murderer. Even today, we continue to disagree about the politics of
Northern Ireland. That said, Fulton has never lied to me. He has never
exaggerated or diminished his own role in any terrorist operations. I am
also happy to record that I like Kevin Fulton as an individual."

Of course Ian Hurst is lying, he knew “Fulton” long before. In fact all the way back to the late 1980’s, and the FRU years 1987-90.

"During his work for the FRU, Mr Hurst had dealings with an agent who
now uses the pseudonym "Kevin Fulton". Mr Fulton (a former member of the
British Army) infiltrated the IRA …"

Which pretty much buries the assertions made by Jukes in his latest flight of fancy book “Untold”.

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“Untold – the Daniel Morgan murder exposed”.

Required reading for all Law faculties – on how not to write a book on crime. Jukes opens his work (it is basically a typed up verbatim podcast script) with a message from Gordon Brown, still smarting at having his finances leaked. Al Morgan co “authored” this poor attempt at rehashing feeble prosecution arguments, it is full of glaring omissions. On page 134, Jukes sole source for the most contentious parts is Det Con (alternatively P.C) Derek Haslam. Yes, Haslam was involved in a fatal collision, he was also drunk driving in a stolen “borrowed” police vehicle. Page 95 “Dan knew Taff (sic) Holmes” contradicted by Al Morgan a page later. “Baffled completely that Haslam hadn’t been sacked immediately when he was found driving Jon Rees around”.  Page 153, Haslam left the police on health grounds. Omitted that he was declared mentally ill. Disgraced  former DCS Dave Cook was a target for obvious reasons, primarily connected to police corruption. Page 367, the Twitter account of “Christian Braveheart” was palpably not Jon Rees, just sympathetic to him – page 219, respected journalist Sylvia Jones is mentioned, but not Haslam and Jukes bitter vendetta against her. Page 173 is blatantly false, Haslam’s expenses were fully noted in a “Daily Mail” article, and his actions are the focus of an upcoming Channel 4 documentary. Finally, Alex Marunchak, links to Ian Hurst, thereby negating most of Jukes tenuous theories and utterly spurious rationale.



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Guanaboa to Croydon.

His paternal side had recently arrived from the West Indies. His Father, Francis W (also given as Lindo) Haslam, from St Catherine’s, Jamaica, born 28 June 1879. Records only go back to his Dad, named Robert Johnson Haslam who married Elizabeth Brown, both were freed slaves so that leads to a dead end.

Francis Haslam married Ellen J Stow, in July 1938, Wandsworth. The mixed race couple are on the electoral list for Clapham, Putney and Streatham 1946-8. Three sons, the youngest born in Oct 1947, who on the “MyT” site claimed his Dad “attended Harrow and commanded a regiment at D Day”. No records thus far identify any Jamaican in either role. The only Harrow his Dad got into was Harrow cemetery in March 1955.

Where is Derek G Haslam? Not at 6 Revelstoke Rd, Putney, SW18 that is for sure, but he was born there 19 October 1947.
Moving on over a decade – and by 1958 it is 19 Fishponds Rd, SW17, where Ellen J Stow’s youngest son is hiding out. She was born in Bayswater in 1915, not, as Haslam claims the daughter of a high court judge, merely the daughter of a law courts messenger.
Her father Charles had come up to London from Ipswich. He married an Alice Canniford from Broadhembury, Devon then lived at 147 Clonmore St, London SW. Self aggrandisment and mendacity are Haslam hallmarks, he always over exaggerated on the “My Telegraph” site. So, no old Harrovians.

Haslam senior was from Jamaica, slaves leave few, if any, traces in history, though “Roots” is a great TV programme.

Onto Mrs Haslam, the former Susan R Probert. She lived in Limes Avenue, Carshalton before getting married and it is to there that Derek Haslam fled when Alan “Taffy” Holmes went looking for him to try and shoot him. In fact, Haslam might be not that far from his wife’s ancestral spawning ground after having to flee Norfolk.

Perhaps Ian Hurst (the Lidl version of Walter Mitty) could uncover more? Interesting thing about Haslam is his adherence to far right racist ideology. Finally, I was going to write that Peter Jukes real name is Abraham Warsawsky, but as Jukes is devoid of humour and not a film buff I will omit that.

I am putting biographical details here, so it makes it easier for Channel 4, plus others, also I will amalgamate some posts on Ian Hurst and Asil Nadir for ease of reading. Some duplicates to be erased.

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