Exonerating Mr Rees.

The headlines about Bernard ‘Ogan-‘Owe now stating that not all allegations must be believed automatically brought up a link to John Worboys. It is not Worboys who need detain us here but DCI Chris Jarrett and the higher up figure of John Yates. Below is a list that one may examine –

Operation Drake

Operation Chagford

Operation Plymouth

Operation Landmark

Operation Hallmark

Operation Nigeria

Operation Two Bridges

Operation Abelard (1)

Operation Morgan (2).

Hampshire Constabulary (notoriously corrupt) allowed Derek Haslam to steal documents and sign a statement in two different names (one his own, the other his brother’s). Haslam played the “mental” card several times and has a lengthy psychiatric history. Odd then that Peter Jukes places such gravity on his flawed testimony.

One point which occurs is this – Haslam, as an employee of the Metropolitan Police, planted a bug in Jonathan Rees’ office where all the key figures under suspicion of the police were gathered unaware. Yet not once did any of the more than half dozen involved say anything that could be used to find the killer nor implicate themselves in the murder of Daniel Morgan.

To conclude with this revolutionary idea, perhaps all the attempts, all the money and all the effort the police engaged in to frame Mr Rees and others might stem from an inability to catch the real killer. While Mr Jukes currently shills for New Scotland Yard has the actual murderer gotten clean away with it?


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Jacqui Hames, Daniel Morgan and Leveson Two.

Alastair Morgan had an opportunity to sit at the grown up table when he accompanied Peter Jukes to a hearing on the murder cover up of his brother Daniel, formerly of “Southern Investigations”. Ex “Crimewatch” maven Jacqui Hames dabbed dramatically at her eyes as she recounted how NOTW types targetted her. Nothing to do with her husband at the time, DCS Dave Cook being bent then?

Labour (especially Andy Burnham) are now exercised over press links to the police. Same Labour who illegally obtained documents regarding Jonathan Rees and a record breaking £4 million civil case against The Met? Same Labour whose erstwhile leader Gordon Brown was passed (along with current deputy Tom Watson) illegally gained doxx on Mr Rees and others? Just checking.

The Baroness O’Loan inquiry is nearing it’s conclusion, wonder if they called Jacqui Buckland? I’m saying nowt.



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Ian Hurst, “Stakeknife” and the Gruaniad.

Thankfully, McDonald at least states that Ian Hurst was only an NCO (never held a commission as some other poor sources cite) but omits that Hurst’s credibility is zero. From the Smithwick Inquiry to more recent years the Bolton debt collector (or former SAS Captain when in his Walter Mitty mode) has had a hard time.

Not financially, he ran out on a mortgage in Ireland and now owns properties in St Nexans, near Bergerac in France and the Granada district of Spain. No, Hurst’s desire for the spotlight had hooked Tom Harper (who rightly now shuns him) and Peter Jukes (who shoots himself in the feet by failing to state that Alex Marunchak paid Hurst (as Martin Ingram) and additionally that Hurst is an amigo of disgraced ex Det Con Derek Haslam.

The major failing in the “Guardian” is that Scappaticci was codenamed “Kerbstone” so cannot be “Stakeknife“. Paul Larkin, a well known investigative journalist could have saved McDonald an interview plus much egg on his face.

Finally, Hurst’s avarice leads him to sell details of folks on the electoral register and elsewhere. Including a former Mossad agent retired in England. It appears Hurst fucked with the wrong bull.



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Death in custody of Christopher Higgins.

The Chief Constable of Norfolk, Simon Bailey, is not returning my calls. Nor is Asst C C Sarah Hamlin. There is considerable disquiet in judicial circles concerning P.C James A. Haslam of Kings Lynn (he lives in Downham Market in a house his Daddy bought with proceeds from perjury) and the quality of P.C Haslam’s actions surrounding the death in custody of Mr Higgins of South Wootton.

Haslam mentioned “getting a nutter” and his sister Lindsey Eastwood, a cleaner at the hospital where Mr Higgins was killed is refusing to comment about the event.

It is alarming that both Derek Haslam and his son are known to have stolen documents from Hampshire Police, the Metropolitan Police and Norfolk Police. Bailey is in the same “affinity” lodge as both Haslams.

Not only am I calling for an independent inquiry into the death of Mr Higgins, but additionally that “Inquest” are involved.


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Daniel Morgan and Peter Jukes.

Jukes begins by stating that there is press complicity in the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, totally omitting the role of the Metropolitan Police.

In March 1987 Daniel Morgan was murdered. Initial suspects were thought to be jealous husband(s). Jukes discounts this. He fails to mention Morgan’s links to Maltese drug dealers.

Months before, Morgan’s partner Jonathan Rees was robbed, whilst going to the Belmont Car Auctions with in excess of £17,000. Jukes constantly harps on Rees’ connection to the police yet does not state that Rees was the focus of much police attention including a bugging.

Enter Det Sgt Sid Fillery, CID Catford. Also Det Insp Jones, who was convinced that Morgan was killed by a jealous husband. The motive for Daniel Morgan’s murder must be central to any understanding of how and why subsequent inquiries were derailed.

Jukes distrusts the Metropolitan Police yet trusts ex Det Con Haslam – odd. The first podcast ends with the arrests of Jonathan Rees, Glenn Vian, Gary Vian, Sid Fillery plus Det Sgt Peter Foley and Det Con Alan Purvis.

Episode Two.

All six arrested were released without charge after 24 hours. D.S Foley and D.C Purvis received £100,000 in damages from the police over their arrests.

Now we come to Bryan Madagan. The Croydon based private eye is heard at 13.23 on Episode Two. One needs to clarify exactly who Ian Hurst is. Not as Jukes says, an investigator (Hurst is notorious as a Walter Mitty). Hurst claimed to have handled “Stakeknife” (he did not) and is at best a shabby debt collector. Living in Bolton, Hurst sells folks details from the electoral list, defaulted on a mortgage and tried to entrap Madagan. As can be heard Madagan describes Morgan as a “silly fellow” but Hurst brings in the relationship Rees had with Alex Marunchak.

What Jukes occluded is that Hurst was paid by Marunchak – and that Hurst links to Jukes sole source on the Morgan murder, disgraced ex Det Con Haslam, a convicted criminal who killed a man whilst drink driving.

Jukes leaves the following number for information about the Daniel Morgan murder cover up, 07476003676.

To conclude – he ends with a claim by Kevin Lennon (ex book keeper Southern Investigations) that Jonathan Rees “set up” Morgan for the fatal meeting in a Sydenham pub.


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Byline Media, £15 and terms of release.

The Daniel Morgan podcast for which I paid fifteen quid did not arrived. Peter Jukes seems to have rehashed his old story, Jonathan Rees as villain in chief and Sid Fillery as accessory. At least that is what I am piecing together according to a bootleg copy of Podcast Episode One. Rees was subject on more than one attempted framing by The Met and Fillery had child porn planted on his computer by Derek Haslam (Jukes sole source, Haslam is a known perjurer, as seen in the Mail On Sunday) and oddly Haslam (same affinity lodge as Chief Constable Bailey ACPO lead on kiddy porn) is not yet arrested.

Jukes stated that I “cannot be trusted to stick to the legal terms of release” and that he is refunding me. Sweet. I am ploughing my way through “Beyond Contempt” today.


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Who murdered Lee Balkwell? Role of ex Det Ch Supt Steve Reynolds.

The IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Coppers) formerly employed Steve Reynolds “a worshipful brother”. Regular readers know that I have nothing against 99% of lodges, merely “affinity” ones dealing with the police and judiciary – creating a two tier justice system and dichotomy within the law. In 2008 questions were being asked about Haslam and Op Huscote – ex Det Ch Supt Steve Reynolds white washed Haslam’s involvement in perjury and abuse of process plus other crimes – it appears that free masons in Essex Police stick together. (On an aside check out Robert Ambridge, alias “Old Holborn” and his close ties to Essex Constabulary).

The “investigation” into the murder of Lee Balkwell is farcical, on a par with recent own goals by Essex Police such as the targetting of Chris Spivey and the cover up of Ch Insp Ben Hodder of Thirrock and his “artistic” collection of little boys photos (something he shares with Haslam). The Balkwell family deserve to be better served than they have been by Kavanagh’s clowns, whose hallmarks of corruption and incompetence are known beyond Essex borders. How implicit was Reynolds in covering up the Balkwell murder and Haslam’s illegal acts?



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