New Scotland Yard – Daniel Morgan – ouch.

In what is shaping up to be the biggest legal event of 2017, the Metropolitan Police look like being sued by several men they falsely jailed and who suffered greatly at plod perverting the course of justice. Samphora Smith ripped off Fiona Hamilton and Michael Gillard’s article in “The Times” with a similar version.

New Scotland Yard can only hope to veer away from a catastrophe by paying off Jonathan Rees and his co-defendants before the trial (scheduled for January) begins. Is that why ex Det Con Derek Haslam is so desperate to sell up and flee abroad? If the role of paid informants becomes (even more) public knowledge it heralds ill for an already disgraced police force. The corruption reaches to the highest level (John Yates), so will the police throw a minnow such as Haslam and his quadroon son James to placate the public? It also sounds the death knell for many associates, including Peter Jukes.

As reported here, exclusively, yesterday ex DCS Dave Cook is in Kirkcaldy.



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The Via Dolorosa of ex DCS Dave Cook.

The recent “Private Eye” article on feet dragging by the Metropolitan Police concerning the damaging cover up of the Daniel Morgan murder opens a can of worms. HHJ Mitting stated that if ex DCS Dave Cook had not been found by 4 pm yesterday then the civil case against New Scotland Yard would go ahead.

The Directorate of Professional Standards of the Metropolitan Police are looking at the issue of Cook and others perverting the course of justice, Cook played the mental illness card (as Derek Haslam did and does) by claiming severe depression, acute agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder. 27 men from the Met dug up Cook’s back yard, they found three hard drives, including one in his loft, Cook said “I am done for…I am fu**ed”. Cook has not been interviewed – as yet – by the police about the hard drives contents.

Now to the Met’s solicitors and the role of Gary Eaton. Eaton rifles? Plod’s solicitors along with The Met themselves are to offer Cook inducements to testify in the civil case, brought by Jonathan Rees, Sid Fillery and the Vian Brothers. Investigations into Eaton’s illegal activities will be dropped if Cook plays along.

It is very odd that the Metropolitan Police do not know Cook’s location, Goggzilla does. It is in Kirkcaldy, near to Gordon Brown, who has a dark role in mistreatment of Messers Rees, Fillery and Vian. With a total cost of 50 million quid, and a four million pound record breaking cast iron case facing them how long can The Met hold out on this one?


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Iconic London Taxi Tours (think twice girls).

What is known of disgraced ex cop Chris Jarrett? Certainly his part in allowing John Warboys to rape at will, due to negligence and incompetence, if nothing more. Also Chris Jarrett played an ignoble part in the murder of Rob Knox by Karl Butler, which could easily have been avoided.

What else? Apart from Jarrett probably having to get a new phone number, he is involved with two former colleagues in a new venture.


It is not however Jarrett’s taxi driving that is of interest to this humble blogge, but his connection to Derek Haslam, known perverter of the course of justice in many high profile trials. Haslam is currently suing the Metropolitan Police and selling (or not selling) his four bed house in (redacted*) Lynn Road, Southery, PE38. (*Odd number, between 7 and 13). Haslam is reinventing himself as a “radical feminist” and hoping to flee the UK. In common with John Wayboys, Derek Haslam has some quite queer habits, such as accessing child porn and infiltrating and sabotaging the Daniel Morgan murder inquiries.

The IPCC and CCRC are both examining Haslam’s dubious past. It is most odd that Haslam is not yet arrested. Same lodge as Simon Bailey.





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Asil Nadir and Nelson Ledsky.

The truth behind Asil Nadir being framed by MI6 is emerging, freed from jail, he can now talk.

Long story short, Nadir was asked to help out with illegal arms shipments and refused. The late Nelson Ledsky, over at the Cyprus desk in Washington, levered Nadir using the lure of money. plus hints of Turkish Northern Cyprus gaining stability.

Once Nadir and the “Polly Peck” empire refused the HMRC set up Nadir for a fall. Of all the countries Derek Haslam wishes to flee to Cyprus and Turkey are bottom of the list. Reminder, his house is for sale at 225,000 Stg after being dropped from 270,000 recently. The address? Same as “Abacus Security” oddly enough.


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Max Mosley, Gordon Anglesea and an increasingly desperate Mark Polin.

After returning from the conference, I switched on “Newsnight” to catch Max (Spanky) Mosley berating “Southern Investigations”. A person such as Derek Haslam who lies, hides the truth, but one such as Peter Jukes who deals in half lies has merely forgotten where he put it.

Also making the headlines is bent ex North Wales Police Supt Gordon Anglesea. One reason why plod took so much time, care and effort in stitching Ched Evans up on a false rape allegation, is due to Chief Constable Mark Polin growing anxious to deflect attention away from Anglesea, Bryn Estyn and “Sine Favore” lodge, who along with “Pegasus” link to CSA in Norfolk, home of ACPO lead Simon Bailey (same lodge as Haslam).

Back to North Wales Police and Polin (how long will he last?) is raiding the piggy bank to finance the Jean Hatchet (alias Vonny Watts) fund for the failed blackmailer in R v Evans. Money leaves a trail, Jean (Vonny) and questions are being asked about certain anonymous large donations.


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Ian Hurst, whistle blowing and Stakeknife.

Kevin Winters should know better, Ian Hurst (of iTraceUK and several other dubious companies) had no connection to the “Stakeknife” case. Scappaticci may not have been innocent of some crimes, but he was “Kerbstone” and not the agent misidentified by an increasingly desperate Hurst.

Money is, and always has been, the Bolton debt collectors major preoccupation, more so now that his Walter Mitty past has been exposed.

St Nexans?


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Operation Limonium.

Quite a good article from Tom Harper in the “Sunday Times” but it doesn’t go far enough in uncovering judicial and police corruption.

It is known that Sasha Wass QC misled the CPS, who are reluctant to do anything concerning police corruption and Derek Haslam, whose house is on sale (yet again) for 225,000 Stg as he tries to flee from Norfolk.

New Scotland Yard also link to the bent ex Det Con – and can Mr Harper be alluding to Asil Nadir being framed when he mentions HMRC? DCI Tim Neligan’s name crops up, more digging.

I was asked about Stakeknife (Kerbstone) recently, was this why I had to spend six hours staring at a wall? So long, Mr Evans.


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