Metapod, Peter Jukes, Untold and the Daniel Morgan murder.

Guten abend.

So many errors, about seven minutes in Jukes keeps on banging the drum for Morgan being murdered due to a massive police corruption expose. O’Loan found no evidence, facts or proof to support this tenuous theory. Small surprise then that Jukes, a mortgage fraudster, links to Mark Williams-Thomas, yet another fraudster.

17 mins in – Ian Hurst. This Lidl’s style Walter Mitty was totally discreditted as a source on Stakeknife and all else besides.

Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, Jukes glosses over the illegal use of Gary Eaton, a supergrass. Jukes bravely names Glenn Vian as the murderer (now that Glenn is dead). Jukes ignores the fingers pointing at Fintan Creaven.

27 mins in – Sid Fillery and Crategate. Fillery was exonerated as the Metropolitan Police withheld thirty crates of evidence from the defence barristers.

37 mins in – Alan “Taffy” Holmes. The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel found no connection between Holmes suicide and the Morgan murder.

No mention of New Scotland Yard fitting up Jonathan Rees of Southern Investigations in the Kim James case.

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Bulmer’s art theft.

In what is proving to be a very expensive mistake, Avon and Somers*t Police are facing an embarrassing truth, that they attempted to frame Jonathan Rees over the Bulmer’s art heist. June and July 2018 witnessed an expensive and unnecessary trial, one which the prosecution knew it could not win, before it commenced on a malicious fitting up.

Stephen Mooney is the prime suspect, he allowed personal animosity towards Jon Rees to cloud his reasoning, just as ex Det Ch Supt Dave Cook had done years earlier in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle. The comments of 17 July 2015 are returning to haunt Old Bill.

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Daniel Morgan, an academic perspective.

After a break of over three months I today had momentous news. One of the Russell group campuses would like me to write about the Daniel Morgan murder.

Legal clearance is one aspect. I hope to make reference to the Kim James case and the Metropolitan Police fitting up of Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers.

What is victimhood? Ought one to ask Sasha Wass, Q.C or one of the Pawson-Pounds? I doubt that Operation Kenova and Ian Hurst will be cited. I shall allude to the “Justice for Ched Evans” campaign, but may omit embezzler Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts/Radstone).

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Cockney policeman’s secret ball?

It has been two months since the Metropolitan Police were so comprehensively debagged in public. I intended to stop here, to all intents and purposes the Daniel Morgan murder case is now closed. Det Ch Supt Dave Cook still faces his grim future and is throwing minions under the bus, even as I type.

New Scotland Yard spent much time, effort and money in deflecting from the real murderer and fitting up the innocent, Jonathan Rees and the Vian Brothers. They used the whole Kim James case to frame those in “Southern Investigations” whom they used as fall guys.

One thing that emerged from O’Loan’s report was the (very) close link between Cook and Jukes (also Higgins, the blue eyed boy of 77th Brigade). Jukes connected with Ian Hurst, a serial fantasist claiming to have handled “Stakeknife” (see Operation Kenova). I only became involved in the Morgan murder after Haslam, Hurst’s associate, began trying to stalk me. At least I had a breakthrough there, recently a photo came to light showing Haslam’s Dad. An RAF serviceman from Jamaica. Nobody known which of these it is, not even Ellen J Stow. Odd that no death threats posted these past two months.

In some respect today’s blogge post is a wrapping up. Goggzilla will still report on developments in the Morgan murder. In terms of tying up loose ends, Fintan Creaven (a Metropolitan policeman) committed the murder. Old Bill were desperate to point the finger of accusation in another direction, hence Rees and the Vians, plus others, facing life sentence for a murder they never committed.

Creaven’s motive? Initially I thought the Bonnicci drugs cartel of Gozo, however, adultery could also be the prime motive, Morgan was an enthusiastic cuckold and any outraged partner could have paid Creaven to do the deed.

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The Inevitable – plod lose the war in cyberspace.

One of those reflective blogge posts. After years the @suzydent5 and @mrscjgoggins Twitter accounts have vanished. @Rochf0rd @Heren_There and a few other socks are still up. What will Philip Merrills-Dearn do now? Already outed over the Givot Olam oil scam his connections to Old Bill are now highlighted. Haslam faces unwanted attention for possession of an illegal handgun and child abuse images. Do his neighbours in Shouldham know?

As we are in the realm of tidying up, a mention of embezzler Jean Hatchet (Vonny Watts, Vonny Radstone) and her sad tale of a dead dog – plus never ending terminal cancer. Should be good for a conning mugs raising funds.

Allow me to gloat for a while, Evelyn Cook outed as “Aesop”. As both Haslam and Watts like water sports here goes. Sums up what I think of both of them.

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Q.C’s we have known – Daniel Pawson Pounds.

Continuing the “it is a small world” theme with yet another look at 6KBW. Sasha Wass Q.C works there, as does Daniel Pawson-Pounds (plain old Pawson until he married Chloe Pounds 13 years 2 months ago). Whilst Sasha’s forte is “hidden evidence” (in the Ibori case) compare and contrast to “Crategate” and the fitting up of Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers, Pawson-Pounds is getting exercised about the XRW.

The extreme right wing seems to be anyone in Airstrip One who disagrees with the government. Political prisoners fill the jails et voila, dissent is stifled.

Time to dig and see if there is anything “Private Eye” might like on Clan Pawson-Pounds. Connections to corrupt cops at Norfolk Police, Sussex Police?

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True crime and the media, from “Deceit” to the Daniel Morgan murder.

Must watch TV next week has to include Niamh Algar (best thing to come out of Mullingar since James Joyce and the by pass) as “Lizzie James” in “Deceit”. As I read about the Rachel Nickell and Colin Stagg miscarriage of justice I pondered what would happen if “Lizzie” were to be outed? Mr Stagg received £1 million in compensation, surely others who were innocent deserve payment also?

Mike Sullivan is named in the above article, he may be remembered as assisting (along with Peter Jukes and Eliot Higgins) Det Ch Supt Dave Cook in a “book deal”. Cook was fitting up Jonathan Rees and the Vian brothers at the time. Det Insp Keith Pedder played a role on “Operation Edzell”, he was named in the “Poulton debrief”.

Poulton is, of course, Haslam.

Finally, as an academic exercise, how easy would it be to trace “Lizzie”?

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Sharon Rees (nee Vian) R.I.P

Saddened to hear of the untimely passing of Sharon Vian (sister of the late Glenn Vian) also sister of Garry Vian. Sharon played a minor role in the Daniel Morgan murder debacle, the Metropolitan Police attempted to fit up her (then) husband, Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s partner at “Southern Investigations”.

Whilst the venality of John Yates and Dave Imrie-Cook were examined by O’Loan’s report, never forget minions such as Chris (Worboys) Jarratt and others.

Deepest sympathy.

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Turning the knife.

An interesting day, thus far. Late morning I made friends with the Conservative Party, then, after lunch, a tres charmant gal from New Scotland Yard rang me. It appears that Det Ch Supt Dave Cook is now a toxic liability in the Daniel Morgan murder case, along with paid employee Peter “the Armenian Shakespeare” Jukes. The Fintan Creaven theory is gaining ground, an exhumation awaits, perhaps? The Metropolitan Police are getting quite rattled and Goggzilla may turn into Tory Boy.

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Conspiracy theories and the Daniel Morgan murder.

I am mulling over “the narrative” in light of the O’Loan report. The motive for the murder of private detective Daniel Morgan was never fully addressed. Both O’Loan and Goggzilla looked at adultery and links to a Maltese drugs cartel as probable causes. In a decade and a half of research what was uncovered?

There was no “major police corruption” story behind Morgan’s murder. That dates solely from 15 April 2003 onwards. The sole source was totally discreditted by the Independent Panel.

Fintan Creaven, can I prove that he did it? Not as yet, known fact is that the killer was in the Metropolitan Police and that Jonathan Rees, Morgan’s business partner, plus others, were used as convenient patsies. Police corruption is evident from the start. The question is far more Luke 3.10 (KJV) than exculpating Cressida Dick et al.

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